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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 13 to 19 March 2017
Material posted: Publication date: 21-03-2017
Than armed the Crimea after reunification with Russia; Russia, China and the United States develop laser weapons; testing of "flying radar" A-100 will begin in July; the DPRK announced the testing of a new rocket engine; Russia enters into Abkhazia additional anti-aircraft missile systems s-300; the United States will spend more on defense; radar "Sky" entered service with the troops in the Volga region; the new anti-aircraft missile systems "tor-M2U" entered service; Regardie began the first ever Department sudden check of combat readiness; Roscosmos has announced an open set of astronauts for the first missions to the moon. About these and other developments in the media monitoring for the week with a 13.03 at 19. 03. 2017.

Three years ago, on 16 March 2014, Crimea officially became part of the Russian Federation. Before that the black sea fleet (BSF) stationed on the Peninsula on the Ukrainian-Russian agreements and, since 1997, has been strengthened with just one missile hovercraft "Samum" and Sukhoi su-24. Than armed the Crimea after reunification with Russia? Told about this TASS.

By the end of 2015 black sea fleet received more than 200 units of new weapons and military equipment, with about 40 ships, 30 aircraft (including the su-30CM). Part of the coastal forces was added 140 items of modern armored equipment. On duty in the Crimea, took up modern coastal missile systems "Bastion".

By the end of 2016 the black sea fleet received the greatest number of new ships and submarines compared to other fleets of Russia. And it ships continued to bear the constant combat duty in the Mediterranean squadron, re-formed in 2013.

Crimea also has been strengthened anti-aircraft missile system s-400 "Triumph", was relocated complexes "Carapace-C", su-30CM and coastal missile systems "Bastion".

According to plans until 2020, the Navy should receive about 50 new ships and support vessels.


Fully equipped underwater component of the BSF. Diesel-electric submarine of project 636.3 (code "Varshavyanka") became one of the first modern ships built in Russia's recent history. Six submarines of the improved project, based in Novorossiysk and Sevastopol.

In October 2016, the combat strength of the Navy includes the submarine "Velikiy Novgorod" project 636.3. The sixth and final in this series, the diesel-electric submarine "Kolpino" was transferred to the Navy 24 Nov.

The first two — "Novorossiysk" and "Rostov-on-don" — was given by the military in 2014, two more — "Stary Oskol" and "Krasnodar" — in 2015.

Thus, the construction of the first series of submarines for the Navy is fully completed.

Patrol and "Violent"

In 2016, the fleet was supplemented patrol "Admiral" series, equipped with attack missile complex "Caliber-NK".

The lead ship of the series 11356 "Admiral Grigorovich" was adopted in the combat fleet March 11, 2016. In may, he arrived in Sevastopol, and in November performed the task in the part of ship groups Navy in the Eastern Mediterranean sea. November 15 the Russian defense Ministry has posted a video of the launches of cruise missiles "Caliber" on terrorist targets in Syria.

The second frigate of this series "Admiral Essen", was included in the combat composition of the fleet June 7. The third ship of this series "Admiral Makarov", which is now undergoing state tests in the Baltic sea, are planned to be transferred to the Navy in the near future. According to the developers, these ships will be the reliable workhorses of the fleet in the coming years.

In 2015 the black sea fleet was replenished with two small missile ships (MRK) "Serpukhov" and "Green Dol" project 21631 "Buyan-M", equipped with missiles "Caliber". Now at the Zelenodolsk plant in Tatarstan for the black sea fleet built four more ships of this project.

The black sea should be one of the first fleets, which will receive a multi-purpose missile and artillery ships near sea area of 22800 project "Karakurt".

It is assumed that they will complement the "violent" actions on the shallow and coastal areas of the Black and Mediterranean seas.

"Widow" is slightly smaller in displacement than the "brawlers" (800 tons), but will also be equipped with "Caliber". The first two ships built at the shipyard "Pella" in the Leningrad region, the third laid on the Feodosia factory "Sea".

At the Zelenodolsk plant is built and the four newest modular patrol ships of project 22160. It is expected that the court will be included in each of the four fleets of Russia.

In the future the BSF will receive the rescue ship, the same type of "Igor Belousov", as well as a new ship logistics (sea tug) project 23120.

