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What the West chaos in the middle East. The concept of the three world wars
Material posted: Publication date: 04-09-2013

Why would the owners of Western civilization, chaos in the middle East? It would seem that after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the socialist camp, the US and its allies in NATO and everything is fine in this region. The Arab monarchs, with their huge oil and gas resources, are allies of the West.

Arab sheiks bathed in luxury, enjoying the pleasures available to senior representatives of the Western elite. Egypt, with its strategic Suez canal, a U.S. ally, receives military assistance. The most secular States in the region cooperated with the Western powers in various fields, from military and financial-economic areas the cultural experience.

Countries in the Middle East were completely integrated into the global pyramid of consumption, where the resource flows are distributed so that the bulk goes to the "Golden billion". It is clear that a well-lived and the representatives of the ruling circles, the military and the business elite, receiving their share. The bulk of the population was submerged in poverty.

The only exception, the Arab monarchies, where low population and high revenues from the sale of oil and gas, allowed to live well "titular people". But there was created a kind of "pyramid" on top of sheikhs and "indigenous", and the real sector rests on the work of "slaves", unequal foreigners, migrants.

In particular in Qatar, Qataris, constituting a privileged minority, about 40% of the population. Real attempts to change the lives of the majority of residents for the better, to give good education, medicine, raise the level of material well-being was a bit. One of the most successful examples is the Libyan Jamahiriya. It is associated with the leader of Libya - Muammar Gaddafi.

In Libya made a rather successful attempt to combine the ideas of Islam and socialism and to create a "commune". This experience could be extended to other countries by creating the African Union, free from neo-colonial dependence, and local parasitic, in fact, "elite". However Jamahiriya just "bombily" in the past.

Currently, the Libyan statehood so destroyed that state representatives simply sign in his helplessness. So, at the end of August 2013, the Libyan defence Ministry has vowed to sink all the tankers involved in the illegal export of oil. The state lost control over the natural resources of the country.

2 September was the news that oil production in the country decreased from 1.5 to 1.6 million barrels (the pre-war level) to 100 thousand barrels per day. Before the strike was mined about 500 thousand barrels per day. Went on strike the workers of the extractive industry, they have blocked oil terminals and ports. The oil industry in Libya has lost a single structure and is under the control of various armed groups (former rebels), often formed on the basis of tribal and territorial belonging. The situation has reached the point that Libya is a country having rich energy resources, is forced to start importing diesel and fuel oil for power plants. Plenty of other news characterizing the degree of "prosperity" the country won "democracy".

During a speech in the MGIMO of the Russian foreign Ministry head Sergey Lavrov, he said that from Libya are the illegal supply of weapons in 12 countries. These weapons are "the participants all zavareh in the region", said the Minister. From Libya there is also a "supply" of militants, who are accustomed to war and can't and don't want to do.

They are members of various extremist terrorist organizations. Tunisia announced the establishment of buffer zones on the borders with Algeria and Libya. Minister of defense of Tunisia Rachid Sabah stated that threats to the country are arms smuggling and terrorism. The southern part of Tunisia, in the Sahara desert, has become a transit zone for the smuggling of arms from Libya. Enough news characterizing the degree of security in Libya.

Monday, 2 September, unknown assailants beat and robbed a senior diplomat - Consul General of Egypt in the Libyan capital Tripoli. That was the end for him shopping. In mid-July by armed men in the port of Benghazi was captured by the ship "Ethel" together with the team. Thus, the local "businessmen" were made of delivery vehicles from Ukraine. It should be noted that Gaddafi himself was quite "recoperate" leader. Despite his project Jamahiriya, the desire to create an African Union with its currency based on gold, the development of "underground sea" in the wilderness, from time to time suffered.

So what happened? Why are loyal, most of them leaders of the Middle East decided to shift, and their country to throw into chaos? They did so, and were inscribed in the world system, controlled by the owners of the West. The answer lies in the essence of Western civilization. From the very beginning of its existence, the Roman Empire and barbarian kingdoms – civilization-ghoul. It's a predator, a parasite that uses others ' resources for its prosperity. During its existence, the West has devastated the Celtic civilization (culture), destroyed Slavic civilization in Central Europe. The West trying to extend its power to the East (Russia) and the South. However, faced with the might of the Russian troops, the Golden Horde and Muslims (Saracens) who gave a rebuff to the Western predator, was forced to look for other "hunting zone".

