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Secret weapon for Beijing
Material posted: Publication date: 23-09-2014

U.S. intelligence and Asian countries are following very closely the movements in the South China sea Chinese a huge floating platform with the installed excavator. Excavator in the truest sense of this word altered maps and boundaries. And, does it without stopping for sleep and rest, 24 hours a day.

According to recent aerial surveys of Chinese excavator vigorously act now in the Spratly archipelago, which is a stumbling block in relations of several Asian States: China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia.

With its help, China is rapidly making a tiny uninhabited rocks in the artificial island on which you can build buildings and structures, industrial plants and even small airfields.

Now the platform runs on six atolls in the Spratly archipelago. According to safety experts, building Islands using the excavator, which, incidentally, even has its own name – the Tian Jing Hao, is both ambitious and clearly provocative, because what happens in the region where a serious conflict with a use of weapons there is a small spark.

The performance Draghi also makes an impression. It takes away from the seabed and sends it to the surface of the 4.5 million m3 of sand per hour. This performance allowed it to within less than 10 months, almost unrecognizable change five reefs in the Spratly archipelago.

According to the latest snapshots using the 127-meter platform with excavator Beijing only for the last three months have led to two reefs in the Spratly archipelago in the state in which they can carry out construction.

Of particular concern neighboring countries is the activity of Tian Jing Hao in the area of the strategically important reef Fiery cross. It passes through many important sea routes.

The Pentagon believes that at this stage the probability of the construction of Beijing on the island of military facilities is low, because they are easy targets and can be easily destroyed by missiles in service with Vietnam.

However, in the Pentagon understand that even plans for the construction of a small port or a runway for light aircraft may be part of a long term Chinese program in the area of the patrol zone and area air defence.

Now physically "grown-up" island is mainly reinforce territorial claims of China in the region, which, according to many observers and experts, the insatiable hunger of China for the minerals and strategic position might cause conflict between her and her neighbors.

The likelihood of such a scenario is quite high. Suffice it to recall that the emergence in the disputed with Vietnam area in may of this year, oil drilling platform China provoked anti-Chinese riots in the country's South-East Asia, the power and scale of which shocked even Beijing.

Disputes over the Johnson reef, Gaven quarteron and constantly intensifying relations between China and the Philippines, who consider them their.

On the other hand, the Johnson reef has become in 1988, the clashes between naval vessels of China and Vietnam, which killed dozens of people.

Manila, too, loud protests against territorial claims of the Chinese. In Beijing, as always, take the same position – no disputes over sovereignty over the Islands is not for the simple reason that they belong to China and no one else.

Foreign diplomats in Beijing, by the way, the view that the excavator can be check. President of China XI Jinping wants to see how far willing to go the United States, which now have to be distracted by the conflicts in the middle East and Ukraine.

Sergey Manukov


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