It is expected that the repairs and upgrades in 2018 may be sent to one of the warring ships of the Russian Navy — the flagship of the black sea fleet guards missile cruiser "Moscow".


In the spring of 2016 in the Crimea was formed by a squadron of eight su-30SM. In the fall of the Naval aviation of the black sea fleet has added four more fighters.

The aircraft was built at the Irkutsk aviation plant and transferred to the fleet, the programme to upgrade the fleet. They became part of separate Maritime attack aviation regiment, black sea fleet based in the Crimean airfield of Saki.

Pilots of Naval aviation of the black sea fleet began operating the su-30SM in the Crimea in January 2015. These supersonic fighters will replace the su-24, which was the basis of the fleet of the Naval aviation of the black sea fleet and gradually removed from service.

Anti-aircraft and coastal defense

In January 2017 on combat duty have taken up the complex air defense (ad) s-400 "Triumph". According to the commander of the 4th army of VVS and PVO Victor Sevastyanov, its capabilities allow not only to protect the Crimean Peninsula, and part of Krasnodar region.

The armed guards anti-aircraft missile Sevastopol-Feodosia regiment was replenished in 2016. The personnel of the regiment successfully passed retraining, and in September of last year in the framework of large-scale exercises "Caucasus-2016" held a training missile launches.

In addition to s-400 on the Peninsula will be placed and other defenses that would allow to counter anti-radar missiles of a potential enemy.

In 2014 on the coast of the Crimea were deployed battery coastal missile complex "Bastion". In September of the same year, during the exercises, the missile complex was destroyed the training target in the Central part of the Black sea at a distance of 90 km on combat duty have taken up the complex "Ball".


North Korea has announced that it has tested a powerful new rocket engine, reports Reuters. The test was on ractogram, Conchan-no. The aim of the trials was to test the basic parameters of the engine, such as traction power, as well as the reliability of its design.

The country's leader, Kim Jong UN stated that this test "new birth" of the rocket industry of the DPRK. Kim Jong-UN personally attended ractogram. He was acquainted with the technical specifications of the engine, and gave an indication about the start of the test.


Japan and the United States are not going to put up with the nuclear missile programme of the DPRK. This was stated by foreign Minister Fumio Kishida at the joint with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson press conference held in Tokyo for bilateral talks.

"We exchanged views on the situation in the region, including on the Korean Peninsula, he stressed. - On North Korea, we share the position that we absolutely can not tolerate missile and nuclear programs of Pyongyang".

Recall that in this year, North Korea has repeatedly launched missiles. So, on March 6 - they fell in the exclusive economic zone of Japan. The next day after that, the command of the American contingent in the Republic of Korea on 7 March, announced that it has begun the deployment of anti-aircraft missile complex THAAD in South Korea

Background: the Situation on the Korean Peninsula escalated late last year when Pyongyang conducted a nuclear test and later launched a ballistic missile artificial satellite of the Earth. In September 2016, North Korea conducted another nuclear test, in addition during the year it produced about 20 missile tests.



Russia was forced to withdraw the draft statement of the UN Security Council, condemning the terrorist attack in Damascus, because of the attempts of Western countries to change the orientation of the document to include provisions to read as accusations against the Syrian authorities and justifying the actions of terrorists. This is stated in comments posted on the foreign Ministry website.

In particular, as noted in comments, "due to the biased position" of a number of Western members of the UN security Council failed to reach consensus on a proposed Russian draft press statement condemning the bloody terrorist attack that occurred on March 11 in Damascus and claimed at least the lives of over 70 people.

However, as explained in dipvedomstva, "during the discussion of the text of Westerners directly gave to understand that in Syria they use the "different standard" that does not imply unconditional condemnation of terrorism."

On March 14-15 in Astana was held the third round of negotiations on conflict settlement in Syria. Participants in the discussion were Russia, USA, Turkey and Iran.

More than 150 Russian military engineers arrived in Syria to participate in the clearance of Palmyra, was reported in the press service of the defense Ministry of Russia. Personnel and equipment was transferred from Moscow to the base Hamim aircraft Military transport aircraft, after which the detachment at a regular technique marched to Palmyra.

Palmyra was also deployed 17 units of special equipment, said the defense Ministry. In addition to the engineers, the squad entered the canine unit.

