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Military Review. Events in the field of defense and security in the mirror of the media. Media Monitoring for the week from 12 to 18 October 2015
Material posted: Publication date: 18-10-2015

For struggle against YOKES in Syria the Russian military base will be created; Britain will request of China the help in bombings in Syria; brigade RHBZ will pass to new cars RHM-6 per 2016; to troops VVO there has arrived equipment of "the soldier of the future»; nine complexes REB "Moscow-1" will arrive in troops till the end of the year; the first party of tanks has arrived in troops Т-72Б3; multi-purpose helicopters Mi-8MtV5 have arrived on arms; two new planes Silt-76MD-90A will arrive in VTA dock of the end of the year; in artillery subdivisions VDV the newest arms arrive; "Ural Carriage-Building Plant" will create a network battle robotankov on the basis of Т-90; "the Arctic" printer for military men have developed in Russia; in Ukraine the new line on release of ammunition for small arms will be launched; Iran has demonstrated underground rocket base on depth of 500 metres;« Admiral Grigorovich »has started passage of state tests; the USA will not increase number of the troops in Europe, but will conduct the first practical test of system of the ABM; the USA intend to put to Saudi Arabia nine helicopters «Black Hock». About these and other events in monitoring of mass-media for a week from October, 12 till October, 18th, 2015.

Past week Council about safety of the Netherlands (OVV) has presented (on October, 13th) conclusions of investigation of wreck MH17 Malaysia Airlines and has declared that the plane was brought down by the rocket from "Beech". "Diamond-antej" the same day has presented results of own investigation and has explained, why excludes participation of the Russian military technology in wreck MH17 Malaysia Airlines.

As informs RIA Novosti news agency, as a whole, conclusion SB of the Netherlands coincides with results of the investigation conducted by concern of air defence "Diamond-antej": the Malaysian liner has been brought down from ZRK "Beech" by the rocket 9М38. "Diamond-antej" has informed that such rockets are removed from arms in Russia in 2011.

Situation in Syria

As informs Management of a press service and the information of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, from the beginning of application VKS of Russia since September, 30th 669 battle departures, from them 115 - are carried out at night.
According to the chief of the Main operational administration of the Joint Staff of Armed forces of Russia colonel general Andrey Kartapolova, cruise missiles of sea basing "Calibre" were applied to defeat of the most important objects.

«In total during blows, under our data, 456 objects are destroyed. According to the Russian Joint Staff, as a result of aviablows it was possible to break essentially an infrastructure of insurgents, a supply system and managements of terrorist groupings», - Andrey Kartapolov has underlined.

According to Joint Staff VS of the Russian Federation, under blows of the Russian aircraft insurgents have already begun departure, having lost bolshej a unit of the weapon and technics on a line of contact with the Syrian troops. For conditions control Russian prospecting bespilotniki have increased quantity of departures.

By the way, colonel general Andrey Kartapolov in interview to the newspaper «Komsomol truth» has declared that for struggle against YOKES in Syria the Russian military base will be created.

«It will be one base which begins to include some components - sea, air, overland», - Kartapolov has declared, answering a question on possibility of creation of two Russian bases in Syria - overland near Latakia and the Navy - in Tartuse. In the Russian Joint Staff also have admitted possibility of use of the ships of constant operative connection of the Navy in actions against insurgents of YOKES.

According to Kartapolova, the Russian grouping of the Navy in Mediterranean sea first of all provides podvoz material means. That it was unobstructed, the grouping and the shock ships there is developed including. Also it provides anti-aircraft defence of the Russian base.

«We by no means air defence do not direct this against the coalition countries», - the general has underlined.
Reaction of the USA and allies

Bombings of aero-space forces of Russia in Syria are necessary for massing on terrorist grouping «Islamic state» (YOKES), instead of on groupings of moderate Syrian opposition. Such opinion US president Barack Obama and the crown prince of Abu-Dhabi Mohammed ben have expressed in taken place in telephone conversation Zaid Al Nahajjan, transfers TASS. As the press service of the White house has informed later, leaders of two states «have confirmed importance of creation of the conditions necessary for political transition (to the new power) in Syria».

And here Great Britain intends to address to China with inquiry about rendering the help in the British bombings of terrorists in Syria, with the corresponding request to the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Si Tszinpinu intends to address the prime minister of Britain David Cameron, writes "Sight" referring to mass-media.

«It (Cameron) will use the state visit of Chinese leader Si Tszinpina beginning tomorrow (on October, 19th) to ask about support in struggle with« the Islamic state of "(YOKES)", - is told in article Sunday Mirror self-controls from which results TASS.

