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Military Review. Events in the field of defense and security in the mirror of the media. Media monitoring for the week from February 25 to March 3, 2019
Material posted: Publication date: 03-03-2019
In the Russian General staff told about the American military strategy of "Trojan horse"; "Kalashnikov" called technical characteristics of the machine AM-17; in Russia intend to create a civil version of the Ratnik equipment; part of the Pacific fleet included just two RAID diving boat, the Pacific fleet received ten missile complexes "Ball"; Russia plans to build two destroyers of the "Leader" by the end of 2020-ies; for the army of Russia in the near future will be the s-500; the Russian space forces will receive the first serial su-57 in 2019. About these and other developments in the media monitoring during the week 25. 02. 03. 03. 2019.

U.S. Department of defense began to develop a fundamentally new strategy of warfare, which has received the name "Trojan horse", said the head of the Russian General staff Valery Gerasimov. Its essence lies in destabilizing the situation inside the country of the enemy and simultaneously strikes with precision weapons on key targets in its territory. Gerasimov said that Moscow is able to prevent such actions. According to him, the development of the military strategy of the Russian Federation should go a step ahead of its potential opponents. Experts believe that the equipment of the Russian army allows to repel any military threats and subversive activities successfully neutralized by law enforcement.

"The Pentagon has begun to develop a fundamentally new strategy of warfare, which has been dubbed the "Trojan horse". Its essence lies in the active use of protest potential of the fifth column in the interests of the destabilization with the simultaneous strikes of the WTO on the most important objects", — TASS quotes Gerasimov.

The chief of the General staff noted that the Russian Federation is ready to stop use of this strategy. He said that in recent years, military scientists together with the General staff developed conceptual approaches for the neutralization of the aggressive actions of potential enemies.

Deputy defense Minister added that the Russian response to such actions is a strategy of active defense, which includes carrying out a range of measures to proactively neutralize threats to national security, given the defensive character of the military doctrine of the Russian Federation.

"It is the justification of the developed measures should be scientific work of military scientists. This is one of the priority areas of ensuring security of the state. We need to get ahead of the enemy in the development of military strategy, going a step ahead," — said Gerasimov.

According to the head of the General staff, now the United States and its allies are working out how the scenario of offensive military action and the use of technologies of "soft power" for the destruction of statehood disagreeable countries.

"The US and its allies have defined the aggressive vector of its foreign policy. They worked out the military action of an offensive nature, such as "global strike", "mnogomernoi battle" uses the technology of "color revolutions" and "soft power", — said Gerasimov.

"Their goal is the elimination of the statehood of the unwanted, the undermining of sovereignty, change of legitimately elected institutions of state power. So it was in Iraq, Libya and Ukraine. At present, similar effects are observed in Venezuela", he added.


Indo-Pakistani incident

27 Feb. The Pakistan air force shot down two fighter jets of the Indian air force violated the airspace of the country. This was stated press Secretary of the Pakistan Armed forces, major General Asif ghafoor. The pilot of one of two shot down in Pakistani airspace of aircraft of the Indian air force was taken prisoner.

28 Feb. The Indian air force was shot down on Wednesday, Pakistani multi-role fighter F-16, which intruded into Indian air space.

Action in Syria

28 Feb. The United States established full control over the territory, which was previously controlled by terrorist group "Islamic state" (IG banned in Russia) in Syria. This was stated on Thursday, the President of the United States Donald trump, speaking to U.S. military personnel in anchorage (Alaska).

"We have just established control over the territory of the "Caliphate" in Syria. Previously, it was 90%, 92%, now it is 100 per cent," he said.


Poland will spend on the modernization of the army $ 50 billion. The amount was calculated until 2026, said the country's defense Ministry told reporters.

In this regard, the defense Ministry of Poland has signed the plan of technical modernization of the armed forces. The document includes several programs, the purpose of which indicated improvement of operational capabilities and the acquisition of modern weapons.

