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The emergence of psychophysical weapons
Material posted: Publication date: 09-01-2011

In accordance with the selected analytical model research information image PF-weapons with the aim of identifying characteristics (assumptions) of its formation expert-analytical assessment of data (events) in different areas directly or indirectly related to the creation of modern weapons. The search schema of the prerequisites shown in the figure, and the assessment results are summarized as follows.

The field of international relations. The introduction and development of new information technologies has provided the global community of accelerated progress in the areas of production, business, education, social life. This information technology as locomotives brought the developed countries to new "information" civilization, characterized the main features of which are the increase in processing speed, information transfer, and volume of the transmitted messages; increase the speed of obtaining new volumes of information and acceleration of its implementation; increase the accessibility (openness) of information through modern video and audio systems and a growing use of return, including the complex of relations "man-machine" in the creation of artificial intelligence systems. The globalization of communication networks leads to the implementation of the strategy of building a single information community and the planet as one of the consequences of this process to the growing trend of non-power methods of settling disputes between States. Along with a wide range of measures of economic, financial, food and other character turning into a modern society of its kind in kasiraja, informational influence becomes one of the most effective methods of coercion by one state of another. The latter is nothing but information pressure, carried out with the help of information weapons, which refers to the totality of information technologies, means and methods of informational influence intended for the information warfare (Manilov V. L., 1998). Distinctive features of the information war, the implicit nature of war that erases the boundaries between war and peace periods, the relatively high effectiveness of achieving the goals without bloodshed and material losses make it attractive for political purposes. All this stimulates search of expanding in the direction of further improvement of information weapons, one of the branches which is a psychophysical weapons: the hidden impact on the human psyche.

The area of national security. For decades the task of ensuring national security of our country was understood as a narrowly military and foreign policy. However, the modern idea of security goes far beyond that. The leading countries of the world there is a real opportunity to achieve their objectives and non-military methods, in particular, information. Information warfare between States is carried out continuously both in time of peace and in time of war and affects all areas of functioning of the country and the military. It is carried out through special political, diplomatic, military, and other methods, ways and means of influence on information environment of the opposing party and to protect its own environment in order to achieve your goals. Information confrontation has dramatically increased the importance of information security. The last category in unprecedentedly short time has become an important issue of national security all leading countries of the world and especially the actual problem of Russia, trying to climb out of the pit of severe crisis, where she came not without the help of media exposure. Sharply increasing role of information in the world necessitates and highlights the relevance of problems of information securityas an integral component of national security of any highly developed country. In practical terms, ensuring information security problems automatically involves a range of significant events, among which must be the issues of counter-information weapons, including psychophysical.

The area of the military art. Today, it is legitimate to argue that ceteris paribus the achievement of government strategic advantage depends on the available information opportunities, allowing in some cases to refuse to settle disputes by force.This idea is reflected in military-theoretical search of military strategists. Experience of using information weapons stimulated the revision of the military theorists of warfare:

  • the question under discussion is about the abandonment of large-scale war, including thermonuclear, only resorting to the threat of the possible use of accumulated weapons and intimidation of the enemy;
  • a method is proposed for solving the outcome of the war the use of information weapons and selective strikes by precision weapons (awareness-firing operation);
  • creates a weapon that minimizes the loss of manpower of the opponent, preserving material values and non-detrimental nature (non-lethal weapons);
  • and, finally, discusses the idea to win the war without firing a shot and the victims by holding a silent, hidden from the enemy's operations, forcing him to make decisions, we need the attacking side.

This line is fully consistent with the development PF-weapons and can be interpreted as a strategic military forerunner of his appearance.

The area of information warfare in the military sphere. "Increasing importance is the concept of "information war". To win the information superiority (dominance in the air) becomes a prerequisite for victory over the enemy." (Zolotarev V. A., 1998). Strategic direction in the twenty-first century, the U.S. DOD believes the achievement of information superiority of the armed forces in dealing with any problems. It allows the U.S. to conduct operations with smaller forces than would be required otherwise. Information operations are key to achieving and maintaining information superiority and are critical to the operational concepts of "Single perspective-2010". They are a force multiplier across the whole spectrum of peace, crisis, war, and the return to peace (the report of the Secretary of defense to the President and the Congress, 1999). Close in meaning and importance point of view of our law enforcement agencies with respect to information assets are reflected in the Military doctrine of the Russian Federation and in the Doctrine of information security of the Russian Federation. It is logical to assume that the effect of the adoption of these conceptual documents should be the adoption of national programmes for the deployment of relevant studies in the field of information warfare, including the hidden impact on the human psyche.

The information - psychological struggle. Experience of information and psychological confrontation of the parties in local wars and conflicts reinforces the increasing importance of this type of military activity, which is especially evident in the wars against Iraq and Yugoslavia. Such a weapon does not kill, but it psychologically affects the enemy increases the combat readiness of their troops. Yet the effectiveness of traditional open forms of information and psychological influence is still quite low, because people retain the capacity for critical perception of information. The picture, however, may radically change if they are methods and means the hidden impact on the psyche of peopleto direct their desire to shape the world, imposing the “right” decision without their consent. In this case, information and psychological competition will become a fundamentally new character. The relentless spread of “dirty” information technology relieves moral, ethical and legal barriers in creating creditscore impact, which is a prerequisite to their creation in order to achieve political, military, social and other purposes.

Information and psychological weapon - the closest to the psychophysical weapon form fighting for its intended purpose, and methodology of the impact on hardware. The structure of psychological operations in foreign countries are essentially combat ready structure for the application of PF-weapons.

