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As the Syrian Arab army has mastered the maneuvers to break the siege of the objects?
Material posted: Publication date: 10-09-2017
The Syrian Arab army is probably the most effective army that was able to release some objects, besieged by her enemies. Note that, first, these beleaguered objects were in a dense ring, and secondly, the siege was carried out by a large number of complex military equipment. Third, you need to take into account the geographical distance of friendly forces. In this regard, the success of the Syrian Arab army in lifting the siege of most of these objects is a bright event in military history and, perhaps, the maneuvers of the Syrian army in these operations will become part of the military science and will be used to train armies.

We can say that the Syrian Arab army has successfully mastered the maneuver of lifting the siege, as many times participated in the military operations of this type during the confrontation with the enemies on the whole territory of Syria. These special operations are characterized by their risk, sensitivity and accuracy. We will mention the most important ones.

The lifting of the siege of the Western neighborhoods of Aleppo

After terrorists besieged Western neighborhoods of Aleppo, which was considered the only area under the control of the army, with the exception of two cities Nubel and al-Zahra North of Aleppo, at the beginning of 2013, Syrian government forces decided to build in the enemy zone, where he established many armed groups, the road, the length of which exceeds two hundred kilometers. This road originates from the villages of Salamis, in Hama province, passes through the Atrium and Hanaser, reaching the besieged Western neighborhoods of the city. Government forces have always defended this way, which was quite dangerous, because she was regularly exposed to enemy attacks and attempts to cut a path message. Such attempts were taken by the militants of the "Islamic state" (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) on the East side of the road between the villages in the West of Raqqa and villages to the South-East of Aleppo. Other terrorist groups attacked the Western part of the road in the villages in the South-West of Aleppo and Eastern Idlib. Nevertheless, thanks to this road the Syrian Arab army and its allies managed to lift the siege of Aleppo districts, thereby creating a reference base for subsequent the complete liberation of Aleppo during the strategic battle, which was one of the main factors of the victory of government forces in Syria.

The breakthrough of the blockade of the air base Kuveyris

In early November, 2015, a special unit of the Syrian Arab army was directed towards Kouvaris in the South-East of Aleppo and 20 kilometers advanced deep into enemy territory, which was controlled by militants of the "Islamic state". After a fierce battle the units of the Syrian army managed to break through enemy's fortifications and to lift the siege of the airbase, while using intense artillery and rocket fire, as well as resorting to air support.

The lifting of the siege of the cities of Nobel and AZ-Zahra

In February 2016 special forces of the Syrian army made from villages in the North of Aleppo and in the course of the military operation, which lasted three days, were able to liberate settlements Haratin and Marista Khan, and also contact people's committees in Noble and al-Zahra, to lift the siege of these two cities. In addition, the army held a special offensive operations, entering in the vital cities and strongholds of terrorists in the villages in the North of Aleppo.

The battle for Deir-ez-Zor

The last battles were fought on 5 September, the results of which was the lifting of the siege of the main neighborhoods of the city of Deir ez-Zor, for three years under the control of insurgents "Islamic state". The operation to liberate the city was distinguished by its complexity and great significance of the victory over the terrorist organization in Syria. After units of the Syrian Arab army and their allies passed through the al-Badia, reaching a set of objects, besieged by the Islamic state, they stopped at their margins by expanding the 137-th brigade to the West of Deir ez-Zor. Thus, the Syrian army managed to unite the liberated city of al-Badia and other major cities of Syria. Today, Deir ez-Zor in safety and under protection of the army, the divisions of which are preparing to lift the siege of the airport and consolidate its position in the strategically important point in the Syrian East.

This is the significance of these operations to break the blockade of settlements and other objects, which were surrounded by terrorist groups. The army is made up of vital and strategic goals in its fight against terrorism, which, apparently, will soon be able to end, considering the recent victory over the terrorists of all stripes. Operations of the Syrian army can be considered an important milestone in military science and history, the special offensive operations.

Amid Mutukad


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