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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 27 Feb to 05 Mar 2017
Material posted: Publication date: 06-03-2017
In the "Tupolev" was created the first full-scale model of the PAK DA; Russia developed the drone, "wired" into the missile from "Tornado"; the sun of Syria, with the support of the Russian space forces took Palmyra; number of cyber attacks on Russia in 2016 has more than tripled; South Korea and the United States began large-scale military exercises Foal Eagle; US authorities are considering increasing military spending by $54 billion; NATO is interested in expanding partnerships with Georgia; Sweden renews call for military service because of the activity of Russia; naval aviation black sea fleet has expanded its radius of action; S-500 from the previous air defense systems will feature the range and effectiveness of defeats any purpose – Rogozin; R & d on the development of advanced parachute D-14 "Rustle" will begin this year; range shooting "Castle" can be increased by using guided missiles; Putin is ready to close the base of Kant, if Kyrgyzstan will no longer require the assistance of the Russian Federation. About these and other developments in the media monitoring during the week 27.02 5. 03. 2017.

The Central event of last week was a report by TASS, citing a source in the military-industrial complex that Russia has created a full-scale model of promising aviation complex Distant aviation (PAK DA). This plane is designed for Air and space forces of the Russian Federation in the company "Tupolev".

It is expected that its first prototype will take to the air at the turn of the 2025-2026 years. Initially it was assumed that the aircraft will begin to enter the army in 2023-2025 years, and the first test flight was scheduled for 2019-2020.

As said its sources in the defense industry publications "Газета.Ru" while the assembled full-size wooden mock-up cockpit of the PAK DA, without wings. It worked out in the crew accommodation and arrangement of equipment. A layout of composite materials made on a scale of 1:10 and can fly.

What is known

PAK DA will not be deep modernization of Tu-160 (the informal name of "White Swan"), and entirely new aircraft. Tu-160 will be made separately, earlier it became known about the resumption of its production in the modernized version of the Tu-160M-2

It is assumed that the PAK DA will be possible to apply technology to reduce radar visibility (stealth). In particular, his design of radar absorbing materials, and all the weapons will be placed inside the aircraft. It is also known that the aircraft will receive a subsonic flight, it will make it lower noise and reduce visibility in the infrared range.

Also, the PAK DA will be equipped with the latest Russian electronic warfare (radio-electronic struggle. — Approx. TASS), which has no analogues in efficiency.

According to open sources, there are about ten different configurations of the aircraft of the future, but the first model of the PAK DA made under the scheme "flying wing".

Research under this scheme has been since the late 80-ies of the last century in Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Zhukovsky (TSAGI). The essence of the concept lies in the fact that the fuselage of the aircraft is reduced — it is the role of one large wing, which houses all the units and systems of the aircraft, and armament.

"Flying wing" does not have a tail horizontal stabilizer, although it may have one or two of the keel. This scheme allows to achieve higher values of aerodynamic quality, to reduce takeoff weight, improve fuel and economic efficiency of the aircraft.

In 2014, one of the international exhibitions, the representative of the United engine Corporation reported that the engine for the PAK DA will be created on the basis of the gas turbine engine NK-32 of the second stage installed on the Russian strategic bomber Tu-160.

The enterprises of the concern "Radioelectronic technologies" (KRET) is already developing avionics for future aircraft. Kret, together with the company "Tupolev" involved in OKR (experimental design work). The aircraft will receive a fundamentally new system of electronic warfare.

According to the head of the group, Nikolay Kolesov, the plane will apply not only new, but already proven technologies.


The representatives of PJSC "Tupolev", which is developing the latest Russian bomber, the PAK DA, refused to comment on the establishment of a full-size layout of the aircraft.

"This information is not available and do not comment on work on this aircraft", — told RIA "news" the official representative of the company.


The Republic of Korea and the United States began annual military exercises Foal Eagle, involving all types of troops. As reported by the Ministry of national defence, they will last until the end of March, and apart from the March 13 start command post exercise Key Resolve.

According to TASS, to participate in Foal Eagle, the U.S. plan to deploy the Korean Peninsula strategic weapons, including the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and bombers B-1B and B-52. It is possible that the maneuvers will be joined by one or two American submarines, capable of carrying on Board nuclear weapons.

From the United States in the maneuvers will also involve a stealth multipurpose fighter-bombers, the F-35B and the Osprey convertiplane, and about 3.6 thousand.