Turkey intends to introduce the first jet fighter own manufacture in 2023, and 2026 to make its first test flight. This was stated by Vice-President of Turkey Fuat oktay.

"The presentation of the first Turkish fighter will happen in 2023. We can see it in the sky in 2026. In 2031 they will go into service with Turkey", - quotes the words of the policy Anatolian Agency.


Russian concern "Kalashnikov" published characteristics of the new Russian small machine AM 17. Its length is 74 cm, weight — 2.5 kg, magazine capacity — 30 rounds. The machine is almost entirely made of polymeric materials. According to the manufacturer, the weapons, different ergonomics and ease of use in urban environments. Experts believe that the AM-17 will replace the AKS-74U, which are armed with many soldiers of the interior Ministry and security companies. From the point of view of analysts, the new product will be in demand in the FSB, various law enforcement agencies and special units.

The General Director of the Central research Institute of precision engineering albert Tanks in an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia" reported on the creation of combat equipment of the third generation of the "Warrior".

As noted Tanks, the new items will be light weight and improved protection. It will also be compatible with robotic systems and drones.

In addition, a system of air conditioning and thermoregulation of individual elements.

Work is also under civilian version of "Warrior". It is going to put on the external and internal markets. According to Bakova, it will be used for carrying heavy loads. Design can also be useful when performing underground construction works, as well as in the mining sector.

In Russia, a new type of incendiary ammunition 12.7 mm calibre and two new boss of caliber of 5,45 mm high broneprobitiya and improved accuracy of fire.

It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the chief designer of combat equipment TSNIITOCHMASH Igor Nekrasov. According to him, the Institute has completed development work "AVERS".

He also noted that in the framework of development work "Warrior" was created two ammunition caliber 5.45 mm: improved accuracy of fire and high broneprobitiya.


The head of the Northern command of the Armed forces of the U.S. General Terrence O'shaughnessy said that Moscow for the first time deploys nuclear missiles that can hit targets deep in the United States. About it reports The Washington Post.

According to him, Russia Avangard able to break the US missile defense and strike across the country within 15 minutes after launch.

The growing non-nuclear potential of Russia gives Moscow the ability to dissuade the opponent from escalating the conflict and resolve it on favorable terms," said O'shaughnessy. He added that the United States needs to invest in defense of the state.

Russian hypersonic missile "Zircon" is able to destroy the Pentagon in just five minutes. Columnist for the German magazine Stern Gernot of Kramer wrote in a newspaper article that the missile was much faster and deadlier than it was estimated by Western experts.

"Because the speed of the missile is 11 thousand kilometers per hour, five minutes will be enough to reach the Pentagon and destroyed it," the article says. According to the publication, Western experts assumed that the rate of "Zircon" will not exceed six thousand kilometers per hour. However, the rocket exceeded these expectations: the speed and radius of a thousand kilometers, make interception impossible.

"To effectively counter such missiles can only electronic air defense systems and laser weapons," — concluded Kramer.


The composition of the search-and-rescue forces of the Pacific fleet taken from two modern RAID diving boat project 23040.

The ceremony of raising the flags on the newest boats have passed in Vladivostok and Fokino.

Reference: Court of justice, which are symbols of RVC-a and RVC 1239-1261, built at JSC "Nizhny Novgorod Factory ship" and part of a series of boats comprehensive rescue purpose built for the Ministry of defense of Russia. These special court with a relatively small displacement is designed to provide execution of diving works at depths up to 60 meters at sea up to three points, search, observation and research work with the help of regular small-sized remotely operated underwater vehicle and towed sonar. RVC is equipped with a dynamic positioning system, a thermal imager and a pressure chamber. They are also able to extinguish fires on ships and vessels, floating and coastal objects height up to 30 meters.

Into service of the Pacific fleet received ten new coastal missile complexes "Ball". It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the head of Department of information support the press service of the Eastern military district of the Pacific fleet, Nikolay Voskresensky.

