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Su-57 hardly needs any additions
Material posted: Ponomarenko Oleg J.Publication date: 12-08-2019

Please do not be surprised that, despite the title, below the photograph of an American fighter F-22 Raptor with open internal weapons bays.

In the edition of "Independent military review" on 9 August 2019 published an article, "su-57: the quantity and quality. How many fifth generation fighters need Russian VKS" military observer TASS Viktor Litovkin.

A few days earlier, on 6 August, this material was also published on the website TASS. But I specifically point to the publication in the thematic publishing, specializing in military issues.

Overall, the article represents, using the wording of it, "listing the advantages of our multifunctional fighter of the fifth generation."

I would like to draw attention to the following portion of the article which, in my opinion, necessarily immediately raised questions from people interested in military aircraft, not to mention involved in it.

Here's a quote: "Another point – the speed of the aircraft. The su‑57 it is Mach 2.45, in nonafterburning flight – 2 Mach. This 2600 km/h. The F‑22‑2 – 25 Mach (2410 km/h), cruising Mach 1.82 (1982 km/h). However, ammunition is "American" can take on Board 370 kg more than our su‑57. It is 10 370 kg, our – 10 000 kg. But again, the "twenty-second" all missiles and bombs are placed on hangers, the "Dry" part of them may be inside the fuselage, which increases its stealth to enemy radar". (The article on the website TASS "maximum speed" of the F-22 is listed as "Mach 2.25", so the "NWO" you make a typo when specifying the values of the "Mach 25").

Second, the assertion that "twenty-second" all missiles and bombs are placed on hangers do not correspond to reality. This is what one of the many photos. Want to estimate the length of the main compartments, not to look for accurate data, can take into account that the length of the fighter is 18,80 m (data of the manufacturer - Lockheed Martin). Basic information United States air force aircraft indicate that the arms is 20-mm M61A2 Vulcan and up to eight missiles "air-air", placed in the inner compartments. At the same bomb load listed as up to 2,000 pounds – two 1000-pound or eight 250-pound guided air bombs. Even if we see no indication that a weapon of class "air-surface" is also placed in the inner compartments, it is logical to assume without reference to the "stealth" that such a small bomb load for the aircraft dimensions F-15 (competitor/potential enemy su-27, in comparison with which is focused in the development of "dry") and with engines with a maximum thrust of 15.8 tons each (accurate data Lockheed Martin – 15876 kg, but the calculation of the primary figures of 35,000 pounds; indicate in tn and kg as in the original) may be due to only limited space for internal weapons bays.

The first statement in the quote about the speed requires clarification, as may be perceived by the readers as what the su-57 cruising speed besforsazhny mode of operation of the engines of 2600 km/h, as before this figure indicated " nonafterburning flight – 2 Mach. This 2600 km/hour.". If for the F-22 stated she and the other values, we have to honestly specify for the su-57 the appropriate rate in 2178 km/h vs 1982 km/h the F-22. Thus, numbers are comparable, at least not so much distinguished, and the values of this comparison, how useful are they, like some other leave in the direction. By the way, the highest velocity values in the cited article is the maximum speed, not practically used production models. We should not forget that operating limitations less achieved maximum speeds. The source that I quoted in the part of the weapons the F-22, this speed is listed as "more than 1500 mph", that is more than 2410 km/h, which is indicated in the article. It is clear that it may not be much "over", but still.

It would not hurt also to note, when comparing these fighters that the prototype YF-22 first flew in 1990, but the F-22 in 1997, the time Difference is very significant.

In October 2018, I commented to the Federal news Agency a negative assessment of a separate publication from the Western media about the su-57, indicating that the "su-57 — a pretty good and interesting fighter in my opinion. ... the aircraft is extremely interesting layout and excellent handling characteristics. ... As a carrier, the aerodynamic platform of the su-57 is now at the top of world aircraft. This is the most interesting car available in the world today."

Stand by that in hopes of a successful fine-tuning and further evolution of the su-57, by analogy with the su-27 and its followers, but significant inaccuracies when compared with the best world samples, the overestimation of the virtues of his techniques have no practical value – the characteristics of competing equipment will not change. And so we have something to be proud of.

Oleg Ponomarenko

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