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Makarenko S. I., Ivanov M. S. "network-centric warfare principles, technologies, examples and perspectives"
Material posted: Publication date: 14-06-2018

The monograph is the result of the authors ' synthesis of research in the field of warfare and command and control in terms of what happened in the beginning of XXI century information technology revolution. The result of introduction of achievements of information technology revolution in the practice of military Affairs was a dramatic synergistic increase in combat effectiveness of weapons, a fundamental review of the strategy and tactics of warfare, and approaches to the construction of the armed forces.

These revolutionary changes were summarized in the concept of network-centric warfare, formed in the USA in the late XX century. In the monograph the analysis of the concept of network-centric warfare, identified the fundamental relationship of this concept with the it revolution, trends in the development of new weapons, restructuring the organizational structure of the armed forces, as well as the methods and forms of warfare. The paper presents perspectives of development of armament and military equipment, widely used in network-centric warfare. Examples of armed conflicts of the late XX – early XXI centuries identified the key features of network-centric warfare. Material of the monograph is addressed to specialists, leading applied research in the field of military construction, command, and developers of new weapons.

ISBN 978-5-6040965-3-6

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