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Donetsk. May 26. Airport. The participant report
Material posted: Publication date: 13-09-2014

Three weeks ago I was talking with people who were directly involved in one of the most unsuccessful operations in the Donetsk militia - the attempt to capture the airport in Donetsk. At my request, they drafted a text, which is relatively described in detail the events from the perspective of a direct participant. Below this text entirely as he came.

All conclusions and arguments that will be presented below, is based on personal communication with the direct participants of the described events. Some evidence was contradictory in parts and diverged in numbers, but, nevertheless, possible to reconstruct a coherent overall picture of the tragic series of operations of the militia on the territory of DND. Some things for certain reasons will not be named by their proper names. Knowledgeable people will understand.

The surviving soldiers of the militia had little time to conduct photo and video shooting in combat conditions, so accompanying the illustrative material is taken from public sources. Initially, our goal was the investigation of the operation to seize Donetsk airport on may 26, 2014, which killed about 50 militia (not counting losses the unlocking of units), most of whom were volunteers from Russia. This fact has received official recognition of the leadership of DND, so to hide it, including the presence of Russian volunteers, meaning we do not see.

This operation can be considered the most disastrous of all, carried out by the militias of the South-East, as on the results achieved and incurred losses. Following the clash, the management and planning of which was carried out Chodakowski, was the battle near the border point Marinovka, in which the militia suffered losses in manpower and equipment and initially did not fulfill the task.

The abundance of commanders and leaders in Donetsk, the absence of a single staff adversely affected the defense of the Donetsk. The city is not ready for a circular defence. What it is doing, is totally inadequate for the retention of Donetsk in the case of a full-scale assault with the massive use of armored vehicles, which now actively rekonstruiruet in Kharkiv Malyshev factory, artillery and aviation.

Russian volunteers

In compounds of the militia of the South-East includes a significant number of volunteers from Russia who are fighting there because of my personal convictions. Many of them have combat experience of Afghanistan, Transnistria, Nagorno-Karabakh, the two Chechen campaigns. The squad that suffered heavy losses during the breakout from Donetsk airport, began to gather in mid-may of 2014 in the Rostov region.

Gathering volunteers was through social networks and personal contacts on the spot assistance was provided by one of public organizations. Its Rostov branch was headed by a man, let's call him "Sergey". Soon it was formed three groups, which have become senior commanders with call "Granite", "North" and "Old". According to the decision "Sergei Ivanovich," the commander of the detachment was named "Iskra" (died in the breakout). "Spark" is a former employee of OMON-and did not have sufficient combat and command experience, as well as intellectual level for the management unit. He was prone to making rash decisions that had been revealed already in a combat situation.

To the three groups in the Rostov region were added volunteers from the Crimea and Chechnya. The total number of consolidated group amounted to 120 people. Command of a detachment at the insistence "of Sergey Ivanovich" was performed by the former officer Boris Sysenko, which in a critical situation stepped away from the command squad. In the night of 24 to 25 may, 5 on KAMAZ-Ah dis moved in the direction of Donetsk. The detachment was to join the battalion "East" and act under the command of white house.

(Photo: White House)


Due to the lack of proper counter-intelligence cover-up in the squad on the Russian territory included, at least, one scout of the enemy. He was, as it turned out, the fighter with a call sign "Schumacher". This means that even on Russian territory, the enemy is striving to lead an active intelligence work, introducing the spies in the group of volunteers. This man came together with the Crimean militia, he, in his words, a sort from the Nikolaev area. He reported that there were nowhere military service, but is located on the territory of Ukraine in the criminal investigation by order of the current Ukrainian authorities. Asked for the post of driver.

Later in his backpack, accidentally opened (after the battle for Donetsk airport may 26), were detected following specific items: 1) a radio for communication with aircraft, 2) scanner ICOM, 3) shop for AK scored using one of the tracers (one of the possible ways to "illuminate" the objective in battle - tracers), 4) USB flash drive 32 GB, which is in electronic format was a special instruction on conducting acts of sabotage behind enemy lines, including instructions for adjustment of artillery and aviation fire. The presence of instructions and reference materials suggests that the enemy is mass training agents in connection with the development of events in the South-East of Ukraine. A professional spy would not be in possession of compromising documents.

