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How to defeat Russia without nuclear war?
Material posted: Publication date: 20-06-2016
Despite all the efforts in mediavoice, the sanctions and the permanent establishment of a Russian threat, in the foreground the option of a direct military confrontation. The war propaganda is quite dulled the consciousness of the population, and now can only lose the mask and push the people to fight for values.

The military spending is rising, militant education goes to school, and the phrase "to deter Russia", has entered the daily lexicon of home media. The Nobel peace laureates and organizers of color coups suggest fooled the masses not to succumb to Russian propaganda under any circumstances. The plans of the Western powers on Russia —all the same to leave only 15 million Russians in their own territory. For such words the Prime Minister-the Minister of great Britain Margaret Thatcher broke loud applause. Implementation of the plan continues. Russia's resources to be split.

Still need to finally complete the image of the world of tyranny in Russia, and then all agree with the murder of the Russian President Putin. Putin is a demon and should be killed like Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi.

Worth remember the footage of Clinton and Albright, on which the ladies were happy tormented President, and you can easily get an idea about the personality of the candidate for the presidency of the United States.

Russia is not Libya and Putin — Russian and Slav. And what to do with his nuclear weapons? A good army, a large area, own resources, and instead of mercenaries patriots. The mentality of the Russians — against a large army of the NATO Pact with good military equipment. All renowned Europe and its values — a group of corporate tycoons, not warriors. And she's going to war with Russia?

The European ruling elite is not able to solve their own problems, their own people. They can't talk about anything except their own benefit. Despite all the treaties signed in the past, they have always betrayed each other. This group of elites living in a different reality, has the head over the ocean. For the policeman of the world there are no rules — he defines them as well as assigns us enemies. Anything other than a very sassy attack on the state and the appropriation of foreign resources, in world politics has not occurred and is not happening. War in the name of freedom — this is the biggest hypocrisy of the power of economic elites.

About any human rights and democracy. Only interests, power and control over resources and their distribution.

These the worst world criminals abuse the word humanity. Who participated in the wars in Kosovo and who created the hell in Africa? All modern murders on the conscience of the United States, France, England and Italy. It is a colonial country in the past and in the present. And UN covered African campaign with silence. Remember and military instigators of the propaganda army of NGOs and political leadership, including the corporate media.

They all support a war for resources. The one who will control resources in Russia, will be the world hegemony in the distribution of coal and drinking water. The situation with human rights in Russia and China is threatening, and the right of these countries to punish and to constantly remind them of what they have tyranny reigns.

Western society does not look as critical for the US, France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and other Muslim countries, including Turkey.

Everybody understands the Russians. They know what it is, and do not want to accept the corporate model of resource ownership.

They know how hypocritical acts, and what a double standard is Western humanity. Someone who has their own resources, is not under pressure and can succeed. Russia needs peace, and it will carry a lot of resentment. Russia diligently seek internal stability and has the power to handle even the coup. The cold war never ended it just changed form.

So how can we defeat Russia? Sanctions will continue, the army is ready. The collapse of the Soviet Union a second time will not happen again. Forgotten that modern Russia is not the USSR of times of Yeltsin.

Military strategists devised a plan: small Baltic States near Russia's borders play a key role. Poland — historical trauma and dream is to become a European power. Ukraine has not fulfilled the task at the beginning of the war, despite the assistance of trained instructors. Not helped by the downed plane.

Another attempt of NATO to bring the case before the collision, failed in Turkey. Lacerated pilots had no effect on the Russian nerves and caused the desire for revenge.

How to start a major war and to deprive Russia of resources once and for all?

Plans are many but the main concern of the Russian borders and arson of Europe. Proven history tactics! Provocations as close as possible to the borders of Russia and the necessary support of the Slavs!

Military encirclement of Russia can not be only in the hands of the Anglo-Saxons. Something would be wrong. In the framework of the strategy and Slavic peoples have to want the destruction of Russia. Plan for the expansion of NATO is clear about this, as well as the appointment of a Czech General Pavel, on a high post in NATO, and Tusk, the pole, the head of the EU. Only with the help of the Slavic peoples of Russia it is possible to hurt.