Background: the City was liberated from the militants "Islamic state" on March 2 and March 10 in the General staff reported the arrival in Palmyra the first group of Russian engineers, which included almost 200 people.


March 13, the Ukrainian military has introduced additional security measures in the Donbass, stated in the press center of the headquarters of the so-called anti-terrorist operation (ATO). It is reported that units of the national police of Ukraine transferred to the strengthened mode of service, carried out additional checks of citizens at checkpoints and in places of the big congestion of people. It is emphasized that these measures are temporary and aimed at ensuring the safety of the civilian population.

On the same day the line of contact between the self-proclaimed Donetsk people's Republic (DPR) and Kiev-controlled territory received the status of state border. The corresponding decree was published on the website of the Ministry of state security (MGB) of the DNI. The document was signed by the self-proclaimed head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko.

On 15 March the Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine has decided to suspend transport communication with territories under the control of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. According to UNIAN, the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov, the decision was taken in view of "the capture of the Ukrainian enterprises and the deteriorating security situation in the area of so-called anti-terrorist operation". However, "humanitarian aid — the Ukrainian and international humanitarian organizations, UN, International Committee of the red cross" — to be introduced an exception.

On 17 March, the self-proclaimed head of the Luhansk national Republic (LNR) Igor Carpenter said that in favour of holding a referendum in the Donbass on joining Russia. "We don't just assume, we are confident that such a referendum will be obligatory. Of course, we want to initiate, but all the time. In fact at the beginning the question was to immediately go the way of Crimea, that we became part of the Russian Federation, but turned out a little different, but this matter has never been withdrawn",— quotes its RIA "Novosti".

Russia's Reaction

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin is no scripting on the possibility of incorporating DNR and LNR to Russia.

He stressed that the Kremlin does not consider "the possible reasoning in this context" possible. "Russia has been and remains interested in the fact that its borders there was a single, predictable, and prosperous Ukraine, unfortunately, the country from this far away," he said.


14 March in the Libyan capital Tripoli have been new clashes between armed groups with armored vehicles, including tanks, reports TASS reported citing local media. Stopped working all state institutions, indefinitely closed schools. About the dead and wounded information is not received.

Street battles in the capital's neighborhoods Andalus and Gargaresh began on 13 March. The reason for the riots were of kidnapping for ransom locals and assaults by persons, loyal to the self-proclaimed head of the government of the Caliph al-Gualy. They are opposed by groups subordinate to the presidency Council, which is headed by the Prime Minister of the national consensus government (NTC) Faiz Sarraj.


American and Egyptian military-diplomatic sources, Reuters reported that Russia has deployed at the airbase in Egypt on the border with Libya limited contingent of 22 military and an unknown number of drones.

Agency sources said that "the United States noticed something that could probably be Russian troops and drones" in the framework of Sidi Barrani, located 100 km from the border of Egypt and Libya. According to the interviewees Reuters, the goal of this posting should be "support the commander of the Libyan army Khalifa the Haftarot," which on March 3, was defeated in battles with rebels from the team defense of Benghazi, attacked his forces controlled the oil ports.

The reaction of Egypt and Russia

Cairo denies the presence of armed forces of other countries. Official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov said that this is another stuffing and "no Russian special forces in Sidi Barrani, no."

Placing s-300 in Abkhazia

Foreign Minister of Georgia Mikheil Janelidze announced the introduction of Russia in Abkhazia additional antiaircraft-rocket complexes With-300, reports "Interfax".

Secretary of national security Council of Georgia Mr. David Rakviashvili suggested that the location of the s-300 is directed not against Georgia but against the activity of NATO in the Black sea.

Background: In February we hosted a meeting of defence Ministers of countries—members of NATO, which the Pentagon chief James Mattis put "Russian military aggression" in the first place in a number of security threats. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg criticized the "deepening of Russia's relations" with Abkhazia and South Ossetia and stated that NATO will follow the previously adopted approach of "defense and dialogue."


The US authorities brought charges of involvement in the cyber attack on Yahoo! two employees of the FSB and two hackers. This was stated at a press conference representatives of the Ministry of justice. The prosecution presented the employee of the center of information security of FSB Dmitry Dokuchaev and his chief Igor Susino. Recall that Dokuchaev in December last year was arrested in Russia on charges of treason.


