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Why did trump kill Suleimani and why is it important for us
Material posted: Publication date: 08-01-2020
January 2, 2020 in Baghdad was killed by Qassem Soleimani. This event it is necessary to understand and make the right conclusions. And it's urgent. Because it is our future a direct relationship. Direct.

Unfortunately, our public is not really able to "understanding". Hitherto called simply killed an Iranian General. Yes, strictly formally, it was an Iranian General, but he's still in 2009 could offset the Iranian President, though not one.

Of course, strictly formally, it was just the commander of Iranian special operations forces. But in fact he controlled a vast multinational financial Empire, is rich enough to sponsor the whole Iranian war machine in the middle East without receiving from the state budget a single Rial. And the giant network of private armies, one of which was, for example, "Hezbollah", but was not the only one. Have to fight for him even Christians, he was able to win over even the mortal enemies of Iran and all Shia in the world – "al-Qaeda" (banned in Russia). The Kurds, the suppression of which Iran started his military career in Iraq had to hide it from their main allies – the Americans.

Yes, it is his official status was not equal to many in Iran. And in fact he gave the orders to a foreign President as his subordinates – and they unquestioningly obey.

Once Qasem Soleimani was a little boy, trying to find any job to help save father, a peasant from arrest for debt. And the day before death the number of people having more than him, the power was less than fingers. In the world, not in Iran. In Iran, however, also only Ayatollah Khamenei could send him into retirement if he wanted. But he wouldn't because Soleimani was a national hero who will be remembered many years after the name of Khamenei will be forever forgotten by all. Part of the national Pantheon, a figure that is commensurate with the Saladin in the Shiite Muslim world. The man who drove the Iraq and war in Syria at the same time. Man, personally familiar with the Bashar al-Assad and, apparently, Vladimir Putin. Friend Hassan Nasrallah. In Iran, he is credited with the idea to invite Russia to Syria. This is probably not true, but the scale of the individual Soleimani quite gives grounds for such rumors.

In the world today, there are almost no commensurate with the scale of the individual. If Putin only. XI Jinping is still possible. Even killed Soleimani trump does not hold, however, it happens that people are easier to kill those who are their superior in his personal qualities. Particularly simple is obtained, when for no reason, out of the corner.

Soleimani dry would have won the presidential elections in Iran, if I wanted to. But he once refused a political career, saying: "I want to be a soldier of the revolution." In Iran it was called "Sardar" — commander. Of course, this is also one of the Iranian traditions, the so – called high-ranking officers, in the press, for example. Here are all the commanders were the names, and simply Commander in Iran was one. And will remain one.

It was a legend of a man. Pretty terrible legend, it is impossible not to recognize, but the legend. Man-a symbol. And even his death is filled with characters like nobody else. In the history of Russia the scale of the individual were also, for example, Ermak. But there were many of them. Yes, and no one did much.

He was the one who sought peace with the Americans and successfully led Iran to him, and then began to those who destroyed the largest number of American soldiers after Vietnam. And not on their own. He crushed the American plans in Iraq and won Iraq for his country. He fought for the reincarnation of the Persian Empire like no other and almost won.

He was killed by a weapon specifically created for secret murders. Useless in war but effective for secret killings of those who cannot defend themselves here and now. Arms, which is now itself a symbol, only a symbol of another country – the United States. Crystal clear symbol.

And in his death concluded the lessons. And a lot of them too.

But about all under the order.

Shadow commander

There is no sense to retell the biography of Qasem Soleimani. It is publicly available, including on Russian language. But something is worth commenting on. Going to war with Iraq as a Junior officer, Soleimani scored a level of bravery and military abilities, which got a phenomenal career. By joining the IRGC at the age of 22, already at thirty he commanded a division, and his first Union, infantry brigade, received at the age of 27. However, those who served with him, noted that he retained the respect for human life, which is rather peculiar for a Junior officer. Soleimani always grieved losses in their parts. Then, in the eighties, he was one of the first in Iran's officers have raised their voice against the "wasteful" methods of warfare practiced by the Iranians. It is possible that this influenced his style of operations in the future.

