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R. Arzumanyan `Complex thinking and Network: a paradigm of nonlinearity and the security environment of the XXI century`
Material posted: Publication date: 18-01-2012

The monograph covers the fundamentals of complex thinking, science of complexity and paradigm of nonlinearity, describing the turbulent security environment of the modern world. Consideration of some aspects of the strategic culture of the West, as well as views on war Clausewitz, the symbol of nonlinearity in the military sphere, allows to explain the nature of revolutionary change, which resulted in the emergence of the theory settentrione wars and settentrione concepts.

The understanding of the role of Networks and Settentrionali allows you to understand the importance of connection in the military sphere with other elements of national power, orchestrating the instruments of national power to achieve strategic objectives of the nation. The book is intended for cadets and students, academic and expert community, government officials involved in national security issues.


Available for download (2.8 Mb, pdf)


Tags: Russia , war , USA , NATO , security , threat

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