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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring for a week from 25 September to 01 October 2017
Material posted: Publication date: 01-10-2017
In Russia to create electromagnetic bombs, paralyzing technique against nick's; for the latest T-90M created the world's best guns; the regiment ZVO at Kursk joined the super-maneuverable su-30CM; upgraded zrpk "Armour-CM" will enter into force in 2018; the Russian Navy in 2019, will be supplemented by two hydrographic vessels of a new generation of the project 19910; DCF intends to implement flexible electronics for the needs of the security forces; completed testing of an unmanned underwater glider "Sea shadow"; in the Northern fleet began the final phase of trials of the frigate "Admiral Gorshkov". About these and other developments in the media monitoring during the week 25 to 01. 10. 2017.

In Russia to create electronic ammunition that could bring the enemy vehicles out of action due to the powerful microwave pulse, told RIA Novosti adviser to the first Deputy General Director of concern "radio-Electronic technology" Vladimir Mikheev.

Earlier, some media reported that the enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex has created a powerful electromagnetic missile "Alabuga", having a combat unit with the electromagnetic field generator of high power. It was reported that it can be a blow to cover the territory of 3.5 kilometers and disable all the electronics, turning it into "a pile of scrap metal".

Mikheev explained that "Alabuga" is not a specific weapon: this cipher in 2011-2012 completed the whole complex of scientific research, which identified the main directions of development of electronic weapons of the future.

"There was a serious theoretical assessment and practical work on laboratory layouts and special polygons, which determined the range of electronic weapons and its impact on equipment," he said.

This impact can be of varying intensity: "Starting with the usual jamming effects with a temporary withdrawal of weapons systems and military equipment of the enemy down up to its complete electronic failure, leading to energy, destructive damage of major electronic components, circuit boards, units and systems".

After finishing this work all the data on the results were closed, and the subject of microwave weapons fall into the category of critical technologies with the highest security classification, said Mikheyev.

"Today we can say that these developments are translated into concrete development work on the creation of electromagnetic weapons: ammunition, bombs, rockets, carrying special explosion generator", - said the source.

Such developments are all leading world powers - particularly the US and China, he concluded.


The conflict in Ukraine

Border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Republic of Crimea will build a 50-kilometer fence on the border with Ukraine to ensure the safety of the Republic. It is reported TASS, citing the statement of the press service of the border Guard.

The arrangement of the boom will cost more than 200 million rubles, the work is scheduled for completion later this year, follows from materials on the procurement website.

On 26 September, a fire occurred at an ammunition depot in Kalynivka, Vinnytsia region. Continuous explosions lasted for two days, led to the closure of airspace over a place of state of emergency and caused the evacuation of almost thirty thousand people.

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said this incident, like other similar incidents, are the result of subversive activities on the part of Russia.


The chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios has categorically denied reports about the saboteurs who allegedly staged the undermining of military depots in Vinnytsia region. He reported that no evidence of this version of the investigation could not be found.

The chief military Prosecutor urged to seek the real causes of the fire at a military depot near Vinnitsa and solve problems with protection and fire safety.

Operation in Syria

September 24. The Russian defense Ministry reported that the senior group of Russian military advisors in Syria, Lieutenant-General Valery Isupov died near the city of Deir ez-Zor.

He was fatally wounded in a mortar attack by militants of the "Islamic state" (IG banned in Russia) the command post of the Syrian army.

September 26. Strategic missile Tu-95MS bombers struck blows by cruise missiles on the objects, not groups "Islamic state" and "Dzhebhat EN-Nusra" in Syria. This was announced by the head of the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov.

"Taking off from the airfield Engels in the Russian Federation, the Tu-95 bombers made a flight over the territory of Iran and Iraq. In Syrian airspace the crews of strategic bombers performed launches of cruise missiles X-101 opened to exploration the most important targets of the terrorists of ISIL and al-Nusra in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor and Idlib," - said Igor Konashenkov.

Sudden strikes destroyed command centers of the terrorists, the areas of concentration of militants and accumulation of equipment and ammunition depots. Thus the representative of military Department noted that objective monitoring data confirmed the defeat of all the purposes.

