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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week 17 to 23 September 2018
Material posted: Publication date: 23-09-2018

The collapse of the Il-20; Russia is modernizing its "divine" weapons; the US Army is ordered to violate the laws of physics engine; the latest diesel-electric submarine "Kronstadt" project 677 launched in St. Petersburg; radar "Container" will cover Europe; Amur Association TSB received a communication technology of new generation; in the southern military district received 450 pieces of new weapons and technology; the division of the REB field army ZVO got the latest weapons in the complex "Borisoglebsk-2"; thirty tanks T-72B3 will go into service of the CVO in 2019; compounds of the strategic missile forces receive counter-sabotage machine "Typhoon-M" for the protection of missile complex "YARS"; the third battalions of s-400 "Triumph" was replaced on the safety of Russian airspace in the Crimea. About these and other events, monitoring the media for week 17. 09. 23. 09. 2018.

Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20 was shot down (17 Sep) off the coast of Syria missile anti-aircraft missile system s-200, belonging to the Syrian air defense forces, and fell into the sea, in 27 kilometers from the city of Baniyas. Died fifteen Russian soldiers.

At the same time, four Israeli F-16 attacked Syrian facilities in the province of Latakia. According to the defense Ministry, the Israeli pilots were covered by the Russian plane and exposed him to strike Syrian air defenses. The Ministry of defence believe that Israeli aircraft deliberately created a dangerous situation, and regard these actions as hostile. The military reserved the right to an adequate response.

Russia's Reaction

President Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia will take retaliatory action that "everyone will notice". However, he noted that the operations of the Israeli air force are undertaken in violation of the sovereignty of Syria, and in the case of Il-20 were not observed and the Russian-Israeli agreement on preventing dangerous incidents.

The Reaction Of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for his part, expressed his condolences in connection with death of Russian troops and was blamed for the plane crash in Syria.

The Reaction Of Syria

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, in turn, sent to Moscow by a telegram of condolence, which States that the death of the Russian military was the result of "arrogance and rampant" of Israel.


On 23 September, the Ministry of defense has published detailed information about the circumstances of the crash of the Russian Il-20 aircraft near the coast of Syria.

The Agency has provided minute-by-minute chronology of the tragedy with objective data radar display system information on the air situation in Syria on September 17, and the actions of the Israeli aircraft in the area of the crash.


Action in Syria

September 17. The leaders of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi agreed to establish by October 15 demilitarized zone along the contact line of the armed opposition and government forces in the Syrian province of Idlib, and the defense Ministers of the two countries signed a Memorandum on stabilization of the situation in Iglinsky area of de-escalation.

September 20. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said on the ongoing training in Idlib Syrian provocations involving chemical weapons, terrorist group "dzhebhat an-Nusra" supplies chemical weapons, including sarin, armed groups in Syria.

September 21. Terrorist group "Dzhebhat-EN-Nusra" should withdraw from the demilitarized zone in Idlib by mid-October, said at a press conference, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

September 22. The international coalition led by the USA were taken from the Syrian province of Deir ezzor the militants of the terrorist group "Islamic state", reported Reuters, citing local sources.

According to the Agency, the coalition carried out a landing near the village of al-Murshida, where the IG just took the "official" group in an unknown direction.


The browser edition of Business Insider compared the modern fighters of the two countries came to the conclusion that the American fighter fifth generation F-22 Raptor, which was created specifically for air combat, inferior in a number of indicators of the Russian military plane su-35.

In particular, the su-35 in the context of American cars look "more powerful", and the F-22 Raptor arms is not enough for air superiority.

The author also notes that the American fighter has an all-band multimode "stealth" in the air, but in modern air combat, this advantage does not play a decisive role.

According to him, the F-22 Raptor maneuverability is inferior to Russian su-35, which will have an advantage due to evasion of enemy missiles during a duel at long range and in close aerial combat.

The National interest, wrote that Russia is modernizing its "divine" weapons — heavy artillery system. We are talking about 240-mm mortar 2S4 "Tulip" and 203-mm howitzer 2S7 "Pion", which can shoot nuclear shells.

