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Asymmetrical bite
Material posted: Publication date: 27-09-2016
"Mosquito" aircraft will save the aviation industry and will leave no chances to the enemy. The idea of a special "mosquito" aircraft is not new and not original. But in its dormancy, the highlight of today's return to her.


Please refer to the history. Application during world war-2 as a stormtrooper was forced measure. Other aircraft to perform night strikes, the red army was not. Not found the special aviation equipment for such fighting neither our allies, nor the enemy. Both of those also apply adapted tools.

Much further in understanding the necessity and effectiveness of the "mosquito" technique went the navies of the belligerent powers. Submarines-the baby was in the USSR, England, Italy, Germany, and Japan. In the navies of all the warring States, there was a considerable number of small high-speed torpedo boats.

As for the combat mini-aircraft, it did not revive – in the General trend of development she had no place.

Faster, higher, harder

In the late forties and early fifties the most popular jet fighters were the F-94 and F -96 "sabre", the Soviet MiG-15 and MiG-17, the English "meteor" and "hunter", French for "Mister." Take-off weight of these aircraft was in the range of five to seven tons. Next generation fighters are already capable of exceeding the speed of sound, the MiG – 19, F-100 "Super sabre", "Super Mister" gained a half (Soviet and French) and even in two times (us). Third generation jet fighters only confirmed the trend: "Phantom-2" exceeded the mark weight of 20 tons.

"Set of arms will allow "mosquito" plane to become the rapid response working both on the battlefield and in the depth of enemy territory with the possibility of applying sudden and secretive strikes "
Standing on the wing in late 70s – early 80s, the fourth generation of so-called heavy fighters, which include our su-27, the American f-15, the European "Tornado", the French "Mirage 2000", already close to the 30-ton mark, and the MiG-25 and MiG-31 even exceeded the 35-ton threshold.

Today, judging by the takeoff weight, the only fifth – generation aircraft, the American F -22 and Western European fighters of generation "4+", the trend of increasing weight characteristics reached its logical limit. We can say that even go into reverse. Increase quality indicators of combat aircraft. Went on the wane and high-speed component. Today it is enough to have speed within the range of two thousand kilometers per hour compared to 2.5–3 Mach machines of the third and fourth generations.

The inevitable consequence of this logic of development leading to the specialization and quality improvement of aircraft of each new generation, was supposed to be a tendency to repeated increase in the cost of each produced aircraft and decrease in their number during production. If the MiG-15 and f-96 sabre was produced in the thousands (the MiG-15 and its modifications made 15 thousand units), then in the ' 80s to be the largest aviation powers like the United States, the seriality of their main heavy fighter f-15 did not exceed six hundred cars for a decade-plus production cycle. That is, the annual rate of production not exceeding forty cars. With its newest f-22, the cost of which exceeded all reasonable limits, Americans have been able to financially keep up with the pace at 15-20 aircraft per year, which led to the reduction of the total number in the series to 185 units. Then the production was stopped at 145 machines each at a cost of 300 million dollars.

Soviet – means old

Produced in the Soviet era, in 70-e and 80-e years three to four times more combat aircraft than the United States, current Russian aviation industry in the dashing 90-e has survived through exports. Today we violently happy annual edition of its air force-VKS 60-70 aircraft of all classes and daily life, including military transport. I drive a legacy of the Soviet aircraft industry, Russian VCS and industry is able, somehow, in survival mode to maintain the combat readiness of the Park fighter and assault aviation of the air defense, not numerically exceed a thousand units. This refers to the morally outdated and extremely slow modernized airplanes su-27. The MiG-29, su-25, su-24 and MiG-31. Admission to the HQs of a new generation of su, MiG and UTS Yak-130 has slightly brightened up a depressing picture. Nonetheless equipment of the Soviet times, we have still prevails. In the same bomber aircraft, except finished brushed one of the Soviet Tu-160, the new machines and there will not be long.

Much greater in number and much better equipped Park of heavy and light fighter-bombers contain the United States. Together with the allies they have in front of us at least a four-fold advantage in the number of machines, not to mention the quality indicators. These are the realities. Are you satisfied with such a balance of forces of Russia and its natural allies – the question.

A new type of war

The overwhelming superiority of the West in aircraft weapons will eventually result in the absolute superiority, that is, ten times, as today's market, the Russian economy is unable to provide aviation parity with the cost of a light fighter for almost 30 million dollars, and heavy, forty or more. Moreover, even with extensive modernization of the entire current fleet of combat aircraft of its resource will be exhausted in seven to ten years.

Another argument. Twenty-first century, as the whole history of mankind, will avoid large-scale wars. It will be the war of a new type, most likely of attrition without the invasion of ground forces into enemy territory (to prevent the conflict from a nuclear missile). In this case, even with the current level of development of air defense forces only in the presence of the Park of military aviation is barely enough for a month of hostilities. Attacks on airbases of military aviation, and they are the most important objectives, can lead to the complete destruction of the opposing force, aggression side even faster. A good example is the touch of the air force of NATO in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya. The new will not take long.

