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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 18 to 24 February 2019
Material posted: Publication date: 25-02-2019

Russia and India will jointly create a hypersonic missile; the state Commission recommended the adoption of "avant-garde" at weapons; attack helicopters Mi-28 entered service in the brigade of army aviation call Pskov region; aviation of the Northern fleet was enlarged by fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM; Russia has successfully completed bench tests "Sarmatian". About these and other developments in the monitoring of the media during the week from 18 to 24. 02. 2019.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin delivered the annual address to the Federal Assembly. In terms of defense and security, Putin said: "the Development of relations with the EU is in all our interests. Forced to dwell on relations with the United States and their withdrawal from the INF Treaty. Yes, things have changed. Many countries are developing these weapons. Russia and the United States - no. American partners had to say about it to be honest. Do all break and then looking for excuses and appoint the guilty, mobilize satellites that accurately podprygivaya on this issue. The United States pointedly ignored 2 and 4 of the articles of the Treaty. Launching missiles, placing in Poland and Romania installation, they violated these provisions. Russia does not intend to repeat it on purpose, to place these missiles in Europe. If USA would do it, would dramatically worsen the situation in the sphere of international security. Some such missiles can reach Moscow in 10-12 minutes. We will have to provide a mirror and asymmetric measures to deploy weapons that can be used not only against the territories from which missiles are launched, but also against the territories in which decisions are made.

I do not think that the international situation is such that requires irresponsible aggravation. The American side tried to gain advantage through global PRO. Failed. Weapons of which I spoke last year, made smooth, according to plan. All the "Overexposure" will go on combat duty. Successfully tested "Petrel" and "Poseidon." Spring will be launched on a sub-carrier of the complex. I wish to inform you about another promising new product. This hypersonic missile "Zircon". To protect the national interests of the Russian Navy will be transferred to the 7 submarines in the near future. Concluding the topic of the US withdrawal from the Treaty, I want to say. Legitimate interests of Russia are ignored. Organized anti-Russian actions, are imposed unwarranted sanctions, dismantled legal basis of international security. And Russia are portrayed as the main threat to U.S. security. It's not true. We want a friendly and equal relations. We are not threatening anyone. All our actions are defensive in nature. We are dealing with committed, talented people, but among the ruling elite of the United States there are people keen on the idea of superiority. Their right. But consider something they can do. Let look at our advanced weaponry and calculate the range.

The consolidation of society, belief in power of the country - all the resources, which are not to deprive us. In the case of a breakthrough, we are sure to succeed".


Action in Syria

19 Feb. Russia intends to make committed in Syria non-governmental organization (NGO) "White helmets" crimes, including staging the alleged use of chemical weapons, was brought to justice. This was stated in an interview with TASS Director of the Department of new challenges and threats of the Russian foreign Ministry Ilya Rogachev.

20 Feb. The anti-terrorist operation in the Syrian province of Idlib in one way or another will be conducted. This was announced by the Russian President's special envoy on the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, asked about possible military action against militants in the area.

20 Feb. The process of creating a constitutional Committee of Syria completed, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

22 Feb. It became known that the military leadership of the US and Turkey will discuss this week in Washington, Syria.

22 Feb. 22 Feb. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held telephone talks with U.S. President Donald trump. During negotiations, agreements were reached concerning the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria in accordance with the interests of both parties, specifies Agency.


Georgia could have two months to comply with the requirements of NATO candidates for membership in the Alliance. This was stated by the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili in his interview to the newspaper "Le Monde".

"Georgia is so prepared that if tomorrow, NATO will provide an action plan for membership, she can perform it in two months - said Zurabishvili. We remain very committed to the idea of joining NATO".


China is developing a system of non-lethal weapons based on the technology of microwave radar that, according to the chief engineer of the project improves a country's ability to combat terrorism and protect the borders.

The project received the official name "the Microwave system of active deterrence," said chief project engineer surnamed su, who is also a senior engineer, Beijing Institute of radio measurements when the Chinese Corporation aerospace science and industry (CASIC), in an interview with the Global Times.

The weapon fires millimeter microwaves on targets affecting the subcutaneous nerves. This causes pain, which helps to stop the violent actions of the object.

The system can be applied in various situations, including during counter-terrorism operations, to protect key targets during major events, the mission of the naval convoy and protection of land borders, said su.

The weapon has two modes of operation, said the engineer. One of them is for hitting certain goals at certain parts of the body, the other for larger goals, in particular, for the destruction of terrorist groups.

Note: the System comes not only in stationary, but mobile. In this case, it looks just like a minivan, but with the radar antenna.