After the war with Iraq ended, the Iranian authorities began to look for a way to "solve problems" with neighbors is not such a terrible price as it was in the war with Iraq. Moreover, Iran is constantly falling under one, then under other sanctions, simply do not have money for big wars. Logical and, most importantly, relevant local cultural paradigm was the creation of a force capable of exhausting and chilling enemy irregular war on the distant approaches to Iran. The ideal basis for such a force was the formation mistakenly called in the press the Arabic word "al-Quds". In fact, in Farsi it is called "Quds" really means the same thing – "Jerusalem".


From the beginning of the war with Iraq "Quds" led irregular war in Iraqi Kurdistan, and from 1982, the year began subversive anti-Israeli activities in Lebanon. It then created "Hezbollah", "saddled" anti-Israel and anti-Christian sentiment in Lebanon after the events of the 1982-th year.

After the war with Iran, "Quds" was supposed to go to the next level. And for that he needed a new commander.

In 1998 it became commander Soleimani. By the time his shoulder were not only fighting the Iran-Iraq war and operations against Kurdish rebels in Iran, but also the successful operations within a large-scale and bloody war on drugs on the Afghan border.

About these Patriotic events the reader knows nothing either, and it was a massive and bloody events. Soleimani finally established its reputation in the chaos of the war of all against all, where the Iranian military had to repel the attacks employed by drug gangs to catch a bullet in the back of their at the same time, where mined the mountains and with the help of engineering structures, blocked paths, where they had to go to raids on caravans with drugs, to lie in ambush and win without external assistance. Without artillery or aviation. In a war where the checkpoints and strongholds of Iranians were systematically taken in the siege and suffered from raids from Afghanistan, and the border on the streets of Iranian cities, the drug mafia has killed any military indiscriminately, though ordinary, though generals and so years.

It is in this hell infantry commander Soleimani showed himself a master of irregular warfare. After his appointment to the new post was legitimate.

After the appointment of Soleimani included in the course and gradually expands the anti-Saddam operations in Iran, as well as subversive actions against the Taliban (banned in Russia) in Afghanistan. He also dramatically strengthened the link "codes" with the Lebanese movement "Hezbollah", having achieved increasing support for this movement on the part of Iran, including people.

But the rise in your career which made him one of the secret rulers of the Shiite world, Soleimani was because of the Americans. Fight with them and made him what he was.

But that was not what the Iranians wanted, and not what wanted Soleimani.

As you know, after the events of 11 September 2001 in the United States, Russia has provided U.S. support for operations in Afghanistan. It is less known that similar support was provided by Iran.

From Iran for cooperation with the United States answered Soleimani, whom Americans knew as Haji Kassem. It was Iran who provided US very detailed information about the location of bases and troops of the Taliban, the one that was mined operatives "Quds" in their dangerous operations in Afghanistan. Soleimani even conducted the arrests of the operatives of "al-Qaeda" in Iran and ensured their delivery to Afghanistan. As later recalled, the Americans who worked with the Iranians, it was a very profitable partnership.

This changed dramatically in January 2002 when U.S. President George Bush in his annual message to Congress declared Iran part of some "axis of evil".

It came as a shock to the Iranians, which already saw the US as an ally in the fight against the Taliban, and those American diplomats who worked with them too. But it was a fact. For the süleymaniye, it was a problem because he in a sense put on the Americans. And now they made such a focus.

The Republicans, however, didn't care about who and what helped their country. They wanted to kill and destroy, they, by and large were not interested in even capitulation of those countries that have been designated victims of America, they were interested in the corpses, and Iran were also in the list. But after Iraq.

In 2003, the American army crushed Iraq. Iran is not particularly protested against the collapse of its arch-enemy whose aggression has claimed nearly half a million Iraqi lives. Moreover, under the leadership of Suleimani, after the American invasion of Iraq and its occupation, the Iranians again made contact with his old partners.

However, now their behavior was felt and even fear. They obviously thought that their country would be next, however, at the time of the American invasion of Iraq as planned.

