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Material posted: Publication date: 14-12-2020

NATO as a military-political organization was created and exists as a critical tool for the implementation of geopolitical goals of the West. After the collapse of USSR and dissolution of Warsaw Pact, the Alliance had moved to implement an aggressive offensive strategy, claiming the role of a global player.

Thus, arsentevskoe position in China is to present Beijing as the undisputed political, economic and military adversary of the West, and the strategy of the Alliance assumes control and his opposition to further development by the simultaneous finding of beneficial interest to prevent further rapprochement with Russia.

It should be noted that in 2007 the Pentagon had formed a sixth regional command – unified command of U.S. armed forces in the zone of Africa (AFRICOM), with an area of responsibility covering 53 countries. AFRICOM's mandate includes the conduct of military operations on the continent, assistance in the preparation of the armed forces loyal to Washington by African governments, the protection and monitoring of natural resources on the continent, as well as their transportation routes.

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