The protest was held in the Chinese city of Jilin (North-Eastern Jilin province) before the South Korean Department store Lotte Corporation in protest, expressed in connection with the transfer of the company's management of land for the placement of us missile defense THAAD in the East of the Republic of Korea. This was reported by news portal Sina.

The protesters chanted the slogan: "Lotte supports THAAD - get out of China".

Earlier media of the Republic of Korea has informed on the entry into force of the agreement between the Corporation and the South Korean authorities to transfer the land to a Golf course in the city Seongju (Eastern province of Gyeongsangbuk-Do), owned by Lotte, the needs of us forces. It is expected that U.S. strategic SAM deployed by the Pentagon in northeast Asia under the pretext of confrontation with the "nuclear and missile threat", the DPRK will be delivered to the place of permanent deployment no later than July of this year.

The Chinese government criticized such actions are strongly criticized, repeatedly chiding on this occasion Washington of "violating the regional balance, non-observance of interests of the several States, the tension on the Korean Peninsula."



Russia and China blocked a UN security Council resolution which stipulated sanctions against Syria, possibly involved in the use of chemical weapons, RIA "Novosti".

Background: the authors of the draft resolution were made by the two permanent members France and the UK. They were supported by USA. The document would impose sanctions on 21 representative of the Syrian individuals, organizations and companies that allegedly could be linked to the use of chemical weapons in 2014 and 2015.

American General Stephen Townsend, commander of the international operation against the terrorist organization "Islamic state" in Iraq and Syria, said that the Russian and Syrian aircraft mistakenly struck a blow for the forces of the Arab coalition. According to him, the attacks were made near the town of al-Bab on February 28.

The General explained that the attacks said the U.S. military advisers support the Arab forces in the area, which was 4-5 km from the scene. "Was made a few quick calls channels created to avoid conflicts, and Russian is recognized and stopped to bombing," said Steven Townsend.

Russia's Reaction

The defense Ministry commented on the statement of the General of the armed forces of the United States regarding the alleged bombing on February 28 in district Mensija of militant opposition forces. "On February 28 in Syria was indeed contact by the established channels of communication between the Russian representative of the command of the air group of Russian air force on the base Hamim with his American counterpart at the air base in El Adade (Qatar). During the negotiations the representative of the U.S. air force expressed concern that the Syrian and Russian planes in combat missions against ISIS South Mensija can cause unintended blow to the US-controlled armed groups,"— said the Russian defense Ministry.

March 2. Syrian armed forces with the support of the Russian space forces have completed the operation to capture Palmyra. This was reported to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

The militants of the terrorist group captured Palmyra in may 2015. At the end of March 2016 the Syrian military with the support of the Russian aviation liberated the city. In December of last year, Palmyra was again in the hands of extremists.

A year ago, the operation for the liberation of Palmyra lasted two weeks. Syrian soldiers stormed the ancient fortress at the entrance to the city on March 25, 2016. Two days later they went to Palmyra. A great contribution to the operation to liberate the "pearl of the Syrian desert" has made the Russian VKS that were strikes on is positions. In the future, the Russian troops cleared the famous ruins of the ancient Palmyra.

The terrorists again took Palmyra 11 December last year, after the retreat of the government forces. Army and militia before his departure were able to evacuate 80% of the population.


The number committed from outside cyber attacks on information resources of the Russian Federation in 2016 has more than tripled, to 52.5 million cases, reports "Interfax".

Thus Patrushev stated that "the protection of information systems against cyber attacks and computer intelligence is still inadequate and in most cases does not meet the existing threats."

Secretary of the security Council stressed that the goal of these attacks is a violation of the functioning of technical means, including the Russian segment of the Internet, obtaining restricted information, including by covert implementation of computer intelligence. Among the factors adversely affecting the security of the Russian Federation from cyber attack, he called unauthorized connections to the Internet, low qualification of users and the use of foreign information technology, and the lack of differentiation of information flows. Patrushev also mentioned cases of information transfer restricted without compliance with the relevant requirements. In addition, lack of qualified personnel to informsystem authorities, he said.

Patrushev has demanded from heads of regions of the Urals until the end of 2017 to complete the activities to connect the public informsystem and networks to Russian assegment the Internet. Also among the important tasks is improving the timeliness of responding to violations in this sphere.


The Times reports that the Montenegrin authorities intend to present the citizen of Russia Edward Shishmakova official charge in the case of the attempted coup in the country. According to the newspaper, he is accused, in particular, in the organisation of a network, members of which were former military officers and armed individuals from Montenegro and Serbia, followed by their involvement in a coup attempt in October 2016. According to the Prosecutor, the main purpose of Edward Shishmakova was to prevent the accession of Montenegro to NATO.

