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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week 29 October-04 November 2018
Material posted: Publication date: 05-11-2018

Develop managed and unmanaged missiles of "Monolith" will replace standing armed C-13; two missile regiment with hypersonic warheads will be created by 2027; Iran will produce its own fighter jets; intelligence divisions of the WMD were armed systems for special reconnaissance DM-4; anti-aircraft missile units of the motorized brigade of the southern military district has adopted the newest air defense missile systems "tor-M2"; fighter aircraft YUVO added modernized su-27SM3; Russia has successfully tested the cooling system space nuclear engine; Pacific fleet provides factory sea trials of the newest Corvette "Loud"; the portfolio of Rosoboronexport reached $50 billion On these and other developments in media monitoring for a week 29. 10. 04. 11. 2018.

The group "tehmash" (included in rostec) develops a managed and unmanaged missiles of "Monolith" in place of armed With-13. This was stated by the General Director of concern Vladimir Lepin in interview to TV channel "Zvezda".

"There are a whole range of new developments: so we make a new missile caliber 130 mm "Monolit", and managed, and the usual," said Lepine. - It should replace "thirteenth" rocket [unguided missile s-13]".

"Our main task is to ensure that the product meet new requirements, but the cost was like his predecessor," he added.

The development of the "Monolith" - the continuation of the missile "anti-tank" (according to open sources, the weapon must change the s-8 rocket 80 mm caliber), which can be obtained for experimental troop operation in the next year, said the head of "Tehmash".

"We have completed tests that showed that the rocket meets the requirements that were presented to her defense, we are now at the stage of signing documents. I hope that by the end of the year all the procedures will be finished, hope early next year to put a rocket on the experimental troop operation," - said Levin.

Reference: Unguided missile s-13 122mm was developed in the 1970-ies, in the future, was created its modification with other combat units.


Action in Syria

31 Oct. The militants of the "Islamic party of Turkestan" (banned in Russia) was transported 20 tanks with chlorine with a volume of ten liters each in the Syrian province of Idlib for provocations, told reporters the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov.

1 Nov. Iran has begun to establish local armed groups in the province of Deraa in southern Syria, according to the newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, citing informed sources. According to interlocutors of the edition, for recruiting future fighters of the Iranian military formations visited several refugee camps.

1 Nov. Turkish and U.S. troops began joint patrols in the Syrian Manbij, said on Thursday Anadolu Agency. It is noted that joint patrols will continue until the objectives agreed by Turkey and the United States as a road map to Monbijou.

2 Nov. Syrian democratic forces (SDS) has suspended operations against the militants of the terrorist organization "Islamic state" in response to attacks by Turkey in Northern Syria, said in a statement released by the representative of the Central command of the United States Beat Urbana.

3 Nov. Russian military police provided security of humanitarian convoy of the UN, which was flying from Damascus to the refugee camp "er-Ruban", located on the Syrian-Jordanian border near the American base At TANF, told reporters the head of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Savchenko.


The American magazine defense Blog published the first photos of the concept of promising Russian combat helicopter, the development of which allegedly is engaged in design office "Kamov". The image shows that the aircraft will have wings, while the chassis will be cleaned during the flight. In addition, seats in the cockpit located next to each other.

It is noted that the modern helicopter, whose name was not disclosed, will be able to reach the speed of 700 km/h. the Novelty will be equipped with infrared countermeasures for the suppression of the aviation equipment of the enemy, the article says.

The journal The National Interest explained why the Russian T-90 tank is superior to the Western counterparts.

According to the publication, the main advantage of the Russian tank is the fire control system. Also it is much lighter than some Western models. Another important advantage is that, according to experts, the Russian tanks still successfully oppose the missile systems the US at the expense of dynamic protection.

The journal The National Interest notes that the T-90 proved itself in Syria, although the region was directed not so much data of combat vehicles.