The information - technical fight in theatre. Experience of application of modern means of warfare in local wars and conflicts shows the decisive contribution of intelligence, electronic warfare, control of troops and weapons, navigation support, - called "information weapons on the battlefield" - in the victory over the enemy. “If the first world war highlighted as an indispensable factor for achieving victory in battle, "fire superiority" over the enemy, and the second world war - "winning air superiority", the end of the twentieth century according to the results of local wars allocates required and the main attribute of victory in modern battle, "the conquest of superiority in the information sphere"” /Pirumov V. S., 1992/. The experience of combat use of modern information tools in local conflicts and their enormous impact on the outcome of the battle allowed to transfer these funds from provide the category in the category of weapons, thereby outlining military-theoretical basis for the creation of PF-weapons

Global inclusive information structure TVD can become a ready base for use of PF-weapons against the operators of the key elements of the information sphere of the opponent (primarily staffs) engaged in the collection, processing and communication of (management) information to personnel of the troops.

In the field of creation of fire weapons. The analysis of the process of Informatization of weapons allows you to highlight one remarkable trend: the numerous existing types of weapons are categorized by sets of features and objectives. At the same time, you can make conditional gradation of various types of weapons in terms of their Informatization, starting from the concept of"informational impact".

Informational impact may be interpreted in the widest range of weapons: from pure energy to pure information. For example, uncontrollable means of destruction, based on the principles of explosive (shock) operation, can be attributed to pure energy weapons. The addition of such ammunition information element in the form of the guidance system helped to reduce the energy of destruction of similar objects. This trend has led to a dramatic impact of Informatization means and gave rise to the class of precision weapons and now leads to the birth of weapons of selective destruction with elements of artificial intelligence. Such weapons can be classified by energy-type.

However, in common parlance under the energy impact is considered to understand the effect of the wave structures of different fields. Here on one side there are high-energy power systems (laser, accelerator, microwave weapons, powerful acoustic, infrasound, ultraviolet and other sources), followed by energy-information, is that the experience of the Persian Gulf is referred to as an information weapon. And, finally, on the opposite side emerges a fundamentally new class – system of the hidden information influences. They logically continue the line of development of traditional media influence, information technology.

The effectiveness of shock weapons, which are based on material-energy processes, is more and more determined not firepower, and data parameters - accuracy, handling, performance. The development process of Informatization of weapons continuously increases weighting factor of the information component in munitions systems, leading in part to the replacement of charges of EXPLOSIVES of “information” ammunition, and in the future to a purely informational type of weapon, the final phase of which is PF-arms.

The area of the information sphere of the state. The rapid development of information technology has led to the creation of information resources of the state, which, owing to the special role of information as a strategic factor, occupy a key position among other resources - economic, scientific-technical, military, etc. Defeat the information resources of the country by methods and means of special software and mathematical effects (CEMS), the specialists understand how information technology weapons in the sphere of the state, may lead the country into a disastrous condition. According to experts, the resources of the special impacts on information resources to pose a serious threat to the national security of the state. Unlike TVD information weapons, which are limited to the area of battles, the use of CEMS is not limited neither by space nor time due to the fact that their use is impersonal, easily masked under the protection of copyright and commercial rights of companies on their software products and not associated with a Declaration of war or conduct of hostilities in local conflicts with the use of conventional means of armed struggle. It makes much more real the "hidden" war and blurs the boundaries of organized violence, making it more acceptable from the point of view of international law. The analysis of the combat capabilities of such tools, their main characteristics, impersonal and hidden nature of these weapons, which appeared in the press reports of direct methods of influence on the psyche of computer operators allow us to consider the possibility of “germination” PF-weapons from this area.

Requirements to new types of created weapons. Under the influence of the public course is implemented to prohibit barbarous methods of destruction, primarily the ISR. Selectivity purposes, “humanity,” their defeat, environmentally friendly and economical use of weapons - are becoming important requirements for tasks for the development of new weapons. This, by the way, due to the emergence of nonlethal weapons, including information (and psychophysical).

The area of new technologies. Among the key technologies earmarked for the implementation of scientific breakthroughs in the military field, led by information technology. Rapid increase in processing speed and power of modern computer networks, creating optimal conditions for conveying audio and video data to man, the possibility of realization of the combinatorics of various information channels of influence on sensory organs, the intensive development of technology "artificial intelligence" in the direction of copying the architecture of biological systems and mechanisms of their work contribute to the resonant interaction of human and information spheres and may be regarded as not the full range of technological precursors of the appearance of the hidden systems of information control.

 The rapid development of information technologies has prepared a technology base for the development of PF-weapons, and the continuously expanding information communications system has provided direct access of these weapons to almost everyone on the planet.

In the field of human physiology. In the field of research of human cognition and the importance of the individual in society clearly formed information approach, which creates a theoretical base for understanding the subtle mechanisms of human activities and to develop effective management techniques by his behavior. The successes of modern physiology to explain the mechanisms of human functioning as an open information system, knowledge of laws of formation of behavioral situations, the persistent attempts of creation of information model of the human person and its brain open new possibilities for effective targeted informational influence on him, particularly on the subconscious of the object of exposure to PF-weapons.

Thus, the combination of scientific, technological, military-technical and military-theoretical parameters of formation of system of the hidden information influence on mentality of the person makes it reasonable to assume the practical implementation possibilities of such systems as the psychophysical weapons.


Prokofiev V. F.

Tags: Russia , security , threat

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