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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring for a week from 29 April to 05 may 2019
Material posted: Publication date: 05-05-2019

Russia has created a new anti-submarine bomb with a parachute, flight tests of the new attack helicopter Mi-8AMTSH-VN scheduled to start before the end of the year; the third newest ship mine defense "Vladimir Yemelyanov" will be launched before the end of the second quarter of this year, the Russian airborne troops will receive new self-propelled anti-tank complex on the chassis of "Lada 44"; missile "anti-tank" can adopt this year; elements of s-500 were field testing; Iran and Russia will hold naval exercises. About these and other developments in the monitoring of the media during the week from 29. 04. 05. 05. 2019.

Russia has created an anti-submarine guided aerial bomb which can hit submarines at depths up to 600 meters, said Deputy Director of the "Tehmash" Alexander Kochkin. The weapon was presented at the 14th international defence industry exhibition IDEF-2019 in Istanbul.

"We present at the exhibition as one of the leading samples of anti-submarine weapons guided bombs "Pen-2E," said Kochkin RIA Novosti.

According to him, after we dropped the bomb from a plane or helicopter within four minutes there is the search target, when the bomb hangs on the float on the water surface.

"If the goal at the depth to be discovered, there is a disengagement from the parachute, float, and bomb out on the right path to achieve underwater targets only under its own weight, drive it there," Kochkin added.

He said that the acoustics of the submarine can't hear the attack from the bomb and the boat is unable to perform maneuver.


Action in Syria

May 1. Non-governmental organization "White helmets" was initially created in Syria as a tool of disinformation of the international community. This was stated by Director of the Russian Fund of research of problems of democracy Maxim Grigoriev.

May 2. Some media reported that in the North-West Syrian province of Hama during the shelling killed four military. Later, the Russian defense Ministry said that the publication of this untrue, in recent years, the country has not killed a single soldier from Russia.

May 3. Washington uses in Syria of Kurdish separatists within its plans for the long-term presence in Syria, undermining the achievements of the Astana format. This was discussed in comments released by the foreign Ministry.

As recalled in dipvedomstva, may 3 in the village of ain ISA separate Kurdish leaders, with the assistance of Western curators tried to hold a "Congress of the tribal unions, tribes and ethnic groups of Syria." "While not achieving the wider Arab representation, the organizers of the "pseudo-Congress" was forced to lower his status to that of a "conference," the Ministry said

May 4. The General staff of the Turkish armed forces have accused the Syrian army in the deposition of the artillery strike on the territory near the Turkish observation post in Idlib. It is reported by the Anadolu news Agency.

According to him, the shelling was the destroyed the barrier of the 10th observation point. According to the Agency Demiroren, injuring four Turkish soldiers. They were taken by helicopter to the hospital.

Idlib - the only major region of Syria, which remains in the hands of illegal armed groups. Ankara has equipped in Idlib 12 observation points for monitoring the zone of de-escalation.


The mainstream media of the DPRK published on Sunday, may 5, photos from the exercises with the use of a new long-range missile guns and tactical guided weapons, which can determine the type of the used operational-tactical missile complexes. The Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA) and the Central newspaper of the people's Republic Rodong Sinmum has provided more than 10 images from the scene of the shooting.

One image also shows the shooting of reactive systems of volley fire (MLRS) of large caliber. In addition, DPRK media have published photos of the President of the state Council of the country, Kim Jong-UN overseeing the conduct of the exercise. In particular, one of them shows that the leader of North Korea is sitting with binoculars at the observation point at a table with a colored map of the exercise area, and behind him on large screens pictured rocks in the sea, where, presumably, should fall rockets.

Previously, the Agency KCNA confirmed that North Korea conducted the teachings of the defensive parts on the East coast of the Republic with the purpose "to assess and test the ability [of soldiers] to handle long-range rocket guns of large calibers, and controlled tactical weapons, precision fire missions and combat capability of weapons defensive pieces in the front and Eastern fronts".

