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Analysis of the loss of the Russian air force during the military campaign in Georgia
Material posted: Publication date: 12-07-2009

As reported despite the approval of the Russian authorities that during the military campaign in Georgia lost only four aircraft, from Russia come new data on the losses of the air force, according to which it lost eight or more aircraft. Russia officially recognized the loss of only three su-25 and one supersonic bomber Tu-22M3 of the Russian black sea fleet.

But this is only half of the losses reported in the report of the Moscow center for analysis of strategies and technologies (tsast). The report stated that there were other losses. One su-24MR (recon modification of the Sukhoi su-24M was shot down on 8 August, one su-25 was lost on August 9, one front-line bomber su-24 was destroyed by the 10th or 11th August, and may have been lost one combat helicopter Mi-24. Another three su-25 attack aircraft were damaged but managed to return to base (at least the picture of one of them was posted on the Internet even during the war).

Russian news Agency Interfax and the British broadcasting Corporation (British Broadcasting Corp.) I quote the words of the Deputy chief of the General staff of the armed forces of Russia the General-Colonel Anatoly Nogovitsyn that the official casualty figures have nothing to add. In addition, he denied the shooting down of Russian aircraft Russian air defense systems and claimed that there was complete lack of coordination between the Russian army and air force.

However, employees of U.S. intelligence told Aviation Week that while the Russian air force to possess advanced capabilities for detecting and suppressing enemy air defenses, in fact they were not as effective. Shortly after the end of the conflict the former commander in chief of the Russian air force General of the army Anatoly Kornukov has accused Russia's intelligence services are in a weak analysis of the capacity of the Georgian air defense and said that it was an inappropriate use of the supersonic strategic Tu-22M for the conduct of tactical operations.

In the tsast report says that two su-24 were shot down with portable SAMS Georgian air defenses, the su-25 was shot down by "friendly fire" from the same Russian MANPADS, three Georgian su-25 was also shot down by man-portable missiles of the Russian air defense. The Russian authorities claim that the four recognized losses of aircraft were inflicted by missiles medium-range SAM "Buk-M1" of the Georgian air defense. Russia is armed with advanced systems "Buk-M2", which are also supplied to Syria. Calculations Georgian SAMS were prepared by the Ukrainians, who have the proper knowledge on the operational use of these systems.

The report also focuses on deliveries to Georgia of the Israeli Spyder SAM that use the upgraded missiles Python 5 and Derby (land versions of the missile of class "air-air"), there is also information that they could use and land option American air SD AIM-120 AMRAAM (Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile).

After the losses incurred, the Russian regrouped and destroyed both Georgian battery of s-125 "Neva", the majority of military and civilian radars, systems of average range of "Buk-M1" and low-altitude air defense system "OSA-AKM". After a massive attack on these radars and systems Georgian air defenses could basically just use a portable air defense system. Radar air defense system of Georgia were based on three-dimensional type of radar 36D6-M used in the system s-300 and from Ukraine, as well as opto-electronic stations "Kolchuga-M stations EW "Mandate". Radar network of Georgia was integrated in the early warning system of the unified air defense system of NATO through Turkey, allowing Georgians to receive timely information about the flights of Russian aircraft, the report said cast.

Cast sums up his research with the conclusion that the realistic analysis of Russian-Georgian conflict "should be an incentive for a radical modernization of the Russian armed forces and to encourage the Russian air force to pay more attention to improving tactics against air defense and electronic warfare systems".



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