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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 09 to 15 October 2017
Material posted: Publication date: 15-10-2017
Hypersonic missiles can be installed on almost any ship of the Russian Navy – the media; in the Krasnodar higher military aviation school of pilots will receive the link of the new combat training aircraft Yak-130; in September, the troops ZVO more than 140 units of modern weapons and equipment; in the Russian Navy adopted the latest RAID tugboat "BUK-2181" project 04690; new patrol boat "Raptor" will go to the Baltic fleet; the Mi-28N and Ka-52 will come into service of Naval aviation of the Baltic fleet; in Novorossiysk are factory tested the new small missile ship black sea fleet "Vishny Volochek"; the latest big landing ship "Ivan Gren" has completed factory sea trials; combat equipment "Ratnik" will be equipped with a new clock, can operate uninterruptedly under the influence of electronic warfare; precision-guided munitions will create for most weapons; for SSJ100 has already gathered the 300 series engines is JDC. About these and other developments in the monitoring of the media during the week from 09 to 15. 10. 2017.

According to American experts, in the middle of the 2020-ies almost any ship of the Navy of Russia will be able to service hypersonic cruise missile "Zircon", able to fly at a speed greater than 5 Mach.

According to the newspaper "Sight", referring to the edition of The National Interest in April 2017, there have been several tests of "Zircon ", although the intended maximum speed of Mach 8, appears to be overstated, but the truth is that Russia produces, perhaps, better in the world missiles.

Developed in less than 10 years "Zircon" has a range of 800-1000 kilometers, three times the performance of the American missile "Harpoon" and the high speed and low visibility to radar makes it difficult to intercept missiles.

The Russian press reports a rocket "Zircon" is described as invulnerable. This is an exaggeration, but the combination of speed and maneuverability is indeed a serious threat, the newspaper writes.

NI surveyed analysts note that Russia is developing a "Zircon" with the possibility of the use of launches application installed on Navy ships the system is vertical launch.

"The bad news for the US Navy lies in the fact that the Russian Navy this system is equipped vessels from tiny corvettes to heavy battle cruisers", – writes the edition.

The publication concludes that in the future the majority of Russian ships and submarines will receive a hypersonic missile "Zircon" which is "an example of the present line of Russia on the modularity and interoperability of weapons".

The newspaper "Sight" recalls that the missile "Zircon" at the recent successful trials in eight times exceeded the speed of sound, and this means that the Russian cruisers will get new opportunities to combat U.S. aircraft carriers.


Operation in Syria

10 Oct. Russian su-24 bomber during takeoff skidded off the runway in Syria, the crew perished. According to report from the scene, the cause of the incident could be a technical malfunction of the machine, according to the defense Ministry.

13 Oct. Videoconferencing Russia since the beginning of October killed in Syria 31 the leader of the terrorists. About this informed the head of main operational Department of the General staff of armed forces Colonel-General Sergey rudskoy.

According to General, under the control of the IG in Syria remains less than 8% of the territory. "Today, under the control of ISIL (formerly ISIS - approx. TASS) is 14 thousand 800 square miles [of territory] that is less than 8% of Syrian territory", - said the Armenian President.

15 Oct. In the province of Deir ez-Zor the Syrian army, supported by allied forces took control of the town of Mayadin, eliminating large number of terrorists along with the weapons and military equipment. As reported SANA, the army continue the pursuit of terrorists who fled in panic. Engineering units began clearing streets and squares of the city.

About deploying in Poland armored division USA

The US used the hysteria around the exercise "Zapad-2017" as a cover for placement on Russia's borders mechanized armored division. With this statement last week was made by the defense Ministry.

The official representative of Department major General Igor Konashenkov said that in Poland arrived 2nd armoured brigade of the armed forces of the United States. Meanwhile, on the border with Russia has already deployed the 3rd armored brigade.

Thus, the United States violated "the Fundamental act of the NATO–Russia" signed in 1997.

Russia's Reaction

Russia may respond to the deployment in Poland armoured division, the US increased its group "Iskander". This was stated by the Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense, former commander of airborne troops Vladimir Shamanov, reports TASS.

