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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 21 to 27 may 2018
Material posted: Publication date: 01-06-2018
Holding "Russian Helicopters" rostec state Corporation introduced multi-purpose light helicopter VRT500; shvabe has developed a drone with the "all seeing camera"; created the first prototype of the newest rotary-wing military transport machines of the Mi-171SH; the Central military district will receive about 20 SDO all-weather drones "Orlan-10", "Aileron-3" and "Takhion"; VKS Russia in the framework of the implementation of the SDO did two bomber su-34; the troops ZVO will receive the latest digital radar "bussol-S"; robots "Uranium-6", "Scarab" and "Sphere" will be adopted in 2018, army corps of engineers; for Navy launched a large landing ship "Peter Morgunov"; anti-sabotage the boat of the black sea fleet joined the permanent connection of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea; the plane Il-112V successfully tested for air-tightness and moisture protection. About these and other events, monitoring the media for week 21. 05. 27. 05. 2018.

Holding "Helicopters of Russia" (part of rostec Hospitalario) in the framework of the international exhibition of helicopter industry HeliRussia-2018 for the first time presented to the public light multipurpose helicopter VRT500 developed by the design Bureau of VR-Technology in collaboration with an international team of engineers.

VRT500 will be the first helicopter holding in the segment of light vehicles take-off weight up to 2 tons. Aircraft of this type currently represent 18% of the world helicopter fleet.

Today the specialists of the holding carried out strength tests of load-carrying system of the helicopter, in the near future it is planned to start aerodynamic testing.

The helicopter is expected in passenger, multipurpose, cargo, training, VIP and medevac configuration. Thus, in the segment with a takeoff weight of up to two tons VRT500 will become the world's first medical evacuation helicopter with the possibility of loading and unloading of standardized carts-wheelchairs through the rear doors of the cab, which simplifies the process and saves considerable time.

Reference: VRT500 – lightweight single-engine helicopter coaxial arrangement of screws with a takeoff weight of 1600 kg. Machine will have the most voluminous in its class passenger cabin with a total capacity of up to 5 people and is fitted with a modern range of interactive avionics. Put in the helicopter flight characteristics will allow it to reach speeds up to 250 km/h, fly at a distance of 860 km, to take on Board up to 730 kg payload.


Operation in Syria

May 24. Air defense system the Syrian army repelled a missile attack on one of its military airfields in the province of HOMS. This was announced by the Syrian national Agency SANA, citing a military source.

Earlier in the airbase of al-Dabaa in HOMS explosions were heard.

On Thursday (may 24), the Agency announced that the air force of the US-led coalition attacked positions of the Syrian army in the province of Deir ez-Zor.

The coalition has denied this information.

A military source in Moscow reported that information about the alleged application of air strikes by the US coalition on Syrian positions is not true.

May 25. Aircraft of the Iraqi air force struck another blow against ISIS targets in neighboring Syria, said the command of the armed forces of Iraq. As noted by the command, the attacks were made in the area of Hajin in Syria based on intelligence reports and orders of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. According to military, the operation "achieved the objectives" and "position destroyed completely." On the number of dead terrorists reported.

May 26. US concerned over reports of possible actions by government forces in the South-West of Syria in the area of de-escalation, said state Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

According to her, we are talking about "the approaching operation of the Assad regime in the South-West of Syria in the zone of de-escalation, which was agreed, the US, Jordan and the Russian Federation in the past year." She didn't elaborate on what the messages are referring to and what kind of operation is prepared by the Syrian military. However, she warned that the United States "to take the decisive action necessary in response to the violation."

May 26. Videoconferencing Russia has made in Syria, the promising launches of cruise missiles of operational-tactical aircraft of the fifth generation su-57. This was stated by the defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the Board meeting. He said that the launches were held in February, "to assess in a combat situation stated opportunity to develop military equipment."

According to him, only the results of combat use in Syria moderniziriruyutsya eleven types of aircraft and helicopters videoconferencing.

The crisis in Ukraine

May 23. Provided to Ukraine by the United States anti-tank missile systems Javelin to be used in the combat zone in the Donbass in the case of a full-scale offensive by the militias. This was stated by President Petro Poroshenko.

May 24. Militia proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) eliminated the group of five Ukrainian saboteurs while trying to enter the territory of the Republic to the West of Donetsk. On Thursday announced under the operational command of the DNI.