In the midst of the civil war to create a network of spies and informers much easier. "Schumacher", according to our information, has not been detained and interrogated. Details below. Maybe he still is one of the "fighters" of the militia of the DPR and continue to conduct intelligence activities in the interests of the SBU. Close to the "Schumacher" was a militiaman with the Callsign "Odessa", which may also be the agent of the SBU. Compared with the chloropicrin in the toilets of the DOG, which caused the ailment in the militia and employees, the activities of such spies is worth human lives.

The first strangeness

The group met the people of white house. On the territory of Ukraine one of the KAMAZ trucks, which are fully loaded with ammunition and weapons (from the warehouses of the armed forces of Ukraine) "suddenly" was unable to crawl up the mountain. 20 minutes KAMAZ desperately puffed, delaying the movement of the squad. After that was abandoned, so as not to impede the nomination to the destination. What happened to the KAMAZ and its cargo is unknown to us. The militia reported that on the mountain he never went, and therefore was undermined together with the contents to avoid capture by the Ukrainian military. Or the inevitable large explosion or a bright night flash, no one heard and not seen. Most likely the weapons and ammunition were stolen and sold, since the demand for this business in the South-East is now very large.

25 may arrived a detachment of militia took part in an impromptu parade on the rally in front of the DANE, where his display included a battalion "the East". Formally they were not part of the "East", but to obey the orders of the white house and Boris Sysenko. The last fighters were called "General", in the past it most likely was a senior officer in supply.

Operation "capture" of the airport

Operation to seize Donetsk airport was originally a crime, because it was contrary to the framework for the conduct of tactical actions. Her organization and planning was carried out by the white house, which is declarative at the forefront was the presence of some informal arrangements with representatives of the security service and the command of the 3rd SF regiment (Kirovograd) guarding the airport. In the presence of these "arrangements" he by all forces tried to convince Boris Sysenko and commanders of groups.

The evening of 25 may, a group of scouts moved into the area of Donetsk airport. "Granite" and "Old" on the basis of the agreements reached Chodakowski, met with the employee of SBU who was the head of the security service of the international airport. The latter told them the situation around the airport, showed a diagram of the new terminal.

Upon arrival at the location of the headquarters of the "Granite" and "Old" went to the meeting, which was attended by Khodakovsky, Sysenko and other officers. This group of people through the planning of the operation to capture complex infrastructure project, carried out drinking alcoholic beverages. The report of the commanders of the groups that conducted the survey, listened to the end was not. Their arguments on observation and exploration of the object before its seizure should last at least three days to compile a complete picture of the situation on the airport and in its vicinity were not heard. The scouts were ordered to retire from the meeting.

The commanders of the groups was given only a diagram of the building of the new airport terminal, they did not have General pattern of the airport, the plans of other buildings, schemes of underground communications of the new terminal, where the detachment soon found himself in the firing trap.

The planning for the operation was based on questionable information, the fairness of which the white house tried to convince the commanders. First, he tried to convince everyone that the Kirovograd special forces, stationed in the vicinity of the airport, due to some of the reached "agreement" will not open fire on the militia. To put the success of the operation dependent on agreements with the enemy is a sign of either treachery or dementia. Secondly, on the orders of the white house nominated in the area of the airport group did not bring MANPADS that were available.

Later he says in an interview with RIA-Novosti, MANPADS the militia were. But no one could imagine that the Ukrainian army dares to attack from the air on the airport, the reconstruction of which in 2012 spent so much money, that's why he ordered them not to take.

