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New in the military

Project materials center around the analysis and evaluation of new approaches to warfare in the modern world. special attention is paid to the types and aspects of confrontation as "network war" or "network-centric confrontation." Also in this section are published materials reflecting trends in reforming the armed forces in Russia and other countries of the world.

New challenges the Pentagon's Strategic guidance on defense

Announced January 5, 2012 Barack Obama's new strategic guidance on defense (defense strategic guidance) for the Ministry of Defence, entitled "Maintaining global excellence: Priorities for 21st century defense" provoked many responses. Though the new management claims that its development is carried out in the framework of the strategy of national security of the United States, the preparation of the document was carried out without a mandate from Congress and outside established procedure and to frame the development of the strategic guidance for the U.S. DOD.

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The geostrategic context of the confrontation between Maritime and continental powers

Consideration to geostrategic context of the organizational processes of government and society inevitably refers to geopolitics and the terminology of "continental" and "Maritime" powers, consistent with the principles of organization and management of the society, which will be considered on the historical experience of Nazi Germany and the United Kingdom. The system of state control of the continental powers traditionally organised on the basis of a strict vertical of power.

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On approaches to the study of weapons as an object of systematic research

Today is a lot different and says about State defence order, but the debate remains the methodology of formation of nomenclature of procured systems and means of armament and military equipment. What principles should guide the armament Program to be rational, i.e. to solve the tasks while meeting the resource constraints?

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Britain and its armed forces: the desire to conform to the realities

Lately in the media resumed discussion on the ability of UK armed forces to conduct effective military operations in the conditions of modern military conflicts. The positions of the experts observed two opposite approaches: from harsh criticism of the armed forces of great Britain and stating their inadequacy to the contemporary reality, to recognition of their high level of development as a kind of role model in the construction of armies of other countries.

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The issue of psychotronic weapons and psychotronic war

In connection with numerous manifestations of abnormal, unusual for classical psychology, about or of psychic phenomena and clairvoyance, psychic, telekinesis, phenomenal memory and a fantastic numeracy (experiments of this work, Cooney, Gorin) and other mysterious properties of the psyche, a new direction of scientific research and engineering support (creation of technical means of recording, measuring, and acting on the brain), called PARAPSYCHOLOGY.

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