The President of the United States Donald trump advised DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN that made the decision to refuse to participate in scheduled for June 12 bilateral meeting in Singapore. This is stated in the message of the trump, Kim Jong Ynu.

"Unfortunately, due to the strong anger and open hostility demonstrated during Your recent statements, I find it inappropriate to pursue this long-planned meeting. Therefore, let this letter serves as notification that the summit in Singapore for the benefit of both parties, but to the detriment of the [rest of the] world, will not take place", - the document says. "You're talking about your nuclear capabilities, but our [nuclear Arsenal] is so massive and powerful that I ask the Lord to have never been used," the statement reads. From the point of view of the tramp, between him and the leader of the DPRK "began to develop a great dialogue, which ultimately has a decisive importance".


The administration of President Donald trump considers Russia as the country that challenges the strategic interests of the United States. This was stated by Secretary of state Michael Pompeo, speaking at the Committee on foreign Affairs, house of representatives, U.S. Congress.

"We know that Russia challenges to our strategic interests and the security of our allies. The evidence of a chemical attack in the UK, for which she [Russia] was punished by us and some of our partners and allies," he said.

According to Pompeo, United States "made clear to Russia that it needs to fulfil its commitments under the Minsk agreements, if we want Ukraine peace was achieved".

"Russia should be a constructive player, seeking stability and peace in Syria, including the termination of the Assad regime's use of chemical weapons," said the Secretary, noting that the US is counting on the fact that Moscow is "committed to its obligations to support the Geneva process [to resolve the conflict in Syria]".


Russia is ready to engage in a substantive dialogue with the United States, which is long overdue. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the plenary session of the SPIEF-2018.

The head of state noted that Russia has differences with the US, but on some issues the positions of the two countries are similar, for example, both parties have expressed concern about a possible new arms race.


Russia has developed a drone with a camera that can "see" through the tinted glass and work as a thermal imager, reported in the press service of the holding "Schwabe" (state Corporation "rostec"), reports INTERFAX-AVN.

"One of the key exhibits is the "all-seeing" SWIR-camera mounted on the drone. The complex can be used in search and rescue, anti-terrorist and special operations, in the liquidation of emergency situations. An upgraded camera renders the infrared image in the range 0.9-1.7 µm, retains high efficiency under conditions of zero visibility and bad weather," - said the press service of "Schwabe".

"We have developed and mass-produced the main component of the SWIR-camera - photosensitive matrix on the basis of solid solutions of indium arsenide-gallium. This is the most difficult element, and it significantly expands the range of applications of the device. Thanks to him, the camera sees perfectly through the tinted glass and finds the smallest things on the water. Also works perfectly in the fog and works like a thermal imager is easy to notice the high temperature of the flash, for example, shots or lighted match", - said the first Deputy General Director, shvabe holding Sergey Popov.


Ulan-Ude aviation plant (U-UAZ) of the holding "Russian Helicopters" (part of rostec) have produced the first prototype of the modernized military transport helicopters Mi-171SH. The new helicopter will be shown at the exhibition HeliRussia-2018, after which at the Moscow helicopter plant im. Mile (cost center) will undergo ground and flight-testing.

During the tests specialists cost centers, as well as a number of specialized state institutions and flight centers will assess its performance characteristics. It is expected that next year the company will be able to offer the upgraded machine to the customers.

Technical configuration of the helicopter Mi-171SH-VN formed based on the experience of combat use of helicopters, including in the Syrian Arab Republic. In the helicopter embodies the whole complex of structural features that increase the combat effectiveness and combat survivability of the machine.

Reference: Mi-171SH-VN is positioned as a multi-functional and can perform a wide range of tasks like troop and fire support from the air. Compared to the previous version of the helicopter increased cruising and maximum flight speed of the helicopter to 260 and 280 km\h, respectively, and a maximum take-off weight to 13,500 kg. in addition, the Mi-171SH-VN have upgraded the armament.

The first platoon of robotics formed in the Ministry of defence. Unique unit fully staffed with scientific personnel and after the completion of construction of the first phase of the Military innovative Technopolis "ERA" in Anapa of Krasnodar territory will be sent to military service.

Currently, the scientific platoon of robotics (RTK) is located in one of the military camps of the Moscow region. The scientific operators of a platoon assigned to academic advisers and are already engaged in research activities in important areas of development of robotic systems for military use.