"This creates conditions that allow them to establish a bridgehead" — said Shamanov, adding that it certainly will be taken retaliatory measures, including the deployment of additional units of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation in the Western direction. "Not only units, but also the means of destruction. For example, the strengthening of the group the same "Iskander", including in Kaliningrad", — he said.

The Reaction Of Poland

The Minister of national defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz said that information about the deployment of the country's armored division of the U.S. not true, reports "".

"It's just wrong and misleading picture of the situation", — quotes the words of the policy, said at a press conference, the Agency PAP.

According to him, the country had posted a battalion of the United States, the number of which is significantly less than the number of soldiers in the division.


In November, the Pentagon intends to proceed with the transfer to Latvia 76 helicopters Black Hawk, Apache and Chinook. According to the documents, the US Navy, military equipment will be delivered from Texas to Riga by sea, according to

In the list of equipment that the Navy intend to transfer to Latvia, provided 76 helicopters. Among them, various modifications of the multi-purpose helicopter Sikorsky Black Hawk ("Black hawk down"): one car equipped with advanced engines with digital control system, twelve or modified to medical needs. In addition, the list includes 24 Apache attack helicopter (Apache), and 12 heavy military transport helicopter Boeing Chinook ("Chinook").

Background: it is estimated that the total cost of all the helicopters that are scheduled to transfer to Latvia, is about $ 2 billion, the most valuable part of the cargo — the 24 Apache helicopter: the total value of more than $ 1 billion As noted in the document, helicopters are in service with the tenth brigade of army aviation of the United States.


Monday (October 9), the NATO PA adopted the following resolution: "Stability and security in the Black sea area ", "closer cooperation between NATO and the EU", "support to the national armed forces and security forces in Afghanistan", "approaches to the challenges from the South", "division of responsibilities - performance of promises" and "Keeping the technological advantages of NATO: strategic adaptation, research and development in the field of defense."

The resolution of the "Stability and security in the Black sea area" refers to the growing tension in the region, the need for NATO to continue strategic discussions with Georgia, and Abkhazia and South Ossetia are named as occupied territories.

Russia's Reaction

The resolution of the parliamentary Assembly (PA) NATO security and stability in the Black sea area, where we are talking about the situation in the Caucasus, - the crown of provocative, it uses completely inappropriate language. This was stated by TASS the state Secretary, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Grigory Karasin at the end of round of the Geneva discussions on security and stability in Transcaucasia.

"We, together with our colleagues from Sukhum and Tskhinval focused on increased in recent years, military activity of NATO, which is conducting large-scale exercises on the territory of Georgia with the transfer of heavy military equipment, he said. - The crown of provocation can serve as adopted October 9, on the eve of the meeting in Geneva, the resolution of the NATO parliamentary Assembly in Bucharest, whose language is totally unacceptable".

"All this brings to the South Caucasus region nervousness, provokes exacerbation of emotions," Karasin said.


The US President Donald trump said that the country is "absolutely no need" to increase ten times the nuclear Arsenal, but you need to he was in "perfect order", reports RIA Novosti.

On Wednesday, the NBC website has published based on anonymous sources, the article about that last summer at a meeting with senior representatives of national security President, trump announced his desire to "ten times" to increase the U.S. nuclear Arsenal. The President has already denied these reports.

According to trump, the U.S. nuclear Arsenal must be "perfect form, in perfect condition" and it is doing that now, the authorities, pursuing the modernization of its strategic forces.

Background: currently, the United States carried out the reduction of nuclear forces in accordance with the Treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms, which was concluded with Russia in 2010. According to the agreement, by 2020 the parties will have to reduce nuclear warheads to 1,550. While Washington had not announced its intention to withdraw from the Treaty.

The U.S. defense company Lockheed Martin for the Ministry of defense is developing a powerful laser generator, which will be used in future combat laser for military aircraft. About it writes "Popular mechanics".