Business Insider wrote that the Russian ships departing on a long voyage during NATO exercises in escort towing technology, are an iconic Testament to the biggest problem of the Russian Navy.

The American edition recalls the accident that occurred in the last decades of the Russian warships and associated infrastructure. In particular, the authors cited the example of the catastrophe of the submarine K-141 "Kursk", fires in the shipyards and incidents with the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov".

"This series of accidents and problems leads to one inescapable conclusion: of the Navy of Russia there is a problem of maintenance," emphasizes Business Insider.

The publication notes that the Russian Navy has a number of ships, in particular the "Admiral Kuznetsov", which is almost never left in a long voyage without towing equipment.

According to military analyst Brian Clark notes "", military vehicles without major repairs is able to serve only the first 20-25 years of operation. The impossibility of maintenance of aging ships, the expert sees the lack of the necessary replacement items, production or access to which is currently impossible. Clark believes that for the Russian Navy, the idea of the escort tug has become a standard. The situation the specialist pointed out a lesson to the rest of the world.


The Japanese government plans to begin construction of a military base on the island of Ishigaki, says the Sankei Shimbun. As noted, the base construction should begin in 2019. It is aimed at deterring military activity of China in the region. While the new database will be 5-6 thousand soldiers, and missiles of class "surface - to-ship" and "earth - air".

It is clarified that at present, a military base located on the largest island of Okinawa. In the spring of next year to begin construction of another military base on the island of Miyako.

India successfully tested a ballistic short-range missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. It started with the Indian ocean, local media reported, citing a source.

Reference: the range of the missile "Agni-1" — from 700 to 900 km. of Russia and the USA are forbidden to be armed with such missiles the bilateral agreement, of its intention to withdraw from which has recently announced the Donald trump. India, like China, such agreements are not signed. Ballistic short-range missiles harder to intercept than the Intercontinental.

In Iran began production of its first fighter. Several cars Kowsar will be fielded by the Republican air force. This was stated by Minister of defense Amir Khatami, reports Reuters. According to him, thanks to the specialists of the air force of the Iranian army defence industry was able to overcome the sanctions barriers, especially in the field of aerospace industry.


The current state armament programme provides for the deployment of up to 2027 two regiments with missile systems "vanguard" armed with hypersonic maneuvering warheads. About this TASS said a source in the Russian defense-industrial complex.

"The term deployed and put on combat duty two regiments consisting of six launchers each - 2027. For acquisition of these regiments in the state armaments Program included 12 missiles UR-100N utth, each of which will be equipped with hypersonic planning warheads", - said the Agency interlocutor.

Both regiments, according to the official statement of the defense Ministry, will be part of the red banner missile division deployed in the Orenburg region. According to the source, the decision to deploy only two regiments is not final. "Everything will depend on the [world] situation," the source added.

For the First time about the creation of hypersonic Avangard said on March 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly. Later, during the "straight line" June 7, 2018, the President said that "the system <...> is already in industrial production and in 2019 we plan to supply the Armed forces". Original media strategic hypersonic weapons will be the rocket UR-100N utth, and subsequently, the newest heavy rocket "Sarmat".


On the Kamchatka Peninsula in the point-based Submarine forces Pacific fleet (TOF), a solemn ceremony of raising the flag of the auxiliary fleet of the Russian Navy in the new RAID tugboat "RB-2186" of the project 16609, adopted in the composition of the support vessels of the Pacific fleet.

Reference: RAID tugboat "RB-2186" of project 16609 built at the Leningrad shipbuilding plant "Pella".

Modern tug is designed to support the activities of the submarines of the Pacific fleet, including nuclear submarines of "Borey"project.

RAID tugs of this project are large technical possibilities, increased engine power, efficiency and ease of use, unable to navigate in sea areas with distance of 100 miles from the basing points, to carry out the refloating of ships and vessels, fire fighting on floating objects and onshore facilities, participate in the transport of goods, the breaking of the ice, as well as rescue and special operations.