"2S4 "Tyulpan" upgrade in order to integrate in the modern Russian management system and implement improved communications systems and fire control", — writes the edition.

In the Pentagon still do not understand why Russia has decided to modernize its old guns.

American television SNBC reported, citing a source familiar with data the us intelligence about the plans of Russia by bringing operational capability by 2024, a new submarine fleet, equipped with missiles with hypersonic speed.

According to the source, Moscow has reduced funding for various military programs for the eight submarines, able to carry on Board a hypersonic missile. According to the American classification, it is about the submarines of the "Northwind 2" or "Borey A", which should come into service in the Pacific and Northern fleets of Russia.

Submarine of this type will be equipped with 20 missiles "Bulava", which can carry up to ten hypersonic nuclear blocks. Thus, according to SNBC, each submarine of this type can produce up to 200 missiles with hypersonic speed, and this is a threat "which the US currently can't reflect". 14 submarines of the type Ohio, the armament of the U.S. Navy, do not have systems capable of intercepting hypersonic weapons.


U.S. Department of defense has allocated British physicists grant for the creation of similar "impossible engine" EmDrive. It should work without fuel, reports "" with reference to the website of Plymouth University, UK.

Dr. Mike macculloch (Michael McCulloch), who put forward the theory of quantum inertia caused by Unruh radiation, received from the Agency DARPA $ 1.3 million on research and development engine that runs without fuel. His past works were devoted to attempts to explain the principle of the "impossible" EmDrive engine.

"I am sure that quantum inertia will be a real revolution in space exploration — said macculloch. — Ultimately, this may mean that we won't need fuel to launch satellites. All that is needed — energy source, like solar energy."

EmDrive is a device in the form of a cone from the magnetron (microwave generating) and resonator (accumulating the energy of their oscillations). This design allows, according to the creators, to convert the radiation into thrust.

Reference: Install due to conflicting test results meets mixed reaction in the scientific community because of its effect in naive consideration involves the violation of the laws of conservation of momentum. Test EmDrive held in June 2015 by Martin Taimara, was also unable to confirm or deny the performance model of the engine.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced the next phase of testing rockets RS-80 "Oskol". It is noted that these shells can hit, in particular, armored vehicles and enemy fortifications have supersonic speed of flight, and designed to equip helicopters, aircraft and ground platforms.

For reference: During testing, which took place on the bomber su-24M in different weather conditions and flight regimes, the new missiles have fully confirmed its compliance with the declared characteristics, said the Ukrainian leader.

Iran's armed forces held exercises near the Strait of Hormuz, reports the September 21 Al Arabia.

In the maneuvers involved helicopter gunships, and F-4 made in the USA and the su-22, produced in Russia.

Background: the Aim of the teaching was the demonstration of the military might of the Islamic Republic, the ability to give quick and "harsh" response to all possible enemies of the state in the region.

The Polish authorities are considering the deployment of U.S. military bases in the East of the country, said in his interview to "er-er-EF EF-em" is the head of the office of the Prime Minister of Poland Michal dvorchik.


The question of the establishment of a permanent US military base on Polish territory was one of the topics of negotiations of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda and U.S. President Donald trump, held in the beginning of the week in Washington. Trump said that his country is considering creating such a database, noting that Poland is ready to compensate the United States over two billion dollars for a permanent U.S. military presence on its territory.


September 21 ceremony in Russia's oldest shipbuilding enterprise "Admiralty shipyards" in St. Petersburg.

According to General Director of JSC "Admiralteiskie Verfi" Alexander Buzakov, the construction of the first serial submarine of project 677 "Kronstadt" the most taken into account the experience of operating in the Northern fleet lead submarine of this project "Saint-Petersburg".

Reference: the diesel-electric submarines "Kronstadt" is based on corrected according to the results of trial operation of the lead ship of the project. Submarine deeply modernized management system of ship's technical equipment, propulsion system, navigation system. In the future submarines of project "Lada" will be equipped with anaerobic airindependent installation (VNEU), above which work the experts of CDB me "Rubin".

The SUBMARINES of project 677 "Lada" belong to the fourth generation of conventional submarines and today recognized as the most modern and promising domestic non-nuclear submarines, both from the point of view of combat effectiveness, and other performance characteristics.

