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The D. N. I. USA: Genetic engineering is a weapon of mass destruction
Material posted: Publication date: 05-06-2016
Developing genetic technologies such as genome editing using CRISPR technology for its potential dangers can be comparable to weapons of mass destruction. This view was made by the Director of National intelligence James Clapper, in his annual report on the evaluation of threats to the world community.

Technology of gene editing CRISPR, to replace the method of introduction of the genome, which are produced all the GMO, its potential danger in case of misuse, similar to the weapons of mass destruction. About this in his annual report the head of the National intelligence James Clapper.

In contrast to the widely used technology of non-native genome into an existing body, technology and CRISPR Cas-9 using a special protein can produce changes at the DNA level in the cells of the body. They can detect a given DNA sequence in the human body, to remove it and replace with a new chain developed by genetic engineers, reports the scientific journal Nature.

Scientists believe that with the help of CRISPR will be able to avoid further transmission and spread of degenerative diseases transmitted genetically.

However, the national US intelligence believes that these technologies can be used not only for medical purposes.

"Given the wide availability, low cost, and the accelerated pace of development of this technology is dual-use, it deliberate or accidental misuse can lead to serious consequences for the economic and national security of the USA", — stated in the report Clapper, published on the official website of his Department

According to the report, this conclusion was made based on information and projections provided by , NSA and other US intelligence agencies. The report notes that the basic components necessary for obtaining the running tool CRISPR, can be bought online for an amount not to exceed $60.

Clapper in his report concludes that the low level of ethical standards and professionalism of the Supervisory authorities outside of Western countries could lead to potentially dangerous bacteriological organisms or preparations.



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