Then began the "age of discovery", the essence of which was that the Western predators ravaged and pillaged entire civilizations and cultures of America, Africa and Asia. The great Geographical discoveries can be called the era of "Big game hunting". Tens and hundreds of numerous tribes and peoples have been completely destroyed or turned into mere "ghosts". In the West the aristocrats and fat cats got huge profits, most blood turned tons of gold, silver, jewels, spices, ivory, and other riches. It created a global system of slave trade and drug trafficking. The Western world has received "seed money" that allowed him to make a technological breakthrough and to enslave almost the entire planet.

North and South America, Africa, Australia, India, most of Southeast Asia were controlled by the West. Australia was in fact stripped from the natives and turned into a "reserve airfield". From the natives had cleared North America, the pitiful remnants of the once great tribes of warriors and hunters, were driven into reservations to live out their days, sevas and trying to survive, making "Souvenirs". China became a semi-colony, an endangered and rapidly declining population, which is hoisted on drugs. In a complete financial and economic dependence was the Ottoman Empire, which was periodically set against Russia.

Under the control of Britain and was a significant part of Persia-Iran. Japan was forcibly "opened" and placed under the control of Britain, then the United States. Constantly pushing Japan with Russia and China, in line with the ancient strategy of "divide and conquer". The West in the late 19th – early 20th century, controlled nearly the entire planet. There is almost global slavery pyramid, where the vast majority of the population of the planet was cut off from knowledge, education, science, technology, medicine.

A small minority had tremendous power. The only stronghold that gave hope to all mankind on a different path of development, was the Russian civilization (Russia). Despite all the shortcomings that existed in Russia, it had the potential to build on the planet a fair order based on the rule not of money and power, and justice (Pravda). This was inspired by the Russo-Japanese war and revolution 1905-1907, which were trial balloons, experiencing the Russian Empire on the strength.

The first world war and the February revolution were to be the Foundation to build a "New World order", whose symbol was the Masonic pyramid with all-seeing eye. It symbolized the power of the Almighty and all-knowing minority over the planet. However, the situation began to develop in a somewhat different scenario than you planned. Russia, which after the First World war, Revolution, Civil war and Intervention had to turn into the cemetery of the Russian people and to be divided into spheres of influence and a number of "independent" States, survived.

In particular, the U.S. was planning to get Siberia, where their punitive and security corps were made by the Czechoslovaks. Moreover, governance in Russia was intercepted by "patriots", the part of the Bolsheviks, who sincerely wanted to build a fair society. They destroyed a large part of the "fifth column", the so-called "Trotskyists". Stalin's five year plan, the elimination of illiteracy, a total increase of technical literacy, the system of Patriotic, intellectual and physical education, made the USSR a superpower, and Russia as "superhumans". The USSR became a leader of humanity who pointed the way to the future, to the stars. All honest people of the world with the hope looked at the USSR. It was a terrible situation for the hosts of the West. An alternative project of globalization of humankind.

Moreover, the project is not cannibalistic, slave-owning, devouring life, energy and dreams of people, and really fair. The project is very attractive. The USSR showed excellent performance in science, education, economy. Millions of people literally stepped into the future. The USSR was seething creative energy, people have been dreaming about underwater cities, settlements on the moon and Mars, the leap of humankind beyond the Solar system. Was birth of a solar civilization, otherwise, the bright future of mankind. What future us prepare the hosts of the West, we see fantastic pictures in their "Dreamland". It's a scary future. Full of hopelessness, the total domination of a handful of gentlemen-degenerate, bamboozle, the decomposition of people, their transformation into goods. E-fascism. The whole planet is a death camp. All attempts of rebellion are doomed because only "gentlemen" have the keys to new technologies. "The Lord" are almost "immortal", with rejuvenation technology. That is why, despite the curtailment of other important projects, investing billions in biotechnology, the study of the possibilities of cloning, etc. Against the Soviet Union threw Hitler, who allowed and helped to restore the military-industrial potential of Germany, and gave almost all of Europe.

It is interesting to note the fact that Hitler invaded countries that were "reserves" - the countries of residence of a significant part of elite clans that control the Western world. This is Switzerland and England to a lesser extent Spain and Sweden. Although the capture of Switzerland, Sweden and complete submission to England repeatedly increased the capacity of the Third Reich. All technical military capabilities for conquering those countries, Hitler were. But the führer did not touch them. There lived the "owners". In order to crush the USSR in Germany conducted a unique experiment, there were allowed to use a number of technologies, primarily psychotechnologies that allows you to mobilize people and transform an entire nation in "the superhumans". And just a few years. It was a clash of the titans. Faced two supercivilization, two Nations of warriors and creators. But, if the USSR carried the sun, the light charge, the German Empire opened the gates of hell (Inferno). The victory of the Reich led to the elimination of "defective" part of humanity, including the Slavs. By superhuman effort and millions of victims "a breakthrough in the Inferno" had been eliminated.