Developing high-energy military lasers for aircraft are being ordered by the Pentagon in the framework of the project SHiELD. According to the contract conditions, the laser must be able to work efficiently when flying on both subsonic and supersonic. Combat lasers is designed for both self-protection and for the destruction of the enemy targets to other aircraft or ground objects. The main advantage of the laser — low cost shots and the lack of the usual rounds.

The laser is planned to be placed in the suspended container, which in size is comparable with infrared or laser emitters. Promising American fighter jets the Pentagon plans to equip three types of lasers: low-power units with the power less than one kilowatt-hour will be used to illuminate the target, guided weapons and counter-surveillance systems of the enemy.

Installation of medium power (several tens of kilowatts) will be used to protect fighter aircraft against missiles, and the high power laser is capable of shooting down other planes and destroy ground target. Powerful military lasers are discussed primarily in the context of one of the types of weapons for future fighter of the sixth generation, but a laser guidance system and protection from missiles will be installed on existing aircraft.

Reference: Lockheed Martin Developed the generator of the laser radiation needs to be compact and lightweight so that it can be used on military aircraft. The prototype laser system low power will be tested in 2021, and high-power laser later. The tests will be conducted on a tactical combat aircraft, and the cost of the contract to develop the laser generator is $ 26 million.

During the specialized exhibition "Arms and security-2017" held in the Ukrainian capital was introduced antisnaypersky complex. "Military review" reports that are made by Ukrainian developers. During the presentation it was stated that the complex bearing the name "Owl", is a permanent monitoring location and allows you to set the location of the sniper "enemy".

The production Manager of this complex is Maxim Volkov, who told the media that the system is able to identify scopes, cameras and other lenses for aiming.

Reference: "Owl"- a complex of reconnaissance and detection of optical devices, as stated, capable of conducting surveillance in the daytime and at night with infrared cameras. It can be used to carry out the identification of a masked optical devices used for aiming.


The specialists of the Krasnodar higher military aviation school of pilots imeni Hero of the Soviet Union A. K. Serov has begun to receive a new batch of combat-trainer aircraft Yak-130 at the factory, the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

Representatives of the aviation engineering service during the week will perform the complex of works on verification of operability of all systems and mechanisms of aircraft in different modes on the ground, and the aircrew will make the control over the aircraft, checking all control systems in the air.

After the acceptance of the equipment at the plant four new Yak-130 will be transferred to the Armavir training base of the Krasnodar aviation school.

Delivery of new aircraft in aerospace forces is performed according to the defence procurement-2017.

Reference: Yak-130 — double jet combat training aircraft of the new generation intended for training and combat training of flight crews and combat use in simple and adverse weather conditions for air and ground targets.

According to its flight performance and maneuverability characteristics the plane is close to indicators of modern fighters on subsonic speed of flight, which allows to solve the problem of training pilots for aircraft of the fourth and fifth generations.

From the beginning, the troops of the Western military district (ZVO) has received about 750 units of new and modernized samples of armament and military and special equipment (AME), the press service of the military district.

Only during September, the troops received more than 140 new weapons and equipment, including 30 modernized tanks T-72B3. It has the latest fire control system with digital ballistic computer.

Communications unit received 15 command and staff vehicles (CSV) P-149МА1. Crank installed in the equipment allows you to track on maps all changes in the situation on the battlefield, position your troops and the enemy, quickly make tactical calculations, in a timely manner assign tasks to subordinate units.

In the division of radiation chemical and biological protection received 18 upgraded water dispensing stations ARS-14KM intended for decontamination, decontamination and disinfection of weapons and military equipment. The presence in the composition of the special equipment of the station a smoke generator enables the aerosol masking troops.

For reference: Total in 2017 in the framework of a planned process of re-equipping troops ZVO expect to receive more than 1,000 units of modern and upgraded models of weapons and military equipment.


Upon successful completion of state tests in the composition of the Navy (Navy) of Russia adopted the latest RAID tugboat "BUK-2181" project 04690 built at the plant "Pella" in Saint-Petersburg. The ship sent to home and will soon join the Northern fleet. Reported Group of information support of the Navy.

