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New in the military

Project materials center around the analysis and evaluation of new approaches to warfare in the modern world. special attention is paid to the types and aspects of confrontation as "network war" or "network-centric confrontation." Also in this section are published materials reflecting trends in reforming the armed forces in Russia and other countries of the world.

The contours of the new generation of war

Last seventy years the mankind lives without the big war that is natural result of World wars and formation of new international system. The possession constrains the nuclear weapon world powers from conducting operations of strategic scale, promotes development of other receptions and ways of armed struggle, struggle accepts new forms. It would Seem, absence of global confrontations shortly should lead to degeneration of wars in classical understanding, but whether the world from it becomes more safe - it is not known. On the contrary, events of last years show that today we observe not "extinction" of wars, and their evolution, change of intrinsic filling and display forms. In other words, there is a fundamental change of character of wars: socially - political and military - strategic characteristics.

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The philosophy of war in the context of the Ukrainian crisis

The article attempts to look at the Ukrainian crisis from the point of view of the philosophy of war. Invited to respond to a specific questions: what is the reason for war in Donbas, who is needed in that, and what consequences it has for the cultural space of the Russian world.

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Rethinking Vietnam. Some aspects of the use of strike aircraft in Vietnam

Suffice forgotten - after closer to us in time of war in Iraq in 1991 and 2003, Yugoslavia in the 1990s - is experience of aviation in Vietnam in the second half of the 1960s and early 1970s.

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Nuclear commandos. Survive only BRICS

Asymmetric megaoruzhie may appear in Russia already before in 2020-2025. It will eliminate any threat of large-scale war against Russia, even in the face of the absolute superiority of the enemy in conventional systems failure.

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Politely and quietly. The military aspect of the "Russian Spring" of 2014 in the Crimea

Crimean events a year ago, gave an interesting phenomenon of modern Russia

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