In the conditions of engagement for the airport importance is the control of the runway and the airspace around the airport, not the airport terminal. The enemy will be able to land reinforcements in the form of landing like helicopters and transport aircraft. Not due to the presence of air defenses (at least portable type of MANPADS "Needle"), it is impossible to carry out an operation to seize the airport. The capture terminal which was produced may 26, 2014, may have only vaguely understood psychological effect. The actions of the militia in Lugansk showed that effective is the creation over the airfield no-fly zone with the help of the light air defense weapons, such as MANPADS and ZU-23, which is effective in the approach of airplanes and helicopters on takeoff and landing. With him at the Donetsk airport the militia was only one dummy MANPADS. The operation began in the absence of a full exploration of the situation and total misinformation by the organisers.

About 2: 00 on may 26, the white house ordered the preparation of the nomination of the squad for the capture of the airport. In his words, the main task of the detachment will be "posing for the cameras of journalists", because the citizens (the 3rd regiment SF) achieved 100% agreement on the ignorance of each other's fire.

Around 3.00 a detachment of approximately 80 people moved to the airport for the task. Fighters have partially occupied the building of the new airport terminal. The occupation of the terminal building of the airport took place without clashes.

About 7.00 in the terminal POPs out the reinforcements, which consisted, including volunteers from Chechnya.

Around 10.00 in the white house finished negotiations with the command of kirovogradskogo and special forces with fighters of the former Donetsk "alpha" had left the airport. Direct command next undertook Boris Sysenko.

After the departure of the Comments with regard to arriving at 7.00 reinforcements, the number of militias who have held the airport, was about 120 people. Further actions of the Kirovograd special forces very different from the "arrangements" that were brought to Chodakowski personnel of the militia. The positions of Ukrainian special forces were in the old terminal building of the airport and in its vicinity. Openly and slowly, the citizens were equipped firing positions for firing on the terminal occupied by the militia. Pulled the mortars, set the position for the AGS-17 "Flame", rassredotochit snipers. Soon at the airport were planted PMC fighters who took up positions in the control tower and the area surrounding the airport.

About 11.00 a.m. the enemy opened fire on the airport who took the militia.

The air strike was caused by the Mi-24 helicopters and su-25, using rocket pods and autocannon. The PMC snipers opened fire from sniper weapons. Actually assigned to the groups to guide the operation Boris Sysenko from the awareness of the incident withdrew from the command, sending the fighter into the store, "duty free" alcohol. At the time, as the squad fought a battle, he had carried on drinking alcohol, not possessing the necessary moral and psychological characteristics for the defense. Instead of the promised Chodakowski easy to pick up, he started the squad in the trap. In the future, the actual management of the units was carried out by the commanders of groups operating for some time at its discretion.

Kirovogradskiy the special forces also opened fire from mortars, AGS-17 "Flame", machine guns and sniper weapons. Were organized by the return fire of equipped weapon emplacements. I even pulled out and folded piles to take cover from bullets and shrapnel ATMs. Then it became the basis for accusations of militias in the looting, although the airport the day before cleaned out the Ukrainian military.

Part of the fighters, not knowing that the enemy would soon make the terminal air RAID, took up positions on the roof, situated in firing points, pulled the AGS-17 "Flame".

Ополченцы на крыше

(Photo. "Gypsy" with the AGS and "World" on the roof).

"Gypsy" will soon receive a slight wound in the head as a result of air strike on the terminal, but will remain in the ranks. He will die in one of KAMAZ-s in the breakout. "World" will die in the breakout, his body three days will lie under the fire of snipers, before the militia will be able to pick it up.
Цыган и Мир на крыше

When it was working Ukrainian aircraft, fighters began to move away from the roof. The materials used for the construction of the airport, when you hit the Nursi-s, shells and mines gave a huge number of damaging elements and have been a very poor shelter. The roof was covered with gravel, which is also in contact with the shells acted as the shrapnel.