Intelligence units of the Western military district has adopted a new facilities special means of surveillance - the laser scout the DM-4.

Mobile the laser scout the DM-4 is designed for reconnaissance units with which they can more effectively solve the tasks of detection, recognition, TV control in automatic and manual modes. Allows to determine the coordinates in automatic mode of different types of objects in day and night conditions, and changes in the environment.

The instrument includes a day optical aiming device with 14x zoom, night sight channel television system day and night video surveillance, as well as all the information is automatically recorded and can be transferred to an external monitor.

Reference: Feature tough conditions for the performance of combat training tasks for the scouts is to use the angle measuring platform precise guidance of the sighting axis at large distances, that allows to achieve the required accuracy of measurement of coordinates at distances several times larger than its predecessors.

The specialists of anti-aircraft missile units of the motorized infantry connection of the 58th combined arms army of the southern military district, stationed in Vladikavkaz, have adopted the latest set of divisional anti-aircraft missile system "tor-M2" after completing theoretical and practical training in the training center of air defense troops of the Ground forces.

Currently, the gunners are preparing weapons and equipment for the March to the loading station for further transport railway line on the polygon located in the Astrakhan region.

In the field soldiers will pass the standards for deployment and making ready for use of AAMS, the order of loading of launchers, to conduct reconnaissance of air targets and their classification according to the degree of danger. At the final stage of preparation of staff of divisions of air defense missile systems "tor-M2" will hold the first connecting firing at the Kapustin Yar. After the firings of anti-aircraft defense units of the connection will arrive at the permanent base on new military equipment.

Reference: Just to study involved about 200 troops, including the crews of the launchers, calculations of radar stations (RS) and automated control systems (management information system).

The Tagil missile connection among the first of the strategic missile forces, received into service of the universal thermal machine UTM-80M. Currently organized serial production of this machine.

This machine is developed in the interests of the strategic missile forces and is designed for degassing, decontamination and disinfection of large objects, armament and military equipment. Until the end of the year planned delivery of several machines UTM-80M for the strategic missile forces.

Reference: the kit allows to perform special processing of large military equipment, including standalone launchers, "YARS", with the movement of the operator along the processed object at a height of 20 meters.

Mixed aviation connection 4-th army air force and air defense of the southern military district (JUVO), stationed in the Krasnodar region, received the upgraded fighters of generation "4++" su-27SM3. The aircraft flew with the aircraft plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in Khabarovsk region, covering nearly 10 thousand km with two intermediate stops to refuel on airfields Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk regions.

Until the end of 2020, the troops of the southern military district, the share of modern samples of all types of weapons and military equipment by land, sea and air component will be increased to 70%, and in some samples up to 100%.

Reference: su-27SM3 is a deeply modernized multirole jet fighter with a more powerful engine, enhanced maneuverability and range.

Aviation link consisting of three modernized su-25СМ3 joined the fighting strength of flying connections 4-th army air force and air defense of the southern military district, stationed in the Krasnodar region.

Since the beginning of the year in accordance with the plan of re-equipping troops YUVO aviation formations and military units of the southern military district received about 15 units of aircraft, including military transport aircraft An-148-100.

Reference: su-25СМ3 is a deeply modernized multi-role attack aircraft designed to destroy small-size moving and stationary ground targets and low-speed air targets. In the cockpit the last comprehensive modernization of attack aircraft equipped with a digital display that shows the ground and air situation, a new fire control system and satellite navigation GLONASS. Combat efficiency of the machine is improved three times compared to previous versions.

More than 10 of the latest BTR-82A joined the fighting strength of divisions of Marines of the Caspian flotilla of the southern military district (JUVO), stationed in Dagestan.

The BTR-82A produced at the plant in Nizhny Novgorod region, came to replace the outdated machinery of the BTR-80, standing on the arms more than 25 years.