The U.S. justice Department has asked Russia to extradite three people accused of cyber-attacks on Yahoo! the Russians, said Ministry spokesman mark Raimondi, reports "Interfax". According to Raimondi, the United States has no extradition agreements, but this shall not preclude and should not interfere with the Russian authorities to detain and extradite those "who are accused of these serious crimes in the United States, where will be held the proper procedure, and they will be given all the rights enjoyed by defendants in our independent judicial system".

Reference: Yahoo! reported hacking 2014 last fall. Later, the company talked about another attack, which affected 1 billion user accounts in 2013.


Next year the United States will spend more on defense and less on environmental protection, education and diplomacy. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the draft budget for the 2018 fiscal year, addressed to the Congress by US President Donald trump, reports TASS.

The draft budget for the 2018 fiscal year, trump sent to Congress, applies only to discretionary spending. The President's plan involves a significant increase in defense appropriations and funding cuts in almost all other areas.

In addition to increasing defense spending by $54 billion, i.e. 9% compared with the figure 2016 fingado, it is proposed to increase allocations for the Ministry of internal security and the Ministry of veterans Affairs. If approved by Congress, plans to increase expenditures on defense they will be in the next year about $603 billion.

The increase in expenditure for defense, in particular, provides for the expansion of funding for the US nuclear Arsenal. "This is not a budget for soft power. This budget is hard power, and it was done deliberately. The President clearly wants to send a signal to our allies and our potential adversaries, namely that the current administration relies on hard power," — said the Director of the office of management and budget the White house Mick Malvani.

Melwani also said that the legislature will be asked for additional funding for defence and security in the current financial year in the amount of $30 billion, These funds will be put "on the strengthening of border control", said the specialist. In accordance with the outlined information, the request includes the allocation of $1.5 billion for the construction of a protective wall on the border of the United States and Mexico to prevent illegal immigration.


The newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing administration officials, reports that US President Donald trump has given the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) the authority to conduct special military operations using unmanned aerial vehicles. Thus the head of state lifted restrictions imposed on the secret service in the presidency of Barack Obama.

According to the newspaper, the decision of Donald trump due to the intention to strengthen the fight against the terrorist organization "Islamic state" (IG). The President was authorized to conduct exploration operations in Syria, however, as the WSJ notes, the resolution allows to operate also in the territory of any foreign state. The newspaper said that the CIA has used returned to the right, striking one of the leaders of al-Qaeda in Syria Abu al-Khair al-Masri.

The publication asked for an official review in the White house, the Pentagon and the CIA, everywhere but the newspaper refused.

Reuters, citing unnamed sources in the US administration reported that the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is preparing a new large shipment of arms for sale to Taiwan, which may include upgraded missile systems and anti-ship missiles for protection from China. According to the source Agency, the new party will greatly exceed prepared to Taiwan of weapons, which has not been approved by the previous administration of Barack Obama.

NBC, citing two high-ranking officials reported that the Pentagon US President Donald Trump plan for the fight against the terrorist organization "Islamic state" hardly differs from the project of his predecessor Barack Obama. According to sources, the channel, the plan provides for the continuation of the bombing is positions, as well as increased support and assistance to local forces to ensure the return of control to the Iraqi Mosul and Syria's Raqqa.

In addition, according to NBC, the document proposes to deprive ISIS of revenue sources and stabilize the situation in the liberated from the militants. Thus, according to the channel created by the Pentagon's secret plan was only slightly more than "strengthening" the same "slow and steady" approach to the fight against ISIS that Donald trump used to be "derided by Barack Obama."

Meanwhile, officially, the US government acknowledged that Syria are 500 American troops, and in Iraq involved more 5200 US military. However, senior military officials told NBC that the actual numbers exceed these data at least twice.

The Washington Post, citing materials from U.S. Department of justice reported the prosecution for corruption eight officers of the Navy and marine Corps of the United States. They are accused of fraud with the Singapore contractor. This episode is just the tip of the iceberg: military justice United States suspected of corruption more than 200 fleet officers, including 30 admirals.


Radar "Sky" entered service connection Central military district, the Volga region, said TASS assistant commander of the district Colonel Yaroslav Roshchupkin.