The first losses came from aircraft fire on the militia took up positions on the roof. Longest position was occupied by the Chechens, who tried to hide behind a smokescreen. This measure was not very effective. Soon the loss of the detachment amounted to two dead and several (one dead and nearly all the wounded were from the Chechen unit). Some of the existing electronic control of the doors were locked (despite the fact that the supply terminal has not been terminated).

As a result, the waste has been implemented through the creation of "an artificial output". If we could all get out at once - wounded would be less. After the departure of the unit from the roof there were killed and wounded. Wounded for a long time failed to pull out of the tight sniper fire, which was conducted with a control tower. All later pulled out under heavy fire from the third attempt. Fire aviation and artillery very well adjusted. The channel inherited the "gift" Ukrainian radio were intercepted talks between one of the spotters and the gunners mortars.

(Dispatch photo 1 and 2)


The distance from the new terminal to the dominant height over all other buildings control tower was 960 meters. Despite the considerable distance, sniper fire was a shot. He was fired from sniper weapons with a calibre of not less than 12.7 mm (most likely M-82 "Barrett" or similar rifles). To do this, heavy fire the PMC snipers had to be put down. From the heavy weapons squad had only one 82 mm mortar and one AGS-17 "Flame", which was lowered from the roof.

Mines is delivered to the mortar had no fuses (!!!), and therefore turned a much-needed means of fire support in a bunch of iron. The militia had to work at control tower of the AGS-17 "Flame". Maximum firing range grenade launcher easel - 1700 m, but sighting is much less. Fire on the rig had a long time to adjust from the second floor of the terminal before the first hits, which can weaken sniper fire. After that the roof was able to pick up the wounded. In this case the citizens on the words were ready to give a corridor to evacuate the wounded.

The PMC snipers fired by militias and Kirovograd spetsnaz. Perhaps this was due to poor coordination of actions of the opponents, perhaps because of the agreements about the evacuation of the wounded. As a result, the Deputy commander of Kirovograd players really gave the order to open fire from a ZU-23 to dispatch, where he worked snipers. Anyway, many of the militia were wounded by the fire of the citizens.

This time in Donetsk already knew about the failure of the operation. Hastily prepared operation to release occupied the airport detachment. It was attended by about 400-500 people. The main problem remained the lack of coordination and unified command. Fighting in the vicinity of the airport on 26 may were: 1) the Vostok battalion Khodakovsky, and the former Donetsk detachment "alpha", 2) fighters Beard, 3) the detachment of Zdriluk, 4) detachment Pushilin, 5) "Stronghold".

These units also suffered heavy losses from sniper fire, and possibly from friendly fire in conditions of poor coordination. Snipers worked in almost all approaches to the airport: near the SUBWAY store (were destroyed by two assassins from the Baltic States), by SPARTACUS (sniper worked with a construction crane), from the cemetery and WFP, with one of the 9-storey buildings on the street Stratonavtov.

Then followed the openly provocative actions. "Iskra" has received a mobile order (!!!) to go on break, because the airport is surrounded by the Ukrainian military. Not to wait for night and go out in small groups, and right now while the ring is not closed, loaded on KAMAZ-s and go into the city, taking two killed and a few wounded. From Donetsk they will ensure the corridor. In fact, the tight encirclement was only around the new terminal. On the territory of the airport fire on the militia continued to lead the citizens in the vicinity were the PMC snipers. Significant enemy troops, who took in a dense ring the airport. The militia was able to take only two KAMAZ and access to the other two was tightly covered by sniper fire. So the KAMAZ-s were loaded to the brim with people. At the airport there was only a cover band. She will depart later on the brilliant green and will not incur losses in killed.

Around 18.30 two KAMAZ-and went on break from the airport. Having received the information that are in the environment, KAMAZ-s went at full speed, the men firing at anything that moves, and even resting. The initiator of such tactics release was "spark". Perhaps when entering the city limits and it played its tragic role.