As underlined by the Agency, the leader of the DPRK was present at the observation point where he is "acquainted with the plan of applying the fire weapons of different calibers fire strike and checked the preparation of the shooting, including a nomination to the firing position and deploy a long-range rocket guns of large calibers and tactical guided weapons", and then gave the order "Fire".

According to the Agency, Kim Jong UN was satisfied with the firing, suddenly called the exercises a success, and praised soldiers for what "they are very good with modern long-range rocket guns of large calibers, and controlled tactical weapon." The KCNA did not specify the venue of the exercise, the weapons used and the number of issued shells.

Background: the Last time Pyongyang conducted missile tests in November 2017. Then was tested the rocket of a new type "And 15", which climbed to an altitude of 4475 km and covered a distance of 950 km. At the end of the launch, North Korea said that the rocket "And 15" can carry a nuclear warhead, within her reach is the entire territory of the United States.

The defense Ministry of Japan announced plans to double the range of its anti-ship missiles. It is reported by the Sankei Shimbun.

It is planned that the modernized missile by 2023, will be able to cover a distance of up to 400 kilometers. Under the update hits as land-based missiles and the missiles of class "air-ship" and "ship-ship".

According to the publication, in Tokyo, talking about the move to "empower deter Chinese troops."

Reference: In 2019, Japan will spend record amount on defense — $ 47 billion. The total state budget for this year is 912 billion. The increase in military spending associated with plans to counter China through the strengthening of missile defense and the deployment of stealth aircraft.


Flight tests of the new attack helicopter Mi-8AMTSH-VN scheduled to start before the end of the year, told RIA Novosti source in the military-industrial complex.

"Flight testing is scheduled to begin before the end of the year", - said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier it was reported that the Mil Design Bureau is developing the Mi-8AMTSH helicopter-EXT. It will be more armed, this machine is designed for fire support. The helicopter will be placed guided missile weapons, in addition, it will be equipped with supersonic missiles with ranges up to six kilometers.

Intelligent electronic system of the helicopter will allow you to remotely monitor the fuses of the rockets. Also the helicopter will be equipped with optical-electronic sighting system and the complex of defense "President-s", which automatically detects the launch of rockets on the helicopter.


The Navy plans to have about 40 ships mine defense (CSI) project 12700 2030. This was stated by commander of the Navy Admiral Vladimir Korolev at the meeting at the naval surface shipbuilding.

"Serial construction of mine counter measure vessels are part of the development and re-equipment of the mine-sweeping forces of the Navy. By 2030, the Russian Navy plans to have about 40 ships CSI project 12700" - he said

The third newest ship of this series "Vladimir Yemelyanov" will be launched before the end of the second quarter of 2019.

During the construction of these ships at the Sredne-Nevsky shipyard uses the latest Russian technologies that have no analogues in the world shipbuilding. The ships of this project are unique, the world's largest body of reinforced fiberglass. The mass of such a body is much lower compared to metal, thus significantly increasing its strength. This case is absolutely not afraid of corrosion, and service life, with respect for the norms of operation, almost unlimited.

Reference: Project 12700 developed by the Central marine design Bureau "Almaz" for the Russian Navy. These ships belong to the new generation mine countermeasure forces and designed to counter sea mines, that new vehicles can detect in the water of the sea waters and sea bottom, while not entering the danger zone. To combat the mines, the ships may use different types of trawls and remotely operated and Autonomous underwater vehicles. The displacement of ships of this project is 890 tons, length - 62 meters, width of ten meters, the crew - 44 persons.

Submarines of the black sea fleet "Stary Oskol" and "Krasnodar" will perform part of the permanent operative connection of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea until the end of 2020, after which will be on scheduled maintenance in Saint Petersburg. This was announced on Thursday, TASS a source in the shipbuilding industry.

"It is expected that at the end of 2020, the boats will be on scheduled maintenance on the "Admiralty shipyards" (St. Petersburg), to the enterprise where they were built," - said the Agency interlocutor.