September 29. Experts of the International mine action centre of the Armed Forces started humanitarian demining Deir-ez-Zor. According to preliminary estimates, near the city of Deir ez-Zor and the surrounding settlements of the Russian experts to be cleared of explosive objects up to 1.5 thousand hectares, reports the Department of information and mass communications of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

First, the experts of the International mine action centre of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation demining the roads leading to the objects of social infrastructure, hospitals, water supply and electricity.

In humanitarian demining the Russian engineers use the latest mine detectors IMP-C2 portable searchers of conductive control lines explosive devices PEOPLE, non-contact portable seekers explosive devices SKINCARE-3M, radar subsurface sounding instruments of OKO-2, RC interlock devices and other promising models.

The bomb squad is equipped with the latest BTR-82АМ and armored vehicles "Typhoon", "Lynx". For remote demining of the area used multifunctional robotic complex "Uran-6". Engineers equipped with the latest military kits clearance OVR-2-02.

Reference: Just in Syria deployed more than 170 servicemen of the International anti-mine centre of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, 40 units of special and engineering equipment, 10 calculations of mine and search service.


North Korea has taken several Intercontinental ballistic missiles from Institute of armament in the Pyongyang area Sanogo-don. It as reports RIA Novosti, citing the newspaper "tone of Ilbo" may be a sign of preparation for the test of a thermonuclear warhead in the Pacific ocean.

It is noted that the missiles are removed from the factory where it is believed, was made already tested ballistic missiles of "Hwaseong".


The US and South Korea held their first joint exercises of air defense means in the middle of the action on the Korean Peninsula. About it the press service of the Pacific command of the United States.

It is reported that the exercise involved soldiers of the 6th battalion of the artillery regiment 52nd airborne division together with soldiers from South Korea. With the date of the exercise and the number of the engaged personnel is not specified.

Washington made direct contact with Pyongyang

Washington made direct contact with North Korea, confirmed U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, reports the Russian service Bi-bi-si.

According to him, Washington is sounding out the possibility of talks with Pyongyang. "Follow the news," added Tillerson.

"We have channels of communication - said Tillerson during his visit to China. - We do not sit in the dark."


The list of state sponsors operating in capital of Estonia the NATO cyber defence Centre was supplemented by another one state. As the "Sputnik Estonia", the Minister of foreign Affairs of Norway Borge Brende said that her country wishes to formally participate in the work of the Tallinn Centre NATO cyber defence as his sponsor.

The Minister of justice and public security Anders Amundsen, in turn, expressed the view that the strengthening of the coordination of cyber defence is committed to ensuring that the actions of the Norwegian police more effective and will strengthen the international reputation of Norway. In 2016, on his initiative, at the border crossing point Storskog — Borisoglebsk was built four-meter wall from "refugees from Russia". The Minister of defence of Norway Ine Eriksen Serey has set a goal for Norway to full representation in the NATO cyber defence Centre by the end of 2018.

Reference: the NATO cyber defence Centre started its work in Tallinn in 2008, and currently his activities in varying degrees, associated twenty countries. Belgium, Estonia, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, France, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, USA and United Kingdom are the countries of the sponsoring companies. Austria, Finland and Sweden, which are not members of NATO, have the status of partner countries of the centre.


The Chinese company North Industries Group held in the heart of Chengdu test the latest radar, which is reportedly capable of a great distance to detect aircraft made by technology "stealth".

Nakanune reports, citing South China Morning Post, that the principle of radar is based on the generation of terahertz radiation or T-rays. Such rays can penetrate deep into the surface of composite materials and are widely used in industry to detect hidden defects in products.

Until recently, the use of terahertz radiation for military purposes was limited to small capacity generators. Also, the T-rays can not be produced for radio or optical devices.

However, it is argued that the current device is able to generate a stable continuous wave average of 18 W and terahertz pulses with a maximum capacity of 1 megawatt. This power will be enough to detect radar-absorbent coating of the F-35. However, while the radar remains too cumbersome and can not be installed on the aircraft.

Background: the Use of this radar will help the Chinese military to find at a considerable distance such us aircraft as the F-22 and F-35. Chinese media differ in their estimates of distances, which can be detected by stealth: the figure is more than 100 km, but some media reported about 500 km.