In the air the next provocation — one that will affect emotions and trigger the desire to start a war. The false flag operation — a common practice of military strategists. The constant encirclement of Russia by NATO Pact, approaching as close as possible to its borders, military exercises, increasing tension — all this sooner or later result in a collision. The war between Russia and NATO launched, and it is almost inevitable.

Sanctions will not cancel, and the war machine just will not stop. Deterring Russia means placing as many heavy weapons on its borders and the completion of the launch bases around the territory of the Russian Federation.

One thought on war of the Russians with Europe and the United States is superior in strength, weapons and the consequences of the most terrible hell.

Another civil war for life and death? The desire to subjugate against the courageous defence of his country?

The war begins at the borders of Russia, and for this sacrifice the Baltic countries, together with NATO divisions.

The ruling elite directly, it is important not to interfere and to leave the hell of war army. The beginning of the war with Russia would be quick, but first reign strategic lull before the storm. Like lightning in the information field will flash an important message from NATO countries: Russia through provocations disturb the peace in several regions — we entered the war. An avalanche of shouts will stop the media with a Hollywood catastrophic frame Russian aggression. It will be the biggest and last play, in which play of the super elite and their political pawns. All in unison cry out: "we will Destroy Russia!" but for this they will have only a couple of minutes.

And what about the reaction of Russia, surrounded by NATO Pact? Tactical nuclear missiles are in readiness, fulfill the order. Objectives are the countries-members of NATO and the United States. The huge numerical advantage of the NATO armies, it is impossible to resist for a long time, using traditional weapons. Russia will have to defend itself vigorously Arsenal.

We count the blasted country for five or ten or twenty minutes it will be all of Europe, and in a few minutes, and England. Defense will neutralize a maximum of 30% of the rockets, while others will strike the target. After the first mutual nuclear attacks Supreme commander will try to finish the Apocalypse. Emotional paralysis deprives both sides opportunities to negotiate politically. The battle system works without the person, and to do this calculation. The Russian submarine will bring down all nuclear missiles on the East coast of the United States. Five to ten minutes. First mutual blows, as always, will be applied to the command and bases, and then the agglomerates, power plants, strategic industrial sites. Everything that is vital for the state, will be destroyed.

Large Russian cities, including Moscow, probably, will take strike with hydrogen bombs that are more devastating than the atomic.

Automatic system of the Russian nuclear war would strike the most powerful ballistic missile "Topol" and "Satan" on selected targets in the EU and the USA. How will China and all of Asia?

Global exchange of blows will, according to contemporary military calculations, 5300 tactical missiles and 6000 medium-range missiles at the same time. A similar number of missiles to overwhelm the air defense system both sides. In the first 60 minutes on Russia will fall to 2,500 tactical missiles, and the big fireworks will end in just five hours.

According to current estimates the power of nuclear weapons, the strike immediately entail 60-100 million victims. In the 15 following days from radiation and contamination of the environment will perish 300-400 million. Within six months all the disastrous consequences of the destruction of vital resources will die 800 million. Any one state will not be able to bury the corpses. In all affected countries will stop working infrastructure, industry and healthcare sectors. If you can imagine the chaos and suffering of everyone who survives, here is a picture of the cause and consequences of the actions of obsessed with the power of psychopaths.

All the supporters of sanctions and animosity towards Russia can, in addition to mention determined to start a war, tell your children on political lectures, how will the war with Russia. To provoke a nuclear power to war is simple, but it is impossible to stop. Military commanders and politicians emerge from the bunkers and move to Australia, where they will negotiate a new world order. Australia and Canada — those countries that, according to the decision of the elites, will remain untouched.

Publications about the consequences of a nuclear exchange between NATO and Russia is in the public domain and anyone can draw their own conclusions.

The idea of military strategists, States that there will be war, which "will pull" Russia and force her to suffer, has nothing to do with reality. Russia will not go the way of defence only on its own territory. It has no advantage neither of the army nor the amount of equipment. She has no choice, therefore, Russia makes clear that their defense will use the most powerful weapon.

Is Europe really so stupid and has such a servile politicians who persistently go to his own death? Do any of the bureaucrats at the European Commission and NATO seriously believes that Russia can starve under sanctions, and after you defeat militarily without nuclear weapons? Why are they so servile listen to US? Perhaps the reason is the allocated power and profit, may be total nonsense, and all this is backed by years of espionage surveillance of the highest leaders, dominant in Europe, Ministers and presidents. The allies listening in on allies. Today all okay. Again they embrace and love each other the same as yesterday.

