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Why geo-engineering the Earth can provoke a Third world war?
Material posted: Publication date: 17-06-2019
Looking at the latest reports and predictions, it is difficult to believe that developed countries are somehow trying to solve the problem of a rapidly changing global climate, for example, by the same reducing the use of fossil fuels. In any case, one's refusal from gasoline and coal will not solve the problem, so some researchers suggest more radical ways to prevent the inevitable looming threat that could have catastrophic consequences on mankind already in the middle of this century.

Why do we need geoengineering?

One such method is proposed geoengineering – the deliberate change of the Earth's environment by isolating the carbon in the atmosphere or reducing the volume supplied to the surface of the planet sunlight using special aerosols, which needs to be sprayed in the atmosphere. However, despite the fact that these ideas can really carry good intentions, the report of Business Insider, who took comments from some experts, suggests that the use of such methods by any country in the world without the approval of other Nations could trigger a new world war.

"In contrast to the isolation of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the same solar geoengineering can have very real geopolitical consequences. The possibility of world war in this case will stand more than ever for the modern world", — says an expert on geoengineering Juan Moreno-Cruz from the canadian University of Waterloo.

The scientist explains that even if a country wants local use of geoengineering decisions, the consequences of these actions can spread and affect the territory of other States. Moreover, the consequences of such techniques can be unpredictable, potentially exacerbating the ecological situation not only in the local scope of the geoengineering approach, but all over the world.

"The atmosphere has no walls. Application of these methods may not have the desired effect on your country, but at the same time, will exist a high probability of spillover effects on other States," adds the scientist Andrea Flossmann of the world meteorological organization (WMO).

In any case, the debate among scientists on whether or not geoengineering the only effective way to deal with the climate crisis is still ongoing. But if this is really the only way that will solve the problem of global warming, it must be adopted at the international level, to possible consequences has not led to global war.

Nikolai Khizhnyak


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