Under the edition statement, the head of the British government is interested in avoiding any skirmishes of the Russian fighters and the Royal Air Forces. For this reason Cameron counts that Si Tszinpin can use the influence on Moscow to convince the Russian side "not to get in way" of realisation of the British plans in Syria.

«Great Britain plans to make the purpose only YOKES», - is told in a newspaper material. Besides, London aspires to secure with guarantees of official Beijing that China «will not interfere (steps) of Great Britain to the United Nations».

Meanwhile …

The USA have rejected the offer of Russia on cooperation in joint operations on rescue of the pilots participating in operation in Syria if in it there will be a necessity, Anatoly Antonov at VI Sjanshansky forum on safety has declared the deputy minister of defence. As he said, the USA «refuse flatly a word"cooperation"and while limit interaction by contacts of the Ministries of Defence of two countries concerning safe flights.

About army reequipment

The separate brigade of radiating, chemical and biological protection (RHBZ), deployed in Kursk area, will be in the beginning of next year is re-equipped on the newest cars RHM-6. As the press service of the Western military district (ZVO) specifies, now crews pass conversion training on new cars.

For information: РХМ-6 it is created on the basis of an armoured personnel carrier an armored troop-carrier-80 as station of radiating and chemical investigation, and also laboratory of an express appreciation of the situation. Such cars are equipped by the equipment allowing in an automatic mode to transfer the data in a headquarters. For one minute military men on РХМ-6 can find out steams poisoning and deleterious substances on the area over 10 square kilometres, Kochetkov has told. Thus experts can not leave the car - all necessary gaugings are made by means of the built in equipment. Besides, on РХМ-6 satellite navigation with an all-weather automatic co-ordinates setting of the car is used.

In troops of East military district (VVO) 200 complete sets of the newest Russian battle equipment of "the soldier of the future» which carries the name "Ratnik" have arrived. The complete set includes the whole complex of means.

For information: "Ratnik" - a unit of the general project of increase of battle and physical qualities of separately taken soldier in the field of battle for the account of use of the newest scientific achievements in the field of navigation, systems of night vision, monitoring of a psychophysiological condition of the soldier, use of the advanced materials in manufacturing of the reservation and clothes fabrics. The complete set includes modern means of protection, communications, the weapon and ammunition. "Ratnik" it is created for actions in the most different conditions and at any time.

The newest equipment is already tested during antiterrorist doctrines. First of all the new equipment will be received by the military men who are a part of a mobile reserve of the commander by troops of district and carrying out of a problem on counteraction to terrorist threats in a peace time.

The concern «Electronic technologies» till the end of 2015 will carry out the contract on delivery of the Minister of Defence of Russia of nine complexes of radio investigation and electronic struggle "Moscow-1". Yury Maevsky has informed On it TASS zamglavy KRET. As he said, for today it is already put four complexes "Moscow-1".

For information: the Complex 1Л267 "Moscow-1" has ended state tests in 2013. It is intended for radio investigation of air space (searches of sources of a radio emission) at range to 400 kilometres. The complex includes the automated command control post for coordination of work of external means of electronic suppression, and also for transfer of the target information to air defence weapons and the Air Forces. "Moscow-1" can put simultaneously problems for nine other complexes REB and air defence systems. Investigation of parametres of the purposes is conducted in a passive mode (only at the expense of interception of own radio emission) that provides high reserve of work of station. Battle calculation of a complex makes four person, time of its expansion occupies 45 minutes.

As the press service of East military district, on arms of motorised-rifle connection VVO in Transbaikalia informs, the first party of tanks T-72B3 has arrived.

For information: the Tank armament consists from 125-milimetrovoj a gun and two machine guns: for defeat of manpower of the conditional opponent and the low-flying purposes. The crew consists of 3 persons. The tank is equipped by the four-cycle V-shaped 12-cylinder multifuel engine with liquid cooling by capacity of the Technician of 840 h.p. "Pine« with the automatic machine of support of the purpose and teplovizorom is equipped by a sight. The meteogauge and the modern ballistic calculator is established. The basic difference Т-72Б3 from the previous updatings consists in new full-track trakah with the parallel hinge that raises mobility and mobility, and also increases a technics resource.

As the press service of the Western military district (ZVO) informs, the link of multi-purpose helicopters Mi-8MtV5 has arrived on arms of base of army aircraft of the Western military district (ZVO), deployed in the Smolensk region.

New fighting vehicles are put within the limits of planned replacement of helicopters Mi-8 of early series, vysluzhivshih operation target dates.