The USSR suffered heavy losses, but survived and won. Pull Russia failed to stop, but was able to suspend. It should be noted the fact that the phenomenon of the Third Reich in the history of mankind shows how quickly you can change a whole country, nation and even humanity. The technology for this. The question is, in whose hands they are. Clash of the efficient handiwork of the hosts of the Western world – the Third Reich, the USSR, which was focused on building a just society, led to the victory of Soviet people over the "true Aryans". After Stalin's death and the murder of Beria, the power in the USSR was intercepted by a conservative force is focused on maintaining its position and accompanying benefits. Began the degeneration of the Soviet elite, which for peace of mind, adopted the concept of the existence of two systems (socialist and capitalist) in the world. However, the USSR retained the capability to leap into the future. Besides the Western world in 1960-1980-ies are severely degraded. The U.S. went to his death at a faster rate than the USSR. The Western system was based on the constant absorption of new resources, expansion of dependent territories. The existence of the Soviet bloc was seriously narrowed the food base. It was necessary to destroy the USSR, the socialist camp, to gain access to their population, markets. Gorbachev and his "perestroika" has solved this problem. The USSR fell, its inhabitants the "independent" wreckage fell under the power of "the market". Western predator got the opportunity for some time to live in fullness.

But by the early 21st century, resources were spent. The time has come to produce "reboot the matrix". Put the world on new technological way, to reduce the population, to finally resolve the issue of potential alternative projects (Russian, Islamic). But in order to produce a "reset", it is necessary to organize a new world war. To create an image of "main villain" dance with him at the initial stage, to strike at the main enemies and in the end to get all the fruits of victory. Judging by what is happening in the middle East, the role of the "collective Hitler" went Muslim world. There are a few obvious signs. First, it is the existence of the core of the Arab monarchies (the cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf), which go towards the creation of unified armed forces, a single currency. Saudi Arabia implements the project of creation of the "Great Caliphate".

In 2012, 86-year-old Saudi monarch Abdullah bin Abdel-Aziz al-Saud of the conference of the GCC, held in Riyadh, called "to move from cooperation and collaboration to the Union in the framework of unified education." An example for the members of the cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf is the European Union. The creation of the Union of Arab monarchies, controlling 45% of world oil reserves, will almost allow them to compete with the major powers in South-East Asia and Europe.

In addition, the Association is necessary in order to compete with Iran, who also claims to be the leader of the Islamic world. At the end of August 2013 came the news that the members of the cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf have signed a breakthrough agreement on the establishment of common visa zone and joint border security. Common visa area should appear in 2014.

Secondly, the countries of the region are actively pumped arms. Arab monarchies buy newest air defense systems and radars, dozens of combat aircraft and helicopters, hundreds of tanks, new warships, missile systems and infantry weapons on tens of billions of dollars. Saturation weapons happens in poorer countries.

Thirdly, the region is war. This is the preparation stage, clearing the area "outdated" secular regimes. War provides the opportunity to mentally and tactically prepare thousands of flown into a rage from blood of the militants, "orcs", ready for "Holy war" against the "infidels" in Europe, Russia, China and India.

Fourthly, the US and NATO leaving the region, maintaining a minimal presence at key points. The U.S. wants to remain above the conflict.

Fifthly, there was a sharp intensification of radical Islam. Jihadists have gained a strong foothold in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and several other countries. The Islamists, thanks to the intervention of Western countries in the Affairs of other countries, had the opportunity to create "enemy image". The fracture occurs along the North – South.

Why the Islamic world should play the role of "Mordor"?

  • It is necessary to completely discredit Islam as an alternative project of globalization. The Koran should be banned, and Islam to stand on a par with Nazism.
  • Middle East, the Islamic world in General, is very conveniently located geographically. The flames of war will cover nearly all of Eurasia and much of Africa. Would have an impact on the countries of Europe, Russia, China and India that have large Islamic communities and the border with the Islamic regions. England and USA will remain on the sidelines. A new world war would destroy or to weaken all world civilizations.
  • You must destroy as many people as possible in the fire of war. The middle East is pretty densely populated. Only one in Egypt is home to more than 80 million people.

