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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 10 to 16 December 2018
Material posted: Publication date: 17-12-2018

Russian Navy to receive newest small-size missile ship 17 December; Russia has developed an attack drone interceptor; commander of the Navy told about the work on creation of nuclear submarines of the fifth generation; airborne plan to upgrade about 600 combat vehicles of the second generation; in St. Petersburg laid the icebreaker "evpatiy Kolovrat"; submarines Pacific fleet project 949A will be equipped with "Caliber"; Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation received one hundredth multi-role fighter of the 4++ generation su-35S; the division of s-400 will cover the Western border of the Russian Federation from December 20; VDV has received more than 30 upgraded mortars of different types; the latest set of pontoon Park PP-2005 began to enter service with the 2nd combined arms army of the CVO; the share of modern military equipment of the Northern fleet exceeded 50 percent; the formed platoon of the military police, WMD will be equipped with special gear and military equipment "Cap" and "Turtle". About these and other events, monitoring the media for week 10. 12. 16. 12. 2018.

The composition of the Navy of Russia of 17 December will go small missile ship "Mytishchi", which has completed state trials.

"The newest small-size missile ship of project 22800 "Mytischi" has finished the state tests in the Baltic sea and will be handed over to the Navy on December 17", — stated in the message of the defense Ministry of Russia.


Action in Syria

13 Dec. Turkish military armored vehicles have increased military forces in the province of Kilis on the Syrian border. It was reported that armored vehicles arriving to the border of Syria on the background of statements of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's readiness to launch a military operation against the self-defense forces of Syrian Kurds (YPG) to the East of the Euphrates river.

14 Dec. The head of foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed hope that the constitutional Committee of Syria will gather in early 2019.

"We already have the understanding that the list was working on the government and the opposition, with the assistance of Russia, Turkey and Iran, in General ready, and we have this list on behalf of the Syrian parties are ready to present a UN special envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura, at the beginning of next week," he said.

14 Dec. Moscow hopes for a serious approach of the new UN envoy on Syria Geir Pedersen to work on this post, said RIA Novosti Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov. The diplomat noted that in recent times personally seen Pedersen in the late 90-ies, when he headed the representative office of Norway in Palestine.

15 Dec. The Russian defense Minister, army General Sergei Shoigu in a letter to the Pentagon chief James Mattis focused on the problem of the camp "er-Ruban", where you have to survive more than 50 thousand Syrians, reported the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov. Shoigu has sent two appeals to the head of the Pentagon James Mattis, attaché of defense at the U.S. Embassy in Russia gave them a few days ago.


U.S. Ambassador to Colombia Kevin Whitaker stated that arrived to Venezuela Russian bombers Tu-160 supposedly outdated and not considered as a threat. "Planes of this age are not a provocation. They are really from the Museum," — said the diplomat.

Russia's Reaction

The defense Ministry described the statements of the US Ambassador in Colombia Kevin Whitaker, who called the strategic missile carriers Tu-160 "Museum pieces" as amateurish. This was stated to journalists by the official representative of the military Department major General Igor Konashenkov. The General said, "the Russian defense Ministry is not surprised by the amateurish statement by U.S. state Department officials on strategic missile carriers Tu-160 in the background of silence in professional experts from the Pentagon".

Konashenkov also said that "since its establishment, we develop speed, combat stress, the range of application and lack of access to any means of air defense of the Russian strategic missile carriers Tu-160 don't even have comparable counterparts in the United States or any other country in NATO."


The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Georgia stated that NATO is ready to expand cooperation with Tbilisi in the process of ensuring security on the Black sea. This was discussed in a statement of the Georgian foreign Ministry's message is held in the Brussels meeting of the NATO - Georgia with the participation of the Secretary-General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg.

The Agency also quotes the words of Stoltenberg, who said that "Georgia was making progress in the process of integration into NATO." According to the Secretary General, "Georgia has made impressive progress in implementing reforms."


On the basis of the power unit RD-33 is possible to create the engine for the fifth generation fighter, said the Executive Director of "Klimov"(part of "United engine Corporation") Alexander Vatagin.

"But of course we don't stand by and believe that the RD-33 has potential, and its base can be created a more modern engine, which can be attributed to the fifth-generation engines with thrust up to 11 tons. We're working on it", — said a top Manager.

Vatagin also said that the Russian military is reluctant to use the RD-33 with thrust vectoring (CET). "Thrust vectoring is widely used by our foreign competitors in the fighter. At the moment we are working in the interests of foreign customers", — said the Executive Director.

