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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 12 till 18 Nov 2018
Material posted: Publication date: 18-11-2018

The engine of the second stage of the su-57 is superior to all foreign analogues; approved tactical and technical requirements for a promising medium military transport aircraft; fighter aircraft YUVO added link new modernized su-27SM3 of "4++" generation; more than 50 pieces of equipment will go into service of NBC troops CVO in 2019; in a separate engineering brigade in the Republic of Bashkortostan received two obstacle clearing machines IMR-3M based on the T-90; new Corvette "Loud" during sea trials for the first time spent artillery firing; Russia is ready to supply Minsk with any weapons as part of allied commitments. About these and other events, monitoring the media for week 12. for 18.11.2018.

General designer — Director "OKB imeni A. M. Lyulki" Yevgeny Marchukov, told the TV channel "Star" that the engine of the second stage of the su-57 is superior to all foreign analogues.

"I would say that this generation 5+. <...> It is this generation corresponds to the engine specific thrust, specific consumption and specific weight," — said the expert.

The designer said that the engine is completely new product and has nothing to do with the engine su-35. It will allow the faster jets to take off and gain altitude, maneuver, high-g in the conduct of air combat and to fly at supersonic speed without using afterburners.

Also added Marchukov, the plane ahead of the other characteristics of the fifth generation fighter.

"Pixel" painting

Serial Russian fighter of the fifth generation su-57 will get the pixel color, reducing the optical visibility of the machine. The same appearance has the plane under the number 511 (T-50-11), said chief designer-Director of "Sukhoi" Mikhail Sagittarius.

"Pixel painting gives the effect of a blurred outline that allows you to distort the clear boundaries that have aerodynamic layout of the aircraft," — said the designer.

Archer stressed that the goal of stealth on the su-57 decides the shape of the airframe, a special coating on the lamp and certain elements of the airframe. According to him, the plane with the engine of the second stage will be able to develop a supersonic speed at maximum capacity, not only in the afterburner, which will also reduce the visibility of the machine.

"Besforsazhny supersonic cruising is necessary in order to reduce infrared signature," said Archer.

We add that testing for stealth to enemy radar the bow of the Russian fifth generation fighter, the su-57 showed in the video.

Reference: su-57 — Russian multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation developed by the Sukhoi design Bureau using technologies malosemenovsky. The plane is designed to destroy air, ground and surface targets with the use of air defense systems, as well as for long-range reconnaissance and destruction of the control system by enemy aircraft.


Action in Syria

16 Nov. The third Committee of the UN General Assembly, responsible for social, humanitarian and cultural issues, once again adopted by a majority of votes a resolution on the situation of human rights in Syria, while Russia voted against. In support of the draft document, voted by 106 countries, against 16, abstentions were not.

16 Nov. The situation of refugees in the camp", Ryban" reminiscent of the concentration camps during the Second world war but the world community ignores the catastrophic situation of the people, said the head of the National control center of defense of Russia Colonel General Michael Mezentsev. According to him, the formal structure of the UN, whose duties include providing comprehensive assistance to refugees, in fact, not active and perseverance in addressing global humanitarian catastrophe related to the appalling situation of the Syrian citizens in the camp.

17 Nov. The international coalition led by the US launched air strikes on the village of al-Bukhan in the East Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, the victims were 40 civilians, reported Reuters, citing local sources. According to him, most of the dead were women and children.

The situation in Ukraine

Application for the construction of the Ukrainian naval base on the sea of Azov do not match the capabilities of the country. About it on air of TV channel "Direct" said the Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine Georgy Tuka, reports RIA Novosti.

The official explained why Ukraine will not strengthen its military presence in the waters of the Azov and the Russian fleet: "we need a lot of money, which is not, and requires a sufficiently long period of time, which also we do not have".

Russia's Reaction

Russia is not planning military buildup in the sea of Azov in response to the strengthening of Ukrainian presence there, said Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Grigory Karasin.

"We have to Azov no military bases, military ships basically provide safety the Crimean bridge, he said. - No military buildup in Azov we do not plan".