"Complex, which includes 20 types of equipment designed to detect, identify, and track air targets at ranges up to 600 km," said Roshchupkin.

Reference: "Sky" able to lead as aerodynamic (aircraft and cruise missiles), including subtle and small, and ballistic targets. "The station is able to operate automatically, independently and as part of a unified control system for air defense.

New "tor-M2U" entered service of the 1st guards tank army of the Western military district (ZVO). Now crews with the involvement of industry representatives, learn a new technique in the Training center of air defense of Ground forces in Yeysk (Krasnodar Krai).

The training will culminate in the conduct of tactical exercises with combat shooting, which will take place on one of the polygons in the Astrakhan region. After the teaching systems will arrive in the suburbs, where they will be put on combat duty for air defense forces and facilities, the press service of the Western military district.

Reference: "tor-M2U" – a modern multi-purpose anti-aircraft missile complex short-range actions, which has a high mobility. He ensures the successful fulfillment of combat tasks in any environment, even in conditions of active electronic countermeasures by the enemy. In addition to various aerodynamic targets, SAM can destroy a missile.


Discussion on the prospects for laser weapons then flare up, then subside. But in 2017 there's been several very loud statements about the development and testing of these weapons. On this special material, Ilya Plekhanov "Lit up like Russia, China and the United States develop laser weapons", RIA "Novosti". Below is the article with some reductions

American acceleration

Lieutenant General brad Webb, the head of special operations Command United States air force (Air Force Special Operations Command), at the beginning of March said that in the United States, probably before the end of this year will be tested a laser weapon aboard the AC-130. Program laser weapons, airborne, the U.S. air force revived and will again be funded.

Most likely, your laser cannon will be installed on the left side an AC-130 and, if the tests this year will be satisfactory, will be used as an offensive weapon capable of disabling targets, not destroying them completely and not becoming a cause "collateral casualties" or "collateral damage" among the civilian population.

In the beginning of the year rear Admiral Ronald Boxall from the naval center for surface combat actions (Naval Surface Warfare Center) under the command of naval operations the U.S. Navy reported that within 2017, the US Navy will test combat laser system output of 150 kilowatts. Prior to that, aboard the ship USS Ponce has been installed (in 2014) and tested the gun with a capacity of 33 kilowatts. The new weapon in theory can operate without recharging for three minutes or take up to a hundred "shots" and fight against a swarm of drones within twenty minutes. And 150 kilowatts will not only destroy the drones, and large air targets such as cruise missiles and aircraft.

The American General Atomics plans in 2018, the installation of the laser guns with the power from 50 to 300 kilowatt onboard your attack drone Predator C Avenger.

In April of this year, the U.S. army must provide a road map for installing lasers on their armored vehicles and the probable use of this weapon for defensive purposes on the front lines against drones, mortar and artillery shells of the enemy. American military experts also point out that while the mobile army lasers with their current power is unable to resist Russian Mi-24 helicopters.

Meanwhile, the lasers are already routinely used in the West in the air at least since 2005, for defensive purposes. Air defense system of the Israeli Elbit Systems Electro-optics and the American Northrop Grumman installed on Board and protect military aircraft and planes of the first persons of a number of countries, suppressing laser in case of attack IR signals from the missiles of the enemy.

Increasingly, the United States renewed discussions about the revitalization of the program on creation of space-based lasers, which was closed as unpromising and expensive in 2002.

Russian revival

In the creation of laser weapons at least in the global trend.

In Russia at the end of 2016, has conducted successful tests of the aircraft A-60, which is planning the installation of military laser. Advisor to first Deputy General Director of concern "radio-Electronic technology" Vladimir Mikheev told me that the avionics And-60 will modify laser weapons: "as the aircraft will have on Board power lasers, we need to protect all life support systems of the aircraft from the effects of their own weapons." Aircraft-laboratory A-60 was created in 1981 on the basis of Il-76MD, in 2009, tested a laser gun, but in 2011 the work on the laser weapons of the aircraft was suspended. And now Russia is once again reviving this program and is working on a laser unit "SKIF-D".

In March the General Director of Russian aircraft Corporation (RSK) "MiG" Ilya Tarasenko confirmed that the latest MiG-35 can also be equipped with lasers.