The turbojet family engines RD-33 has received MiG-29 fighters and their derivatives, in particular, MiG-35, as well as aircraft JF-17 Thunder and Mirage F1.

In August, General Director of "MiG" Ilya Tarasenko stated that his aircraft Corporation is working on the creation of the fighter-interceptor of the fifth generation MiG-41.

In December 2017 the former commander in chief of aerospace forces Viktor Bondarev said that the MiG-41 will be able to deal with hypersonic missiles and will become the world's fastest car in this class.

Background: currently, the only Russian fifth-generation fighter, the su-57 receives the engines of the first stage of the AL-41F1, which is planned to replace the power units of "Product 30".

Russia developed and is undergoing flight tests of the first small attack drone "Carnivora", able to intercept other drones, and to use explosive bombs.

"This is the drummer of a small class, which can start from unprepared sites and 10-15 hours to patrol and respond to threats, such as mortar points" — quoted by TASS message of the developer of research and production company "Micran".

Reference: the Drone can use sitcommy to intercept folks have several types of tapes under shrapnel and high-explosive ammunition, and can carry reconnaissance equipment.

Commander of the Navy of Russia Admiral Vladimir Korolev told about work on creation of nuclear submarines of the fifth generation, the TV channel "Star".

"Scientists, designers, and shipbuilders for 60 years, passed unique way and kept the best traditions of the submarine, which today allow us to build nuclear submarines of the fourth generation and work on the creation of nuclear submarines of the fifth generation", — said Korolev in his address to the participants of the scientific-historical conference in honour of the 60th anniversary of the creation of the atomic submarine fleet of Russia.

As noted by the commander in chief of the Navy, in the near future, the basis of grouping of naval strategic forces will be missile submarine strategic purpose of the new generation who have high combat capabilities and impact, and defensive potential.


American magazine The National Interest reminds us that if the United States starts to place medium-range missiles in Europe, Russia could deploy missile complex "Perimeter", which in the West was called "Dead hand" for its ability to automatically inflict a retaliatory nuclear strike.

The system was one of the worst during the us-Russian cold war, however, the term "Perimeter" may become more deadly, said NI.

The author adds that for decades, the weapons around the Perimeter were a lot of talk about the fact that such a system already exists. However, the public discussion of the Russian "Perimeter" suggests that the system is still functioning, and this fact leads to worry, the magazine concludes.


The commander of the aerospace forces of Iran Amir Ali Hajizadeh confirmed that Teregen recently conducted a test of a ballistic missile, according to Fars news Agency. Mr. Hajizadeh added that Iran was conducting missile tests 40-50 per year.

"We test our missiles, and the last test was important,"— said the commander of the VKS Iran. According to him, "the reaction of Americans to some of the testing proves the pressure is on Washington."

Background: In may, the President of the United States Donald trump has announced the release of Washington from SVPD — deal limiting Tehran's nuclear programme in exchange for lifting UN security Council sanctions and unilateral restrictive measures imposed by the US and the European Union. In August, the U.S. restored sanctions against Iran.

The Parliament of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo approved the formation of a full army on the basis of security forces. Live broadcast of the meeting was conducted in "Facebook".

The vote was passed three bills providing for the establishment of a full army. During the meeting, 106 deputies supported the adoption of the law on the establishment of the Ministry of defense, 105 the law on the transformation of security forces into the army. The third law on service in the Kosovo security force was also supported by 105 deputies.


In the airborne troops (VDV) plan to develop an in-depth upgrading of about 600 combat vehicles (BMD-2), with the inclusion of new weapons, digital media intelligence and management.

The beginning of active measures for the modernization of BMD-2 to the level of the BMD-2K AU and BMD-2M is foreseen in 2021.

The modernized airborne combat vehicle will be equipped not only with modern weapons, including advanced anti-tank missile system, modern digital complex intelligence, control and communications, integrated automated control system at the tactical level, but also automatic tracking of the target for firing different types of weapons day and night, on the move and afloat.

Combat vehicle, past deep modernization will remain Avialesookhrana and will carry out tasks as part of the paratrooper units of the airborne troops.

Reference: BMD-2 has long established itself from the best side, the Marines believe her tenacious off-road capabilities and low maintenance combat vehicle. War machine has a 30-mm automatic gun 2A42, by two machine gun 7.62-mm anti-tank weapons.

The commander of the Pacific fleet Admiral Sergei Avakyants in an interview with the Armed forces of Russia "Krasnaya Zvezda" reported that nuclear submarines of project 949A TOF plan to equip cruise missiles "Caliber".

"Is the modernization and rearmament of nuclear-powered missile cruisers of project 949A under the new high-precision weapons. They will be adapted to the complex of cruise missiles "Caliber", — said Avakian.

