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Voslensky, M. S. 'From the history of U.S. policy in the German question 1918-1919'
Material posted: Publication date: 10-01-2014

Humanity is the tragic experiences of the wrong, the imperialist solution of the German question after the first world war. Then the German militarists, with the active support of foreign, primarily American, monopoly capital managed to revive the military potential of Germany and to start a war. This war has brought people the untold misery and suffering and brought the German people to a national catastrophe.

A big role in this crime against humanity has played the monopoly of the United States of America. Trying to gloss over that role, bourgeois falsifiers of history are trying to create the impression that the preparation of German aggression, which resulted in the second world war, began only in 1939, In fact the preparation of the German militarism for the outbreak of world war began many years before. The first and foremost prerequisite of Hitler aggression was the revival of the German military-industrial potential, made possible only by virtue of the direct and extensive financial support of the ruling circles of the USA. A huge role in this was played by the Dawes plan, compiled by the American monopolies in 1924

It would however be wrong to assume that since 1924, the Dawes plan, and marks the beginning of the U.S. policy for the revival of German militarism, which eventually led to the second world war. The basis of this course was its anti-Soviet orientation, and the imperialists of the USA began immediately after the victory of the great October socialist revolution in our country. Course start USA for the revival of German militarism refers to 1918-1919.

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