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The WSJ learned on the deployment in Libya US special forces in case of attack on ISIS
Material posted: Publication date: 13-05-2016
From the end of 2015 a group of US special forces are on two base in Libya, recognized by The Wall Street Journal. The military occupied these positions for a possible offensive against the "Islamic state".

Us special forces takes two bases in Eastern and Western Libya since the end of 2015 for a possible an offensive against the militants of the "Islamic state" (organization banned in Russia). About this newspaper the Wall Street Journal said two officials on condition of anonymity.

Two groups, the number of which at least 25 people, took up positions in the cities of Misrata (near the capital Tripoli, in the West of the country) and Benghazi (in the East). In group tasks included identification of potential allies of terrorists among the local armed groups, as well as gather information about potential threats from the militants.

According to Libyan and American officials, in addition to the "contact groups" from the US such activities are undertaken by French colleagues and a number of other European States. Thus the French Embassy in Washington declined to comment on the military action in Libya.

Pentagon press Secretary Peter cook refused to allow the publication of specific information about American groups. However, he said that the soldiers occasionally met with Libyans "in an effort to help them rebuild safe existence".

The newspaper writes that within a few months the Pentagon is developing plans for possible action against ISIS, which have at least several thousand fighters in the coastal city of Sirte and in other areas.

The publication notes that, although the number of ISIS militants in Libya is much smaller than in Syria and Iraq, however, the group also conducts mass executions and other crimes, as in these two countries.

In late January the Pentagon said that Washington is considering the possibility of waging a military campaign in Libya against terrorists "Islamic state", if the group would take the new territories in the country. Then cook also noted that Libya was visited by a small group of American soldiers, which met with representatives of various local groups, to assess the situation. In case of increasing terrorist threats, the Pentagon admitted air strikes and limited special forces.

Natalia Kondrashova


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