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M. Moored "Technique in world war"
Material posted: Publication date: 10-01-2012

The study technique in the world war, in its myriad applications to the case of wrestling, devoted many hundreds of works. However, each of these works, covering in detail any separate branch of military technology, sees it as separate from other branches of military equipment, military art, and pure, finally, without taking into account economic possibilities of the country in a given period of its development.

Offered to the reader in a summary compilation of the Moored "Technique in world war" deprived of this childhood illness - revaluation of some technical means or underestimating others.

"Technique in world war" was translated into the Russian language at the end of 1923, under our guidance and revision; in the translation, commenting and popolani of the book was attended by prominent specialists in the USSR Ahokas, Rapinat, Rdultowski, Dengin, Kerchevskiy. Ozerov, the late M. K. Myslowski, etc. unfortunately, for financial reasons disappears possible to publish only the first and partially the third part, and then in a very compressed statement; "Technology in naval warfare" expects the best of days.

State publishing house, 1927.

Available in electronic format (djvu, 22Мб)

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