Hence the conclusion: today, Russia and its allies in the CIS nerefleksivnym, the asymmetric response in the field of new air weapons can become – along with efforts to deploy large-scale production of the model range su (30, 34 and 35) and MiG (35, CUBE) and begin production of the T-50 – term understanding of the ideology of the use of "mosquito" aircraft and the development of the combat vehicle.

Mosquitoes – clouds

The main features of the aircraft, "mosquito" aircraft must have the following qualities and features:

  1. The cost of the heavy aircraft in a series of at least three or four thousand not to exceed a half to two million dollars apiece. Only then can we ensure the mass production and use of "mosquito" aircraft, as well as an adequate supply of the machines themselves.
  2. Indispensable basing on unpaved strips and straight sections of roads, the possibility of rapid concentration and dispersal. The presence of these machines on conventional airfields with concrete surface is more the exception caused by the necessity of repairs and maintenance than the rule.
  3. Off weight of the aircraft proposed can be divided into three categories. Light class to 1.5 tons, the average – up to three tons and heavy – up to five tons.
  4. 4. The landing speed of the machines of the first two categories must not exceed 115-120, and heavy – 135 kilometers per hour. This is the threshold beyond which excludes safe take-off and landing with ground coating. Hence the high aerodynamic quality of the airframe and other structural features.
  5. Fundamentally new technology of manufacturing of the airframe and its obligatory stealth radar, provide a simple and relatively cheap means. Hence the need for the use of composite materials.
  6. Combat load the aircraft easy class – up to 300 pounds, middle – ton and heavy – up to 1.5 tons.
  7. The landing distance in the range of 300-400 meters. For each of the three weight categories in the project is based on the functional possibility of an emergency takeoff from the platform with the use of powder accelerator or accelerator framework, providing vertical takeoff with transition to horizontal flight. Also provides for the possibility of landing on a limited runway with the use of mobile arresting gear.
  8. Optimal speed performance for each of the three categories are: 550 km per hour for light type (turboprop or turbojet engine), 650 kilometers per hour for average to 900-1000 kilometres per hour for heavy. The prototype for the "mosquito" combat aircraft may well be the American unit of the BD-5, which have outstanding speed characteristics and is equipped with piston, turboprop and jet engines.
  9. Design heavy "mosquito" should allow vnutrifyuzelyazhnyh the placement of the missiles "Whirlwind" with the new light control system, nurs, two guns caliber 23 millimeter, missiles "air-air" melee and bombs caliber up to 250 pounds, that is, the set of arms that will allow him to become a aircraft rapid response working both on the battlefield and in the depth of enemy territory with the possibility of applying sudden and secretive strikes in the spirit of aviation forces.

It seems that it is the "mosquito" aircraft should be created in the near future and become a cheap but effective element of the power of videoconferencing. The main purpose of the "mosquito" soldiers of aviation special forces of the mobile home and rapid response with minimal flight time. Such machinery does not yet have none of the aircraft power, although the idea is in the air.

May occur legitimate question: is it possible to apply for the same goals and objectives of already existing, tested and very high quality aircraft such as the MiG-at and Yak-130? Regarding the latter, it just escalated from TCB in a light attack aircraft and adapted to combat operations.

We can assume that such transformation of the Yak-130 has been forced, by our poverty and in order not to lose a very good plane. The attack aircraft Yak-130 does not correspond to the ideology of "mosquito" aircraft. The Achilles heel of this wonderful machine – the high cost (the cost comes to $ 20 million in series 200 machines), traditional duralumin technology of the airframe, excess take-off weight, reaching eight-plus tons, the inability vnutrifyuzelyazhnyh placement of weapons, the type-based exploitative with concrete runways stationary airfields. Soil basing this type of machines is not advisable for unintended for such use position of the air intakes. They are good for the aerodynamics of the aircraft, but not shielded and do not protect the engines from the inevitable ingress of foreign objects during takeoff from the ground unable to fly out from under the front landing gear.

A word for the designers

Thus, the ideology of the "mosquito" aircraft involves the creation of specialized combat aircraft with a unique, sometimes trudnodostizhimye in one machine qualities. Nevertheless, the symbiosis is obligatory. The level of aviation science and modern technology give reason to believe the task of creating a new class of combat aircraft is quite feasible. To speed up the solution can be a combination of the new structural funds and design techniques with serial, time-tested components; and assemblies of such cars as the MiG-at, Yak-130 and others.

"Mosquito" aircraft may pave the way for the creation of a private aircraft for those CIS countries that have not previously had such enterprises, but have a common high culture of production. Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia partly.

In conclusion, it is worth Recalling sad for us the history of the development of unmanned aircraft. In 70-80-s, ahead of all and being leaders in this niche, today we come to the position of the outsider and the buyer foreign BLAH.

I would not like to see history with our unmanned aircraft were already fighting again with "mosquito".

Alexander Sarduri


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