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Rogozin believes that the EU threatens the loss of defensive sovereignty
Material posted: Publication date: 14-07-2014

The only country in NATO with full force, will remain the United States. European allies under the concept of "smart defence" will each specialize on one thing and in fact will lose its sovereignty in matters of defense. Experts note that Europeans, contrary to the insistence of the Americans, have chosen this path for reasons of economy.

"Smart defence" – a clever way to deprive member countries of NATO full national armed forces. The USA, having all sorts and types of aircraft, distributed between the allies tasks: you will specialize in mountain arrows, you're on the rear logistics and so on. The result – a complete loss of Europeans sovereignty in matters of defense and complete dependence on the Pentagon", – Rogozin wrote in Facebook.
In 2011, defense Ministers of 28 NATO countries in Brussels approved the policy of the implementation of the policy of "smart defence". The concept involves "ensure greater military-technical equipment at lower cost" and is that European countries are abandoning the full-fledged national armed forces and join "to the idea of redistribution of responsibility within the creation of one big Atlantic army, which was under the command of NATO headquarters".

The newspaper "Kommersant" writes that a few days ago, NATO countries decided to allocate the modernization of the Ukrainian army at least 12 million euros. Now, according to the newspaper, on the agenda of the Alliance "comprehensive and ambitious" plan of further development of NATO, which implies strengthening of collective defence and effectiveness of rapid response forces.

According to the former Deputy head of the main Department of international military cooperation of the Russian defense Ministry Lieutenant-General Yevgeny Buzhinsky, the ability to save on the defence budget are interested in primarily the countries of Europe. "I think the United States would be happy if the European allies had made a greater contribution, but European allies if a "great white brother" to spend money," he told the newspaper VIEW.

"When they took this program, the thought was, the obvious opponents like no, so you do not strain with expenses and to do something together. But now they believe that the situation has changed and need something to do," he said.

According to Buzhinsky, one can hardly speak about the loss of sovereignty, but the military burden European allies on Washington's shoulders shifted. "But according to they were all the time, since the formation of the block," he said.

It all depends on how business with us will go back to normal or will be a confrontation.

"The United States has always encouraged its allies to increase the military budget, to ensure that they took more responsibility in military matters, said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW Director of the Centre for political research of Russian conventional arms Vadim Kozyulin. – As a rule, it always came to nothing: the allies do not want to arm themselves".

"It was a forced decision due to the fact that military spending among Europeans is declining, and they are trying to keep a good mine at bad game and assigned duties. But all the Europeans understand that this is not enough, but individually no one is not ready to spend money. Perhaps, this is the positive organizational aspects, but in General, it is from want", – he added.
"With regard to sovereignty, he in the military sphere has been lost long ago, – Rogozin agreed with the expert. – The us military on the actions of its allies in the Libyan operations in Iraq and recognize that training is poor, and supplies were problems with communication, coordination. For example, the Germans and French are using different communication systems, have not always coordinated their actions simply because they do not hear each other."

"National security today in outsourcing in the armed forces of the United States, whose military budget is 45 to 47% of all military spending in the world. The US, on the one hand, declared that the allies must spend more, and on the other hand, they were also quite happy. A gun and a kind word is always better than just a kind word. So the gun is now in the hands of the United States. So their words are today more influential than the other", – he explained.

The expert has noticed that, despite the fact that individually none of the European NATO allies, except, maybe, Germany, a full army there, "but all together it is quite a serious armed forces". "To underestimate them in any case impossible. They are quite adequate to the threats now have with Europe," he concluded.

Roman Kretsul


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