Alexander Buzakov also said that it is planned in 2021 to complete construction of the diesel-electric submarine "Great Luke".

The head submarine of project 677 "Lada" "Saint Petersburg" passes trial operation in the Northern fleet. Submarine "Kronstadt" and "Great Luke" represent the development of the project.

Reference: the Length of the submarine of project 677 is 66,8 m, width — 7,1 m, autonomy — 45 days, the crew of 35 people, maximum diving depth — 300 m, submerged speed — 21 knots. The designer of the submarine project "Lada" — CDB "ruby."


Adopted combined-arms army of the Eastern military district stationed in the Amur, Jewish Autonomous region and Khabarovsk territory, received a batch of new digital radio-relay stations R-419Л1. These stations will significantly enhance the capabilities of the divisions of formations and military units of the Association.

The station performed on the basis of all-terrain vehicles KAMAZ-4350. They allow the reception and transmission of information at a distance of 400 km in the regime of radio-relay lines, as well as organize video conferencing. In addition, the station can determine the location of the satellite navigation system GLONASS and to work independently up to 15 days in any climatic conditions of the Far East.

Reference: Thanks to the computerized management system and an ingenious arrangement, the speed of deployment of stations has decreased 2.5-3 times, and the signal transmission distance was increased almost two times in comparison with the predecessors.

In military enterprises, coastal troops of the black sea fleet and the Caspian flotilla, the southern military district forces this year with the Russian plants have received more than 450 units of modern armored vehicles and automotive equipment, missile and artillery weapons, communication equipment, electronic warfare, engineering machinery and other special equipment.

In the framework of re-continued the supply in the tank and motorized infantry units of the district and military bases of the Russian modern tanks T-72B3, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3, BTR-82A armored vehicles and self-propelled artillery 2S19M2 "Msta-SM".

Aviation formations and military units of the southern military district in the framework of the state defense order from the beginning of the year received about 10 units of aircraft, including su-25СМ3, and also military-transport aircraft an-148-100.

In addition, the continued supply of complexes of unmanned aircraft (UAV), since the beginning of this year, more than 20 complexes joined units blah BLAH SMD.

In total, since 2010 in the framework of the state defense order, the troops received more than 8.5 thousand units of modern and upgraded models of weapons and military equipment, equipped with an effective means of communication and automated control systems.

Background: Until the end of 2020, the troops of the southern military district plan to increase the share of modern samples of all types of weapons and military equipment by land, sea and air component to 70%, and in some samples up to 100%

Military units of electronic warfare (EW) combined army of the Western military district (ZVO) were armed with complex signals intelligence and the suppression of radio communication "Borisoglebsk-2".

The latest calculations of the complex completed the training on the basis of the inter-departmental centre for combat training and use of troops electronic warfare in the Tambov region. The soldiers carried out an inspection and prepare to March to the places of permanent deployment combined method for the removal of more than 1000 km.

On arrival, the new calculations will be included in the program of combat training to perform a first training task.

Stations newest electronic warfare units of the army, the WMD received at the beginning of the current year. Currently, 100% of the commanders, operators and drivers of the complexes had completed retraining.

Reference: the Complex EW "Borisoglebsk-2" is intended for the production of interference and reduce the effectiveness of reconnaissance, protection of its troops in the guidance of precision-guided missile weapons of the enemy.

The party of thirty tanks T-72B3 will go into service with the motorized infantry connection of the Central military district in the Orenburg region in 2019. This was announced by the head of the armored service of the Central military district, Colonel Andrei Terekhov.

As previously stated, the commander of the Central military district Lieutenant-General Alexander Lapin, in 2018 it is planned to bring the equipment with modern weapons and equipment in parts of the County at a level not less than 54% and by 2020 to reach 70%. In 2017, the district troops received more than 1 thousand of new and modernized samples of weapons and equipment. This allowed to rearm for new patterns of two military units and 19 units.

Reference: modernized tank T-72B3 is a digital control system chassis that provide automated control of the power plant, transmission and automatic gear shift. Vehicle is armed with 125-millimeter cannon and two machine guns to engage enemy manpower and low-flying targets.