USA are developing a new strategy for the war against Russia and China, the essence of which is the "hidden invasion" deep into enemy territory and attack his weak spots, said the air force chief of staff, U.S. General David Goldfine.

In a speech to the Brookings research Institute in Washington, the Admiral said that the cost of creating the strategy will be about $135 billion she allegedly Developed in response to the "threat" of Russia and China, Telepolis writes.

Bet the new strategy will do for stealth and multi-role fighter-bomber of the fifth generation F-35, which will act as the coordinating staff for the offensive.

"The idea is to not attack the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. This is a fundamental change for us, both culturally and technically," the leads edition of the words gold fine.

Background: it is Noted that the us military is planning to use all types of troops, making "invisible" not only planes or submarines and ground units.

The British army will increase its presence in the Arctic to protect the Northern flank of NATO from Russia. This was stated by the British defence Secretary Gavin Williamson during a visit to the military base in Bardufoss.

As writes Daily Telegraph, Williamson announced the launch of a new program, designed for 10 years. It provides for joint training of the British and Norwegian Marines who will soon form a new military unit in the Arctic region.

Background: next year the Arctic will send the new anti-submarine patrol aircraft Boeing P-8 "Poseidon". It is assumed that they will be "to restrain the activity of Russian submarines", which, according to the newspaper, reached the level of the cold war.


In the next three to four years will be a hypersonic missile air-launched Brahmos-2, which is being created jointly by India and Russia. Previously, the missile Brahmos-NG on aerospace exhibition Aero India 2019 has submitted the Russian-Indian company Brahmos Aerospace.

"Hypersonic is working together with Russia. It will take a maximum of five years", — quotes RIA Novosti words of the Director of the Department of information technology of BrahMos Praveen Pathak.

A test launch of a promising Russian-Indian missile Brahmos-NG, which will be established on the aircraft MiG-29 and su-30MKI could take place in late 2023 — early 2024.

Reference: BrahMos is a two — stage missile with a solid propellant booster engine as its first stage which brings it to supersonic speed, while the rocket is able to fly to the target at a minimum height of 10 meters. The range of its flight can reach 400 km. we will Add that new Brahmos-NG in contrast to the former can be run not only from planes but from submarines from torpedo tubes. In addition, it has a high speed of Mach 3.5.


The journal The National Interest, he praised the "deadly" Russian tank T-90MS. In the article the author points out that this war machine is a modified export version of the T-90.

It is noted that T-90MS has been improved compared to the previous model T-90S, in particular, it is equipped with a more powerful diesel engine, navigation system GLONASS, dynamic protection.

Reference: piece of military equipment will cost $4.5 million.

American network newspaper the Daily Beаst, referring to some estimates of the CIA, wrote that US intelligence believes that the demonstration of the Russian Ministry of defence missiles 9М729 at a briefing in Moscow was a forgery.

"It was a hoax, a forgery. Neither the rocket nor the accompanying diagrams were not as what they called Russia", — stated in the material the author Ankit Panda. Experts of the Central intelligence Agency and National geospatial intelligence Agency came to the conclusion that the Russian military has not shown anything that would prove their statements about the rocket best interest of the United States. The actual missile was not shown publicly, he said.

We are talking about the rocket 9М729, the demonstration which was organized for foreign military attaches and members of the press on January 23. The defense Ministry has agreed to disclose its tactical and technical characteristics of the missile, which is called in the United States allegedly in violation of the provisions of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty).

As previously reported, the defense Ministry explained that the range of the missile does not exceed 480 km, its characteristics do not violate the INF Treaty. The U.S. and NATO at the briefing of the Russian defense Ministry did not come.

The reaction of the defense Ministry

The defense Ministry has denied reports in the American media about that at the briefing on 23 January for the military attaché was shown not rocket 9М729, and some "other".

"Appearance a month later, the "leak" in the American media with reference to the two American intelligence services that at the briefing of the Russian defense Ministry on January 23 for the military attaché was allegedly some "other" rocket, not 9М729 showed to whom "cap off". Because it became quite obvious that all accusations of Russia in the missile 9М729, allegedly violating the INF Treaty, is solely based on fabricated "intelligence" the CIA and the Agency of geospatial intelligence of the U.S.," said Tuesday to journalists the official representative of the defense Ministry major-General Igor Konashenkov.


The state Commission on the results of the last test start recommended to adopt a missile with a hypersonic unit "vanguard". This was reported by TASS on Monday, a source in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

Reference: Ministry of defence 26 Dec 2018 spent the crediting of flight tests of Intercontinental ballistic missiles UR-100N utth with hypersonic cruise planning unit "vanguard".