The tug is designed to perform towing and creasing operations in areas of deployment of forces of the Navy, in the roads, river and sea waters, and also to extinguish fires and participate in rescue operations.

The deck equipment of the tug boat includes bow anchor-towing-mooring winch with a pulling force on the chain 33 kN and holding force on the band brake of the towing cable 294 kN towing hook with rated pulling force 137 kN with the device quick returns.

The tug also has a crane with a lifting capacity of 280 kg in the mode of the winch on the boom 5 m For fire fighting vessel is equipped with external fire fighting capacity up to 100 cubic metres per hour (2 water monitors, water curtains system).

Reference: the length of the tug of 20.4 m, width 8.5 m, draft — 2.5 m Independent navigation in small ice pieces at a speed of 5 knots — 0,7 m. swimming in the channel behind icebreaker in solid ice — 0,65 m. the service Speed of 10.5 knots.

In St. Petersburg took place the ceremony of signing the act of transfer of part of the Naval Fleet (Navy) of Russia's newest patrol boat of project 03160 ( "Raptor"). This is the 12th in a row boat in the series, which is built on the St. Petersburg company "Pella" by order of the Navy. The boat will be part of the Baltic fleet, reports the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

The state tests the next patrol boat "Raptor" successfully completed at the marine ranges of the Baltic sea. Boats of this project are the speed in the part of the surface forces of the Russian Navy.

Background: Boat is designed to perform in light and dark time of day such tasks as delivery of a military group (minimum 20 people) with the highest possible speed when loading groups on Board the boat and the subsequent landing; the bear patrol in assigned areas; intercept and arrest of small targets; participation in rescue operations in areas incurring duty.

Navigation area – coastal zone of seas, Straits, estuaries in the ice free navigation season, the bright and the dark, removing from home to 100 miles.

Length – 16,9 m, crew – 3 people, a speed of 50 knots; total power 2300 HP

Armored protection – armored panels of class "Бр4" to bulletproof the Windows with bullet-proof glass thickness 39 mm.

Armament is a remotely controlled complex with a gyro-stabilized optical-electronic module (; GOEM), caliber 14.5 mm, the target detection range of 3,000 m, the sighting range of 2,000 m; two machine guns "Pecheneg" 7.62 mm.

By the end of this year, the Navy will receive combat helicopters Mi-28N "Night hunter" and Ka-52 "alligator". Previously, these helicopters were only available in the Russian space forces. It is expected that the "Night hunters" and "Alligators" will arrive on base of naval aviation of the Baltic fleet (BF).

According to experts, in the conditions of the Baltic sea, with its small distances newest attack helicopters will be versatile and formidable weapon. They will be able not only to support ground troops and Marines, but also successfully combat ships of various classes.

As told "Izvestia" in the main command of the Navy of the Russian Federation, a fundamental decision about the procurement of the Mi-28N and Ka-52 for the needs of Naval aviation (MA) has been taken. It is planned that by the end of the year the first cars will go into service of the 125th separate helicopter squadron of the Baltic fleet MA. However, it is possible that the timing of re can be joined.

Currently the 125th separate helicopter squadron is part of 7054 th air base of naval aviation. Based part in the region of Kaliningrad. In addition to impact machines that are part of the airbase will also include transportation and landing of the Mi-8AMTSH.

The squadron is the only unit of the Navy, the armed attack helicopter. It solves the problem of fire support naval forces and shipping. Currently in service with the squadron consist of 10 Mi-24VP and Mi-8 of different modifications. In 2017, helicopters 125 ove took part in the naval parade dedicated to the Day of the Navy.

Reference: Mi-28N — the main attack helicopter of the Russian Air and space forces. The first contract for the supply of "Night hunter "was signed by the Russian defense Ministry in 2005. 12-ton war machine to strike targets day and night in all weather conditions. In the Arsenal of the Mi-28N anti — tank guided missiles "Storm "and "Attack ", unguided rockets s-8 and s-13 and 30-millimeter automatic cannon.