Previously commander of the aerospace defence forces of Russia Colonel-General Victor Bondarev told about the plans for arming the MiG-35: "the Development of laser weapons on the MiG-35 will occur immediately after completion of its flight tests. In principle, aircraft have to apply any kind of laser weapons by land and by air".

The head of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) Yuri Slyusar in turn, said that serial production of the latest MiG-35 will start after 2019.

Chinese pulse

Interest to the laser weapon heats and China.

In February at the International Defense Exhibition and Conference in the United Arab Emirates, China has demonstrated its laser system Silent Hunter, which is capable of on distance in one mile disabling car engines and has a capacity of 50-70 kilowatt. Americans have demonstration of the Silent Hunter has caused a reasonable question that is in the Arsenal of China in the field of laser weapons, if such complexes they openly show at international exhibitions. For comparison, the current laser at the American ship USS Ponce has a capacity of 33 kilowatts.

In the fall of 2016, China has exhibited in South Africa, other ground-based mobile complex of Low Altitude Guard II on the basis of a conventional military truck with a laser gun capacity of 30 kilowatts to defeat drones and helicopters.

In February, the American expert Richard Fisher told the U.S. Congress on Chinese progress in the creation of laser weapons, then in Russian and foreign media once again began to quoted material 2013 of the Chinese journal Chinese Optics, where leading Chinese scientists in the field of military lasers offered by 2023 to launch the five-ton chemical laser, which would be disabling US satellites. These same scientists said that in 2005, China has conducted a successful test of taking out orbiting satellites with ground-based laser power of 50-100 kW.

Just recently, Chinese President XI Jinping at the meeting with the delegates of the people's liberation army (PLA) during a session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives (vsnp) required to implement scientific discoveries and innovative technologies in the army. XI Jinping said that the new technology is the key to modernization of the Armed forces. It's safe to say that laser weapons is on the agenda in China.


No matter what challenges stood today in front of the laser technology, laser weapons are all technologically developed countries of the world. Besides the US, Russia and China, on military lasers are actively working in Israel and Germany. In the next 10-15 years it will become clear whether the laser is widely adopted by the leading military powers.


Tests of the newest Russian aircraft airborne early warning and control A-100 "Premier" will begin in July, said the Deputy defense Minister of Russia Yuri Borisov, reports TASS.

According to Borisov, the complex has the best performance among the similar not only in Russia but throughout the world. A-100 is created on the basis of the aircraft of the previous generation A-50 (on the basis of the military transport Il-76). In the future, equipment A-100 will be moved to the upgraded Il-76MD-90A, which will be produced in serial samples "Premiere".

Reference: A-100 is the next generation of aircraft of distant radar detection and management, which are used for detection and tracking of air targets and surface ships, alert command posts of the automated control systems of air and surface environment. In addition, they can be used to control the aircraft fighter and strike aircraft when they hover on air, land and sea targets, and provide airborne command post.


Sudden check combat readiness began (March 13) in the Federal service of national guard troops of the Russian Federation, reported in the Department of Regardie on interaction with the media.

The audit will be worked out ready to fight against sabotage and reconnaissance groups, terrorist and extremist groups and will undertake a range of measures to strengthen the protection of critical public facilities in the energy, industry and transport.


Roskosmos has announced a new open set in the Russian cosmonauts for the first flight on the new ship the "Federation" to the ISS and to the moon, reports TASS.

As explained in a press-service of Roscosmos, selected specialists for the first time will fly on the new spaceship "the Federation" and will be the first Russians who will go to the moon. A full list of requirements can be found on the websites of Roscosmos and cosmonaut training Center.

Background: currently, Russian cosmonaut are 30 people, 14 of them have no experience of space flights. Eight astronauts flew in space once, four made by two flights, two were in orbit three times, cosmonauts Fyodor Yurchikhin and Gennady Padalka, respectively, four and five orbital flights.

Orbital module of the Russian-European mission "ExoMars-2016" has started braking in the Martian atmosphere, which will allow him to the beginning of next year to enter a circular orbit at an altitude of about 400 km and begin to research.

"March 15, 2017, one year and one day after the launch of mission "ExoMars-2016", began operations on the braking system with the help of the atmosphere. Now the orbital module of the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) is on a highly elliptical orbit with apoapsis of 33 sq km and a periapsis of 200 km", - stated in the message of Roscosmos.