In the compounds of the strategic Missile forces (RVSN) for the protection of missile complex "YARS" routinely act counter-sabotage combat vehicles "Typhoon-M", they come in all connections, pereosmyslenie on modern mobile systems.

Further the entry into force BPDM "Typhoon-M" is designed for rearmament of the RVSN modern missile complex "YARS".

Reference: BPDM "Typhoon-M" was developed in the interests of the strategic missile forces on the basis of the BTR-82. It is designed for reconnaissance for position areas in radar, optical and infrared waves, as well as the fight against sabotage-reconnaissance groups of the enemy. BPDM uniqueness lies in its equipping the most modern complexes of intelligence, and unmanned aircraft to detect and monitor the FSD of the enemy at different distances.

Combat calculations of anti-aircraft missile systems (WRU) s-400 "Triumph" from the connection of the national air defense force and air defense of the southern military district has taken up combat duty in air defense in Yalta.

Similar to the system on combat duty for the protection of air borders of the Russian Federation in the Crimea in January 2017 in Feodosiya in January 2018 in Sevastopol.

Spravochno: s-400 "Triumph" designed to defeat all modern and promising means of air attack, including strategic bombers, ballistic and cruise missiles can be used against ground targets. The system is able to intercept targets at ranges of up to 600 kilometers and hit them at ranges of 400 kilometers and at altitudes up to 30 kilometers.


From 24 to 28 September in Novorossiysk will hold special tactical exercises with the intelligence units of the airborne troops (VDV) of Russia and the special operations Forces (MTR) of Belarus.

During the exercises the servicemen of the two countries will improve the skills of reconnaissance in a variety of ways, including issues of covert movement in forested, mountainous terrain in both day and night, will make a 100-kilometer March on difficult unfamiliar terrain in the distance from settlements and public roads.

Reference: the event will be attended by over 300 scouts, a few calculations of complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles "Orion-10", will leverage the latest electronic warfare, and modern military equipment and weapons, standing on the armament intelligence units of the airborne troops of Russia.


Russia is preparing to test a over-the-horizon radar stations (RLS), a new type of "Container". The first such station should intercede on experimental combat duty in early 2019. About this "Russian newspaper" said Director General of the research Institute of distant radio Kirill Makarov.

According to him, if the normal radar escorted the plane to a distance of 400 kilometers, the radar of the "Container" will be seeing it at a distance of 2000 kilometers. "Virtually all of the traffic situation of the European part of NATO we will keep under full control. And up in the air undetected Armada of missile-carrying bomber or a swarm of combat drones has not come out," said the CEO.

Makarov added that the efficient performance of the radar will provide not only the radar systems with high resolution, but also a powerful computing technique with special software. "It's all we have," said the CEO.

The Convenor noted that the new radar systems of meter range in a compact size, will be used in conjunction with stations long-range UHF radar "Voronezh". "Meter range allows you to see the air and space objects thousands of kilometers away from the radar. You have UHF stations farsightedness less, but they "see" much more clearly, more accurately determine all the parameters of the intended target. These stations complement each other," said the CEO.

The head of the research Institute of distant radio communication recalled that after the collapse of the Soviet Union full control of Russia over its airspace were lost. "And only the advent of radar high prefabrication allowed this year to declare: a continuous radar field system of the missile attack warning recreated virtually," — said Makarov.


In Vladivostok in December 2018 builders plan to transfer under the settlement, two high-rise building at 489 apartments (a total area of over 31,000 sq. m), designed for the needs of servicemen of the Pacific fleet. New homes will add to the regional housing stock.

Construction of houses in microdistrict "Snow pad", populated by troops of the Vladivostok garrison, are in the final stage. In this period, both houses are connected to all engineering networks, construction works were carried out, the final stage of finishing, installation of electrical and low voltage networks. Near the new buildings have all necessary infrastructure: kindergartens, schools, clinic, shopping center.

Reference: Program of housing construction in Vladivostok will continue. By the middle of next year it is planned to put into operation another 7 homes for military families.




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