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The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

The project is devoted to the study questions the historical heritage of the Russian army, its traditions, selfless way. We study how the strategic management of forces and means for solving diverse problems. Particular attention is paid to the development of the Armed Forces in Modern stage, assessing the effectiveness of individual steps, as well as military reform in general. Also assessed the views of foreign analysts on the issues of construction of the Russian armed forces.

The combat in middle space: at what altitude are able to fight the Russian MiG-31

Russian fighter-interceptor long-range MiG-31, NATO called Foxhound — "Fox hound". His ability to drive not a single air "the Fox." A group of four MiG-31 is able to control the air space... stretching from Moscow to Krasnodar, that is over 1100 km! The machine is able to intercept any air targets to shoot down cruise missiles in all range of altitudes and speeds, and even hit low-flying satellites in their space orbits.

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Return of the legend: "flying" tank T-80BV will be back

According to the staff of the Russian defense Ministry, after a thorough analysis of the use of battle tank T-80BV, written off two years ago, it was decided that the car is still not fully exhausted their potential, and after a small upgrade it is quite possible to return a part of the Russian armed forces. It is expected that the upgraded instances of "flying" the tank will go into service in the next year in military units in the Far East, Siberia and the Arctic.

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Russia has restored the radar field of missile defense

Troops aerospace defense made up at the end of last year the deployment of the first phase of the unified radar field system of the early warning system (EWS). The system includes not only specialised PRN radar type "Voronezh", "DTV", "Dnepr", "Volga", but the modernized station "don" (in that area). Previously, it was used solely for guidance of missiles. Field of the radar early warning system provides control of rocket launches around Russia within 6 thousand km.

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Like the red army a red star

The history of national victories and military achievements of the twentieth century are inseparable from the main character of red, later Soviet army red star. Concise and simple, easy to remember and visible from afar, the identification mark of Russian soldiers of the twentieth century, known around the world. Red star has become as famous a symbol of victory in the great Patriotic war, T-34 tank or attack aircraft "Il-2", and so universally recognizable symbol of the postwar power of the Soviet Union as a Kalashnikov or a MiG-21.

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As the Mi-24 destroyed Israeli jet fighter: a unique record of Russian helicopters

Almost immediately, first developed in the Soviet Union and the helicopter began to be seen as an effective means for the destruction of tanks and equipment of the enemy. The helicopter with weapons on the basis of Mi-1ST contributed to the development of several unique achievements, percussion version of the Mi-1ST is the first serial combat helicopter and the first helicopter equipped with anti-tank missile systems.

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