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Genetic weapons – can you kill your DNA?
Material posted: Publication date: 21-06-2013

A scene from some futuristic political Thriller: the Secretary of state gives the staff of the Embassy secret instructions to collect the DNA of foreign heads of countries, and the President acts at this time at a dinner party with an entrance ticket $ 1,000 per person surrounded by a group of agents, wiping clean his glasses and picking up his fallen out of place hair follicles. They are not just protecting the President – they are protecting his DNA.

If this sounds like the scenario of the Hollywood productions of the novel by Philip K. dick, please note the following: the name of the Secretary of state – Hillary Clinton and her directives to embassies were uncovered in the publication of telegrams "Wikileaks" in 2010. The President in this scenario is Barack Obama and the forces that must protect his DNA is a group of waiters Navy. In light of these facts sheds published in the 2009 book by Ronald Kessler called "In the President's security service".

This week, the obsession of our government at the DNA again came in news when the Supreme court lowered worthy of the pen of George Orwell's decision that the law enforcement agencies collecting DNA detainees is not considered an invasion of privacy. The decision likened DNA to fingerprints, neatly bypassing the fact that these drops of blood contains detailed information about the genetic structure of man, which the police are able to gather with impunity, without fear of an action for infringement of civil rights.

In addition to lying on the surface obvious cause for concern, coupled with the fact that this decision violates the Fourth amendment, and a later rule on the inadmissibility of evidence obtained illegally, there are other reasons which lie deeper and have to do with why our government is so keen on gathering data about our DNA.

The stated purpose of encouraging the disclosure of crimes loses credibility when you realize that the state collects the DNA of newborns. In 2007, President Bush signed into Law the newborn screening with the goal of saving lives, which officially has streamlined the process by which the Federal government engaged for several years, screening the DNA of newborn babies in the USA.

Since we have not yet threatened by the prospect of making a little Bank robbery and rape, should investigate this issue more to find out what is so special about our DNA.

Back in 1997 at a meeting of the Medical society of the United Kingdom on science and ethics, Dr. Wayne Nathanson warned that "gene therapy" can be aimed at achieving the hidden goals and to give a "genetic weapon", applicable against specific people who are carriers of a certain genetic structure. These weapons, Nathanson warned, "could be delivered not only in those known already to the fighting forms as gas and aerosol but also by adding into water sources, which led not only to deaths in the target group, but also to infertility, and congenital malformations".

Decades before widely replicated warnings of Dr. Nathanson, the American government has already worked hard in applying science efforts aimed at finding a gene and designed to appeal to certain ethnic groups of weapons. It is known that in published in 1970 Military Review article "Ethnic weapons" the author, Dr. Carl Larson with pathos wrote about the technological level, to facilitate the choice of ethnic groups as objects to strike secret weapon. Here's what he wrote: "many laboratories are shrouded in secrecy, a systematic search for new incapacitating agents. The main idea, as discussed in the open literature, originally was to cause disruption".

However, his tone soon changed and he wrote something that creepy: "it is it is possible to use incapacitating agents over the entire range of offensive operations, from covert activity to mass destruction".

Larson concludes blatant statement: "the Enzymatic process of RNA synthesis has been known for several years, but now revealed the factors that regulate the start and specificity of enzyme production. Were found not only the factors but also their inhibitors. Therefore, the functions of life are open to attack" (emphasis added).

There is evidence that the research of Dr. Wouter Basson for Project Coast, the programme for the production of chemical and biological weapons in South Africa of the apartheid era, was focused on developing biological weapons "only for black". It was reported that Basson associated with the intelligence centers and laboratories, both in the UK and in the USA, was successful in their attempts that took place in the 70's. According to a source close to the Basson, his research involved the search of substances that would connect with melanin. The melanin in a high gradation is present in darker skin.

After the work of Basson over melamine project has been a jump in the indicators of hypertension and diabetes among people of colour – particularly African origin, as well as among native, dark-skinned peoples. It is reported that the coverage of these diseases some communities currently reaches 50 percent. The information that these pathogenic substances related to melanin, leaked into processed food, corresponds to the rapid growth of the "silent killer", hypertension and diabetes, in developed countries where people eat more processed food. For example, in rural Africa, where the population eats food from natural sources, indicators of diabetes and hypertension all these years has remained at the same level.

The mapping of the human genome meets all the needs of creating gene-specific weapons. Genetics said that the development of ethnic weapons – the task is in fact much more complex than the creation of genetic weapons, sharpened by the defeat of a specific person. Differences between groups are represented is much smaller than the differences between individuals, and therefore, the creation of genetic weapons, able to strike, for example, according to the President, is far less difficulties than the creation of such weapons, intended to act against an entire race.

The delivery system of DNA-weapons would be simple – any.

Since turned into a weapon of genetic material will be beaten only by its purpose, it is possible to arrange the diversion of these weapons into the systems of food supply, water supply, or sprayed via a delivery platform through the air – the same inexplicable chemtrail that now surround our heavens. And if suddenly dies inconspicuous purpose, who learns that her death is caused by weapons based on genetic principles? And if you die the objective visible, as perhaps Hugo Chavez or Jack Layton in Canada who is able to establish a link between his fatal illness and gun, beating on his DNA?

Persistent allegations of the U.S. government that it's just trying to protect their citizens from terrorist threat, is a perfect cover of the doctrine of "plausible denial". Under the guise of "protection" systematically deprive us of our rights while abroad waged war against the Semitic peoples of the Middle East. Weapons of the genetic effect is another tool of the doctrine of plausible deniability in relation to the availability of eugenic Arsenal. In fact, it can be one of the most conspicuous tools.


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