The former head of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Igor Smeshko said the TV channel "112 Ukraine" that the high military spending (5.3% of the GDP) the military budget of Ukraine "opaque," which, in his opinion, hinders monitoring of the waste of money.

According to him, the Ukrainian military will be defeated, if faced with the Russian army in a direct confrontation.

Smeshko emphasized that at the moment Ukraine can not demonstrate success in the economic sphere or in the military. He pointed out that the possibility of the Ukrainian army "static hold" in the Donbass does not mean that the country can resist the Russian army. He concluded that "in theory" during the Russian military offensive of the Ukrainian army "will not stand".


NATO will not allow the creation of the EU's own military command structures. This was stated on Monday by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, speaking at a conference in Berlin that was broadcast by the press service of the Alliance.

"We can't afford, or rather, it won't be a wise decision if we have two different command structures in NATO and EU", - he said, answering the question about the European army, which, in his opinion, should only serve as a Supplement to NATO.


The crux of the matter

The President of France Emmanuel macron on 6 November, stated that Europe should create its own unified armed forces. Later German Chancellor Angela Merkel supported this idea during a speech at the European Parliament session in Strasbourg.

Reaction Estonia

Estonia is opposed to the creation of the United army of Europe, as the military cooperation among European countries should not duplicate the actions of the Alliance. This was stated by Prime Minister of Estonia jüri Ratas, the press service of the government.

Speaking at a press conference in Tallinn, jüri Ratas commented on the idea of creating a European army, saying that it did not support this idea, since its actions such an army "would just be duplicating what NATO". It is necessary to create other projects in which the European Union will cooperate with the Alliance, and not to duplicate it, he added. Europe is under the protection of the Alliance.

The Reaction Of Austria

Austria in connection with its permanent neutrality will not be able to participate in the European army. This was stated by the Austrian Ministry of defense.

"Austria is neutral. We have no reason to evaluate this plan. This is contrary to the provisions of the Austrian Constitution", - quotes the words of the official representative of the defense Ministry newspaper Kurier.

Russia's Reaction

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin commented on the initiative of the head of France Emmanuel Makron about creating a European army. In an interview with RT France Putin called the natural desire of European leaders on its own to ensure its security.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes that the latest combat aircraft Eurofighter, which stood on the armament of the German army (Bundeswehr), do not possess the necessary means of fire against the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400.

The newspaper reminds that the Eurofighter was originally conceived only to resist the enemy aircraft. Therefore, he needs additional weapons to protect against ground targets.

It is noted that these fighters are not adapted for the installation of missiles "air-land", so to defend against s-400 they can only if they are accompanied by multi-role fighters Panavia Tornado. However, the latter aircraft also can not provide the necessary protection, as the range of their missiles are inferior to the radius of the s-400.

Edition The Drive appreciated a special machine heat treatment arms and military equipment TMS-65У. It is noted that the Ministry of defence published a video which shows the work of various departments of NBC, including TMS-65У. The magazine says the truck TMS-65У "most unusual" of all the systems.

According to The Drive, this machine is equipped with a turbojet engine VK-1, can be used to clean vehicles from the chemicals or to create your own powerful smoke screens that can hide the movement of troops on the battlefield. It is noted that the truck TMS-65У is one of the key places in the Arsenal of military equipment to Russia.

The National Interest writes that the comparison between Russian and American fighters of the fifth generation su-57 and F-22 Raptor is pointless, because the first eight years after first flight "is still a crude prototype," while the second is in service for 13 years, and in 2014 participated in operations in the middle East.

"A dozen su-57, not all of which is probably ready to fly, it may be enough to spacemachine small contingent of pilots. But Russia is not likely to be able to deploy for sustained combat operations any of these fighters," — says the American magazine.

For this reason, the paper concludes, any statements about the capabilities of the su-57, and a comparison of the abilities of the Russian fighter jet with an American, "hardly mattered", but "purely conceptual".


Of the air force people's liberation army of China plans to recruit 40 women across the country in their ranks as pilots in 2019, Xinhua news Agency reported.

A national set will be already the 12th of its kind and will be conducted among graduates of the senior classes and students in age from 17 to 20 years, said the Deputy head of the Bureau for the recruitment of Fan Chuangchun. Over the past three years the quality of recruits in the PLA air force has grown considerably, said Fan.