The company Rheinmetall has announced that it will soon begin the modernization of part of the Park of main battle tanks (MBT) "Leopard 2" Armed forces of Germany, reports TSAMTO.

Rheinmetall AG will be responsible for key elements of the program to improve the combat capabilities of tanks. Overall, the program envisages improvement of 104 MBT "Leopard 2" to the most modern standard.

The cost of the upgrade package with additional services will amount to a total of 118 million Euro. The first tank, upgraded to configuration "Leopard 2 A7V", will be transferred to the German armed forces in 2020.

The project Rheinmetall upgrade to the standard 2A7V 68 tanks "Leopard-2A4", 16 "Leopard 2A6" and 20 "Leopard 2A7". In the course of works specialists Rheinmetall will replace outdated equipment in the computer fire control system and control panels as well as install a new laser range finder and thermal imager.

In addition, 68 of the modernized "Leopard-2A4" Rheinmetall will install a new gun L55A1, then these tanks will be able to fire armor-piercing ammunition of the last generation. In addition, all 104 MBT "Leopard-2A7V" will be able to apply developed by Rheinmetall's new multipurpose programmable shot DM11.

The Delivery Of S-400, Turkey

Turkey transferred as an advance party of 400. This was stated by the presidential aide on military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin.

"The contract came into effect, the advance is paid, the timing can not yet say," said he.

According to him, the issue of transfer of Turkey production technology of s-400 has not been discussed.

Reference: s-400 "Triumph" anti - aircraft missile system long-range. It is designed to destroy aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, including medium range, can be used against ground targets.


Aviation regiment of the Western military district (ZVO), stationed at the airport, Halina in the Kursk region, with two fighter su-30CM, the press service of the military district.

During a planned re-equipment of the regiment fighter generation "4+" su-30CM until the end of the year will form a squadron.

First the flight crew has already received practice of combat application on new machines during the flight and tactical exercises with combat launches on Ashuluk range in Astrahanskoy region and during the active part of the joint strategic exercises "West-2017".

Soon the first couple of planes for the first time will be put on combat duty for the protection of air borders.

The su-30SM was developed by company "Sukhoi", produced at the Irkutsk aviation plant of the Irkut Corporation.

The aircraft is equipped with radar with phased antenna array, engines with thrust vectoring and canards. The fighter is able to use modern and promising precision weapons class "air-air" and "air-surface".

Reference: the Fighter is designed to gain air superiority, blocking enemy airfields at great depths, destruction of air, ground and sea targets, including night time and adverse weather conditions.

Units of the Russian defense Ministry will be equipped with modern topographic complex. Domestic software and hardware create and update digital information about the area (PAK CIM) is capable of forming an electronic topographic map of any area of the world according Aero - and space shooting, reports the Department of information and mass communications of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

Application PAK CIM WITH will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of command and control and significantly reduce the time of decision-making. The complex is fully meets the requirements of information security and is an integral part of the perspective of a unified system of providing geospatial information.

Background: the Complex creates, and at specified intervals updates the digital orthophotos of any size and a digital matrix of terrain. The device is able to recognize image objects, defining their quantitative and qualitative characteristics using automated stereoscopic interpretation, to store geospatial data in text and tabular form. The product is built entirely on the domestic software.

The manufacturer ahead of schedule completed the delivery of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation special fire trucks (SPM) in the framework of the State defense order. In just two years in the war Department received 12 cars. The latest instance is handed over two months ahead of schedule.

Spravno: SPM was created using components and assemblies of tanks T-72 and T-80. It is designed for extinguishing fires and conducting rescue operations in hazardous conditions. Vehicle weight does not exceed 60 tons, the range of application of extinguishant reaches 100 meters. SPM armored cab capable to protect the crew from flying debris when blasting the 152-mm high-explosive projectile up to 5 meters. Maximum speed on the highway is 40 km/h and a power reserve of not less than 250 km.

The Ministry of defence of Russia has made to supply in part of the mobile control and distribution station modules detect gamma and beta radiation. The devices will be used to determine the degree of radioactive contamination of arms, military equipment, personnel, and equipment.

