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New in the military

Project materials center around the analysis and evaluation of new approaches to warfare in the modern world. special attention is paid to the types and aspects of confrontation as "network war" or "network-centric confrontation." Also in this section are published materials reflecting trends in reforming the armed forces in Russia and other countries of the world.

Some estimates of the use of UAVs of the "Geranium" type

Although constructively "Shahids" can be called "simple weapons", their potential should not be underestimated. The problem of combating small-sized low-flying aircraft has been around for decades, and no adequate cost-effectiveness methods of combating them have been created in this way.

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Options for small NATO countries to prepare for multi-domain operations

Recently, a new term "multi-domain operations" (MDO) has emerged, which describes how battles will be fought in the future, as the armed forces will operate in a more concentrated manner (Figure 1), which means that they will operate in five military areas: air, land, sea, space and cyberspace. Military operations will be conducted in five areas under their simultaneous management or coordination from a single center. This new perception, perhaps a change in the conduct of war, is influenced by the level of modern technological development, the need to increase the survivability of their own troops on the battlefield and the understanding that effective military activity requires actions carried out not only in classical military conditions, but also in space and cyberspace. This, of course, changes the established understanding of conducting military operations, and now is the right time to start thinking about how small NATO countries will adapt to these changes.

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Revenge of the Copters?

As part of the holiday dedicated to the 91st anniversary of the formation of the Airborne Troops, which took place in the Moscow region at the Alabino training ground on July 31, 2021, a static exposition of weapons and military equipment equipped with winged infantry was also deployed, as usual. However, it also featured several samples exhibited by developer firms.

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"The entire crew of aircraft must die"

Since 1898, when H. G. Wells described deadly rays in The War of the Worlds, the number of scientists who announced success in creating such a miracle weapon has grown from year to year. And all the governments of the world, including the tsarist and Soviet, sought to get it. The Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) even approved the project of buying the developments of the famous Nikola Tesla. However, in the second half of the 1930s, all countries became convinced that it was extremely difficult or even impossible to create "death rays". But 80 years ago, in July 1941, the leaders of the USSR received completely different information from scientists,and later through intelligence.

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In March 2020, in Libya, a drone without a command from a person tracked down enemy forces and struck them. The incident, possibly with the first known case of an attack by a drone strike without receiving an explicit order from a person, shows the danger of the proliferation of autonomous weapons systems, according to Oleg Shakirov, a consultant at the PIR Center.

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