In April, the "Stary Oskol" and "Krasnodar" became part of the Russian connection in the Mediterranean, where it replaced the same type of submarines "Great Novgorod" and "Kolpino", which was carrying combat watch off the coast of Syria. Every three months carried out the rotation of their crews.

Reference: "Admiralty shipyards" (part of the United shipbuilding Corporation) has built six submarines of project 636.3 for the black sea fleet. Submarine "Rostov-on-don", "Velikiy Novgorod" and "Kolpino", being part of the Mediterranean squadron, has repeatedly attacked with a cruise missile complex "Caliber" on terrorist targets in Syria.


In the division of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the strategic missile forces received the latest samples of special techniques, such as, chemical reconnaissance RHM-6, water dispensing stations ARS-14KM universal heat machine UTM-80M and control outdoor distribution points for the management of special treatment PPRC-K.

Currently the share of modern samples of weapons and military equipment is more than 40% of the total number of special equipment.

Been developing modern models of special equipment will significantly empower and provide quality solution of the tasks of the units NBC defense aimed at increasing the willingness and ability of strategic Missile troops to action under conditions of radioactive, chemical and biological contamination.

Reference: taking into account the implementation of planned supply security modern samples by 2027 will amount to 93%.

Four attack helicopters Mi-24P "Crocodile" will go into service brigade of army aviation of the Central military district, stationed in the Sverdlovsk region until the end of may.

Multi-purpose attack helicopters will greatly enhance the combat capabilities of the brigade of army aviation. The crews of Mi-24 will perform tasks within the flight tactical exercises, as well as be used in various tactical exercises from company to brigade level. The pilots of a squadron of Mi-24 went through theoretical and practical training in combat training center and retraining of pilots of army aviation in the Tver region.

Spravno: Mi-24 is a mixture of ground attack and infantry fighting vehicles. The equipment enables the helicopter to fly day and night, even in adverse weather conditions. In the army helicopter Mi-24 was nicknamed "the Crocodile".

New parachute systems received the state defense order for arming aircraft formations and units of the Central military district (CVO).

All the CVO received 60 parachute systems of special purpose Crossbow 1, Crossbow-2, Malva-24, as well as training parachutes D-1-5U. Parachutes will be used when performing jumps, including search and rescue provision of landing the lander spacecraft, and to perform a program of parachute training flight crews.

Spravochno: Connections and military units of the army, air force and air defense deployed in the regions of Siberia, the Urals, the Volga region, and in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The army - aircraft of fighter, bomber and attack aircraft, attack and transport and attack helicopters.

Airborne troops (VDV) of the Russian Federation will receive a new self-propelled anti-tank missile systems (SPTRC) on the basis of all-wheel drive car-truck "Lada 44" in the near future. About this TASS said a source in the military-industrial complex.

"New SPARK is a mass-produced car "Lada 44, equipped to accommodate the family of ATGM "Kornet" and several anti-tank guided missiles to it, while the firing part of the complex can be mounted directly in the units. Thus, the firepower and mobility of airborne forces will increase significantly with minimum cost," - said the source.

According to him, installation of new SPARK party have been delivered to the airborne unit. "These complexes are positively proven in the course of various exercises, including "Vostok-2018". Hallmark SPTRC on the basis of "Lada 44" is a high mobility. "The complex may be transported in the cargo hold of the heavy military-transport helicopters Mi-26 and on the external suspension medium Mi-8/17 helicopters," - said the Agency interlocutor.

Reference: basic modification of a pickup truck "Lada 44" for the Armed forces of the Russian Federation will debut on the may 9 Victory day parade on red square in Moscow.

The Ministry of defense of Russia in the first half of this year to adopt unguided missile "anti-tank", said RIA Novosti Deputy General Director of JSC "NPK "tehmash", part of state Corporation rostec, Alexander Kochkin.

"State tests of the new unguided missile "anti-tank" was completed last year, JSC NPO "Alloy". Currently the documents are under consideration in the Ministry of defense. I think that in the near future, in the first half, the Ministry should take a decision about adopting this rocket," said Kochkin.

