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The integral indicator of quality and formalization of the procedure of the synthesis of the armament programme
Material posted: -Publication date: 02-10-2012

In the present report discusses the main tasks assigned to the weapons Programme, and possible ways of their decision ordering directorates of the Ministry of defence in various economic conditions.

When you try to formalize these tasks, we will come to a new important concept — the integral indicator of the quality of the armament Programme, which will quite clearly and correctly compare the different proposed versions of the weapons Programmes and to evaluate the possibility of their practical implementation.

We will see that this indicator depends on the group parameters, which can independently vary within certain limits. Specific values of these free parameters it is advisable to install to get the maximum effect from implementation of the armament Programme. Thus, we come to the idea that control development, its synthesis and the existence of a separate optimizing procedures for the implementation of this process.

Using the quality score as an objective function in the end of the section we will formulate the specified task of synthesis of the armament Programme as a mathematical programming problem.


The content

Introduction. 3

1. Ways to provide the Armed Forces with new systems (specimens) of weapons and military equipment.. 4

2. The quality indicator development program of the same type of weapons.. 14

3. The indicator of the quality of the armament Programme. Formalization of the problem of rational justification of options arms Program 24..

4. Methods of paired comparisons (analysis of hierarchies). 36

Conclusions 49...

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