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The heroes of our day: Russian sailor Aldar Tsydenzhapov
Material posted: Publication date: 17-01-2013

116 years ago, in April 1895, "the Samara newspaper" has published the story of one young and promising, albeit proletarian, the writer, the character who said the historic words:

... He loved feats. And when a man loves exploits, he always knows how to make them and find wherever possible. In life, you know, there's always a place for feats. And those who do not find them to themselves — they just are lazy and cowards, or do not understand life because, if only people understood life, everyone wanted to leave his shadow in it. And then the life did not eat people without leaving a trace...

Very often you can hear that real heroes lived and performed their heroic feats then before, during the great wars. The presence of the red army of the great Patriotic such thing as heroism, is not denied by even the most rabid usesecurity. Well, and yet the heroes think of astronauts, at least the first. But now — no, they say, heroes, we were crushed. Even here, in the comments, this view is not uncommon.

Yes, a big war now, space travel has ceased to be amazing and to be admired by everyone (although not less dangerous).

But the heroes in Russia. And their exploits continue to illuminate the people of the world, as the heart of Danko from the same story. And while we have them live among us, giving, if necessary, "life friend" — the future of Russia does not seem hopeless.

Just rarely write in Newspapers and talk on TV. And know and remember them — it is necessary.

4 August 1991, two weeks before the so-called "putsch" in Moscow, which after the collapse of the USSR has entered a terminal stage in the distant settlement AGINSKY of AGINSKY Buryat Autonomous Okrug in the family of an employee of the interior Ministry and nurses from kindergarten Bator and Bylismy Tsydenzhapov, already bringing up two children, Bulat and Irene, were born twins — boy and girl aldara Aruna. Life aldara ran its course; he studied at secondary school № 1 in his native village. Studied in different ways, but always hardworking: no wonder it was chosen "Minister of labor" in school government. After school I wanted to try to go to College, but changed his mind, decided to serve in the army.

The call came in November 2009. It's simple: it is called. Aldar got to serve in the Pacific fleet, to the military unit stationed in the town of Fokino, Primorsky Krai: torpedo boat destroyer "Swift."

Served as, say, sailor Tsydenzhapov well, with comrades in the service were friends, it's war mastered as it should, the commanders complained. To discharge was only about a month, and demobilization Tsydenzhapov had to go with his friends in extreme combat hike to Kamchatka. After demob he was going to stay home and return to continue the service already contract workers.

September 24, 2010 all crew — 300 people — was on Board, before going out to sea was only a matter of hours. Machinist boiler-house team Aldar Tsydenzhapov was watching according to the combat schedule. 4:03 suddenly there was a thin whistle, and then the cotton: in the engine room has broken under pressure from the fuel line. His eyes fell on the fuel lamp flashed and the engine room of the destroyer "Quick" turned into a spacious combustion chamber.

Aldar Tsydenzhapov was a good sailor. He knew what threatens the crew and vessel the explosion of two boilers with superheated steam.

Aldar Tsydenzhapov was a good sailor. He knew his job.

Aldar Tsydenzhapov went to the fire and shut off valves that were supposed to block.

All in all it took less than 9 seconds. He made his case and got out of the burning compartment. Went out by myself. With the burn of 99.5 percent of the body surface.

Combatant commander captain-Lieutenant Alexei Konoplev brought personnel watch in a safe place (two other sailors also suffered burns fighting the fire, although not as heavy, and another two were poisoned by combustion products), battened down the burning building and activated the fire surround. The ship and crew were saved. The engine took in fact only cosmetic repairs.

The doctors were powerless. September 28, Aldar Tsydenzhapov died in hospital of Pacific fleet in Vladivostok, having to say goodbye to come to his parents. He was buried in his home village on 7 October 2010.

The command was posthumously presented the sailor Tsydenzhapov to the order of Courage, but on November 16 the President of the Russian Federation No. 1431 to Batorowicz Aldara Tsydenzhapov was posthumously awarded the title hero of Russia. Aldar was enrolled in the crew of the destroyer "Quick". TV station GTRK Chita made a documentary "Fire watch aldara" (how and where you can look at — unknown).

21 February 2011 high the award was presented to the parents of aldara in the Kremlin.

... The day before the funeral for an old local traditions of the Buryat Lama spent in the house of the fallen hero rite of rebirth of the soul. I'd like to believe that the soul of the hero will remain with us, in our Russia, which he without hesitation gave his life.

Heroes go. But while our land produces new heroes we'll live.

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