In the following weeks with the help of the engines of the spacecraft will start maneuvers on the greater reduction of the orbit, then begin the main phase of braking, which will last almost a year.

Background: the Orbital module TGO mission "ExoMars" in October 2016, entered the orbit of Mars. The main objective of TGO is to search in the planet's atmosphere of methane and other gases, which may indicate the supposed biological and geological activity on Mars. In addition, the module, the instrument which allows to "see" a meter deep into the Martian soil to study the water ice distribution in the soil of the planet.

Federal target program (FTP) "Development of spaceports for the period 2017-2025 years in the security space activities of the Russian Federation" and agreed in April will be considered in the government of the Russian Federation, has informed RIA "news" the head of state Corporation "Rosatom" Igor Komarov.

The program involves the creation of new and maintenance of existing infrastructure in Plesetsk, Baikonur and Vostochny.


At the International exhibition of aerospace and naval engineering LIMA-2017, which will be held from 21 to 25 March on the island of Langkawi, in the framework of the United Russian exposition, organized by the JSC "Rosoboronexport", their development will present 42 of the Russian organizations, the press service of the FSMTC.

In addition, the exhibition will be attended by 7 participants in military-technical cooperation: State Corporation "rostec", JSC "NPO "Precision complexes", JSC "EKO Concern "Almaz-Antey", JSC "Schwabe" (JSC "PO "UOMZ"), JSC "UAC", JSC "USC" and JSC "UEC".

The area of the Russian exposition will be 700 sq. m. Will be showcased more than 500 exhibits. So, Russian companies will present information about the most popular in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region samples of military products: super-maneuverable multi-purpose fighter su-35, su-30MKM and su-30MKI training (combat training) Yak-130, combat reconnaissance and combat helicopter Ka-52 military transport helicopters Mi-17, the complexes with unmanned aerial drones "Orlan-10S" and "Tachyon", frigates of projects 22356 and 11356, corvettes of project 20382, patrol ships of project 22160 and 11661 "Gepard 5.1", patrol boats of the project 14310 "Mirage" and 12150 "mongoose", etc.

Daily planned demonstration flights, including with the participation of the aviation group of aerobatics of the Ministry of defense of Russia "Russian Knights".

The official Russian delegation will be headed by Deputy Director of FSMTC of Russia Mikhail Petukhov.

Reference: the Exhibition is held since 1991 with the assistance of the government of Malaysia, the Ministry of defence and command of the armed forces of Malaysia and is one of the largest exhibitions in the field of defense technologies in the Asia-Pacific region, which demonstrates civilian and military aircraft, avionics, repair and modernization of aviation equipment, control systems precision weapons, means of jamming, aviation and naval weapons, naval technology and equipment for underwater operations, unmanned aerial vehicles, tools, technical intelligence, access control, simulators and educational programs. This year the exposition the total area of the exposition will exceed 10 000 sq. m.


Alexey Rogozin 14 March 2017 appointed Vice-President of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) transport aircraft.

According to the website of the Corporation, he will have to form transport division of the KLA, to consolidate key functions of management the enterprises on the level of the parent Corporation, as well as to build a single loop control programs transport aircraft. One of the key tasks will be to meet the demand of the defense Ministry and other Executive authorities on updating of Park of transport aircraft.

Formation of the transport division of the oak involves the creation of a single control loop transportation programs – heavy Il-76, a light Il-112, a promising medium and heavy transport. The parent company's transport division will be OJSC "Il". Based on it will be a consolidation of VACO, Aviastar-SP, oak-TS, EMZ them. Myasishcheva, as well as a number of repair shops.

Reference: Mr Rogozin has previously worked in the Ministry of defence, where he managed a number of large enterprises under the Ministry, including the holding company "Aviaremont", "Oboroncertifica", "224 flying squad", as well as enterprises of the military-construction complex. He also serves on the Board of Directors of JSC "Garrison" and JSC "Voentelekom", is a member of the working group of the Ministry of defense of Russia for the development of aviation and space infrastructure. Previously as the Director of development and then Deputy General Director of Group of companies "survey systems" has created a plant for the production of sniper and hunting rifles under the brand name ORSIS. Then from 2012 to 2016 – General Director FKP "Aleksinsky chemical industrial complex" (production and R & d of special chemicals, composite and rubber products for industry, conventional weapons, aviation and space technology).