Reference: Missile systems will replace the decommissioned DBK previous generation.

Russia by the end of 2020-ies plans to build two destroyers with nuclear power plant project 23560 type "Leader", said a source in the shipbuilding industry.

According to the source, the cost of building each ship will be about 100 billion rubles.

"In the current state armament programme for the years 2018-2027 development work on the destroyer should begin in 2021 with the transfer directly to the construction", — quotes his words TASS.

As specified, according to preliminary estimates, the construction of one ship will take seven years.


On arms of army of Russia will soon be the latest anti-aircraft missile system s-500. About it in interview to the newspaper "Krasnaya Zvezda" said the head of the Military Academy of aerospace defense named after Marshal Zhukov Lieutenant General Vladimir Sporov.

"2019 will be held the first graduation of officers who graduate from the Academy training program for work on the complex s-500, which is not in the army, but we expect in the near future," he said.

Reference: s-500 "Prometheus" refers to the new generation of antiaircraft missile systems "earth — air".

The first serial fighter of the fifth generation su-57 will go on Air and space forces of Russia in 2019 and the second in 2020. it is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the Director of Komsomolsk-on-Amur aviation plant named after Gagarin Alexander Pastry.

"The work we have today under the current contract with the Ministry of defence two aircraft with the first delivery dates in 2019 and the second in 2020", — he said.

The two-party modernized crawler transporters DT-10ПМ "Vityaz" in the framework of the state defense order adopted by the military representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia. On the eve of a shipment of 10 of these machines with defense companies to send in troops.

Conveyors "Vityaz" is designed for transportation of special cargo in particularly difficult road and climatic conditions. The design of the machine provides wide possibilities for its modification and allows the use of technique as a universal chassis for mounting of various technological and special equipment.

The structural features of the suspension conveyor provide high flotation and low ground pressure. Iron Knights move on wide tracks, which do not allow you to go into soft ground or snow, but if the machines fall into a swamp or water, the caterpillar will screw propeller, special pendant creates soft movement.

In the design of the leading and guide wheel using special polyurethane coating, chassis — special rubber elements. This softens the jerks and shocks, provides a smooth ride when driving and thus increases the life of the chassis and drivetrain in General. Spacing of cross-beams caterpillars experimentally were selected in such a way to provide self-cleaning from dirt, snow and ice elements of the undercarriage of conveyors.

Reference: "Knights" developed for operation at temperatures from minus 50 to plus 45 degrees Celsius, capable of speeds up to 45 km/h on land and 5 km/h afloat. The fording does not require any special training. In its standard configuration, the transporters can travel on one tank of up to 700 km.

Since the beginning of 2019, Russia's Armed Forces have already received 13 new combat helicopters that transferred to the industrial enterprises in operation. In particular, VCS entered service with 2 combat-transport helicopter Mi-35M, 2 training and combat Mi-28UB, and 3 helicopters Mi-28N "Night hunter", 4 Mi-35m and two Mi-28 UB was obtained.

Transport-combat helicopter Mi-35M is designed for destroying armored vehicles and fire support of ground forces. It is equipped with modern precision weapons and is able to perform combat missions round the clock in different weather conditions. One of the most important features of the Mi-35M is the ability to transport people and military equipment inside the cargo compartment.

Attack helicopter Mi-28N is capable of performing combat tasks at any time of the day. It is designed to provide fire support for forward units of the land forces, mechanized infantry and tank units, and destruction of air targets. The helicopter has a heavy armor, has high survivability, equipped with modern precision complex managed and unmanaged missile weapons and a powerful gun mount.

Training-combat Mi-28UB has a dual management system, which allows piloting the helicopter both from the pilot cockpit-crew commander, and from the cab of pilot-operator. This allows you to train military pilots and cadets, who require practice RAID on the "Night hunters". A helicopter mounted remote simulation of failures, which allows to simulate for the trainee pilot equipment failure in flight and to improve the training of the student in a crisis situation.