Background: currently, the Chinese air force cooperate with a number of the best universities for training. Now 78% of those who were among the first graduated from the course have joined the ranks of the air force.

The UK MOD announced the conclusion of a "multi-million" (in pounds sterling) of the contract, the implementation of which will allow by the end of 2022 increase the number of F-35 "lightning 2" as part of the armed forces of great Britain under 35 u, reports TSAMTO.

As stated by the British defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, the UK intends to double its fleet of F-35, advanced ordering 17 fighters. Aircraft for the UK MOD ordered under signed on 14 November 2018 the command of aviation systems of the US Navy with Lockheed Martin contract for the supply of 255 fighters F-35 "lightning 2." US forces and the allied States with a total value 22,713 billion.

Reference: a New batch of F-35B aircraft will be delivered to the UK in the period from 2020 to 2022 They will join the 16 fighters that have already been transferred, as well as two previously ordered F-35B.

USA for several years will reduce the military contingent in Africa is approximately 10%, reads the statement of the Pentagon. The military reported that in Africa now placed 7,2 thousand soldiers, who perform tasks in the framework of counter-terrorism operations in several countries of the Black continent.

It is noted that the contributions in countries such as Somalia, Djibouti and Libya will not change. At the same time in West Africa, the United States will shift the focus from tactical military support to local armed forces for consultation, coordination and exchange of intelligence information.

The statement said that these optimisation measures will allow to acquire the flexibility that is required to maintain a "competitive position in the dynamically changing global environment."

Background: a Number of Western media reported that we are talking about strengthening of counteraction to threats from China and Russia.

DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN attended the tests of "high-tech weapons," Yonhap reported, citing North Korean media. It is noted that we are talking about the new development of a tactical nature.

Reference: Central television the DPRK has announced that the test "cutting-edge" weapons, developed for a long time, took place at the site of the National Institute of defense. It is emphasized that the test was successful.

The staff of brown University (one of the most prestigious private universities in the United States) has calculated how much it costs the United States about their participation in the wars. It turned out that less than 20 years, Washington has spent on these purposes almost six trillion dollars.

Author Neta Crawford, said that from 2001 to the end of fiscal 2019, the amount spent and allocated funds for the war amounted to 5.9 trillion dollars, writes RIA Novosti.

The Pentagon announced that, starting with 2001 and till the end of fiscal 2018, he will spend on military operations around 1.7 trillion dollars. Amount includes not only the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but combat operations in several other countries, which justify terrorism.

However, according to Crawford, these figures announced by the Ministry of defense of the United States, include only part of the cost of the war. There are still expenses of the state Department: for the treatment and support of veterans, interest on loans used to Finance the war, as well as measures to combat terrorism, the Ministry of internal security.

Researchers believe that if the US continues spending at the same level, even in the case of completion of all wars by 2023, the total cost reached to 6.7 trillion dollars, not including interest on the debt.

Background: According to brown University, the wars and the fighting in which he participated, including the U.S. (in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries), killed 480 thousand people, of which 244 of thousands of civilians. Another 10 million people become refugees.


The defense Ministry approved the tactical and technical requirements for a promising medium military transport aircraft, the press service of the Aviation complex named Ilyushin (included in the transport aircraft division of United aircraft Corporation).

Specifies that the created plane will correspond to the highest requirements. "We are confident that in a few decades, the Il-276 will be one of the main means of Military transport aviation", — said the source.

Reference: Il-276 — draft twin-engine medium military transport aircraft providing transportation of cargoes weighing up to 20 tons at a speed of 800 kilometers per hour. It is planned that the first flight he will perform in 2023, and serial deliveries to the troops will begin in 2026-m. Now there is a preliminary design of a promising medium transport.

Hypersonic missile target, designed to test new weapons developed in Russia, the completion of development works is scheduled for 2019, said in an interview with RIA Novosti General Director of scientific production Association "Lightning" (part of the concern "Kalashnikov") Olga Sokolova.

