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War new look
Material posted: Publication date: 16-08-2011

The people's liberation Army (PLA) reports to the Military Council of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China (armed forces of the CPC Central Committee). In fact, it is the people's army of the Communist party and not the bureaucracy of the state.

The post of Chairman of the Supreme Council of the CPC Central Committee (CMC) – a key of three positions, along with the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Chairman of the PRC, which combines Supreme leader. When the traditional planned transfer of power in China, the new leader is usually elected by first ideological leader – the party's Secretary General, then the highest face of bureaucracy – the Chairman of the state, and only as a last resort becomes the head of the armed forces of the CPC Central Committee, basically the Emperor, combining military secular and spiritual authority.

If in the era of industrial society the war took place mainly in the form of armed confrontations on land, sea and air theatres of war. Switching to a post-industrial society mainly coming financial and economic war, where the classical battles classical TVD come on offensive and defensive operations in commodity, currency and stock fronts (markets).

After the defeat of the USSR in the "cold" – a financial and economic war the main opponent of the USA was China. A hidden ally of the celestial Empire are the "master of finances" – Financial international Jews (the clans of., the Cohens, the Rothschilds, ...) with their claims of opposition to their strategic partners in the Great Game – the Anglo-Saxons.

Clearly, China carries out a successful operation on commercial fronts around the world, using the WTO against those who created it. On the currency front, despite fierce pressure of Americans continues to hold favorable rate of the yuan to the dollar. The stock fronts are the same, only the Chinese capital is masked under the guise of the Swiss, Kazakh and other residents. In this case the Hong Kong stock exchange by market capitalization included in the first world war five, and Shanghai – in the top ten.

Now the main thing. Strategic planning of ALL Chinese strategic operations, on ALL commodity, currency and stock fronts are not ministries (economy, Finance, trade) or the people's Bank of China, and the corresponding structure of the General staff of the PLA, under the overall guidance of the Deputy Chief of the General staff. A strategy in war, even in the form of financial and economic, are not civil servants and scientists, not experts secret operations of the KGB, and, as it should be – military professionals, trained at the Academy of the General staff of the arts strategy. In military schools they don't teach this – because secret strategy to anything the commanders of formations, units and subunits.

Plans strategic operations approved by the armed forces of the CPC Central Committee and thence in the form of directives sent to the people's Bank of China, ministries, departments, state corporations, stock exchanges and other performers.

Because the most important weapon on the monetary front is the gold and other precious metals, their mining and conservation in the PRC special troops are engaged in gold mining in the composition of the people's armed police, which in turn is an integral part of the Armed forces of the PRC and is also subject to the armed forces of the CPC Central Committee. These troops are annually extracted hundreds of tons of gold. The number of troops and amount of gold reserves – the strictest state secret. But according to experts, the amount of gold in storage is measured not in thousands but in tens of thousands of tonnes.

The decisions of the Communist party, China needs to 2019 to defeat the USA the total power (economic, cultural, military, etc.). According to the treatise "Art of war" (Snizzy of lincsafe) this art consists in a sequence of moves using a variety of resources and endless tricks. The highest achievement is to win without using weapons. The allies are not viewed as allies in the war, and as a resource for you to donate. In the end, the Chinese will sacrifice the ally Financial international, for example, agreeing to a deal with AngloSaxon to take from them an honorable capitulation to the global divide spheres of influence, to become a world power of the first order and to exact revenge on the "foreign devils" for the humiliation of the Opium wars.

Finintern China also takes only the role of "icebreaker" hacking the industrial society of the West. That is, the Chinese "world factory" of the 21st century will remain only a "factory" with its industrial "hardware". But the computer "soft" info- already dispatched the "group Rothschild" India, which is likely due to 2025-30 years to take the baton of economic growth in China. But the main centers of the sixth technological structure (nano-, bio-, info-) must remain under the control of the financial grandmasters in the United States, Europe and Japan.

So what do Russia with our neighbors in the EurAsEC, when the shift of financial-economic war is coming the war of the seventh (cognitive) technological mode – a war of meanings. Following the appeal made by V. I. Lenin at a critical time for Russia 1918 need "to Learn military Affairs this way!". And in the fulfillment of this Covenant is necessary:

1. To conduct a strategic game throughout Eurasia in the structure of the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO) to create a special center, at least according to the financial-economic situation, and monitoring activities strategic partners for the Big Game.

2. In the structure of the Ministry of defense of Russia a new image to create at least a laboratory for high cognitive management technologies. Technology, where the native Russian language is a distinct advantage.


Munirov V. F.


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