The ideologists of the New World order believe that the planet is overpopulated, and the population must be radically reduced. "ARKS" owners of the West is Britain, North America, Australia. In the future, to name a few "elite" must be purified from the Russians and other indigenous peoples of the Russian civilization, Russia (the"heart of the Earth").

The concept of the three world wars

What is happening in the middle East brings to mind the plan of conquering the planet – establishing a "New world order through three world wars. This concept was announced back in 1871 "the black Pope" of Freemasonry of the Scottish rite and one of the main founders of the Ku Klux Klan albert Pike (1809 — 1891).

Pike was a very versatile personality. He lived the life which would be more than enough for a few eventful lives of ordinary people. Born in Boston, she worked as a teacher, much time was devoted to self-education. In 1831 pike left to travel West, became a trapper (hunter, fur-bearing animals). In 1833 he settled in Arkansas, again taught, was published.

The publicist got out good and in 1835 he became the owner of "the Arkansas Lawyer". Pike continued self-education and became a member of the professional Association of lawyers, anonymously wrote a book called "the Arkansas form book". During the Mexican-American war of 1846-1848. volunteered in the cavalry, became a squad leader. After the war he returned to legal practice, having moved to New Orleans. Wrote another book: "the Principles of the Roman Law and some of the Ancient French Law...". Pike was opposed to the dismemberment of the state, but with the outbreak of the Civil war, moved to the side of the Confederacy. He had connections with Indian tribes, therefore, was appointed Ambassador of the Confederation of the Indians, and concluded with several agreements. In the rank of Brigadier General participated in the training of three Indian cavalry regiments from the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Seminole and cries ("five civilized tribes").

Because of conflicts with superiors, and some of the accusations that the Indians were skalierbare fallen on the battlefield, wasting money, adultery, resigned. Was arrested, but because of lack of evidence, he was freed. Pike in 1867 he founded in Nashville the "Order of the knights Kuklux-clan", becoming its Director. At the same time pike entered the Masonic Lodge and due to its activity, has achieved a very high position. He became the Supreme Grand Commander of the southern Jurisdiction of Scottish rite Freemasonry. Pike became one of the most prominent Freemasons of the United States.

In 1872 he published "the Bible of the masons" book "Morals and dogma". There is evidence that in 1871, pike wrote to the Italian revolutionary and the Great master of the Grand Orient of Italy Giuseppe Mazzini's letter, which outlined the concept of establishing power over the world through three major wars. The first World war was to lead to the collapse of the autocracy in Russia, the death of monarchies in Germany and Austria-Hungary. After the collapse of the monarchies was to receive a "Communist" society. A prerequisite to a world war were to serve the contradictions between England and Germany.

I must say that Mazzini shared similar views. He advocated the destruction of the monarchies in Austria-Hungary, the Russian and Ottoman empires, the creation of a European Federation. The second World war had to organize the ruling circles of the USA and the UK, through the manipulation of the German nationalists and Zionists (about the connection between Zionism and Nazism can be read in the book of N. Starikov "Who made Hitler attack Stalin"). The war was to lead to the destruction of Germany and the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. The third World war must, in accordance with this plan, to begin because of the conflict of Islamic countries with Israel. In the end the middle East conflict will lead to world conflagration. This war will be destroyed, the Islamic world will finally collapse and Christianity in Europe. A giant social upheaval will lead to a need of a new religion.

Its already cooked, this is ecumenism, the unifying basis of all religions. The war must lead to the complete triumph of the forces that can be called darkness. Indirect confirmation of the fact that the owners of the Western project have information about the possibility of escalating the conflict in the middle East in world war I, is the Vatican statement about the "Syrian question". 2 September 2013 the Minister of justice of the Vatican Mario Toso said that Western military intervention in the Syrian conflict could lead to a global war. It is believed that the Pike letter is kept in the British library in London. The British library said that there is no such document.

However, it is important is not the authenticity of the document, but the essence contained in the plan of ideas. The events of the First, Second world wars and on the eve of the Third world war, suggests that some force is deliberately working to build a "New world order". And this plan can only be confronted comparable, the global plan (concept). As Joseph Stalin said: "Without theory we die!"

Possible world war in the modern world?

Before the First and Second world wars, public opinion had strong positions the pacifists. They believed that humanity has made remarkable progress in science, technology, education, humanitarian and a great war impossible in principle.

