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Everywhere — the unknown snipers: Vilnius — 1991, Moscow - 1993, Caracas — 2002, Kyiv in 2014. Coincidence?
Material posted: Publication date: 04-05-2019
Kiev, Caracas, Vilnius — everywhere there is the same scenario. Unknown snipers shooting at protesters and opposing them law enforcement groups. The crowd are furious, the police demobilized. Ultimately, snipers are not caught, and the whole world is blaming Pro-government forces (Lithuanian SSR — Vilnius riot police in Ukraine — "Berkut"), supporting the demonstrators. On your court — testimony and description of the event.

Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR, in January 1991.

An eyewitness reported, Petkevicius:

"What nonsense to say that the participants of the storm, which shot below idle speed, could hit gathered at the foot of the tower people. I saw with my own eyes, like Bouncing off the pavement, bullets flew and ricocheted past my feet. About how everything was, told me and a few injured guards. They tried to restore the truth through the press, but had nothing to prove, because he was removed from among the defenders.

Party like street fighting Arturas Sakalauskas was shot with a small caliber rifle when he ran too far from the Parliament. According to the Prosecutor of Ostashki investigating the case, such weapons from a passing Russian officers was not and could not be. Moreover, they do not shoot".

"It was necessary to infuriate the crowd, — told in a London newspaper by this action, a strategist Audrius Butkevicius. — Locating the tower disguised as a soldier, I risked a lot".

Lithuanian forensic experts established that most of the victims at the tower the direction of the shooting channels came downwards at an angle of 40-60 degrees. But the Marines were not on the tower, and stood before the crowd, how did this happen?

Caracas, Venezuela, April 2002

11 April 2002, at the urging of one of the largest trade unions of Venezuela in Caracas held a demonstration, attended by some 200,000 people at the headquarters of PDVSA, in defense of the dismissed employees. After the demonstrations, the protest organizers suddenly decided to change the route of the March and led thousands of protesters to the presidential Palace Miraflores, where there was a demonstration of supporters of the President.

When the crowd of protesters approached the presidential Palace, suddenly began shooting snipers that killed 20 and injured about 100 participants of both marches.

Kiev, Ukraine, February 2014

The former head of SBU Alexander Yakimenko: "the Shots went to the Philharmonic hall. For this building answered the Maidan commandant Parubiy. With this building snipers worked and worked people with automatic weapons on the 20th. They supported the military attack on the officers who were already demoralized and have, in fact, fled, as they were knocked out in the dash, they fled in panic... At this point, the fire started on those who attacked the policemen and they began losing. And it's all happening at the Philharmonic hall. When the first wave of shootings ended, many of the recorded output of this building is 20 people — well-dressed, specially dressed, was trunks, carrying sniper rifles, was AKM rifles have scopes. It is also seen. And most interesting is that this is seen not only our operatives, but also representatives of the Maidan".

The activist of the Maidan Vladimir Venac, received six wounds: "the First wound I got in the back. But not from the government quarter, where there was a clear threat... and from the "Ukraina"hotel".


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