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Strategic guidelines of the U.S. army in the new conditions of the post crisis world
Material posted: Arzumanyan Rach'yaPublication date: 24-01-2012

The brochure briefly examines the trends reflected in the new strategic guidance on defense of the USA, designed to prioritize military policy and U.S. strategy in the face of shrinking military expenditures, and encompassing both geopolitical and military aspects of defence policy. The document speaks of the need to maintain U.S. dominance in the "global space" and geostrategic reorientation to Asia-Pacific region, which should be carried out without detriment to the interests of the United States and its allies, primarily Israel, the middle East.

The proposed changes involve major changes in the structure of the armed forces of the U.S. and new costs. A radical transformation of the system of European security and NATO also involves large costs, which seem unlikely amid the financial crisis.

The analysis of the geopolitical and military-strategic aspects of the document shows that the problems of the NB of the USA roots in the political sphere. The military, realizing that the reduction of the military budget and military forces is inevitable, try to make them less painful. However, the very nature of the question in this case is political. The problematic part of the document is not text and the proposed action, but how to initiate the implementation of the provisions of the document is political in nature, the decision to be made after the presidential elections.

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