In order to quality of recruitment of platoon specialists, the Main Directorate of the research activities of the Ministry of defence (GUNIT RF Ministry of defense) organized the collaboration with 23 leading Universities of the country and regional departments of the military commissariats. Personnel rotation troops platoon RTK will be implemented in the framework of the conscription campaigns.

The operators of the platoon RTK will perform individual tasks and to work closely with leading scientific schools of Russia and the leading industrial enterprises operating in the interests of development of domestic robotics.


As reported in the journal "Jane's Defence Weekly" article Jiri Kominek "Slovakia procures domestically produced Zuzana 2 155 mm SPHs" , the government of Slovakia may 23, 2018 approved the request of the Ministry of defence of the Republic on the allocation of 175 million euros for the acquisition of the Slovak armed forces 25 new self-propelled 155 mm/52 calibre howitzer Zuzana 2 on a wheeled chassis. Supplier of self-propelled systems are developed by Zuzana 2 Slovak company KONSTRUKTA - Defence (in fact, artillery KB, part of the Slovak DMD holding Group, partially controlled by Czech-Slovak private Association of the Czechoslovak Group Jaroslav Strnad). Production systems will be carried out on part of the DMD Group the company ZTS - ŠPECIÁL in Dubnica (former leading artillery production Skoda). This writes

Reference: Zuzana 2 is structurally similar to the systems Zuzana, Dana, but uses a 155 mm/52 calibre howitzer. Armored chassis automotive parts Tatra T815 with the wheel formula 8x8 equipped with a diesel engine-Tatra T3B-928-70 V-8 power 330 KW and an automatic transmission. The combat weight of the system of 32.4 tons, ammunition 40 rounds with charges, the crew of four people. Zuzana 2 is equipped with modern automated fire control system, navigation system, round-the-clock opto-electronic system of the radar measuring the initial velocity of the projectile, air-conditioning system and overpressure system. Maximum rate of fire 6 RDS/min or a series of 16 shots in three minutes lengthy - 4 RDS/min.

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" writes that in South Korea going to do mixed military units, which will consist of humans and robots. To the formation of such units in the country will begin in 2024.

This was reported in the Ministry of defense of South Korea, the newspaper reports Defense Aerospace. Robots are going to complement different types of troops. And the reason is that South Korea's shrinking population - a demographic crisis. The experts suggest that by 2050 the population will decline from the current 50 million people to 40. The decrease in population affects the manning of the armed forces.

According to South Korean defense Ministry, the formation of mixed units will help to maintain the strength and fighting capacity of the army. In the military even did a study and came to the conclusion that a reconnaissance robots help to replace the troops from 500 to 600 people. Another two thousand can be freed using Autonomous combat turrets on a self-propelled howitzer K9 Thunder.

In the end, the army can use unmanned reconnaissance tools, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned robots for mine detection and other robots. They will interact with soldiers of his unit.


Central military district will receive the state defense order before the end of the year about 20 complexes with all-weather unmanned aircraft "Orlan-10", "Aileron-3" and "Tachyon".

The new equipment will go into service with reconnaissance units of the compounds of special purpose, mountain infantry and artillery brigades in Siberia and the Volga region. The complex will allow to increase efficiency of exploration, as well as joint actions of the infantry, artillery and aircraft into a single information system.

Reference: the Central military district, stationed on the territory of three Federal districts and 29 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In the district structurally is composed of a number of foreign objects: the 201st military base in Tajikistan, a joint military base in Kyrgyzstan, as well as units on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Two front-line su-34 bombers delivered to the Air-space forces (VKS) Russian defense Ministry in accordance with the plan of the state defense order for the year 2018.

Novosibirsk aviation plant delivered to the customer in Russian Federation, with two more su-34 bombers. Aircraft taken 195 military representative of complaints about the quality of the manufactured products from the military representatives there. Just this year adopted videoconferencing delivered four such aircraft.

In 2017, the Novosibirsk aviation plant named. Chkalov (part of Sukhoi company) supplied the state defense order 14 frontline bombers su-34.

Serial production of su-34 began in April 2005. In 2008 he signed a five-year contract for the supply of Russian air force 32 Sukhoi su-34. Later in 2012, the defense Ministry signed another contract for the purchase of 92 machines of this type.