For information: Multi-purpose helicopter Mi-8MtV5 is intended for transportation of cargoes and combat material in weight to 4 tons. In a battle variant helicopters are capable to carry out of a problem of fire support of subdivisions of Land forces and a landing at disembarkation. Feature of the helicopter is its possibility to carry out take off and landing at heights to 4 thousand metres above sea level and to carry out flights at height to 6 thousand metres. The helicopter is equipped by the modern pilotazhno-navigating complex "Abris" allowing crew to carry out uchebno-operational tasks in difficult weather conditions at any time.

Pilots, technical-engineer and teaching structure of the Ivanovo Center of battle application and pereuchivanija an aircrew of military-transport aircraft of Aero-space forces have finished development of the newest transport planes Silt-76MD-90A.
As informs Management of a press service and the information of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, after delivery of planes in the Ivanovo aviation centre pilots-instructors will start practical development of new cars, and also pereuchivaniju an aircrew of front units of military-transport aircraft VKS.

For information: Silt-76MD-90A - deeply modernised version of the plane Silt-76MD, it is equipped by the newest pilotazhno-navigating complex and modern control systems. The plane for landing and parachute desantirovanija military men, delivery of military technology and heavy cargoes is intended.

Till the end of current year artillery subdivisions of Airborne troops (VDV) will receive more than 30 unique modernised cars of artillery investigation and fire control of "Reostat-1", and also over 20 self-propelled artillery pieces (SAO) "Nona-1M".
The modernised combat material in subdivisions VDV arrives under the contracts concluded according to the State defenᥠorder.

Cars of artillery investigation are equipped by advanced equipment of investigation, communications and managements with the new is hardware-programnym a complex which allows not only to define in the automated mode co-ordinates of the purposes and ruptures of shells day and night, but also to carry out laser illumination of the purposes on distance to 9 km for application of operated shells of "Kitolov-2".

For information: Modernized SAO "Nona-1M" can use about 20 various types of domestic ammunition, and also a wide spectrum of shots of the foreign nomenclature. Besides, they are equipped by the powerful onboard COMPUTER, allowing to operate in an independent mode, irrespective of a site of cars of artillery investigation, and to arrange instruments on positions is more dispersed. For comfort increase in SAO there was a heater. All modernised cars of artillery investigation arriving in artillery subdivisions VDV and self-propelled instruments are equipped by modules of the automated control system of troops "Andromeda-D".

Science and manufacture

"Ural Carriage-Building Plant" works over association possibility in a uniform battle network of the several robotised tanks on the basis of Т-90. It the TASS was declared by the assistant to the general director of corporation Vyacheslav Halitov.
According to Halitova, robotizatsija tanks is in a study stage. «The desire is in the shortest terms all it to realise, look, as it will conduct (tank) of, as will carry out of a problem», - he has added.

It has explained that "Ural Carriage-Building Plant" fulfils practical realisation of technologies of remote control for a long time already. As an example Halitov has reminded that the corporation in 2013 has shown in Nizhni Tagil a fire-engine with remote control. «There there was an episode when the crew left the car, and the operator it distantsionno operated. She moved and extinguished a fire», - Halitov has noted.

Besides, Vyacheslav Halitov named terms of creation of an armoured personnel carrier for Arctic regions. As he said, the pre-production model dvuhzvennogo an armoured personnel carrier "Arctic regions" for equipment of the brigades developed in northern widths, can appear by 2019.

«While we have shown to troops only a prototype - avanproekt, or, in another way, the kontsept-project. After we this year will definitively defend before the Minister of Defence avanproekt, in 2016 the customer will open developmental work», - quotes TASS Halitova.

Fire power, hardening and mobility of the future car will work under conditions of Arctic regions. Zamglavy the enterprises has noticed that the new armoured personnel carrier can be maintained at temperature to a minus of 50 degrees on Celsius.
The car chassis, as he said, will be unique. «At us an indispensable condition that it should be snego - and bolotohod which should overcome boggy sites of district. To transport it should at least motorised-rifle branch», - Halitov has told.

«The arms will be chosen by the customer. At us weight various distantsionno operated battle modules of any calibre - from 7,62 to 57 millimetres. Here at us problems are not present», - he has informed.

By the way, past week it became known that experts of Incorporated instrument-making corporation (OPK, enters in "Rosteh") have developed printers and scanners which can be maintained in the most extreme conditions, including in Arctic regions for military men.

For information: According to corporation, the equipment is capable to function steadily at temperatures from a minus 40 to plus of 50 degrees on Celsius, and also at humidity to 95 %. The technology of the thermopress provides high quality even in a strong frost at the minimum expenses for expendable materials.