Reuters, citing a representative of the office of management and budget the White house announced that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump proposes to increase defense spending by $54 billion and to reduce other expenses.

One of interlocutors of Agency told that the money will be spent on the construction of ships, military aircraft, and for "strengthening presence in key international waterways." A second source said that because of this, the budget of the state Department could be reduced by 30%, which will lead to a serious restructuring departments and eliminating several programs.

The electronic version of the Indian newspaper The Economic Times reported that the implementation of agreements between Russia and India for the frigates and anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 were under threat due to us sanctions.

In accordance with the laws of the country, any foreign supplier of military equipment must obtain a guarantee of Indian Bank to have the opportunity to participate in the procurement process. However, as the newspaper notes, the US sanctions in force against the Russian United shipbuilding Corporation (USC) and its affiliated companies do not allow banks in India to do this, the publication said an Indian official on condition of confidentiality.

"Perhaps for these projects, India will have to change their rules to allow companies from Russia to provide a guarantee directly to Russian banks or enter into some other agreement," the newspaper quoted its source.

Fox News commentator Andrew O'reilly is confident that the import of arms from Russia is forcing the allies to reconsider foreign policy priorities. The new priority increasingly friendly relations with Moscow.

"The Russian leadership increasingly uses military-industrial complex as a tool of international diplomacy and gaining them the support of those countries that have long been allies of Washington," says the author.

According to observers, this tactic strengthens Russia's position in the international arena and undermining the foundations of the unipolar world.


In relations of the Alliance and Georgia marked a "good dynamics", organization is interested in expanding bilateral cooperation. It was declared to journalists in Tbilisi international airport who arrived here on a two-day visit, the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, General Peter, Paul, reports TASS.

The General said, NATO is interested in the partnership with Georgia and the progress of this process.

In turn, the chief of the General staff of the Georgian armed forces, Brigadier General Valeri Chachibaia stated that planned in Tbilisi meetings of the members of the Committee "will consider the issues of deepening of bilateral relations, strengthen Georgia's defense capabilities, the implementation of the substantial package of cooperation of Georgia with NATO, as well as issues of Georgia's participation in international missions".

Reference: 3 March held in Tbilisi session of the NATO Military Committee, during which were discussed the issues of Georgia's security and the region, as well as the optimization of the Armed forces of Georgia and military cooperation of Georgia and NATO.

The Swedish government has decided to renew the call to military service, informs BBC News referring to the representative of the Ministry of defense Marinette, Radebe. According to the decision of the government, 4 thousand people will be called up for military service from 1 January 2018.

It is noted that they will be selected through psychological and physical tests from 13 thousand young people born in 1999.

According to Radebe, the decision to resume military service was dictated by changes in neighboring States. "Russian military activity is one of the reasons," she said.

Mandatory military conscription in Sweden was valid until 2010.


Naval aviation black sea fleet (BSF) has expanded the radius of its action and are now able to patrol the entire perimeter of the Black sea, reported RIA "news" the Deputy commander of the regiment of the black sea fleet naval aviation Colonel Andrew Kohut.

Currently, naval aviation of the black sea fleet is patrolling the air border of the Crimea and the 200-nautical-mile economic zone of the Peninsula.

According to him, air patrols are conducted in both single and doubles ranks. "Today combat radius allows to conduct air patrols along the coast of the Black sea, that is, in fact, on the perimeter. Pilots train regularly, including the actual use of weapons on ranges in the fleet. The forces on duty of the naval aviation are also in constant readiness," said the pilot.

Background: In the Crimea at the novofedorivka air base in 2016 was formed a full regiment of naval aviation weaponry which are multi-role fighters su-30CM and su-24MR aircraft.


Developed in Russia anti-aircraft missile system (AAMS) s-500 will be different greater range and efficiency, said in an interview "Interfax" Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Background: the development of the advanced s-500 is maintained by JSC "EKO Concern "Almaz-Antey". It's a new generation of air defense systems "earth-air" - a universal set of long-range and high-altitude interception with increased potential missile defense. S-500 will be the basis of a unified national system of air and missile defense (ad-PRO), which is created in Russia.

"The contractor (JSC "Il") undertakes to perform in accordance with the terms of this agreement and timely deliver to the customer (LII named after Gromov), and the last undertakes to accept and pay for the renovation of the flying laboratory Il-76MD No. 5209 for the suspension hypersonic flying laboratory", – quotes the message of the information Agency RNS.