The Department of information and mass communications of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation reminds that the first set of radiation modules in the control and distribution point ZOMZ introduced this year in the International military-technical forum "Army-2017".

Reference: the set of dosimetric devices consists of three devices: a module for the detection of gamma radiation technology – MDT, module detection of gamma and beta radiation to personnel – MDLS and continuous radiation monitoring is MRK. The products are designed to work in the field outdoors. When scanning of the object they detect radioactive contamination, measure its intensity and determine the place of concentration of radiation. All information from the devices is fed to the automated item. The obtained data allow experts to determine the need for and nature of follow-up activities.

Upgraded anti-aircraft missile and gun complex "Armour-CM" will go into force after 2018, said during a visit to the Tula enterprise "instrument Design Bureau named after academician shipunova" Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov.

"There are plans to upgrade the "Shell", for example, increase the range, damage twice. I think for next year we will complete this work. It will have the upgraded complex will replace missiles," - said Yuri Borisov.


In 2019 the composition of the Navy (Navy) Russia will enter two new hydrographic ship (HS) of the project 19910 increased endurance swimming and ice strengthened class, reported by the head of Department of navigation and Oceanography Ministry of defense of Russia the captain of 1 rank Sergey Travin.

According to captain 1st rank Sergey Travin, one of the survey vessels of the project 19910 is built on shipyard "Vympel" in Rybinsk and the order of the chief of the Russian Navy assigned him the name "Nicholas Skosyrev," the second ship "Alexander Rogotsky" — is on the stocks Annunciation shipyard. All works are on schedule and under control of the Main command of the Navy.

"These vessels will meet the highest requirements for hydrographic vessels. They will have increased autonomy and will be able to take on Board increased the number of military hydrographers, which certainly will enable hydrographic expedition on a new level of efficiency," — said the head of the Department of navigation and Oceanography Ministry of defense of Russia.

He also stressed that the survey vessels of the project 19910 will be equipped with the most modern equipment for hydrographic surveys marine areas.

Reference: survey vessels of the project 19910 is designed to service AIDS to navigation, cargo delivery to unequipped coast, performing studies using multi-beam echo sounder. They will have strengthened ice class and can work not only in deep sea and in shallow waters.


For the newest Russian tank T-90M in the framework of the development works "break-3 Cord" created 12.7-mm machine gun "KORD MT" (6П49МТ), which is mounted on the remotely-managed module fighting machine, reports "Herald of Mordovia".

As reported by production weekly economic newspaper OJSC "Zid" Degtyarevets, the new version of the famous machine gun has a variable rate of fire and improved accuracy characteristics.

JSC "Zid" has received an order for production in 2018, the first batch of guns for the T-90M.

Background: in the Spring of this year successfully completed the pre-test to the end of the year will be held state tests in the facility.

The Fund of perspective researches (FPI) plans to implement the technology of flexible electronics for the needs of law enforcement agencies through support of relevant projects, told RIA Novosti in the Fund.

"FPI held a meeting on the technology of flexible electronics products for military, special and dual purpose. The Foundation aims through its work to support technology development of flexible electronics, including those that are still in the early stages of maturity", - stated in the message.

As noted by Deputy Director - head of information studies, PEF Sergei Garbuk, Russia has high-tech and promising projects of high degree of maturity, implemented with the support of "RUSNANO". However, most of the research is still in the laboratory stage of basic research.

Reference: Technologies for flexible electronics, including organic materials, today considered competitive in relation to classical silicon electronics. They provide an opportunity to create surfaces that can act as sensors or reflective panels that are in demand in the automotive industry, to create Bank cards and a new generation of wearable electronic devices.


Unmanned underwater glider "Sea shadow" has been successfully tested in the Baltic sea, reports RIA Novosti with reference to head of the Department of defence research and development Spbgmtu Igor Kozhemyakin.

Tests of the device conducted the Main research and testing robotics Centre (GNIC MO) and Saint-Petersburg state marine technical University (Spbgmtu).