Background: an Important feature of the new modification of the helicopter is the presence of on-Board radar, which greatly facilitates the solution of combat and navigation tasks. Mi-28UB is equipped with upgraded integrated avionics system. The use of this complex enables efficient searching, detection, recognition, and destroy ground and air targets. To provide the required ergonomic parameters of workplaces of the crew on the Mi-28UB was expanded cabin crew, increased the area of the armoured glazing and a better overview of the jobs of pilots.

In a motorized infantry connection of the southern military district (JUVO), stationed in the Volgograd region, was adopted more than 20 infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3M.

High precision weapon guidance and time to engage targets to the gunner of the BMP-3M in the combination of the sight-surveillance device rangefinder Sodema, equipped with a day sight and thermal imaging channels, providing aimed fire from a weapon system at any time, including in conditions of poor visibility at a distance up to 5,5 thousand m.

Sodema is designed for observation the battlefield, detecting and identifying targets, measuring the distance to the target, has independent stabilization of the visual field in two planes, the channel guidance of the guided missile.

To effectively address the fire problem allows built-in laser rangefinder that measure the distance to the target with an error not more than 5 m.

By the end of this year, all infantry units will be rearmed connection to the system.

Reference: BMP-3M is designed to transport personnel to the front edge, increasing its mobility, armament and protection on the battlefield in terms of the use of nuclear weapons and joint action with tanks in battle. Mounted weaponry is used to destroy lightly armored vehicles and enemy manpower and low-flying air targets.

Engineer of the southern military district (JUVO), stationed in the Krasnodar region, were armed with the latest mobile engineering complex clearance MIC on minibus terrain.

MICR is designed to effectively ensure clearance of the terrain and objects in urban environments, implementation of security measures at military facilities.

The main tasks of the complex – reconnaissance, industrial and residential premises, facilities and transport, detection and identification of the location of explosive subjects, but also works on neutralization and elimination of detected objects and performing technological operations.

Complete machine four types of detectors, six types of search and examination complexes, blockers radio-controlled explosive devices, robotic complex "Cobra-1600", set of destructive VOP "2Р4", a set of photo and video equipment.

For reference: Total vehicle micro has more than 20 types of different complexity of technical devices intended for search and neutralization of explosive devices.


February 27 - the Day of the special operations Forces

Special operations forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is a structural subdivision of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the formation of which began in 2009 during a large-scale reform of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (2008-2020). Abbreviated — SSO of Russian armed forces.

Special operations forces — highly mobile, specially trained, technically equipped, well-equipped army group of forces of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, is designed to perform special tasks for the protection of the interests of Russia (if necessary, with the use of military force) within the country and abroad, both in peacetime and in wartime, being in constant and high readiness for immediate use.

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation defines the term "special operation" to read as follows:

Special operations troops (forces) is a set of agreed aims, objectives, time and place of the special actions of troops (forces), conducted on a uniform plan, and the plan to achieve certain goals. Special actions of troops (forces) activities conducted by specially designated, organized, trained and equipped forces using not typical for conventional forces methods and ways of combat operations (reconnaissance and sabotage, subversive, counter-terrorism, kontrdiversionnoy, counter-intelligence, guerrilla, counterinsurgency, and other activities).

Meanwhile, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated the personnel of the special operations Forces and noted their contribution to the defeat of terrorists in Syria and security in the Crimea.

"Five years ago the soldiers and commanders of special operations Forces did everything to maintain peace in the Crimea and Sevastopol, to protect people from violence, from the executioners, so that no one will prevent citizens to make free, independent choices on the historic referendum," RIA Novosti quotes Putin.

The Russian President also noted the contribution of the personnel of the special operations Forces in the defeat of the terrorists in Syria.

"You have made a huge contribution to the defeat of terrorist groups, the liberation of Syrian lands from bandits. If you had to, you took an unequal battle, was caused by the fire itself," Putin said.



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