The panel cover on foot moved through the greenery around 19.15-19.20. Losses in killed she did not suffer and safely back in Donetsk, which is an additional indication that no dense ring of encirclement around the airport was not. When the group went on a "break", Boris Sysenko remained in the cover band. He died of a heart attack on the eve of the retreat of the group from the airport. To breakthrough in the green group had to overcome 300 meters under fire of snipers and machine guns.

The shooting of the KAMAZ-s with the militia

On entry into Donetsk from the airport at this time was concentrated in an ambush by fighters of a battalion "the East" in the amount of about 80 people from the 1st and 2nd battalion bases (the set name of units) and other parts of the militia. They received information that a breakthrough in Donetsk from the airport are the soldiers of the National guard of Ukraine. The order was given to fire. The two KAMAZ with the militia, leaving the airport, were destroyed by fighters of the "Vostok" battalion heavy fire from small arms and grenade launchers. There was no Ukrainian special forces in an ambush, was the order to open fire on his own men.

(Photo. KAMAZ Kyiv Avenue)
Камаз киевский проспект

The first KAMAZ was hit and overturned at the Kiev Avenue near the shop "Magnolia". The survivors were in it more than in the second. A second KAMAZ truck was hit on the street stratosphere pilots in the area Putilov bridge.

When KAMAZ was riddled and shattered, and the movement around them stopped, the fighters of "East" crawled closer and saw corpses on the St. George ribbons. The driver of the second KAMAZ-and received multiple injuries and blew himself up with a grenade. The second undermining implemented one of the remaining in the minds of the wounded militia (in the past fought in Afghanistan) They thought it was fired by Ukrainian soldiers. Of the 46 fighters moving in two KAMAZ-Ah survived 35. A few days after the treacherous operation, volunteers from Chechnya left the DNR. A significant part of the battalion "Vostok" from the awareness of the tragic consequences of the operation defecting in the coming days.


After arriving at the base the survivors of the breakout from the airport fighters have been revealed strange facts. Personal property, as well as the remaining arms of the victims was stolen by the time of return. The AGS-17 "Flame", who was riding in one of the undermined KAMAZ-s soon surfaced in the squad Pushilin. The realization that they were betrayed and sent to command in the face of Khodakovsky to the slaughter, forced them to spread out around the city. Further - more. For some fighters, encamped on furlough on the outskirts of Donetsk, came "Schumacher" and "Odessa" (presumably spyware). They visited friendly fighters and quickly (allegedly on the orders of) diminution in the location of the battalion "East". After some time the attention of militia was attracted by a child crying and a woman screaming "don't shoot!" from the yard next door. Leaping out in the bushes, they saw armed men in camouflage uniforms surrounded the house next door. Arrived Sonderkommando, most likely in the dark mixed structure. Rather, their task was to MOP up the surviving participants of the massacre.

After that, the surviving fighters were left with only one option - to leave Donetsk. Decided to break to Bezler in Gorlovka. Some of the injured who survived the massacre at the airport, were able to move in Gorlovka, in order to avoid "accidents". There's also opened up new and interesting details. It turns out that Butler himself was preparing an operation to seize Donetsk airport, and developed its five days, explored. This became known to the enemy, most likely, Butler also works of Ukrainian agents. Instead the storm decided to make a "storm" of Comments, putting together a SWAT team of volunteers. People with experience of special operations that were thrown in as infantry on the treacherous shot.

"Mole" with a call sign "Schumacher" were able to calculate coincidence that the "Devil." Departed to Gorlovka from Donetsk militias were able to organize transportation of their goods. Accidentally, as is often the case, carrying a backpack hooked "Schumacher". When it opened - found the content very interesting (see the beginning). Further more - received a request to return the backpack and its contents. Followed by a refusal.


Why happened during the withdrawal of the detachment of militia from Donetsk airport should be seen as a betrayal? In conditions of poor organization and mess of losses from friendly fire in war are inevitable. That it was the betrayal in addition to many other signs says the subsequent coverage of events. Look at this photo.

Трупы фото.

The worst thing on it - not a pile riddled with bullets and splinters militias, the worst thing is the lens professional cameras the right.