According to Kozhemyakin, during the tests, the glider worked both in enclosed waters and the open sea in the area of currents that is "a serious test for the camera, not with the propulsion system". He also noted that the "Sea shadow" is different from previous versions more "realistic characteristics, precision control and extended payloads".

Reference: Glider is an Autonomous underwater vehicle, driven by hydrodynamic forces due to changes in buoyancy. Gliders move on a specific "sawtooth" trajectory within a predetermined range of depths. The unit is capable of up to six months to be in the Autonomous navigation, passing on the shore hydrographic information. In this track glider is almost impossible – it moves by changing its buoyancy, creating virtually no noise.

The device length is 3 m, diameter – 31 cm, weight – 150 kg, maximum speed – 2 knots, the weight of the payload is 15 kg. the complex includes a research glider, glider-media mini-vehicles, the glider and the unit of the ship control station, and means relay.

The Northern fleet is the final phase of the test, the lead frigate of project 22350 "Admiral Gorshkov", the press service of the Northern fleet.

The crew of the ship and ensuring naval forces out to ranges of combat training of the Northern fleet in the Barents sea, where started the implementation of the test program.

Reference: the project 22350 Frigates are typical ships dlinnoplodny design, with a solid superstructure. Physical field frigate is minimized. Thanks to the original add-in architecture and use of structural composite materials ("stealth") reduced effective dissipation surface of the ship that reduces its radar and optical visibility.


The President of Russia Vladimir Putin dismissed from office and dismissed from military service the commander of the VKS RF Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev. The corresponding decree posted on the official portal of legal information.

"Release from his post and dismissed from military service, Colonel-General Bondarev Viktor Nikolaevich, commander of Air and space forces," - said in the text of the decree. As previously reported by TASS source in the defense Ministry, acting commander of the aerospace defence forces is Bondarev was appointed chief of staff - first Deputy commander-General would be Lieutenant Paul Kurachenko.

The decree of the head of state also dismissed the Deputy commander of the black sea fleet, Vice-Admiral Valery Kulikov, the head of Rossotrudnichestvo Lyubov Glebova, the head of research Affairs of the Saratov region Sergey Arenin.

Earlier Bondarev, Glebova, Kulikov and Arenin was appointed to the Federation Council. Total results of the past September 10, the election should be empowered 17 members of the Federation Council from the Executive authorities and six from the legislature.


1 October in Russia the professional holiday will be celebrated by soldiers of the army. The corresponding decree was signed by the head of state and Supreme commander Vladimir Putin in 2006.

The modern state

Modern army — the most numerous and diverse in weapons and methods of combat operations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation intended to repel the aggression of the enemy on the continental theaters of military operations, protection of territorial integrity and national interests of the Russian Federation.

The army includes infantry, tank troops, missile troops and artillery, air defense troops, which are branches of the military; special forces and part (reconnaissance formations and military units; engineering troops; the troops of radiation, chemical and biological defense; army communications); and division logistics.

Organizationally, they consist of combined arms armies (operational commands), infantry (including mountain), armored, airborne assault brigades, brigades cover, military bases, machine-gun and artillery division, training centers, and units of missile troops and artillery, air defense, special forces, and other organisations and institutions.

Associations and connections of Land forces are composed of four military districts (joint strategic commands) form the basis of groupings of troops (forces) on the strategic directions.


Modern army equipped with Russian tanks T-72, T-80, T-90 and their modifications, the reactive systems of volley fire "Grad" (BM-21), "Uragan", "Smerch" missile systems "Chrysanthemum-s", "faggot", "Tochka-U", self-propelled anti-tank complex "Sturm-C", self-propelled anti-tank missile complexes "Competition", anti-aircraft missile systems "tor-M1" and "s-300V", anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk-M1", "OSA-AKM", "Strela-10M3", "tor-M2U" anti-aircraft gun-missile complexes "Tunguska-M", anti-aircraft artillery systems "Shilka" and other military equipment.

Currently, there is a systematic comprehensive modernisation of the Land forces with modern weapons in the framework of the State armament programme until 2020. Also it is a complex of scientific-research and experimental-design works on creation of perspective samples of arms and military equipment.

At the beginning of 2017, the level of equipment of the Russian Ground forces with modern armaments and military equipment was 42%.

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