However, they miscalculated. And now, when it comes to talk about the upcoming global conflict, begin to talk about the growth of civic consciousness, the presence of nuclear arsenals that make world war impossible phenomena. But the events of various kind of "velvet and colored revolutions", revolutions, the "Arab spring" show thinking part of mankind, that the people were the object of control, and left. Besides, it is necessary to consider the changing nature of the war that awaits us. We are nourished on the imagery of Soviet films about the war, presenting it in the form of movement of armored columns, mechanized infantry, air strikes by large groups of aircraft.

In reality, the war against Russia has never ended.

In particular, after the collapse of the USSR, we lost in this war every year up to 1 million people or more. The war, after the fall of the iron curtain, who defended the consciousness of the Soviet people, became the information. Defeated in the information war-torn country can be determined by the growth of social diseases, the presence of an entire "army" of alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, bandits, who fell out of a relatively normal life. In Russia there were formed a huge layer of people living in "this" country, ready at the first threat of "fade". People's minds change radically, they lose the will to resist. Information warfare is supplemented by various destructive, network structures, waiting for the hour "X".

During the Afghan war, the U.S. intelligence services and the UK, with the support of special services of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, has done a tremendous job growing "army of Jihad". In 1990-2000-ies jihadists seriously strengthened its position on the world stage. They constantly build their strength in the republics of Central Asia, are conducting a clandestine war in the North Caucasus, have already appeared in Moscow, Tatarstan, Bashkiria and Siberia. The destruction of the secular regimes in the middle East paves the way to the cherished goal - the "world Caliphate".

Familiar to us from previous wars fronts in a new world war will not be! "Fronts" will take place in regions, major cities. War will be waged through terrorist acts, sabotage, major riots in the cities. The army will have to destroy their own cities, forcing them gangs. To use nuclear tactical weapons, armored divisions, massed artillery and airstrikes. Come first of special forces, assault groups. A huge role is played by information and intelligence. Impossible? Carefully review the example of Syria. Country, before it took Western and Arab intelligence agencies, networks of Islamic radicals, was stable. Serious opposition was not, in General, the population was quite power.

Everything changed before our eyes. The ruined city, brutish fighters, massacre religious, ethnic, political lines. There is no neutral. According to the principle "who not with us is against us". "The Syrian ("Kosovo", "Yugoslavian"), and the script threatens Russia, Europe. Europe and Russia have become areas of mass migration from the Islamic world. Migrants and their descendants become the social base of the jihadists. Besides, Russia, like China, India has its own Muslim regions. In Russia, in conditions of ideological emptiness, thirsting for social justice and adventure young people, not only ethnic Muslims, but also Russians, flocked to the ranks of the "warriors of Islam". The turmoil in the middle East has already caused huge migration flows. After Syria and Iran in South Caucasus and Central Asia. The social base of the "army of Islam" will become even stronger.

Many refugees feel that the "incorrect" (Europeans and Russians) unjustly possess such territories and clearly unworthy of the title human. In some respects they would be right. The degradation of the population of Europe has already done most of Europeans "vegetables", they have lost the ability to fight their intelligence and armed forces have undergone a radical reduction. Given the fact who controls the basic social processes in the West (different kinds of network structures, sashes, Masonic nature), we can conclude that Europe is deliberately weakened militarily. The youth prefers to spend the health and time to have fun, not to prepare for labor and defense. Even a relatively small disturbance in the major cities of Europe that we have seen in recent years, besides not having the character of an armed uprising lead to weight problems. Can you imagine what will happen in major European cities, where well-armed gangs which fighters trained by American, British, Saudi and Turkish instructors have experience fighting in Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and other hot spots, will begin its military operations. They will be targeted, attacks on critical infrastructure, attacks on police stations and the administration building. Chaos and panic a major city drown in blood. How to behave like crowds of people, when there is no water, electricity, heating, food? They organize themselves and resist gangs? Doubtful. Likely to add problems to the authorities.

Map of the Islamic world.

The basic prerequisites for the implementation of the "Syrian" script

  • The powerful presence of Muslim communities in Europe, Russia, India and China. The great work on the division of the population on religious grounds. Pit the Muslims against the 'infidels'.
  • Decomposition of the population in Europe and Russia. So the Russians closer to Europeans in terms of the desire for consumption and hedonism that their enemies must arise the question if the Russians are strong as before? The desire to test the combat readiness of Russians grows every year. The possession of the "heart of the Earth" imposes on the Russian people a huge responsibility. Only the most worthy people to possess such a territory law. Our ancestors proved that they deserve, giving all the respect and fear of his willingness to fight to the last. There comes a time when it will have to prove to us...
  • The absence of ideology. "Army of Jihad" is superior in this respect to their opponents. Supporters of "equality", "free love", sexual perversions, pacifists, people who spend more money on dogs and cats than on the education of their own offspring, have no chance against supporters of traditional values. Muslims ready to die for their faith.
  • The transparency of borders. Network structures are able to move people, weapons, ammunition, ammunition, propaganda materials, money and drugs. In this respect, Russia and Europe more vulnerable than China and India.