"We decided not to stay and began to offer of the Ministry of defense different variants of development of target missiles, the creation of new samples since the industry potential adversaries are not standing still, and our "Armavir" from "Cut" may soon cease to satisfy the requirements of the military. Thus was born the missile-target "Carnation". Now leading development work on this missile, which should be completed in 2019 with a further statement on the arms and supplying the Ministry of defence under the new contracts. Supersonic missile target, which is intended for testing new weapons," — said Sokolov.

In addition, she said that next year the ROC to build a small parachute of the target and within two years after the beginning of this work must be completed. "It is designed for training pilots of fighter and attack aircraft, also for anti-aircraft artillery. It runs with the land, simulates the torch from the nozzle plane, and its cost is relatively small," — said Sokolov.

She said that now is used for this purpose missile target, which is launched from the aircraft that is extremely expensive and dangerous.


More than 50 units of modern military equipment will go into service of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological defense Central military district in 2019. About this in an interview with the media said the head of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection (NBC) of the Central military district (CVO), major-General Valery Vasiliev.

"Next year it is planned to have 51 an example of modern technology and by 2020 their share in the Central military district will have to be 70 percent," - said Valery Vasiliev.

According to him, over the past three years the troops received 68 units of new modern military NBC CVO and special equipment.

"New technology is definitely very popular in the army. For example, this year we formed one of the regiments of the company of heavy flamethrower system and soon these systems CBT-1A were supplied to three of the combat vehicle BM-1, which allowed to significantly increase the combat capabilities of the troops. The same can be said about modern machines NBC reconnaissance RHM-6 – the district received 15 units, the set of field lab KLP-10, which allows in field conditions to analyze and determine the specificity of certain strains," - said Valery Vasiliev.

"Very good feedback about the unified stations special treatment of USSO. It is a multifunctional machine, combining the capabilities of several older types of weapons and military equipment, such as the ARS-14, AGV, bucilina installation, extraction field car station to DDA for sanitary processing. So now one machine replaces several performing their functions. We got 17 cars thermodynami equipment TDA-3. Soon will be shipped to the troops special flue funds that will allow the machines to operate in the infrared," concluded Valery Vasiliev.

Reference: By 2020 the share of modern equipment in the Central military district shall be 70 percent.

In collaboration with the Office of the chief of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation organized the receipt and commissioning modern models of special equipment of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological (NBC) protection.

"Taking into account the implementation of planned supply security modern samples by 2027 will amount to 93%," – said the chief of the NBC protection of the strategic missile forces, Colonel Alexander Fadeev.

Currently the share of modern samples of weapons and military equipment is more than 40% of the total number of special equipment.

Reference: Division of NBC defence, the strategic missile forces provided chemical reconnaissance vehicles RHM-6, water dispensing stations ARS-14KM 2018 organized the delivery of the universal heat engines UTM-80M.

Share new models of weapons and military equipment to the Russian military base in Abkhazia this year has reached 70 percent.

All in service of connection consist of more than 700 pieces of equipment, including tanks T-72B3, BTR-82АМ, cell complexes "Leer-2" based on the armored cars "Tiger" armored vehicles KAMAZ "Mustang", all-terrain vehicles MT-LBV, jet systems of volley fire "Grad", and various radar stations, engineering machine and other equipment.

Reference: Acquisition of units of armament, military and special equipment (AMSE) is carried out under the contract.

Two engineering machinery obstacle clearing IMR-3M and received state contracts in a separate engineering brigade stationed in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

In the first half of 2019, the team will get one more unit of IMR-3M, which will completely rearm the connection to modern examples of this type of equipment.

Reference: IMR-3M is the first engineering machine made on the chassis of tank T-90. Previous samples of IMR was done on the chassis of T-55, T-72 and T-80. The machine is equipped with bulldozer equipment and telescopic boom with universal working body. One of the working tools is a bucket with a capacity of 0.35 cubic meters. IMR-3M fully encapsulated and able to work in the territories contaminated with radioactive substances. The car also installed communications latest developments.

On the arms of the training centre of combat use (artillery) in Saratov have received 18 pieces of military equipment.

The division received five self-propelled howitzers "acacia", four towed howitzer "Msta-B", six self-propelled guns "Hyacinth-S" and two towed guns "Hyacinth-B". The training center is equipped with mobile radar intelligence, outer-10.