Few people know, but the first occupation government in Iraq created by the Americans with the participation of Qasem Soleimani. He participated in the selection of candidates and coordinated them with the Americans. However, soon it was all over.

On the one hand, no gestures of goodwill in the US was not working. It seemed that the Yankees turned into fanatics, cannibals, obsessed with the idea of destroying everyone, referring to Iran in the first place. But on the other hand, and at the same time, it was obvious that they stalled in Iraq.

2004 – the year when the Iranians carried out the reassessment of the situation. Now she looked different: the US was still a country-maniac, fallen into madness, but now this maniac is clearly stuck in the wars waged for some unknown reason. Now, after failing to cooperate with the Americans, it was logical another strategy is to make sure that they're stuck in a guerrilla war. And "Quds" immediately got down to business. People Soleimani massively coached different, independent from one another Shiite group, who immediately began to attack the Americans, and Iranian proteges in the Iraqi government carried out intensive sabotage American efforts to restore order. During the year, the Iranians managed to raise a powerful wave of resistance.

They also managed to seriously arm the rebels. For example, Americans widely used protected from explosions and small arms, armored vehicles, referred to as MRAP – Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected. These machines are well protected the crew, and the destruction of the American occupiers to Iraqis was a problem. The Iranians very quickly set up a portable mines with warhead type "shock core", organize their production and supply to Iraq. These mines were easily struck by the monstrous American armored vehicles and claimed the lives of hundreds of American soldiers. And this too was the work of Soleimani.

Its activities in Iraq – professional, efficient and Farsi insidious, deserves a separate description. The Americans tried to capture it – to no avail. He had his errors – so, the involved ports of the United States "al-Qaeda" has ended up its attacks on militants and Iraqi Shiites, which is a personal mistake Soleimani. Americans, however, they are also killed, so the error was not serious.

In addition to war, the weakening of the United States, Soleimani did order in Iraq never would be strong, capable of threatening the Iranian government and also successfully.

The result of these efforts known. In 2011 the United States formally ended the occupation of Iraq, minimizing its presence in the country. The invasion of Iran is out of the question more could not be, and Iraq was overrun by Iraqi militias can easily defeat the official Iraqi army, the same Iraqi government directly ruled from Tehran, and they were ruled by Soleimani personally.

While the war Soleimani created the economic basis for their operations. Putting control of the banks and oil supplies in Iraq and then in other places, he made sure that his military Empire was self-financing. It was exactly what the Iranians wanted after the war with Iraq: their defense was solved, first by themselves, without the involvement of large masses of Iranian troops, and second, effectively, thirdly, outside of Iranian territory, and the fourth, also free of charge

The flash inspired by the Americans of the terrorist war in the region did Soleimani even more popular. And in Iraq, and in Syria, the brunt of the war against terrorist groups, once established with the participation of the United States, carrying different militias and Shiite groups created by the IRGC. In Syria the most efficient part was the Lebanese "Hezbollah" — the brainchild of "Quds" ward Soleimani. At a certain point, Soleimani was the person controlling all of the wars in Iraq and Syria immediately.

The Iranians, however, did not have the resources. If Assad helped them and Russia, that terrorists have pumped money and resources of the entire Western world. In Iraq, the US delayed the delivery of weapons, the official Iraqi army as long as ISIS (banned in Russia) did not reach the allotted puppeteers from Washington borders, and did not inflict strikes on terrorists as long as this did not happen. The IRGC used there and their aircraft and their armored vehicles. And unlike Iraq, the Iranian resources, something like enough to at least stop the advance of the terrorists, in Syria things were very bad. Come down to the fact that the routes that moved the Assad family in everyday life, began to be subjected to mortar attacks and no exit was visible.

But soon in Syria were Russia, the Americans in Iraq began upsetting their uncontrolled generation – LIH, and Soleimani again able to achieve success. In Russia, everyone knows about the role of videoconferencing, but few people know that sometime before 2016 almost the entire war on earth "took out" Iran – the Syrian army to a specific point in lost combat effectiveness almost completely. It turned out the Iranians are bad and stupid, but other troops did not exist.