Russia's Strategy

If you want peace, prepare for war. In this regard, in recent years, the authorities show good performance. But it is not important. To survive and win in the next world war will only be a civilization that will make the planet an attractive image of the future. Currently has complete superiority of the West, parabolicheskie, the project of human development. The Islamic world such a concept has no "global Caliphate" is just a Mirage.

A program to build kind, just society Muslims do. The theoretical victory of the jihadis would lead to archaism, and the degradation of humanity, its "Afghanization" and "somalisation". Japanese and Indian civilization closed in itself, have serious systemic flaws. They do not have the capacity to lead the process of building a fair world order. China also has its global concept. China has a constructive charge, but it is not enough to lead the process of globalization. But it can support the movement for a just world order. This is a chance for China to break an ancient vicious circle: the rise – degradation – disintegration, loss – recovery – prosperity. At present, China is at the peak of "prosperity", with the manifestation of negative tendencies.

World war could push China to a new wreck, with the loss of the majority of the population. Victory hosts Western civilization is "pipe". The victory of the forces of evil and darkness on Earth. The survivors would expect an "electronic concentration camp", the omnipotence of the caste of "chosen" over "talking guns". It is possible that the worship of the one "Supreme being", Seth Is Satan, will have a global reach. The people who have preserved the conscience, will be put to the brink of survival. The only way of salvation of Russia and of humanity is the USSR-2. Moreover, the USSR postalische, not Khrushchev-Gorbachev. The recipes are quite simple, nothing complicated about them. Only needs political will. It was with comrade Stalin. Domestically: the complete elimination of the "fifth column" layer and thieves, like Chubajsom and Serdjukovym. The eradication of ethnic crime and drug mafia. The nationalization of key sectors of the economy, the move towards autarky. Liquidation of the national republics and autonomies, with the retention of cultural autonomy. The restoration of the Soviet system of education, education principle is "ready for labor and defense". Moral censorship in the mass media. The demographic programme, focused on the rapid growth of the indigenous population, focusing on endangered ethnic groups.

The main demographic points of the program should be: elimination of abortion, except for medical reasons; receipt by the family of the manor in the right of way for the birth of the first child and in full ownership – at birth the third; comprehensive support for large families; reintegration of women into family – women with three children or more, must be able to deal only with family, with the receipt of remuneration equal to the average for the country. Bet on a technological breakthrough. Russia should become the first country to step into the future. In foreign policy. The policy of reunification of the fragments of the great Russia, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. Tight integration, with a possible Association with Kazakhstan and Armenia. With a sharp aggravation of the international situation is the inclusion in its sphere of influence in the Baltic States, Moldova, South Caucasus and Central Asia. They should not become the bridgehead of the enemy. You will need to recreate the "pale of settlement".

Mass migration is evil. Should rule the principle, where was born there and was useful. "Nomads"? looking for a "warm" place we don't need. You can only move people with specific skills in demand. Naturally, to visit relatives to visit, or within the domestic tourism, will continue to be the norm. In foreign countries the principle of Alexander III, Russia has only two allies: the army and Navy. Russia has already fought enough meddling in foreign wars that do not meet its national interests. You cannot involve yourself in the "Spanish scenario". Syria needs to fight. From our party – political, moral support, sale of weapons, ammunition, ammunition. It is possible to share intelligence. In the sphere of global politics – the course of building a fair world order. We must understand a simple truth – the battle for the title of "king of the mountain" are inevitable. The process of globalization. Time cannot be stopped, it must be lead. Abandoning the struggle leads to the fact that Russia is becoming a target of other projects. This is a losing position. Russia to its own domestic success have to show the world the image of a path leading to the stars. We must honestly admit to ourselves first that "Golden mean" is not. Humanity must follow the path of "gods", to become wise and strong, to get out of "cradle", or it will degrade to beast folk. On the border of 20 – 21st centuries the mankind for the first time stopped its ascent, began the process of involution, simplify. This is a very dangerous moment. It is necessary to stop the degradation and continue the ascent.

Alexander Samsonov



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