And here's a video of a crowd of journalists, including Ukrainian and Western media, is launching in the Donetsk morgue for photos of corpses. Why? For the report. There is a strict rule - to hide their losses, especially - will never show them in all the Gory details. In the first place - it undermines the morale of their soldiers and civilians, seeking protection by the military. Here deliberately and massively replicated leafless all the media footage of mutilated bodies of militia. This not only allows you to report to the customer, but really for many it becomes a signal to think about whether to fight for DNR.

Don't judge a coincidence or not, but on may 20, "the leadership of the DNI" (in itself a strong abstraction) intends to nationalize the enterprise Akhmetov (curator of the white house),

But by June from these plans publicly refuse. It is possible that this comes from the realization that the power unit DPR if not fully, then partially, controlled by Akhmetov. The same can be said about the political block.


Additional evidence of the battle for the border crossing of Marinovka , on 5 June 2014. Again planning and implementing the white house. The legend is the same: the guards are demoralized and want to surrender. The operation is top secret, but it take Western journalists of newspaper Sunday Times, which three days are with a detachment of militia, of course, with mobile phones and the Internet. Subsequently, this operation will be the basis for one of the best reports of the Border service of Ukraine for all the time ATO.

The fighters arrived in position to attack the guards. Begin to disembark from the APC and cars. Immediately arrive the first mines, exactly in the area of the stop column. Experienced eye of one of the fighters records at the place of unloading of the landing pegs for sighting mortars. Instead of wanting to give the border guards a dense wall of fire. The flanks of the cover units of the battalion "Vostok" and "Oplot". Very soon a cover on the flanks as the wind blew. He joined the militia in heavy fighting with the enemy, are to prepared firing positions. Air was caused to blow the aircraft. 4 MANPADS didn't shoot no one...In the end I had to go for a breakthrough in the direction of Russia. Sunday Times journalist Michael Franchetti, an accompanying squad with relish describes how do not the territory of Russia freely comes with a detachment of 80 militia, is not that other, as yet another official confirmation of Russia's support of terrorists operating in the South-East of Ukraine.

(Photo. BTR "East")
БТР Востока

Photo report of the Ukrainian border service about winning the fight
Подбитая техника Востока

Further there are very strange things. Khodakovsky is among the militias that have fallen as a result of battle to the territory of Russia. There it is about four days. Then calm returned to Donetsk. To this point in time our intelligence agencies already were supposed to have complete information about what happened at the Donetsk airport, including on the role of Khodakovsky in these events. This man should have been not just questioned and released, but arrested as a traitor. Why this did not happen, we don't know.


After a treacherous operation to seize Donetsk airport in DPR are some wounded militia from Russia. Their evacuation does not require any official declarations or action. But, nevertheless, it is not carried out. The wounded are taken out on the initiative of the survivors after the battle for the airport of the Russian militia. On the border with Russia, the transport of the wounded kept for five hours. Among them are people with severed lower limbs, one wounded in the hand has gangrene, many people need pain medication.

There is a total interrogation and verification. Although it is clear that even Ukrainian spies without legs cannot walk away. Transportation of the wounded is done at the expense of the militia, transportation of the killed - by relatives. Gone on a binge "Sergey Ivanovich" in Rostov does not render the slightest assistance in the organisation of placing the wounded in hospitals. Those with minor injuries out of necessity appears at the base of volunteers, thereby damaskina its location. From there they chased "Sergey Ivanovich". Their placement in hospitals and support are borne by the survivors of the militia, departed to Russia for rest and recovery.


Why is the government of the Russian militia arriving to South-East, initially starts on the traitors type of Comments? Why their support is so poor? There are some working answers to these questions.