"Alligator" — a reconnaissance-attack helicopter. The crews of these machines not only destroy on the battlefield manpower, armored vehicles and field fortifications, but also suggest target artillery and aircraft. For this Ka-52 is equipped with a powerful combined optical-electronic complex. In its composition channel, thermal imager and laser rangefinder. Nose "Alligator "placed a powerful radar. Thanks to radar and optical-electronic complex of the Ka-52 is easy to locate targets in all weather conditions.

The armed Forces of the Russian Federation for a week

Source: http://мультимедиа.минобороны.рф/multimedia/infographics/gallery.htm?id=46498@cmsPhotoGallery


In Novorossiysk ongoing factory tests of the new small missile ship (MRK) black sea fleet "Vishny Volochek", the press service of the southern military district (YUVO).

During the tests, the crew and specialists of the design Bureau and the shipyard to check the outputs at sea, reliability of systems, mechanisms and weapons IRAS in different conditions.

For the testing of the involved vessels of the auxiliary fleet of the composition of the Novorossiysk naval base and naval aircraft of the fleet.

Small missile ship "Vishny Volochek" developed by JSC "Zelenodolsk design Bureau" is a multi-purpose ship, equipped with modern samples of artillery, missile, anti-sabotage, anti-aircraft and electronic weapons.

Reference: "Vishny Volochek" is the sixth ship of the upgraded series "Buyan-M", which have a larger displacement and equipped with the latest high-precision missile weapons long range – universal missile complex "Caliber-NK" intended to engage sea and shore targets.

The complex of the factory test the latest large landing ship (BDK) "Ivan Gren" will be completed at the end of October this year, reports the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

The specialists of the manufacturer proceeded to the final stage of factory sea trials. The BBC made the transition to acceptance base in Baltiysk and ready to go to sea. Remaining factory sea trials will include working with weapons, communication system, and a number of issues at the bow and stern forming devices.

Armed with BDK project 11711 will stand universal naval artillery installation AK-176M and AK-630M. Also for striking shore targets and support for the landing ship is equipped with two naval installations, the jet systems of volley fire A-215 "Grad-M "with a range of about 20 km. On the deck of the LST provided basing one search-and-rescue helicopter Ka-27 or combat-transport helicopter the Ka-29.

Reference: ships of the project 11711 will be able to take aboard up to 13 pieces of heavy equipment (tanks), or up to 36 infantry fighting vehicles or armored personnel carriers, as well as the personnel of the air assault units.


Clock, can operate uninterruptedly under the influence of electronic warfare (EW), and electromagnetic pulses that will be part of the Russian military equipment "Ratnik".

Watch equipped with automatic movement, they are able to work in difficult climatic (-40°C to +50°C) and operating conditions, they have a modification where you can swim in the water. The total weight of the watch with a bracelet does not exceed 100 grams, lifespan — at least 10 years.

Reference: Serial deliveries of "Warrior" second-generation in the armed forces began this year. Set of equipment "soldier of the future" combines modern firearms, effective protection kits, reconnaissance and communications — about 10 different subsystems. It is designed for operations in different climates at any time of the day.

The focus during the formation of the new SAP is on the development and supply of troops in the modern high-precision weapons. Now the aim is to make high-precision means of defeat for each piece of armament of the Land forces, the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

All the modern facilities are developed, due to the composition of the ammunition managed a precision munition. This applies to all types of arms of Land forces – tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled guns, MLRS, anti-tank complexes.

Thus, the means of destruction of the Land forces are not only traditional means of area of defeat, but also modern high-precision weapons.

Reference: Ministry of defense of Russia has concluded the state contracts with industry for the supply of the combat vehicle tank support "Terminator", a modern upgraded T-90M, and the upgraded BMP-3 with the latest combat module "Epoch", having in its composition two types of guided missiles, which can simultaneously track and provide lose up to 5 targets of the enemy, as well as new 57 mm automatic gun.

Plant "UEC-Saturn "(Rybinsk) collected 300th production engine for the Sukhoi Superjet 100, reported in a press-service of United engine Corporation.

