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China is accused of developing nuclear weapons of new generation
Material posted: Publication date: 04-06-2018
In the period from September 2014 to December 2017, China held about 200 testing simulating a nuclear explosion ahead on this indicator, the United States, indicating that the development of China weapons of a new generation, writes South China Morning Post.

The publication, citing a report of the Chinese Academy of engineering physics, released in early 2018, said that over the past three years China conducted more simulations of nuclear explosions (average five per month) than the U.S. over the last 15 years (150 tests — approximately 10 per year). Similar tests conducted in the laboratory involve the use of a powerful gas guns, firing specially prepared purpose.

Chinese expert Wang Chuanbin believes that in this way China is trying to reduce the gap with the US in nuclear technology. His colleague Luo Guoqiang said that in some areas China has already surpassed United States. "Partly the reason for the benefits is a technical breakthrough, partly with additional funding from the government," — said the expert.

Simulation of nuclear explosions involves the use of hydrogen gun, which accelerates (up to 30 thousand kilometers per hour) layered shell (metal and plastic). The latter, faced with a plutonium target, causing a chemical reaction, in fact, reproduce the conditions of a nuclear explosion (appropriate temperature, pressure and shock waves).

According to Lo, at present, the Chinese development of manufacturing technology of shell, superior to the American. The publication notes that such work is especially relevant in the creation of high-precision hypersonic missiles, designed to transfer low-yield nuclear warheads.

The latest U.S. "nuclear posture Review" provides for the development of US nuclear warheads reduced power (W76 or W88 for ballistic missiles Trident II D5 nuclear submarines). It should be a response to the development of Russia and China.

In particular, in the United States believethat Russia until 2026 planned increase in the number of nuclear warheads from seven to eight thousand at the expense of low-power (ten to thousands of tons of TNT) tactical nuclear warheads of new generation, designed to equip high-precision cruise missiles and space satellites.


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