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Brief summary of publications on the doctrine of the armed forces of the United States "Joint Vision 2010"
Material posted: Publication date: 14-10-2012

The hierarchy of joint publications (Joint publication, JP) reflects the structure of the doctrine of joint action, and joint tactics, techniques and methods (joint tactics, techniques, and procedures, JTTP) for the conduct of operations.

The publications structure corresponds to the existing tasks of staff of the armed forces. Every several publications offer basic guidance. This guide provides the conceptual basis for publications of this series.

The content

1. The system of joint publications.. 3

2. The Foundation of the doctrine of joint action.. 4

Basic doctrine publication joint action. 4

Ensure publication. 5

Chapter 1. The publication of a number 1. JOINT PERSONNEL PUBLICATIONS. 7

Basic publication. 7

Directories and other publications provide.. 7

Ensure publication. 8

Chapter 2. The publication of a number 2. The doctrine of intelligence support of joint operations.. 10

Basic publication. 10

Ensure publication. 10

CHAPTER 3. The publication of a number 3. The doctrine of joint action. 14

Basic publication. 14

Ensure publication. 14

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