Kiev will continue to increase defence expenditures, and in 2016 will launch a new line on release of ammunition for small arms. It was declared by the prime minister of Ukraine Arseny Jatsenjuk at a meeting with an administrative board of central administrative board of National guards of Ukraine.

According to A.Jatsenjuka, some projects on manufacture of ammunition at present are already developed, expenses will make «from 20 to 200 million dollars». The Ukrainian prime minister plans to hold a meeting with a management "Ukroboronproma" on this question. The question of possible manufacturing of rocket-artillery ammunition will be considered on separate consultations.

About tests

Frigate "Admiral Grigorovich" constructed for chernomortsev on ASZ "Amber" in Kaliningrad has begun passage of state tests, informs VPK referring to the representative of the enterprise Sergey Mihajlova.

«The frigate is on delivery base in Baltiysk. Onboard - a delivery command, crew and representatives of the state commission. The ship prepares for the first exit in the sea which will take place in 20 dates of October. The state tests will last about three weeks», - Mihajlov has told.

The frigate will be transferred the Navy in November. According to Mihajlova, «" Admiral Grigorovich "will be equipped by a ship rocket complex" Calibre-nk "with the high-precision cruise missile 3М-54ТЭ, a multichannel antiaircraft rocket complex" Shtil-1 ", an antiaircraft rocket-artillery complex" Palash "».

For information: "Admiral Grigorovich" - the head ship of the project 11356, is put in the end of 2010, floated in March, 2014 Under the set project 6 ships will be constructed in total. Same year the second frigate - «the Admiral Essen» should be transferred fleet.

Past week Iran has demonstrated for the first time underground base of rocket installations which as is informed, is on depth of 500 metres, transfers RIA Novosti news agency. The video reporting which was conducted by employees of state broadcasting company IRIB, has been placed by a number of the Iranian mass-media. The object site in which tunnels are not less than ten rocket installations by trucks, does not reveal.

Agency Mehr referring to the brigade general of space forces of the case of guards of Islamic revolution (KSIR) Iran Amir-Ali Hadzhizade has informed that the demonstrated object is only one of rocket underground bases in the country.
Let's remind that demonstration of rocket base has occurred after successful test start of the long-range missile. The USA consider that Iran has broken United Nations resolutions, having tested a ballistic missile, and intend to discuss this question in United Nations Security Council.

Reaction of Iran

Test by Iran of ballistic missiles do not fall under the resolution of the UN Security Council from the July, 20th, 2015, approved the nuclear agreement between Iran and "six". With such statement past week head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran as Dzhavad Zarif after negotiations with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Shtajnmajerom has acted.
«Tests of rockets which are carried out by Iran, have not something in common with the resolution 2231 UNSF as the Iranian
rockets are not intended for delivery to the purpose of nuclear charges», - has declared Zarif, transfers TASS.

Head Iranian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thus, has underlined that Teheran «never carried out and will not carry out in the future the program of a creation of nuclear weapons».

Opposition of the Russian Federations-USA

If in the beginning to week it has been declared that the USA will not increase number of the troops in Europe in the end week knew that the USA together with the allies will conduct the first practical test of system of the ABM in Europe.

The USA do not collect to come back to large-scale military presence at Europe by which the epoch of cold war was characterised, the new chief of an army staff of the USA general Mark Milli in interview to "Difens of a news» has declared.
«We do not have intention to come back by days of cold war and to deploy a 300 thousand order - 350 thousand military men of the USA in Europe, and I do not consider such actions necessary», - quotes TASS of a word of the American commander.
Nevertheless, he has noted, «there are other things which we can and should make». It is a question, first of all, of a direction to Europe on a rotational basis of additional military subdivisions of the USA at level of "brigades" that «to increase number of land forces» about what already repeatedly appeared earlier, has explained Milli.

And already in a weekend the American mass-media, referring to Naval Forces of the USA, have informed that the United States with allies on the North Atlantic alliance in the end of October for the first time will conduct practical test of a sea component of system of the ABM in Europe.

According to the Sixth operative fleet of Naval Forces of the USA, all four American destroyers equipped with system of the ABM of "Idzhis" which constantly are based in the Company (Spain) will be involved in doctrines, transfers "Interfax".
Besides the USA Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway and France also will take part in doctrines - the countries entering into the Forum created per 1999 on the ABM on a sea battlefield with a view of coordination of efforts on creation of system of anti-missile defence.

During tests from range on the British Hebrides at coast of Scotland the unaided ballistic missile which elements of a sea component of system of the ABM should trace and intercept will be launched. Besides, participants of doctrines should intercept simultaneously launched with the battle ship protivokorabelnuju the rocket.