Compared to BTR-80 new machines improved survivability, maneuverability, reliability, durability and mine resource exploitation. A ballistic protection in the form of a special lining on the inner surface of the housing and air conditioning. APC received digital radios, and instruments of observation.

Reference: BTR-82A arrived in a marine corps unit in the framework of the program of re-samples of modern equipment by 2020. Earlier, in may and June, the Marines received about 60 units of BTR-82A.

Concludes re a regular regiment of Yoshkar-Ola missile compound on the latest mobile ground missile systems (pgrk), the fifth generation "YARS". At the same time with commissioning pgrk is the acceptance of a large number of units, ensuring their operation, protection and combat application. In the near future, the strategic missile troops re-equipped regiment will be put on combat duty.

As previously reported, the commander of the strategic Missile forces (RVSN) Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev, has been completed re teykovsky, Tagil and Novosibirsk missile formations on pgrk "YARS".

In the course of re-connection to new types of missile complexes were carried out infrastructure position areas of missile regiments, allowing to provide better conditions for the exploitation of weapons, training duty forces, incurring a personnel alerting and rest.

In addition, to increase the base of the modern training means. To do this, in Yoshkar-Ola missile compound received modern training complexes for training on pgrk "YARS". The newest line of training products include simulators for training of drivers of the Autonomous launchers and machines to ensure alerting.


In the sea of Japan is continuing a complex of factory sea trials of the newest Corvette "Loud", which was built for the Pacific fleet at the Amur shipyard. To provide practical activities, which verified the reliability and performance of systems and equipment of the Corvette in a variety of conditions, attracted by the rescue tug "Photios Krylov" and helicopter Ka-27 naval aviation of the Pacific fleet.

31 Aug Corvette "Loud" to pass the final test phase was delivered to Vladivostok from the Amur shipbuilding plant in the acceptance base of the enterprise in the transport floating dock "Zee".

Reference: "Loud" is the second project 20380 Corvette built specifically for TOF in the framework of the rearmament programme. The length of the Corvette - is 104.5 meters, width 13 meters, the total displacement is 2.2 tons, a maximum speed of up to 27 knots.

Test war machines tank support in the 90th armored division of the Central military district, stationed on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region, will last about a year. In 2019 planned series of exercises in the framework of the military trials, the duration of which can last up to a year.

Earlier, the commander of the Central military district Lieutenant-General Alexander Lapin stated that the first BMPT "Terminator" will go to the division in the Urals for testing.

It is planned that until the end of 2018 received 10 units. The choice of venue for military trials, that is, the Ural tank division, due to the proximity to the factory "Terminators" ("Uralvagonzavod").

Reference: Combat armored tracked vehicle BMPT "Terminator" is created on the basis of the T-90. She is armed with two cannons of 30 mm caliber, heavy machine gun and anti-tank complex "Attack-T". The crew -- five people. Machine designed to destroy hardened targets such as tanks, highly mobile light armored cars, tank hazardous manpower of the enemy equipped with rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missile systems.

In the 3rd Central scientific research Institute of the Ministry of defense conducted a comprehensive test of protected vehicles "Typhoon". Such testing equipment will help to understand the experts, what will be the military vehicle of the future.

Trial operation has been subjected to for 30 secure car families "Typhoon" and "Typhoon-U".

Such a number of armored vehicles possible to eliminate the subjectivity of evaluation, to increase the accuracy of the indicators and to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the reliability of military equipment.

During the test experts of the Russian defense Ministry has developed proposals for manufacturers to improve the reliability and security of equipment.

In addition, it was approved the order of 20 instructions for specialists of automotive services that will help to improve the rules of car use, thereby increasing the operating life and reduce repair costs.

Reference: Testing is an integral part of the modernization, so in the 3rd Central scientific research Institute of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation continuously and regularly test the samples of modern military equipment.

In Russia conducted a successful test of the cooling system of the nuclear power plant (nuclear engines) megawatt class. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to data procurement website.