Reference: 631-th training center of combat use (artillery) is the only in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation the place of training of young specialists for artillery units. It is prepared annually for the troops about 2 thousand soldiers and sergeants.

Mixed aviation connection 4-th army air force and air defense of the southern military district (YUVO) in the Krasnodar region has received a new modernized fighter generation "4++" su-27SM3.

The aircraft flew with the aircraft plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in Khabarovsk region, covering nearly 10 thousand km with two intermediate stops to refuel on airfields Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk regions.

Until the end of 2020, the troops of the southern military district, the share of modern samples of all types of weapons and military equipment by land, sea and air component will be increased to 70%, and in some samples up to 100%.

Reference: su-27SM3 is a deeply modernized multirole jet fighter with a more powerful engine, enhanced maneuverability and range.


The newest Corvette "Loud", which should soon replenish the Pacific fleet (PF), in the framework of the program the factory sea trials for the first time spent artillery firing.

Conducted strength tests of the ship's weapons perform a set of artillery firing. In various modes tested 100 mm universal naval gun mount A-190, six-barreled automatic artillery mount AK-630.

The operation of the ship at sea on the stages of testing provide support vessels fleet as well as aircraft and helicopters of naval aviation of the Pacific fleet.

Reference: "Loud" is the second project 20380 Corvette built specifically for TOF in the framework of the rearmament programme. The length of the Corvette - is 104.5 meters, width 13 meters, the total displacement is 2.2 tons, a maximum speed of up to 27 knots.



The advance party of staff officers of the Eastern military district (OIE) arrived (November 15) in the capital of India with the aim to participate in the preparation of a joint Russian-Indian military exercises "Indra-2018", said the head of the press service of BBO Alexander Gordeev.

It is noted that the military delegation of the TSB plans to conduct the test and receiving the locations of Russian military and military equipment that India can provide at the time of conducting joint maneuvers.

Reference: joint exercises will be held in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh from 18 to 28 November. They will involve 500 military of Russia and India


The defense Ministry noted that Moscow and Havana intend to cooperate with the defence ministries of the two countries.

It is noted that this decision was made at the meeting on 14 November, army General Sergei Shoigu and his Cuban colleagues, army corps General Leopoldo Sintra Frias.

"At the meeting, the parties reaffirmed their commitment to dialogue and practical cooperation between the defense ministries of the two countries," — said the Russian defense Ministry.

Background: Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin noted the need to increase military-technical cooperation with other States.

Russia is ready to supply Belarus any weapons within the framework of allied commitments, told reporters the Russian Ambassador in Minsk Mikhail Babich. According to him, we are talking about allied commitments, "which will certainly be made, if necessary Belarus, and we do not share themselves with Belarus in military terms".


Deputy Minister of defence of Russia Andrey Kartapolov presented at the headquarters of the Eastern military district in Khabarovsk the new commander of the TSB — the Hero of Russia the General-Lieutenant Gennady Liquid.

Reference: Liquid a graduate of the Tashkent higher tank command school. Held key command positions from tank platoon commander to chief of staff — first Deputy commander of the combined arms army Central military district. 2017 served as Deputy chief of the General staff of the Armed forces.


November 13 - Day of the troops of NBC protection

Soldiers of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection-the professional holiday.

The NBC protection troops trace their history back to 1918, when by order of the revolutionary military Council of the RSFSR was created by the Chemical service of the red Army. Today on the troops tasked with the assessment of radiation, chemical and biological environment, the special treatment of troops, disinfection, special masking and flame-incendiary means to defeat the enemy.

The troops of NBC protection applied in peacetime to eliminate man-made and biological emergencies. Military men of NBC protection took part in liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl accident, where he received the first experience of using robotic systems, which subsequently began to improve.


The Ministry of defense of Russia for the 100th anniversary of troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection (NBC) has launched on its official website a special section dedicated to the history of this kind of troops.

The section also contains a mini-encyclopedia on arms of armies of chemical protection. Users can find information about the participation of chemists in the various exercises and see photos of the international Army games in different years.



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