Reference: "anti-tank" weapons designed for aircraft of the type su-25 and helicopters Mi-8. These missiles should Supplement a family of unguided rockets C-8 caliber 80 mm. Earlier in an interview with Russian media, the General Director of the enterprise — the developer of this weapon, tehmash, Mr Lepine said that the missile is able to break through the barriers facing set her goals, while not destroyed, and continuing his flight.


The newest self-propelled anti-tank complex Kaplan (Kaplan), equipped with Russian anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) "Kornet" and designed for Turkish Armed forces, successfully passed the test. About this TASS said a source in the company-developer "Kaplan" FNSS.

"New SPARK successfully tested in different types of terrain, including mountains, and conducted the shooting, which proved the correctness of the choice of the Cornet as one of the variants of weapons", - said the source. According to him, the Turkish army will receive two versions SPTRC Kaplan, one of which is armed with Russian ATGM "cornet", and the second Turkish missile OMTAS.

As the source noted, the first deliveries of "Kaplan" with ATGM "Kornet", the customer will be made before the end of 2019.

Reference: SPARK "Kaplan" was developed by FNSS under the program of updating of Park of Turkish self-propelled anti-tank weapons. In accordance with the current concept of development of the military-industrial complex one of the modifications of the complex were equipped with the Turkish missile development, in particular, OMTAS company Rocketsan. According to the Ministry of defence of Turkey, the country's army will receive 260 units SPARK "Kaplan" until 2021. The exact number of cars equipped with ATGM "cornet" is not reported.

Elements the latest air defense system s-500 "Prometheus" — radar complex (RLC) and a multifunction radar station (radar) — passed field testing and is ready for production. This was told "Izvestia" a source in the Ministry of defence.

"The s-500 is a new generation anti-aircraft missile systems, which is able to act, including in the framework of missile defence, for example to deal with ballistic blocks," said the former chief of anti-aircraft missile troops Lieutenant General Alexander Gorkov.

It is noted that s-500 will be able to fight even with satellites.

In addition, the experts reported that when used in conjunction With-500 and "Pantsir-SM" last will "work" on drones to avoid wasting the main long-range missiles s-500.


The heads of military departments of the countries of the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO) discussed the situation in Central Asia and agreed to send its troops to the Moscow Victory parade in 2020. This was announced on Tuesday after a meeting of the Council of defense Ministers of the CSTO in Bishkek, acting Secretary General of the organization Valery Semerikov.

"We discussed many important issues, including military-political and strategic situation in Central Asia given the challenges and threats emanating from Afghan territory," he said, adding that the situation on the border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan were discussed at once with "multiple viewpoints", including military and political.

According to Semerikova, in total, during the meeting of heads of military departments of the CSTO was signed 11 documents, including the draft plan of consultations of representatives of the countries of the organization for foreign policy, security and defense in the second half of 2019 first semester 2020, the draft decision of the Council of defense Ministers on implementation of the UN counter-terrorism strategy and document the dates and locations of the forthcoming joint exercises of the CSTO countries, which will shortly take place on the territory of Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

During the meeting it was also decided that the next meeting of the Council of defense Ministers of the CSTO countries to be held in Bishkek in November of this year and involve military units of the countries of the organization of the military parade on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war, which will be held next year in the Russian capital.

Reference: held In Bishkek the meeting was attended by the defense Ministers of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

The Navy of Iran and Russia are planning in the coming months to conduct joint maneuvers. As reported on Monday, the Islamic Republic news Agency, said the commander of the country's Navy, rear Admiral Hossein Hanzade. According to him, Russian ships will have to arrive in the coming months in the southern Iranian ports to participate in the exercises. Hanzade not announced the exact dates and place of the meeting.

As the material of the Agency, the maneuvers can take place in the area of the Strait of Hormuz that separates the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. Through this Strait is transported about 30% of oil from the region.


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