Version of the first. "The fifth column"

The Russian leadership is really unofficially supports DNR and LNR, not limited to work in the information space. In this case the employees involved "public organizations" and "charitable foundations" or are subversive, as was hooked - bought the enemy, or are totally incompetent from the professional point of view. In this version there is nothing unusual, columns sold, and the first and the second Chechen campaign. In this sense, the approach "Sergey Ivanovich", the actions of Boris Sysenko or the fact of his return to Donetsk the white house after detention by Russian border guards are evidence in favor of this version. If it is fair - should be followed by immediate personnel decisions, but, primarily, qualitative counter-intelligence organization cover everything that is Russia in the South-East of Ukraine. The situation when a connection run by traitors and agents of the SBU introduced in group in Russia, is unacceptable.

The second version. Sweep passionaries

According to this version, the Russian leadership really made the "conclusions" of the Kiev Maidan. The war in the South-East from this point of view is not used as a means to build on the ruins of our former Ukraine buffer of the Republic of Novorossiya, but not least, as a method of disposal of explosive mass inside Russia. Despite the growth of Putin's rating, the level of corruption within the country remains extremely high and rising standard of living of major segments of the population - extremely low. To prevent Maidan in Russia in a situation of worsening economic and social crisis it is better to eliminate the most hot groups of the population, ready at the first call to take up arms and go to the barricades.

The recovery of the Russian elite in recent years were of declarative character and were not accompanied by radical redistribution of economic levers in the country. It is highly doubtful that the bulk of the Russian elite (not Russian, as we all know), supports the idea of gathering the Russian lands, which stands Shooters. For these people, at best, one can speak only about the picking up of new markets, which does not equal the first. As the war-ravaged DNR and LNR may not be as many economic assets as a social burden, to deal with this issue can seem impractical. But if there is a chance to get rid of potential dissent, ready to reformat the existing political landscape by force, then there will be corridors to the South-East, and Khodakovsky as commanders.

What to do?

In the situation of uncertainty and lack of precise information on measures taken by the Russian leadership decisions, nevertheless, it is necessary to formulate a specific position on the Ukrainian question. Including, for those who have some military experience and intend to participate in hostilities in the South-East. Regardless of the sentiments of the Russian elite Russia's future now really is in Ukraine. Very soon it might be resolved and Sredneaziatskih on the borders of the country.

If you have no experience of participation in hostilities, or, at least, service in the army, you better give up the idea of the trip. Unprepared romance die first. Try to get basic military skills, fortunately, now there is such a possibility without having to serve in the army, even if it involves some costs. You will need to protect the homeland in the future.

If the experience and the motivation is there, check the channel that you offer employees "of public organizations" and "charities". No "Ivanovich Sergeev", Chodakowski and vostoks. You should know exactly where and under whose command you will get, if you don't want to go home broth in zinc that, in other matters, can not be excluded in any event. Most of order and decency in the units of the militia LNR, DNR reliable commander is, of course, the Shooters, but the situation around Slavyansk, which is located in an operational environment may change in the coming days.

It is better not to run alone, but by organized and coordinated groups in advance. In advance speak with "helpers" waste conditions for treatment and rest.

Guess to insure their lives and leave a will. With close consider creating a Fund to help the families of the dead and support the wounded, the loss of the group will be at least "three hundredth".

How to stop the betrayal?

At the moment of loss as a result of betrayal and action in the South-East of the agents of the SBU, the Ukrainian and Western intelligence agencies comparable to the losses of the militia in open combat and as a result of air and artillery strikes of Ukrainian troops. Without real and not media organisations counter-intelligence activities, the situation will only get worse. The inclusion of former employees of the SBU, quickly "pereobulsya" in the format of the DPR and LPR will be connected with new failures.

Directly in the combat zone, the enemy is actively using agents, including women, young people, children. Unlikely without the help of Russia LNR and DND will be able to organize a full-fledged counter-intelligence work. The same applies to the activities of the Russian special services, in that case, if their real objective is to support LNR and DND, and not in sending for slaughter of the Russian militia.

I am not going to comment on anything - the text is given entire as it is. All comments will be later.

Anatoly "El Murid"


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