In the artillery the connection of the Eastern military district stationed in the Amur region came for the first time multifunctional unmanned complex "Orlan-10".

With the help of domestic multifunctional complex may simultaneously control up to four UAVS and organize the local network of 30 operators to manage the payloads that can be run simultaneously BLAH.

Reference: UAV "Orlan-10" is designed for the surveillance of objects in difficult terrain and in all weather conditions. The spacecraft mass of about 10 kg. Orlan equipped with ejection start, able to transmit high quality video signal on an operator console in real time at distances up to 120 kilometers. The complex is able to be in flight for over 15 hours. One of the main benefits is its year-round use and the ability to install different types of payloads.

In the framework of the state defense order for the armed brigade of army aviation of the Leningrad army of air force and air defense of the Western military district received two attack helicopters Mi-28.

The new aircraft will be based at the airfield in the Pskov region. Currently, crews began oblamyvanii equipment in the daytime and at night.

Reference: Mi-28 Helicopter is designed to search and destroy armored vehicles, fortifications, engineering, aerial targets, and manpower in the conditions of active fire resistance with the use of aircraft cannons, guided and unguided rockets and other weapons.

At the airfield of naval aviation of the Pacific fleet Yelizovo after repair and modernization has returned two high-altitude fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM, are part of a mixed aviation regiment.

In the course of the factory repair with upgrade updated avionics and electronic systems aircraft, advanced tactical characteristics of the interceptors, which improved their combat capabilities.

Background: it is Planned that by the end of the year naval aviation of the Pacific fleet will be strengthened by a more modernized fighters MiG-31BM.

Another pair of fighter-interceptors MiG-31BM joined the squadron of the separate mixed air regiment Association air force and air defense of the Northern fleet.

The aircraft arrived at the airfield near Monchegorsk on the Kola Peninsula with aircraft repair plant in the Tver region, where they were upgrades.

Changes made with upgrades in avionics and electronic systems of fighter jets, significantly improve their tactical performance and allow you to apply for defense in the Arctic zone.

Since December last year adopted a separate mixed air regiment of the Northern fleet has already received 10 such machines. The resulting replenishment can significantly expand the combat capabilities of the regiment and the aviation fleet.

For crews of all upgraded fighters already drawn up the plan of combat training for the current academic period.

Reference: MiG-31 — double supersonic all-weather fighter-interceptor distant radius of action. It is designed to intercept and destroy airborne targets at any range of altitudes at any time of day in simple and adverse weather conditions. The fighter can be effectively used with the active opposition of the enemy, in a setting of active and passive radar jammers and thermal launch false targets.


Russia has successfully completed bench tests of rocket engines of the complex "Sarmat". This was stated by senior researcher of the Military Academy RVSN named after Peter the Great, major-General in reserve, PhD in technical Sciences Oleg Usatenko.

According to him, the creation of a complex is one of the objectives of development of land-based strategic nuclear forces in the framework of the state armament programme for the years 2018-2027.

"Last year, successfully completed the cycle of throwing test, which completed more than 50 tasks", — quotes RIA Novosti Usatenko.

He also spoke about the successful completion of bench tests of rocket engines "sarmata".

"To date, successfully completed bench tests of rocket engines. Pilot testing of the combat stage of breeding," said he.

Background: Flight tests of the complex will take place at the Plesetsk cosmodrome.


23 - defender of the Fatherland Day

On February 23 Russia celebrates the Day of military glory of Russia — Day of the defender of Fatherland. This date is established by the Federal law "About days of military glory and anniversaries of Russia", adopted by the State Duma and signed by Russian President Boris Yeltsin on 13 March 1995.

Was considered that on February 23, 1918 the red guards have won their first victory near Pskov and Narva over the regular troops of Imperial Germany. These first victories and became the "birthday of the red Army."

In 1922, this date was officially declared day of the red Army. Later than February 23 is celebrated annually in the USSR as a national holiday — the Day of Soviet Army and Navy.

10 February 1995 the Russian State Duma adopted the Federal law "About days of military glory (victory days) of Russia", which on 23 February has the following title: "the Day of victory of red army over Kaiser troops of Germany (1918) — Day of defenders of the Fatherland."

Federal law No. 48-FZ "About modification of article 1 of the Federal law "About days of military glory and anniversaries of Russia", adopted on 15 April 2006, it was found that "According to the amendments the day of military glory of Russia of February 23 was renamed the Day of defender of the Fatherland...". It is an official holiday. And, regardless of the name, this day is always celebrated real men — defenders of their country.

Together with Russia, the holiday is traditionally celebrated in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan.



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