The su-34 is designed to engage both ground and sea targets of the enemy, he is able to hit a moving target of small size. In addition, the aircraft has the ability to destroy air targets at any time of the day or night in any weather conditions.

Background: the su-34 is a high-efficiency guided weapons class "air-surface" and "air-air" long-range with the provision of multi-channel applications. It is equipped with a highly intelligent system of radar countermeasure and defense. Also design features of the su-34 are: a range of up to 4000 km, the flight speed of up to 1900 km/h. Combat load of the aircraft can be eight tons.

Advanced digital radar "bussol-S" this year will go into service in a military unit of the Baltic fleet stationed at Kronstadt.

The latest equipment has the technical characteristics that exceed equivalent, as detection range and target tracking capabilities in automation mode. In addition, the technique allows to form a single network to gather and collate information and transfer it to command.

One radar may automatically tracked simultaneously up to 50 targets with the determination of their coordinates and movement parameters, in any weather and even in conditions of exposure to passive and active interference by the enemy. Moreover, the possibility of monitoring station of surface situation provide detection and tracking of almost all of the floating objects, from fishing boats or jet skis to ocean liner.

Another difference, from the standing today, armed with radio units of the fleet means is that the new station operated by one operator.

Reference: In the first place under the protection of the new stations will stand berths for ships and submarines of the Leningrad naval base, closing facilities of the Navy from possible attacks of subversive groups of the enemy. In the future the received radar will be included in a single control system surface conditions along the coast.

The training centre of combat use (artillery), defense Ministry, stationed in Saratov, receive upgraded models of jet systems of volley fire (MLRS) "Uragan" and self-propelled howitzers "acacia".

Party of two 220-mm MLRS "Hurricane" and two self-propelled artillery 2S3M "acacia" will go to the end of the year on the arms of the training centre of combat use (artillery).

Background: MLRS "Hurricane" intended to defeat a covered manpower, light armored vehicles and armored combat vehicles, artillery, tactical missile systems, command centers, communication nodes and other infrastructure of the enemy. Long-range 220-mm MLRS can fire as single rockets or full salvo of 16 tracks on targets in area of about 40 hectares, situated at the distance of 35 km. Akatsiya - 152-mm self-propelled howitzer is intended for destruction and suppression of artillery and mortar batteries, manpower, firepower, tanks, missile installations, control points. On the modernized howitzer ammunition ammo increased from 40 to 46 rounds, introduced mechanized feed of the shots from the ground, an improved communication system.

Robotic systems "Uran-6", "scarab" and "Sphere" is planned to adopt in the Royal engineers in 2018, said the head of the engineering troops of the armed forces Lieutenant-General Yuri Stavitskiy.

"In Syria, have been tested a multifunctional complex robotic demining "u-6" controlled inspection robotic complex "scarab" and inspection controlled robotic complex "Sphere", adopted on supply of which is planned in 2018," he said.

The results of the engineering troops in Syria developed a promising means of engineer armament, said Stavitsky. "In particular multifunctional complex robotic demining anti-tank mines, condenser explosive device TPVC-43, induction mine detector IMP-3", - said the head of the engineering troops.

Reference: Only in 2017 on the arms were adopted on 18 modern military engineers.

Military railroad in Siberia use the latest self-propelled pontoons tractors PST-1 and a universal pile-driving units of the US-2, received state contracts in the Central military district.

Test the products during the competitions among the professionals of the railway troops (zhdv).

Reference: Competition of specialists of the railway troops are on the territory of Khakassia and Omsk region. More than 200 specialists of bridge, pontoon divisions and the mechanization of Ekaterinburg, Abakan, Omsk and Syzran test their ability to carry out diving operations at water obstacles, manufacture and driving of single piles, the laying of paths, Assembly of supports, pontoons, superstructure pontoons.

A new unit of radiation, chemical and biological (NBC) protection of the Central military district, which is formed on the territory of the Altai territory, were armed with a heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A "Sun".

Crews, manned by contract, in advance retrained on new designs in the suburbs.

Reference: TOS-1A created on the chassis of tank T-72. Can fire missiles in demosaicing and thermobaric warheads. Designed for the burning and destruction of structures and buildings, the scrapping of the lightly armored and automotive equipment of the enemy.