He also noted that such systems will be installed on anti-submarine ship "Marshal Shaposhnikov".

Background: Previously, Russian Navy commander Admiral Vladimir Korolev said that the two small missile ship and a patrol ship armed with cruise missiles "Caliber", will enter the Navy until the end of 2018.


In the waters of the Gulf of Peter the Great completed the factory running and state tests of a new boat that is designed to combat underwater saboteurs, as well as for operations of the combat swimmers in the waters to the point of basing ships. It features the latest diving complex and modern electronic equipment, which allow to detect and to survey underwater objects.

The new boat will be the fifth ship of this project, which will receive the Pacific fleet in the framework of the rearmament programme.

For reference: Upon completion of the test program "Rook" will be part of the Seaside flotilla of diverse forces TOF.

At a shipyard "Almaz" in St. Petersburg took place the solemn ceremony of laying the icebreaker "evpatiy Kolovrat" project 21180М for the Russian Navy. As reports TASS, it was attended by representatives of the Ministry of defence, the Navy and the authorities of St. Petersburg, as well as the management of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

The construction of the vessel was blessed by Archpriest Dionisy, akropovic Holy water on the mortgage section.

Project 21180 built diesel-electric icebreakers of subsidiary class of new generation.

Reference: Icebreaker "evpatiy Kolovrat" is designed for wiring ships and Navy ships, as well as towing and delivery of cargo to remote bases, and assistance to vessels in distress in ice conditions.


The defense Ministry has received the one hundredth multi-role fighter of the 4++ generation su-35S. This was announced by the United aircraft Corporation (UAC). The Director of the aircraft plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Alexander Pekarsh said that the creation of this unique machine is the result of joint efforts of the Industrialists and military experts.

Su-35 is the most modern serial combat aircraft of Russia and enjoys well-deserved success in the global market. Experts believe that in the near future, the machine may be the main fighter HQs.

Reference: su-35S is the most modern serial (combatant) combat aircraft in Russia. In the army, he comes with the end of 2012. In January 2016, the four fighters have been relocated to the base Hamim (Latakia) to perform combat missions in Syria.

Su-35 is designed to destroy all air, land and surface targets. It combines the functions of fighter and bomber, and have the means of breakthrough of modern air defence.

Division of anti-aircraft missile system s-400 "Triumph" will be put on combat duty in the Leningrad region for the protection of Western air borders of the Russian Federation next Thursday - December 20. On Friday, TASS reported a source in the military district.

"According to the plan, the division of anti-aircraft missile regiment of the compound the air defense of the Western military district (stationed in the town of Luga, Leningrad region), equipped with anti-aircraft missile system s-400 "Triumph" will be put on combat duty for the protection of Western air borders of Russia on 20 December," - said the Agency interlocutor. About a year ago, according to the press service of the Western military district, the division took up combat duty.

Reference: s-400 System is designed to destroy all types of modern and promising means of aerospace attack. The system is capable at ranges up to 400 km to hit aircraft, cruise missiles, and at ranges up to 60 km ballistic targets flying at a speed of up to 4.8 km/ s at altitudes from a few meters to several tens of kilometers.

In the framework of the State defense order troops tank regiment combined army of the Western military district, stationed in the Bryansk region, has received more than 20 modernized tanks T-72B3.

Parks combat vehicles was held a solemn ceremony of awarding the mechanics-drivers of tower keys from upgraded tanks.

Background: Tanks T-72B3 with enhanced protection equipped with a multichannel PNM sight "Sosna-U", reinforced by engines of over 1000 HP, automatic transmission, upgraded sights, TKN-3 with a system of "Double", and binocular night vision devices TVN-5.

The first two attack helicopters Mi-24P "Crocodile" entered service formed brigade of army aviation, based in Sverdlovsk region.

New combat vehicles will significantly enhance combat capabilities of the air group.

We will remind that on December 1 army aviation base in the Urals was reformed into a brigade.

Reference: 2017 adopted pilots of the Central military district in Sverdlovsk region received 28 modernized helicopters Mi-8 MTV, which take part in rescue operations for starting and meeting the crews of the Soyuz spacecraft from outer space.

Airborne troops (VDV), was a compounds more than 30 modernized complexes of a mortar of calibre of 120 mm 2S12A "Sunny" and 82-mm 2Б25 "Gall".

Modern mortar systems entered the Navy in accordance with the state defense order.

Firing from a mortar 2S12A "Sunny" calculation is able to quickly transfer the fire and direction of fire using almost any suitable caliber mines of domestic and foreign production.