We answer our generals, including Paul? They constrain Russia or are preparing a first strike? As Paul himself States, Russia is the biggest threat, worse of migration. Perhaps they are afraid of information from the past and fear that it can be used by the enemy. Who knows? After years of spying all of his victims found a common language and a common enemy. Daily spread rumors so-called European values and Western culture — a spectacle and the height of hypocrisy. This Union must be reformed, to put on a different, honest, basis.

You need to remove the entire leadership of the EU and to disperse the notorious European Commission. Modern elite enterprises need to be dismissed from the process of leadership at all levels. The peoples of all countries-members of EU have a democratic way to get rid of parasites. In the interests of all it is necessary to cancel sanctions against the Russian Federation and start to trade normally and to develop relationships. Europe must find the courage to reject the dictates of the United States. Pact, NATO has shown that it is not a defense, and the attacker Association of the hawks defending the economic interests of the international ruling elites.

How and what to transform NATO? This is a task for the new politicians who are willing to reform and want to prevent global war. Not replacing the current politicians to find solutions.

Because history has never been able by any means to prevent war, then, most likely, nobody will prevent that scheduled now. And the end of attempts to reform the EU. Do the European elite will be with us until the very end?

The controlled process of mental debilitation will end with the dismantling of the precipice.

Whether elected us policy to think what would happen if we get our people in the war against the Russian Federations and to send Slavs killing Slavs under the flag of the NATO Pact? What will be the reaction of the public, freedom fighters, our heroes past that Russia — the enemy? Brainwashing by the media and hunting for the so-called Pro sites are gaining momentum, so that even small children can already see in Russia hell with Satan. To the case involved all the boys and girls of NGOs, celebrities, and don't forget the self-styled activists. The media and star — key role. They do an excellent job with information warfare.

The enemy is known, but our compatriots are still not overwhelmed with the determination to go into battle. Elite from the ranks of real journalists suspended. Petranek supposedly crazy, so political analyses we write twenty activists from the funds and brain trusts. Martin Koller, who very professionally and truthfully describes the situation, maybe even "obestsya" — in response to silence.

If you compare the circumstances, to use knowledge about the composition and mentality of all segments of the population of Bohemia and Moravia, we will receive material for analysis. Stupid and spoiled young people are too lazy to work and spend mental strength. The middle generation is fighting for sustenance and retired completely lost under the burden of low pensions. Senior bureaucrats only want to do business, and 3.5 million poor people do not want to fight with Russia. The national army does not exist, and mobilization can detect some moral limitations and may lead to policy changes in the General staff.

The same situation using the same tools of mental debilitation prevailed across the EU. In many quarters review asks the question: why fight it? For plunder of the state, for the property of transnational corporations, for megamillionaires and the ruling elite? For freedom, in which greed in the first place?

But this issue has been resolved.

The problem of the reluctance of the masses to fight decided the builders of the new world order (NWO). Just you start a war mercenaries. No negotiations, no surrender — the beginning of the war should speed ahead of all information channels. Russia without nuclear weapons will not be defeated and a nuclear war will not unfold only on the territory of Russia. The geopolitical situation is much worse than during the Cuban missile crisis. Countries which during the Second world war attacked modern Russia, again surround her.

For understanding the stability and fragility of the modern system it is necessary to mention fatal things.

Few natural disasters can paralyze all public and political bodies and turn them into social. The disconnection of water and electricity for a month will lead to an apocalyptic state of society. Two months later, completely overwhelm any system even without a major war, plunging all into chaos. He who prepares a war and indirectly supports it, who destroys the stability of the resources of another state, who wants to starve the population and thus to achieve the overthrow of the government, must take into account the consequences. Russia has nowhere to retreat, and she never flinched. All countries which it brought freedom, betray her today and preparing for war. The fragility of the system depending on the daily supply of all necessary, is literally appalling.

To power elites all this minor issues: there are too many those who crave resources. Russia will not attack nor any state, nor Europe in Russia for many centuries has its own resources. This is the last the world's largest resources for its defense Russia has only one ally — nuclear weapons!

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