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To defend against Chinese drones is almost impossible
Material posted: Publication date: 04-06-2018
Deputy chief editor of the magazine "Arsenal of the Fatherland" in the air NSN said that Beijing has overtaken even the United States in the development of control systems for drones.

A Chinese company has successfully tested surface groups of drones. In total, the training was attended by 56 units. During the exercise managed to work out a coherent management: they are constantly rebuilt, changing the figure and avoiding oncoming ships. The network published a video of the tests held in the South China sea near the archipelago Vanishing.

Deputy chief editor of the magazine "Arsenal of the Fatherland" Dmitry Drozdenko broadcast NSN said that China in the development of these technologies ahead of the United States.

"This is not the first show from China unmanned system type "Roy". Was already showing drones flying, which created a light show. The devices themselves – is commonplace, because these technologies have many countries and, roughly speaking, are sold to individuals. it is Interesting here the management of this group. From the video it is unclear how this control was carried out: from a boat or some kind of drone was the main, and then from one link signal is passed to another. China successfully enough develops these control technologies. The external impression that he's ahead of the United States," - said the expert.

According to Dmitry Drozdenko, during the hostilities from this "swarm" defense will be almost impossible.

"The danger of such systems is that they are very difficult to fight. Imagine that you have deployed air defense systems, which, like flies, fly 200 drones. To cope with them is incredibly difficult, especially if they are offline. The same of the sea. Is, for example, us aircraft carrier, it leaves thousands of drones, each carrying 100 kilograms of explosives. What are the chances of 10 destroyers and an aircraft carrier to deal with this threat? These chances can be called almost zero, because they are small, highly maneuverable, able to quickly respond to the situation. And the key is the control system", - said the interlocutor of the NSN.

As said Dmitry Drozdenko, for communication between the UAVs in such systems the satellite connection is not used.

"As a rule, through the companion it is not done. Channels such as satellite, jammed. It is much harder to suppress the communication channel between the UAVs. Already there is such a thing as neural network computers, the drone is essentially a computer. Between them there is constant exchange of information, that is, one sees the target, transmits command information to the drone, he gives some sequence of actions. Americans strongly develop this topic, but such public shows they have not yet been" - said the Deputy chief editor of the magazine "Arsenal of the Fatherland".

Dmitry Drozdenko also admitted that in Russia, too, can be created unmanned system-type "swarm", however, no information about this no.

"Our defence industry and the Ministry of defence secret and closed approach with regards to modern developments. Was a missile “Calibre”, everyone thought she was flying at 250 miles and paid no attention to her, while in Syria the missile flew 1,200 kilometers. Americans jaw fell off. Now they have a second shaft goes after su-57 in Syria. Here can be the same story. Maybe a similar development is underway, but from open sources it should not be", - concluded the air NSN Drozdenko.

We will remind, in the beginning of may, China had set a world record for the number of drones that were simultaneously in the air. In light show participated 1374 unmanned aerial vehicles. Performance in XI'an, lasted for 13 minutes. Then the drones also evolved in a variety of shapes and words.


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