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To remember: the feat "thirty three"
Material posted: Publication date: 15-01-2019
August 24, 1942, 33 Soviet soldier took an unequal battle around Stalingrad. A few hours in conditions of an acute shortage of ammunition and lack of communication with the regiment, they were able to destroy 27 Hitler's tanks and about 150 German soldiers. To defend the occupied height soldiers managed without a single loss. Their feat went down in history as a feat of "thirty-three".
August 23, 1942, German troops broke through the front line at the junction of the 4th tank and 62nd armies and marched to Stalingrad. 40 kilometers from the city, near the village of Malaya Rossoshka, the defense in district heights 77,6 took the recon platoon 1379 regiment, 87th infantry division under the command of Lieutenant Shmelev, a platoon of machine gunners, led by Sergeant Dmitry Pokazowy and communicators, led by Junior political officer Alexey Evstifeev.
After an extensive enemy bombing connection with the regiment was lost, and survived only 33 fighter, which, with guidance on further action, remained in position.
German guns fell silent, however, doubt the platoon was not — this is the calm before the storm. The enemy was ordered to take Stalingrad by August 25, and he will stop at nothing to recapture occupied by Soviet fighters height.
Surviving defenders began preparations for the upcoming battle, as they were confident. Deepened the trenches as I could, reinforced and camouflaged them. Calculated modest ammo: Molotov cocktails, grenades, machine guns, rifles
Junior political officer Evtifeev produced in a nearby trench anti-tank rifle and ammunition. Everyone began to explore, to feel bonabona, touch shutter, neither one of the fighters had no chance to shoot.

Чтобы помнили: подвиг «тридцати трех»

The senior in rank had a conversation with his staff, encouraged them with good news from the Western front and the Kalinin front, where the Soviet troops broke through the enemy's defenses
So the tension and the oppressive waiting was almost all day. And at sunset the soldiers heard the roar of the approaching column of German tanks. There were about 50, they were followed by the infantry battalion.
When came the first blow of the German guns, Soviet soldiers were already ready, each took his position and knew his task.

Чтобы помнили: подвиг «тридцати трех»

Thundered the first shots of the trench — Junior political officer Evtifeev stood for anti-tank gun. Shot a few combat vehicles, he entrusted the weapon to George Small. But the enemy tanks kept coming and coming, undeterred by the losses. The fire is not stopped, the squad leaders Michael Mingalev, Vladimir Easter and Andrew Rudyk was used to track tanks and pointed out targets for destruction. Fought the red army smoothly: as soon as the artillery fire reached the German tanks, which soon began to escape the Nazis, the gunners Pokasova shot them.
Coming close to the front, the Germans tried to fill the trenches and tank tracks. But in vain: during the night the men were able to carefully deepen and strengthen them. Armed with Molotov cocktails, the defenders fired at the enemy tanks one by one disabling them.
Ammunition came to an end. Refill them anywhere in the world. Can not expect help from anyone. On the question of one of the gunners on what to do next, Sergeant Bukasov said:
Fight to the last. If anything alive bastards will not give up.

Чтобы помнили: подвиг «тридцати трех»

The last effort of the Soviet soldiers continued to fight. Late at night, losing 27 tanks and 150 soldiers and officers, the Germans were forced to retreat. 33 defender defended the occupied height, not allowing the enemy to come to Stalingrad.
For the feat of soldiers awarded orders and medals. Well-known writer and publicist Ilya Ehrenburg wrote about them: "Thirty-three did not flinch. They destroyed the tanks with bullets, grenades, bottles. They destroyed twenty-seven tanks. Once again, the Russian heart was stronger than iron. If a foreigner will tell us that only a miracle can save Stalingrad, we will reply: isn't it a miracle feat of thirty-three? The enemy does not know what they are capable Russian man, when he defends his land 33 Soviet soldiers on the approaches to Stalingrad.
In the days of the Stalingrad battle on all fronts spread the news about the legendary battle of thirty-three Soviet soldiers with Nazi tanks 70, which occurred on 24 August 1942 near the hamlet of Malaya Rossoshka near Stalingrad
Here are the names of these heroes:
S. H. Boots
N. With. Vlaskin,
F. Gainutdinov,
P. Y. Dindori,
A. G. Evstifeev,
F. N. Wands
N. And.Ius,
S. V. Kalita,
L. I. Kovalev,
M. V. Kondratov,
L. G. Lukhanin,
V. I. Matyushchenko,
V. A. Mezentsev,
P. O. Miller,
V. I. Melnichenko,
M. I. Mingalev,
P. D. Nazarenko,
VI Easter,
K. F. Ponomarev,
P. P. Pochitalin,
S. N. Firmware,
D. I. Pokasov,
N. F.Panichkin,
A. G. Rudich,
M. I. Ryashentsev,
G. A. Strelkov,
I. S. Timofeev,
K. K. Titov,
M. I. Tolkachev,
I. E. Horzewski,
N. And.Chernous,
N. P.Yurpalov,

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