In General, the success of the fight against terror in Syria, the role of people Soleimani is comparable to the role of Russia. Now the situation is different, Russia has been able to create their own, beyond the control of Iran ground forces in the country, but at the beginning of our intervention in the conflict was different.

And if in our public consciousness as a symbol of the Syrian crisis is the bomber with red stars on the planes, in Iran this is a picture of Qasem Soleimani. Commander.

In the West he is considered a terrorist. And really – in the media, neither he nor his people are not restrained. But don't EN masse to condemn them without exception, participants of wars in the region, except Russia, heavily tainted with war crimes that they committed willingly and consciously. And it is unlikely from the point of view of common sense a pass by Americans of ISIS militants from Iraq to Syria before re-capture of Palmyra by something worse than the Iranians help Hezbollah in obtaining the missiles, which are guaranteed to fly in residential neighborhoods. Israeli bombs with phosphorus over Gaza kill more than the Iranians killed in all the years since the Islamic revolution. And when someone gives everything hysterical moral evaluation, then such a person should start from the other side, which he considers his.

The blow of the Israeli air force on residential areas of Gaza with white phosphorus. What is better than a bomb in a backpack? Nothing

Neither the Iranians nor Soleimani were not and are not angels with wings. But against the Americans and the Israelis are just children. It is worth remembering about it, when someone throwing a temper tantrum.

Qassem Soleimani died in conditions when neither he nor his organization have not conducted any military operations against the United States when the United States had not conducted any military operations against the Iranian forces. Died in the course of many years a tacit truce. He, in fact, so not hidden, and quietly flew into Baghdad airport, on the plane, sat down, not hiding in the car and drove through the city.

The idea that he was giving up a team to carry out indiscriminate harassing fire American bases, has not led to any serious enemy losses, looks to put it mildly, stupid.

Yes, the Americans themselves formulate the reason for his murder anyway. You have to understand that their words in any case are false.

Qassem Soleimani was killed by a rocket, informally named by the Americans "Ninja" — Hellfire 9X. Its specific feature is that for hitting the target instead of the warhead with the explosives she uses knives, six long blades of such size that with the defeat of the model of the car to cut to pieces all who come to the salon. It is a weapon specifically designed for killing, in a war with a real enemy it's useless. Such missiles can't hit the armored vehicles. They are created precisely in order to open up light vehicles and killing their passengers.

It's symbolic. If Qasem Soleimani is a symbol of Iran, his death is a symbol of the United States. The murder of a former enemy with whom a long time there is no war, and which is not hidden, and the enemy who once searched for American friendship, but the country which the United States was sentenced to death, using weapons that are created specifically for the secret killings of people unable to defend themselves. A symbol of American culture as it is. Yes, some of the chipped blades "Ninja" people really are terrorists.

Even those who once taught and coached the Americans.

But Soleimani was not in this list.

Why would trump do that?

This article is being written on Saturday, January 4. And on Sunday, January 5, the Iraqi Parliament must decide whether to stay us troops in the country after this or not. Presumably the following.

Trump promised to withdraw troops from Iraq, and from Syria. At the same time he needs any support during the ongoing process of impeachment. Impeachment this, of course, doomed, but the pressure that the neocons have on trump, truly scary.

Trump tried to get out of Syria, but that his outburst was successfully sabotaged. And he can't overcome the resistance of the neocons.

But what if the continued presence of troops there will be technically impossible? Then the neocons will have to accept. The choice is not. And trump will be the man who fulfilled a promise to withdraw from Iraq and Syria. But how to do it? How to make the presence of troops and Iraq and Syria has become impossible? There are no neocons can't handle.

In such circumstances, to have done something for which Iraqis themselves will push US out of their country, is a viable solution. So, Syria will have to leave, because the grouping of supply there can only be through Iraq.

It turns out that trump could "substitute". To kill an old enemy at the cost of his life to solve its domestic problems. Why not?