Two modern passenger aircraft An-148 received in one of the parts of military transport aircraft 4-th army air force and air defense of the southern military district (YUVO).

Previously, the crews of the new aircraft have been training at the aviation training center for flight personnel videoconferencing.

Currently, the pilots commenced scheduled flights on the new all-weather "transport".

Already in the summer training period, the aircraft will be used to transport operational and working groups of the district command in the area of responsibility of the southern military district during the various exercises and training, and to transport small groups of personnel.

Reference: An-148 is a narrow-body passenger aircraft capable of flying a distance of up to 4,400 kilometers, with a capacity of 75 passenger seats. The aircraft is equipped with two turbojet engines, modern navigation and radio communication equipment, five multi-function LCD indicators. Complex electronic equipment involves the possibility of landing in bad weather and night conditions.


At the Kaliningrad shipyard "Yantar" was held the solemn ceremony of launching the latest large landing ship project 11711 "Peter Morgunov".

DK "Peter Morgunov" – the first serial ship of the project 11711 developed by JSC "Nevskoye design Bureau". The contract for its construction was signed with the Ministry of defence in September 2014, laying took place in June 2015.

BDK "Peter Morgunov" is the largest in its class and has a displacement of 5000 tons.

The ship is scheduled to take part in Navy after completion of all stages of testing.

According to the technical requirements, which presented the Main command of the Navy plant on BDK "Peter Morgunov" placed modern crane equipment for loading equipment on the ship. In addition, the loading equipment can be done independently, through the ramp.

BDK "Peter Morgunov" can carry 13 tanks or more than 30 armoured personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. There is a possibility of loading of the reinforced battalion of Marines. On the ship significantly improved living conditions for the accommodation of the crew, paratroopers and Marines.

Reference: BDK "Peter Morgunov" has a cruising range of 4,000 miles, which will allow him to perform tasks in the far sea zone. The ship has the possibility of temporary deployment on Board various types of ship helicopters.

The main base of black sea fleet Sevastopol has arrived the newest small-size missile ship (IRAs) "Vishny Volochek".

After making the voyage, the crew will conduct the complex procedural work and begin preparing the ship for the ceremony of lifting the naval flag, scheduled to take place at the beginning of the summer training period.

After raising the Andreevsky flag, the crew will start to perform routine tasks of combat training.

Reference: Small missile ship "Vishny Volochek" is a multi-purpose ship, equipped with modern samples of artillery, missile, anti-sabotage, anti-aircraft and electronic weapons. He is the sixth ship of the upgraded series "Buyan-M Ships of this project have increased the displacement and equipped with the latest high-precision missile weapons long range – universal missile complex "Caliber-NK" intended to engage sea and shore targets.

Anti-sabotage boat (prdc) of the black sea fleet joined the permanent connection of the Navy of Russia in the Mediterranean sea.

Previously, the boat made the transition from the Black sea than the black sea Straits, and on the basis of the rotation of naval forces was replaced in the far sea area, the same type of prdc BSF.

In a distant operational area prdc will carry out tasks for the protection of vehicles when parked on the roads are not protected and also to ensure the safety of locations of forces of connection of the Russian Navy.

Reference: Anti-sabotage boat (code "Rook") is designed to combat subversive forces and means in offshore locations and near approaches to them.

The armed Forces of the Russian Federation for a week



Flight model promising a light military transport aircraft Il-112V successfully passed the first examination for air-tightness and moisture-proof fuselage at the factory VASO (JSC "Voronezh aircraft manufacturing company", which is a Division of the air transport, JSC "United aircraft Corporation").

Currently completed the installation work in the cockpit. Made the supplies to the factory all the basic blocks of navigation and other pilot equipment. Next week will start full-scale work on its commissioning.

Successful execution of the next stage of advanced light transport Il-112V allows to expect that by the end of this year, the plane will rise into the sky.

Reference: Light military transport aircraft Il-112V is intended for transportation and air landing up to 5 tons of light weapons and military equipment, cargo and personnel for transportation of a wide range of a variety of goods for commercial operation of the aircraft. The machine is capable of automatically landing on airfields, corresponding to a minimum of ICAO category II. In addition, a manual approach is poorly equipped and not equipped in the electronic respect of airfields, including airfields with unpaved. In the future, the Il-112 will not only replace the An-26, which is superior in most respects to 30-40%, but will compete with global transport aircraft of such class.

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