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Brusilov, A. A., `My memories`
Material posted: Publication date: 22-10-2013

The identity of the cavalry General Alexei Brusilov has a special place in Russian history. Talented cavalryman, military commander known world and, finally, the Supreme commander-in-chief under the Provisional government.

Unlike many generals of the Imperial army A. A. Brusilov remained in Soviet Russia and even served as inspector of cavalry in the worker-peasant red army, becoming an enemy to most of the former colleagues. In his memoirs, A. A. Brusilov focuses on the First world war, but he also told me about his childhood, and about the February revolution, trying to explain and motivate their choice.

Publisher: Moscow: Veche
Series: the Path of a Russian officer
Release year: 2013
ISBN: 978-5-4444-0866-7

Tags: assessment , Russia

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