It is possible that the reason for the murder Soleimani in it. It was a symbolic figure, and on his death the Iranians just can't close my eyes – not the scale. It is possible that the expulsion of the Americans from Iraq as a "response" — this is what actually achieves the American President.

Media in the region is already out of the leak that Pompeo offers the Iranians to respond proportionately and be complacent that the US "penetrate" the future of the Iranian reaction and overall in the war are not interested. Then what they sought?

Lessons and challenges for Russia

How the U.S. has treated Iran and his General – example proving many times announced the rule of life on this planet no peaceful coexistence with the United States impossible. Any way, in principle. No concessions, no help, no assistance will not force the Americans to abandon plans for the destruction of those countries, which they "sentenced". They can not agree, you can't come to an understanding. It's impossible.

Soleimani tried, and it tried. The result is obvious. The Soviet Union tried, it is not. Saddam Hussein was a welcome guest in the United States in the 80s – even the Americans supplied him with chemical weapons. His country was destroyed, children killed, and he himself then too. Gaddafi has put a lot of effort to normalize relations with the United States, and everyone knows what he has done, and in Libya today, the markets of slaves in place of schools and hospitals. Assad tried to establish a relationship with the US, handed them to the terrorists, shared information and began negotiations with Israel on the Golan. The result is known. Russia supported the USA after the 11th of September. Today the number of dead in Ukraine of ethnic Russians amounts to many thousands, and they are killed with US support. Lots of other examples.

Again, no peaceful coexistence with the USA is impossible, attempts to achieve such are a waste of time.

This is the lesson which we see AGAIN in the biography of Qasem Soleimani. As previously seen in other examples.

Conclusions for the future more difficult. If the motives of the United States really are what they seem, the trump can really get out of the middle East quagmire. And then his hands are untied. Today the obsession Americans is the desire to "besiege" China. But China behind the back is weak, according to the United States, the country-backup – Russia. If its knock, then China's position in the confrontation with the United States greatly weakened.

And no matter how this train of thought is correct: Napoleon and Hitler thought the same thing, but that didn't stop the second one to repeat the mistake of the first. Americans think in a similar way.

So, a free hand trump can come back to bite us – and hard. His words about wanting good relations with Russia — it's only words, Americans are not able to understand them under something other than our surrender, as at the time of the USSR. At least within the political elite.

However, the idea of using Russian as a battering RAM against the Chinese and "fix the Chinese issue" by proxy there, too, stirred some minds. And even finds supporters-traitors in Russia, alas.

Thus, our interest is to hand trump did not come undone. They should continue to be associated and Afghanistan, and Syria, and Iraq. Need to get US stuck there for a longer period of time.

Built by the Americans in a world of many dead Americans means little to the dead Russian, and Vice versa. We Willy-nilly will have to play by these rules.

So, all efforts of Russia in the conditions triggered by the murder Soleimani Americans to the crisis should contribute to a simple thing – it is impossible to prevent their rapid withdrawal from the region. They have to stay there they have to spend their resources and money, they are there to die.

There is something else. Iran thanks to the efforts of people like Soleimani, actively amplified, and soon, if all goes as goes, we will see a new edition of the Persian Empire. Historical experience shows that in this for Russia is not good. Iran has expansionist plans in the post-Soviet space, some in cooperation with China. The aggregate resources of Iran and China is incomparably bigger than ours.

Cynical, but how we need eternal war America is not clear that it is not clear where, so for us it would be helpful if this is the America laid siege to Iran. Moreover, playing with such a mess on the side of the Iranians, we can finally make Americans pay for their past atrocities. To take a direct tax of blood, as, for example, in Korea. And as a perfect end – bleeding wound of the United States, which will not allow them at least some time to conduct its undeclared war against us, and relaxed and safe for Russia, Iran, which will make very best economic partner in this case.

We have created a world that is set up that way. So, we can and must protect ourselves from the real and future threats, without feeling any pangs of conscience about this. Because to us no such qualms experience will be.

That's what we need to think in connection with the death of Qasem Soleimani.

Alexander Timohin


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