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War drones. Why did the terrorists in Syria are increasingly using drones?
Material posted: Publication date: 08-01-2018
The Russian military shot down unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) militants near the air base Hamim. It is noted that they were a fairly primitive wooden frame on which the adhesive tape is fixed to the engine. They carried homemade mines with a plastic case. The drone attack was planned from Latakia in Northwest Syria.

This is the second attack on the base Hamim — new year's eve, militants fired with mortars. The shelling killed two soldiers, and, according to "Kommersant", it was destroyed several aircraft.

Attack from the sky

The use of drones by ISIS* is not news, however, suffered a number of painful defeats, the terrorists moved to the tactics, which largely built on the UAV attacks. Given that the fighters were knocked out from almost all major settlements, they switched to the tactic of small, but numerous attacks: militant group quietly broke into military bases and settlements and inflict pinpoint strikes on the units of the Syrian army or civilians. Moreover, the main strike force are unmanned vehicles.

So, this week, the Islamists struck at the site, almost completely controlled by the official Damascus to Latakia. The terrorists used drones with warheads for attacks on civilian areas in the Syrian coast have been attacked the city of Jableh. Killing at least one civilian. Having made a sortie, ISIS went to the mountain chain of the Jabal al-akrad in the North of Latakia. Such attacks, the militants strike across the country.

Such tactics are largely forced. Having lost recently a large number of people in the fighting, ISIS are increasingly experiencing a shortage in manpower. Therefore, the terrorists and moved on to the modernization of commercial drones, which are converted into "machine of death".

Earlier in Syria, and in Iraq (in Mosul) was discovered in numerous workshops, where ISIS militants have collected and upgraded drones. According to preliminary estimates, the monthly parts of the UAV only one group was spending thousands of dollars.

All financial documents of militants, was found in Mosul, was signed by the Council for the development of military industry, sometimes below was signed "Units aerial surveillance".

In one of the workshops was found an interesting document — the so-called working set, which was a checklist of several dozen items, including GoPro camera, various chargers, cables, laptops, explosives and other items.

Камера GoPRO. Фото: © flickr / Tom Hart
The GoPRO Camera. Photo: © flickr / Tom Hart

That is in addition to military functions, the militants are actively using drones in reconnaissance, tracking moving enemy and defining targets for future attacks.

According to experts, ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq are copying the tactics of the use of drones by the armies of the United States and other Western countries.

Now have fighters popular scheme, where the drone acts as a gunner for a bomber on a car and not only adjusts his route, but also controls the process and records.

The Americans have already understood the danger of the new tactics of terrorists: last year the US Department of defense urgently asked Congress for additional funds to combat "the threat posed by unmanned aircraft LIH." In addition, the us military reported that he is in the development of more than 20 different systems to detect and destroy drones, and a number of other, already tested on the battlefield.

Are lagging behind

The Syrian army and helping it fall behind Russian military in the war drones.

Kurdish forces Pickmere preparing drones for use against the terrorists of ISIS.

In December the chief of General staff of the Russian Armed forces army General Valery Gerasimov said that "about 60-70 Russian drones on a daily basis are the Syrian sky".

"Syria is now the daily average the sky is about 60-70 drones. They are exploring, there are drones that perform the tasks of jamming and other issues are solved", — said Gerasimov in a media interview.

— Previously, we were armed with only the old Soviet-type "Flight". Now without the drone was conducting combat operations. It is used by gunners, scouts, pilots, everything. With the help of drones are created reconnaissance and strike, reconnaissance and firing circuits, — said Gerasimov.

But if the General called real numbers of our UAV — it is not so much, according to military experts, in the Arsenal of ISIS is now (a conservative estimate) a few hundred drones of various purposes.

They have "drone launchers", "drones mortars", "quadcopters" (used primarily for visual reconnaissance and to drop the explosives), "drones kamikaze" (carrying the charge, driven by contact with the drone), and so on.

Well at least that our military began to understand the importance of UAVs in the war for Syria.

The Syrian experience shows that in modern wars and armed conflicts, the role of robotic systems. Forces drones provided round-the-clock monitoring of the situation on almost the entire territory of Syria, said last year Sergei Shoigu.

And downed drones have Mamima talking about what tactics to counter this type of weapon is already there and widely used.

Курдские борцы стреляют по дронам противника из огнестрельного оружия в Ракке, Сирия. Фото: © REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

In Syria consisted of about 70 UAV — light tactical vehicles "Orlan-10" and "Aileron-3" and heavy "Outposts". Most often, the devices perform the role of a reconnaissance of the area around the air base Hamim and port of Tartus, search and exploration purposes and for monitoring of the area after the air strikes videoconferencing.

But armed drones yet in Syria there. Currently, Russia is developing several complexes of heavy drones. We are talking about the spacecraft "Orion" company "Kronstadt", "Altair" OKB them. Simon and "Hunter" OKB Sukhoi.

In the skies of Syria, our military is a good opportunity to test new equipment. So, in 2016, have already been tested unmanned aerial vehicles with hydrogen engines.

Our drones in Syria — not all, but quite a lot — fly on hydrogen fuel. Such UAVs can be long enough to stay in the air, constantly producing hydrogen and replenishing energy propulsion, — said the military. — Hydrogen engines on the drones to make them less vulnerable to missiles with thermal homing heads. These motors have less heat transfer therefore less likely to detect them.

* The organization is banned in Russia by the Supreme court.


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