According to the information of Naval Forces of the USA, the purpose of doctrines is working off of a co-ordination of action between allies at simultaneous interception of the several rocket purposes.

For interception of the ballistic purposes the American anti-missile SM-3 will be used.

Naval Forces of the USA yet do not disclose concrete time, a site of negotiations of tests and possible region over which interception will be carried out.

Four American destroyers of the ABM placed on a constant basis in Europe, together with under construction land bases of the ABM of "Idzhis" in Poland and Romania are components of the program of construction of the European instalment adaptive system of anti-missile defence.

Under the American side statement, it is not directed against Russia, and intended for protection of the European countries of the NATO and bases of the USA against ballistic missiles of Iran.

About military-technical cooperation

The Chinese market is a perspective direction for deliveries of the Russian helicopters of a special purpose. About it within the limits of the Second Russian-Chinese an EXPO, passing in Harbin, the official representative of state corporation "Ростех" in the Peoples Republic of China Alexey Grishin has informed TASS.

He has told that at the holding stand «Helicopters of Russia» / enters into state corporation "Ростех" / some models possessing high potential for deliveries to the Chinese partners are presented. «We already estimated possibilities of the Chinese market if to speak about Ka-32 it is an order of 60-70 cars. But I consider that the market is underestimated», - he has noted.

Grishin also has underlined that in China helicopters took active part in elimination of consequences of strong flooding and earthquakes. «The most part from them is enough is involved from army aircraft, but the management of China gradually comes to that in the near future, possibly, creation of department similar to our Ministry of Emergency Measures is required. It is a measure will cause requirement for special purpose helicopters», - the representative of the Russian holding has specified.
And here the USA plan to sell Saudi Arabia nine desantno-transport helicopters «Blek hok», and also the accompanying equipment, including navigating systems, and arms.

The sum of the given transaction makes an order of 495 million dollars. On it has informed on Wednesday the profile American governmental department operating in structure of the Ministry of Defence of the USA, transfers TASS.

As he said, the permission to realisation of the arrangement which, according to the national legislation, gives out US State department, is already received. The American administration on Tuesday has officially informed the Congress of the USA on the decision accepted to it to export to Saudi Arabia the given military technology. At a legislative branch US authorities are now 30 days on studying of the new weapon contract with Riyadh and its possible blocking.


According to the program of XIX International exhibition of means of safety of the state "Interpoliteh-2015" on October, 23rd and 24 on range FKP «scientific research institute" Geodesy "will be organised demonstration display of operational and battle possibilities of arms and technics and ostentatious taktiko-special doctrines of special subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

As the press service "Interpoliteha" informs, special subdivisions of power structures which will demonstrate real battle possibilities of the rifle and artillery weapon which is on arms of special divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, elements assault desantirovanija from helicopters with application of imitating and pyrotechnic means on protection of staff during operations will take part in display. Display will be accompanied by real battle destruction of targets and breadboard models the regular weapon.

Among the enterprises will be such known, as Open Company "»Ó«¼ÔÑÕ¡«½«ú¿n" (trade mark ORSIS) which will present in operation the hunting carbines Orsis T-5000 M in calibre 7.62х51 mm and semi-automatic carbine Orsis AS-15 in calibre 5.56х45 mm. It is a unique factory in Moscow on manufacture of the high-precision weapon.

Company "БайтЭрг" - the largest Russian developer and the manufacturer of the equipment for video observation systems will demonstrate not having in the world of analogues (on a parity the size/weight/operating time) personal video registrars PATROL. Among them - video registrars of the second generation, capable to transfer co-ordinate and video on wireless networks. And also - PATRULVIDEO - the complex of mobile video observation developed for vehicles of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"MarinSpetsServisGrupp" - the supplier of the highly technological equipment for underwater and surface special actions will show various complete sets: simulators of shooting on the basis of MMG «Yarygin's Pistol», «the Sniper rifle of Dragunova», «Kalashnikov's Manual machine gun»; diving equipment - computers-navigators, towers.

The manufacturer of electroshock weapon "OBERON-ALPHA" will present samples of devices for self-defence. NPP "MICROINSTALLATION" - a pendant saving platform of PSP-MM for helicopters of type Mi-8 (Ми-17) which provides evacuation of victims from any type of district in difficult conditions without helicopter landing.

Open Company TPKP "ARGUS-NV" will suggest to look and estimate the innovative products - teplovizionnye sights «ИТ-615» and «ИТ-310», capable to work in any weather conditions.

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