"Three hundred serial Russian-French SaM146 engine delivered to the customer JSC "Sukhoi Civil aircraft". In this case the total operating time of the Park SaM146 for today exceeded 700 thousand flight hours", - informed "Interfax-AVN" in the press service of the UEC.

The press service said that at present does not stop work on the further improvement of the SaM146 in part maintainability, and resource and technical characteristics.



More than 20 units of the armed forces of member States of the organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO) in close cooperation worked out the tactics of combat operations against illegal armed formations (NVF).

Infantry, artillery and airborne units from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Tajikistan in the course of joint exercises "Interaction-2017" on the ground Hakobyan (Armenia) held the final draw of practical actions eight tactical episodes. They were joined by units of the army, attack and fighter aircraft, police, emergency rescue workers, the International red cross, the national guard of Armenia and Russia.

This phase of the exercises was the biggest he is allowed to practice to work out the interaction of diverse forces of the armies of the five States.

For detection of reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicles of the imaginary enemy were involved in air defence units.

In turn, the intelligence units of the Russian military base in Armenia has used its own drones to identify reconnaissance and sabotage groups and adjusting their weapons firing in the intelligence system firing circuits.

In addition, the mechanized infantry battalion of the success of combat operations provide units of electronic warfare, radiation, chemical and biological protection, engineering units, communication and medical support.

Supervision of the teaching was made commander of the YUVO Colonel-General Alexander Dvornikov, the press service of the military district.

Joint exercise "Interaction-2017" was held in the framework of a unified concept of operational-strategic exercises "Combat brotherhood-2017" Collective rapid response forces (CRRF) of the CSTO.

Reference: Joint exercise "Interaction-2017" was held from 9 to 13 October. In total, the tactical action on the Alagyaz polygon and Hakobyan participated more than 2,5 thousand military personnel were involved about 500 units of military equipment, including 25 aircraft.


The heads of military departments of the CIS countries at a meeting (12 October) Council of defense Ministers in Dushanbe approved a joint action plan aimed at improving the combat capabilities of the joint air defense system (jads) of the CIS, reports the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

In the work of the 73rd meeting of the CDM was attended by delegations of the defense ministries of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

In accordance with the agenda of the meeting was discussed a range of issues of multilateral cooperation in the field of defense and security. The defense Ministers exchanged views on the issue of military-political situation on the southern borders of the Commonwealth and its impact on the security situation in the Central Asian region.

With the prevailing situation at the meeting of the CFR was analyzed the state of development of military cooperation and outlined joint activities for the next year and the near future.

Reference: Adopted at the 73rd meeting of SMO solutions are aimed at improving the system of multilateral military cooperation within the CIS and will contribute to the development of mutually beneficial partnership in the military sphere.

Four battalions and one company tactical group of the Armed forces of Tajikistan helped to prepare Russia in 2017 to cover the border with neighbouring Afghanistan, said the Russian defense Minister, army General Sergei Shoigu, reports TASS.

Shoigu noted that in order to strengthen Armed forces of Tajikistan to the Republic of deliveries of Russian weapons. "In the universities of the Russian defense Ministry on a grant basis prepare highly qualified personnel for the army of Tajikistan", - he said, noting that now in Russia there are over 560 military of the Republic. Also Shoigu said that the 201st Russian military base in Tajikistan organized training courses for Junior specialists, attended by thousands of people a year.

In the defense Ministry, Shoigu said, I think it is important to increase the number of joint activities of operational and combat training.


By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation commander of the combined arms army TSB appointed major General Nosliw Mikhail Yakovlevich.

Reference: major General Mikhail Nosliw was born in 1964 in the town of Labinsk in Krasnodar Krai. In 1988 he graduated from the Ulyanovsk guards higher tank command school. In 1996 he graduated from the Military Academy of armored troops, in 2010, Military Academy of the General staff of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation.

Held key command positions from tank platoon commander as part of a tank army, group of Soviet forces in Germany to the chief of staff – first Deputy commander of the combined arms army of the southern military district.

He was awarded two orders of Courage, the order of military merit and the order For merit to the Fatherland.

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