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The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

The project is devoted to the study questions the historical heritage of the Russian army, its traditions, selfless way. We study how the strategic management of forces and means for solving diverse problems. Particular attention is paid to the development of the Armed Forces in Modern stage, assessing the effectiveness of individual steps, as well as military reform in general. Also assessed the views of foreign analysts on the issues of construction of the Russian armed forces.

Like a General uncle Bob required the Marines to carry out a correct attack

Preparing for the next exercises, in which the main role was to play the troops of the airborne forces. As expected, the exercises and military-sports holidays, which is expected to be the big bosses, all polished to a mirror Shine, and all actions honed to the fully automatic.

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"Take the swords Tatar and sec them": who really was the legendary defender of Russia from the Mongols evpatiy Kolovrat

11 Jan 1238, according to legend, was solemnly buried a hero of the resistance to the Mongol-Tatar invasion yevpaty Kolovrat. Of the fearless and mighty warrior, which is 780 years ago was killed in battle who came to Rus by the Horde, we know from "the Story of the destruction of Ryazan Batu". According to one historical hypothesis, Ryazan hero is a collective image, symbolizing the heroic struggle of the Russian people against the Golden Horde, on the other — at the heart of tradition lies the heroism of a real person. In the history of the Kolowrat Evpatii intertwined myth and reality, understood RT.

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The turn of the 9 th company. The story of the legendary battle for hill 3234

7-8 January 1988 took the fight for hill 3234, which became the legend of the Afghan war.

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The counterattack in the Ardennes: Why the US and Britain escaped from the Wehrmacht

From the total defeat of the allies saved the red army offensive in the East.

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Fight in the Red sea. May 1990

May 27, 1990, in the Red sea , the four boats of the Eritrean separatists surrounded the Soviet artillery boat AK-312 and offered to surrender. Not taking the fight Soviet boat went on break. The separatists it looked natural escape and forcing cars Eritrean boats gave chase...

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