Clarifies that OJSC "Il" should be to convert the flying laboratory Il-76MD No. 5209 "for the suspension of the hypersonic flying laboratory, suspended a staff instead of a second engine of the aircraft." Following the conversion of the aircraft to get opinions on the possibility of operation of aircraft with enhanced wing, modified the standard pylon with the standard engine under the terms of the static strength; of the flutter of aircraft with enhanced wing, modified the standard pylon with the standard engine; the possibility of operation of aircraft with suspended hypersonic flying laboratory and after it has been reset according to the conditions of the static strength.

About the type hypersonic flying laboratory not reported.

Background: Earlier it was reported that Russia has conducted scientific research works on creation of hypersonic aircraft and engines for them. In particular, such research conducted by the Central Institute of aviation motors (CIAM).

Experimental design work (OKR) to create a new parachute system D-14 "Rustle" integrated equipment "future soldier" "Ratnik" will begin already this year. This was announced by the General Director of holding "Technoceramica" (part of rostec state Corporation) Igor Nasenkov, reports TASS.

At the moment, according to Nasenkova, the modernization of the parachute system D-10 - creation of series 2. Modernization of the parachute D-10 will affect the development of a suspension system with improved ergonomic performance, providing, including, the combination with a modern set of equipment "Warrior" and the location of the cargo container in the front under the reserve parachute.

Reference: D-10 series 2 is suitable for jumps from aircraft Il-76, An-2 and helicopter Mi-8 of the Marines of all specialties with a full service weapons and equipment (or without it), and the individual parachutists or groups of skydivers. It was reported that a promising D-14 "Rustle" will be ready to supply troops by the end of 2018.

Scientific-production Association "Alloy" developed a UAV launched into the projectile reactive systems of volley fire "Smerch", said the General designer of NPO "Alloy" (part of state Corporation rostec), Nikolai Makarovets, RIA "Novosti".

According to him, the first order for new development will go, most likely, from abroad. The reason is that in Russia already defined "structures that provide for the use of UAVs in the interests of the army."

"At the right time to share what we call a warhead, it is necessary to throw the UAV by parachute, it is necessary to spread the wings, start up, went and gave information — all we can do," added the designer.

NPO "Alloy" is the leading Russian manufacturer of jet systems of volley fire. Here was created the famous system BM-21 "Grad", and MLRS "Uragan" and "Smerch".

Background: MLRS "Smerch" is designed to defeat manpower and equipment of the enemy, artillery and mortar batteries, command posts and other targets. Maximum range is 120 kilometers.

Nikolay Makarovets has also stated that the maximum range of fire of jet systems of volley fire "Hail" can be increased through the creation of guided missiles for the complex.

"It has now been, perhaps, almost the limit capabilities "Castle", except for what the whole world — if to use some aerodynamic knowledge and make "Grad" manageable that are easy, we will fly even further," said Makarovets.

Reference: BM-21 "Grad" is designed to defeat manpower and equipment of the enemy, artillery and mortar batteries, command posts and other targets. Maximum range of fire is 42 km.


Last week on the ground Strugi Krasnye in the Pskov region held the final stage of the joint Russian-Belarusian tactical exercises with units of the airborne troops (VDV). Joint Russian-Belarusian maneuvers were carried out according to the Plan of the international activities of the Ministry of defense of Russia in 2017.

As informs Department of information and mass communications of the RF Ministry of defense, the joint exercise was conducted in three phases over five days. Before participants received specific training goals and objectives, among them: the training of unit commanders tactics as the art of warfare (making bold, unconventional decisions, the manifestation of stratagem), the application of new ways to do tasks in conditions close to combat, development of unified methodology of the airborne divisions in the conduct amphibious assault and RAID operations.

Reference: the doctrine involved about 1,000 military personnel, including more than 100 paratroopers of the special operations Forces (SSO) of the Republic of Belarus, were involved in 190 units of armored and automotive vehicles, 12 aircraft and helicopters.

March 3 at five major ranges of the Eastern military district (TSB), stationed in the Republic of Buryatia, Sakhalin region, Amur region and Primorsky region started large-scale exercises of the air defense forces (PVO).

As the press service of the TSB, in comprehensive special tactical lessons involved the maximum number of types of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense systems, in particular s-300, "OSA", "Strela-10", "tor-M2U" air defense missile-gun complexes (zrpk) Pantsir-s anti-aircraft self-propelled installation "Shilka".

To create a target environment for air defense system "Strela-10M" and operators of MANPADS "Igla" will be used for simulation of air targets with a flight speed of about 700 meters per second.