"The works are made in full. The results meet the requirements of the technical specifications", — stated in the message.


"Indestructible brotherhood - 2018"

Joint military exercises "Indestructible brotherhood - 2018" with the peacekeeping forces of the collective security Treaty were held from October 30 to November 2 in Sverdlovsk region. The maneuvers took place on the site of the Sverdlovsk training center near Yekaterinburg.

The goal is to check the readiness of the peacekeeping contingent of the CSTO to perform tasks, to improve skills of the personnel and the professional skills of officers of management bodies.

During the maneuvers the soldiers had developed to monitor observance of the cease-fire and behavior of the population in the area of responsibility, the task of assisting in the restoration of peaceful life in the territories affected by the attacks of international terrorist organizations, and in cooperation with the police worked the questions on counteraction to mass riots.

The total number of participants "Indestructible brotherhood – 2018" was about 1.3 thousand people from six countries, there were 300 units of military equipment and 20 units of various types of aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles.


As you know, November 2 in the framework of the official visit of the President of the Council of state of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Canela in Russia has held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Despite the fact that the topic of talks on military-technical cooperation between Russia and Cuba has been constantly on the agenda, however, is too sensitive for public discussion, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.


The portfolio of orders for delivery to foreign countries of various types of Russian weaponry exceeded $50 billion. this was announced by General Director of "Rostec" Chemezov. According to him, this is a record figure for the 18 years of the existence of "Rosoboronexport".

Only in 2018, Moscow has signed contracts worth about $19 billion Russia confidently holds the second place on the world arms market. In great demand abroad are air defense, aircraft, armored vehicles, missile and artillery systems, manufactured in Russia.


30 October - Day of Foundation of the Russian Navy and the day of the surface Navy man

October 30 in Russia is considered to be the Foundation Day of the Russian Navy.

(20) October 30, 1696 boyar Duma at the insistence of Peter I decided to create a regular Navy of Russia: "Sea ships to be."

Creating regular Navy in Russia – historical pattern due to the urgent need for the country to overcome the territorial, political and cultural isolation, which became at the turn of 17-18 centuries, the main obstacle to economic and social development of the Russian state. Therefore, in the 1690-ies, Russia has deployed military shipbuilding. Soon the court began to be built in Voronezh and St. Petersburg, on lake Ladoga and the Arkhangelsk. Were created Azov and Baltic fleets, and later — the Pacific, Northern and black sea fleets and the Caspian flotilla.

In the 1st half of the 18th century Russian sailors made a lot of important geographical discoveries. In 1740, V. Bering and A. Chirikov founded Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in 1741 discovered the Strait and reached the West coast of North America. In the future, significant geographical discoveries, circumnavigation made remarkable Russian seafarers F. F. Bellingshausen, V. M. Golovnin, M. P. Lazarev, E. V. Putyatin.

In the 2nd half of the 18th — early 19th century Russian naval fleet on the number of warships came in 3rd place in the world, constantly improving the tactics of fighting at sea. This allowed the Russian sailors to win a series of brilliant victories. In the history of the Navy of Russia with bright pages entered the life and exploits of Admiral G. spiridov, F. F. Ushakov, D. N. Senyavin GI Butakova, VI Istomin, VA Kornilov, PS Nakhimov, Makarov.

During the great Patriotic war of the Soviet fleet withstood severe tests and protected the flanks of the front, smashing the fascists of the sea, sky and land. Submariners, naval airmen and soldiers marine units have written new page in the history of naval glory of the Fatherland.

In 1941-1945 ably led military actions in naval theaters of war Admiral N. G. Kuznetsov, Is Isakov, AG Golovko, VF Tributs, FS October, L. A. Vladimirsky, And S. G. Gorshkov, I. S. Yumashev...

Modern Russian Navy has a robust military equipment: it is a powerful missile cruisers, nuclear submarines, anti-submarine ships, landing craft and naval aircraft.




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