Noiseless, smokeless and flameless mortar 2Б25 "Gall" can fire special mines tajectory for the observed targets and closed positions. The calculation of two people can move a light mortar in hard to reach places, from the shadows to fire from soils of different hardness, at any time of the day or night.

Reference: Received modern mortar complexes significantly increase the firepower of airborne units operating in isolation from the main forces, and to enhance the surprise effect of the use of mortar fire.

The latest set of pontoon Park PP-2005 on the basis of KAMAZ-63501, which consists of more than 40 river, coastal and motor parts, began to enter the field armies, armed forces. Earlier, four such systems were delivered to the troops. Once connection separate engineering district subordination.

The first such complex to the beginning of the 2nd combined arms army Central military district (CVO), stationed in the Volga regions. This week the Association received the first batch of 15 vehicles from the Park PP-2005 to the end of the year planned full supply. The pontoon Park will be the service engineering units of the army stationed in the Udmurt Republic.

The complex pontoon Park PP-2005 on the basis of KAMAZ-63501 is the latest achievement in the world of pontoon bridge building. The bridges and ferries collected from a pontoon Park PP-2005, provide the crossing tracked and wheeled equipment, including particularly heavy specimens at high velocities, wind waves, and in winter conditions.

In pontoon Park PP-2005 implemented the latest design solutions. In comparison with pontoon Park PMP in the composition of the PP-2005 includes the latest tools of the automotive engine parts, deck which features a built-in roadway, and side — butt devices, allowing you to use engine links directly to a bridge or ferry.

Reference: the carrying Capacity of the bridge is 120 tons, with its length from the kit of the Park is 268 meters. This Park is applicable at a flow velocity of 3 meters per second and waves up to 3 points. The time of the bridge pickup up to 1 hour.

More than 50% of vehicles in the Northern fleet are the latest models. This was announced by commander of the Northern fleet Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

As he noted, in 2018 and the fleet entered a fundamentally new technique that has not previously operated in the Russian Armed Forces.

At the beginning of the 2018 academic year, the Northern fleet arrived first unique ship designed for integrated operations in the Arctic – icebreaker "Ilya Muromets". In April the fleet has expanded a multifunctional logistic support ship "Elbrus". In the autumn the main base of the fleet arrived two warships – the frigate "Admiral Gorshkov" and a large landing ship "Ivan Gren".

Reference: For logistics of the Northern fleet in 2018 received three new cranes and is expected to arrive fourth. Next year it is expected the arrival of the tanker.

Motorized infantry brigade of the 41st combined arms army Central military district (CVO), stationed in the Kemerovo region, rearming armored vehicles upgraded to BMP-2M. Six units will come in the unit until the end of the year.

Upgraded infantry fighting vehicle has replaced the BMP-2, standing on the arms previously.

New technology has a more advanced fire control system and enhanced set of weapons. In addition to the 30-mm automatic cannon with coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun PKTM, the reinforced armored vehicle anti-tank missile complex "Attack" that will allow infantry units to carry out combat missions against armored vehicles and low-flying targets.

Reference: 41st combined arms army Central military district stationed in the territory of Novosibirsk, Kemerovo regions, Altai Krai and the Republic of Tuva. It is composed of motorized infantry and artillery connections, troops of air defense, NBC defense, and communications.

In November of 2018 completed the re-equipment of the first regiment of connections for new systems, as well as the infrastructure to provide a quality environment for the training of rescue forces, incurring a personnel alerting and recreation, as well as upgraded security system missile regiments.

In November, completed the re-equipment of the first regiment of Kozelsk rocket connection on missile system "YARS" silo-based. This week the regiment has taken up combat duty.

Reference: Kozelskiy missile compound - the first in the strategic Missile forces, which is rearming for new missile complex "YARS" silo-based. From 1982 to the present on armed compounds are UR-100НУ.

Earlier, the commander of the strategic missile forces Sergei Karakayev said that the complex "YARS" will be refitted with four missile regiment in Kozelsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Novosibirsk, and Irkutsk formations.

Created a military police unit at military units and formations of the field army of the Western military district (ZVO) will be equipped with special equipment and the latest military equipment "Cap" and "Turtle".

In the new combat equipment will be supplied with helmets, shields and body protection kit "Turtle".

Soldiers assigned to a military police unit, have passed the special training program, after which he received a certificate granting the right to use special means and weapons. The selection of candidates for the new units was carried out according to strict criteria and high requirements for physical fitness, morally-to business qualities and military discipline.

For reference: members of military police units will provide military discipline and order in military units, in places of permanent deployment on the field outputs and fees.



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