At the completion of the field release of transcripts soldiers will conduct live firing. Only the field output will be attended by approximately 8,000 people, approximately 1,000 units of military and special equipment, and over 120 aircraft.

These events are held in the framework of the combat training of troops and will also allow to reveal the best settlements for their further participation in the competition "the Keys of heaven," held in the framework of the "Armi-2017".


About 600 miles overcame Arctic expedition of the defense Ministry of Russia, leading research and test new and promising models of weapons, military and special equipment in the harsh conditions of the Arctic.

According to the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry, in the course of the expedition has undertaken more than 20 research and laboratory work on the possibilities of the technology its ergonomic features, including the maintenance and repair of equipment.

Also tests are promising body-containers, frame-inflatable-fabricated tents to provide accommodation and maintenance of military tracked vehicles, means determining the thickness of ice in stationary and portable versions, a new water treatment plant and desalination units, means of medical support in the Arctic execution.

The total length of the Autonomous of the March stretching more than 2000 km expedition members are assessing the potential of technology in low temperature conditions (down to minus 60 degrees Celsius), including the ability to maintain autonomy, requires the commitment of the sample to perform tasks, maintaining the microclimate in the inhabited offices, especially the movement hummocks, deep snow, in snow storms with wind speeds exceeding 35 m/s and other features of the far North.

The tests subjected the army snowmobiles, two-section crawler-transporters, special vehicles for low pressure tires on the basis of cross-country vehicles TREKOL, two transporters of the family of DT-and DT 10ПМ-30ПМ.


Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was ready to close the base of Kant, if Kyrgyzstan will no longer require the assistance of the Russian Federation, reports TASS.

"If Kyrgyzstan will say that we are so strengthened their forces that such a database is not needed, we this day leave," said the Russian head of state to journalists following the talks with President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev.

Putin stressed that the enlargement of the military contingent of the Russian Federation on the basis of Kant was not discussed.

"We have no need to post here (in Kyrgyzstan) military contingent," - said the Russian leader. According to him, the presence in Kyrgyzstan of a Russian military base Kant "is linked only to security of Kyrgyzstan."

"After we have begun to expand their relations in the framework of the CSTO (Organization of collective security Treaty), it goes without saying that we will work to continue to strengthen the armed forces of Kyrgyzstan", - said the Russian President, adding that he had discussed the subject with his Kyrgyz counterpart for talks today.

The Russian head of state also warned that Russia has no extra capacity to maintain military bases abroad.


The new head of the Uralvagonzavod was Alexander Potapov. Another decision of the Board of Directors of the company elected as its new chair — they became the first Deputy head of Rostec Vladimir Artyakov. Vladimir Putin in December 2016, has decided to transfer to the Corporation in the management of Rostec. This measure is dictated by the need to improve the economic situation at the enterprise and begin the process of establishing a joint armoured holding on the basis of Uralvagonzavod Kurganmashzavod and.

Reference: Alexander Potapov was born on 23 Feb 1963 in Moscow. In 1986 graduated from the Bauman. N. Uh. Bauman specialty "Optoelectronic devices", mechanical engineer, candidate of economic Sciences.

In 2002, he was appointed Deputy General Director of the Russian Agency for conventional arms. Two years later, in 2004, he became head of the Department of industry of conventional arms of the Federal Agency for industry. Four years later, in 2008, Alexander Potapov has headed the Department of industry of conventional arms, ammunition and special chemistry. In 2012 he was appointed Director of the Federal service for defence order. 7 Jul 2014-Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation.

Igor Mochalin appointed as the new General Director of the Voronezh mechanical plant (VMZ), making engines for rockets "Soyuz" and "proton-M", reports the website of the NPO "Energomash".

It is planned that VSW will be part of the engine-building holding company, formed under the leadership of NPO "Energomash".

Earlier, Roscosmos withdrew for checks all the engines standing on the second and third stages of the carrier rockets "proton", produced at the Voronezh mechanical plant. According to the state Corporation, the factory in the production of engines used more expensive and does not meet the technical requirements of the solder. In addition, Roskosmos requested to replace the issued by the enterprise engines on the third stage of the launcher "Soyuz-U and Soyuz-FG", designed for launches to the International space station. The reason for the replacement of engines was the accident of the carrier rocket "Soyuz-U" 1 December 2016, which was lost with the cargo ship "Progress MC-04".

January 20, after a visit to the enterprise of Roscosmos, General Director VMZ Ivan Koptev has resigned at own will in connection with unsatisfactory work and quality of products.

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