19 March – day of the submariner.

On the development of nuclear and non-nuclear component of the submarine forces of Navy of Russia, said Chief of Navy Admiral Vladimir Korolev. The material was placed on the website of the Russian defense Ministry.

In 2016, the update was completed the submarine forces of the black sea fleet, which took part of 6 new diesel-electric submarines of project 636.3, in other words, full-blown submarines, equipped with precision weapons and having high characteristics in terms of maneuverability and stealth.

In 2017 by order of the Chief of the Navy command of the enterprise "Admiralty shipyards" started to build a series of 6 diesel-electric submarines of project 636.3 for the Pacific fleet. In the next six months will lay the first two submarines of this project – "Mozhaisk" and "Petropavlovsk".

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, the high command of the Navy will continue to give priority to maintaining the proper level of potential groups of strategic and multipurpose nuclear submarines in the Pacific and Northern fleets. In 2017, the company "Sevmash" will be removed from the shed multipurpose nuclear submarine "Kazan" (project "Ash") and laid another of the same submarine. Sevmash launched the rocket underwater cruiser of strategic appointment of type "Borey" "Prince Vladimir". In the grouping of strategic missile submarines of the 4th generation it will be the fourth.

Along with the construction of submarines of the 4th generation is already underway on the creation of submarines 5 th generation. The construction of the fleet does not tolerate pauses. The development of all its components are synchronized with the scientific and technical progress.

About the repair and modernization works

Considerable attention is paid to maintaining the technical readiness of submarines existing projects. Our submarines in the Navy, have a good modernisation reserve. Therefore, in the period until 2020, the Center for ship repair "Zvezdochka" in Severodvinsk and Zvezda shipyard in Bolshoi Kamen (Primorye's) will perform for the Russian Navy solid amount of works on repair and modernization of nuclear submarines of the 971 and 949 on projects. In the result of submarine forces of the Navy will get the grouping of multi-purpose submarines, which will carry out the tasks as part of the Northern and Pacific fleets.

They will be equipped with the most modern life-support systems, sonar and navigation systems, control systems and communications.

The service life of nuclear submarines of projects 971 and 949 will increase by almost half, and improved performance characteristics will significantly improve the efficiency of their application in the battle of the submarine forces. Undergo scheduled maintenance and nuclear submarine of the project 667BDRM.

So, in 2017, the composition of submarine forces of the Navy after repair and restoration of technical readiness will return the rocket underwater cruiser of strategic appointment "Tula" project 667 BDRM, multipurpose nuclear submarine "eagle" project 949A and diesel-electric submarine "Dmitrov" project 877.

Missile submarine strategic purpose "Tula" project 667 BDRM will return to the submarine force at the end of 2017. In February of the current year took place the output of this submarine from the boathouse of the Center of ship repair "Zvezdochka", and is currently still under construction, which will be completed in the IV quarter of 2017. Next in line is the repair of the nuclear submarine "Bryansk". These works allow to keep existing projects of submarines, and hence the component of the strategic submarine forces of the Navy at the appropriate level of readiness along with the construction of submarines of the 4th generation. In the first half of 2017 in the composition of submarine forces will return multipurpose nuclear submarine "eagle" project 949A, the repair of which will complete the enterprise "Zvezdochka", and the diesel-electric submarine of project 877 "Dmitrov" undergoing repair on the Kronstadt naval plant.

Training for the submarine forces of Navy of Russia

The training of officers, military contractors for submarine forces is closely linked with the development of the submarine fleet, receiving the Navy submarines of the new generation. With this aim it has introduced a new programme of integrated theoretical and practical training of the command personnel for submarine forces and submarine. Divers of all levels of cooking educational institutions VUNTS Navy "naval Academy", the training centers of the Navy. The popularity of the service in the submarine forces.

On the development of infrastructure-based submarines

Navy gets new submarines, arriving on fleets to ready new piers and facilities. In the construction of infrastructure-based PL for all classes implemented the principle of integrated approach, involving the full cycle – from technical support to fully-resolved social problems. The submarine crew live in comfortable hostels, the families of sailors get modern housing. We understand that this depends on the quality of service and do everything to make the diver feel socially protected and secured.

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