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Dizzy with success, or "Alarm" in the Russian army
Material posted: Publication date: 17-09-2016
We are so accustomed, that our army is strong, that almost do not notice, or rather do not want to ignore the fact that over the armed forces appeared until the lighter "cloud" that threaten to turn into storm clouds. We speak and write about our airplanes that are at least not inferior to the West. We "procrastinate" Armata and its derivatives, comparing with the best examples of Western armies. We talk about the benefits of new rockets and complexes.

And at this time, right now, that here and there we hear different statements of government officials, army authorities to postpone the supply of arms for some time, so to speak. About deferred descents of the ships. On adjusting the timing of deliveries to the troops of anything.

So what's the deal? Why is this happening? Because recently all the officials, including the President and Prime Minister, together talked about the implementation of the defense order, as a matter almost of honor for Russia. Many remember the April Putin's statement on the unconditional execution of the state order? And many are able to say exactly how it was done and done at all?

The fact is that the budget was not necessary. The crisis that we "successfully overcome", after all, got us with his claws. We talked a lot about the fact that sanctions hurt Europe and the USA, and we kind of like going to benefit. Develop and increase the production, conquering markets... In any analytical program our TV to hear a full set of such statements.

The President's support and real successes of our troops in Syria has given us hope that all will be fulfilled. The government will find money for us and the army. The industry will begin to work not only well, but fast and cheap. New ideas the developers will be implemented in the shortest possible time.

The decision of the Prime Minister Medvedev on the adjustment of the state defence order for 2016, signed September 5, only the first call. It is clear that concrete data on this issue today, no. The only thing we can assume, enterprise defense will not get some of the promised funds. And this, in turn, means that the crumbling plans Fixed for next year. Snowball adjustments will mount up gradually.

And now, not hiding that, however, does him honor, Putin himself says that by 2018, our army will be rearmed by 70%, and the state order will be reduced. And says that to replace space defense order is necessary, but not pots and pans.

On the one hand, forewarned is forearmed. And the other? It is difficult to predict what will enterprises miraculously out of debt holes. And where you will get workers who will be one moment too much? Although one scenario we have already passed.

However, some specifics have to "hatch". The famous "Armata", the Ministry of defense planned to make the main tank by 2020. With this goal involves the purchase of more than 2,000 of such machines for military units. According to manufacturers of tanks, was ordering as many as 2,300 cars. However, more recently, on the website of the Ministry of defense appeared a very different figure: for the 2017-19 years it is planned to buy up to 70 "Armat".

Of course, the reasons for the change order are not called. I think after some time will be recorded versions of some shortcomings, the modernisation already existing, any more. In fact, the reason is simple. The military budget cut and will be cut. All logical, because it will not take you off the shelf money, if they didn't put there. So they say.

Even more complicated is the situation with the Navy. The need to modernize the fleet even the blind can see. Ships, like people, grow old, lose striking power, become respected veterans. And they needed soldiers. And these "soldiers" need to build. To build a lot. The Soviet legacy can not guarantee appropriate response to the aggressor.

Since 2007, the construction seems to have begun. Missile boats, small ships and even submarines began to leave the docks to the test. The shipyards were laid of new cruisers, frigates. The revival began.

The first obstacle was our excessive faith in the love and friendship of fraternal peoples". When the construction was stopped by the Ukrainian side. Ukrainian engines stopped us supplied. In fact, the question of statement on the military equipment and armament "their" components arose in the last century. And in the USSR, it succeeded. And in Russia, have postponed "on then".

Then came the "falling rocks" statements by the military and government officials about reductions in the needs of the Navy. Let me remind readers that BDK project 11711. Large landing ship, which was supposed to replace Soviet BDK. In 2004, the need 6 of these ships for the Navy. Then the project decided to reconsider.

Today, we see two ships. Two instead of six. The project decided to close. "Ivan Gren" and "Peter Morgunov" is all that will be transferred to the fleet after the test.

You can talk endlessly about the submarine fleet. About the new missile cruisers. But, alas, they remain only projects. The construction of the ships of this class are very expensive. And so, while unaffordable.

Even the strategic missile forces will not receive all that is promised. Although at all times the priority was always just for these troops. No, "Yarsy" and similar systems will be supplied. But the system of stationary bases "Sarmat" or rather just the original plan to place will not work.

Let me remind you, expired and outdated "Governors" (known to most under the NATO "nickname" "Satan") was planned to replace "the Sarmatians" by 2020. Today it is clear that these plans are not feasible. Today. At best, such substitution will be carried out in 2021. Or a little later.

So where is the way out of this situation? And whether he did? Claim — is. And the way out is to use today those developments that have already been tested in battle.

When the commander of the airborne forces announced the creation of tank companies and a mouth on the BMP in the subordinate parts of what machines he was talking to? And he was talking about tanks T-72B3 and BMP-2. I hope no one will accuse General Shamanov's stupidity and unwillingness to have the most powerful and modern weapons? So why these cars?

Yes, just because a tank and combat car have a huge potential for modernization. And in the next decade this potential will be used. And mass production reduced the price of this technique to the limit. As a long-term service in the army practically showed all the "cons" of these machines.

Modernization of T-72 to T-72B3 costs just over 50 million. In other words, one of the "Armata" can we get multiple T-72B3. Of course, more desirable would be the T-90, but he "bites" at a cost.

Exactly the same situation and with the famous complex T-50. The plane is ready. Moreover, he launched a series of. And the plans should become the main. In our plans is a "Hulk" looked impressive. Already in 2020, we had to have 60 fighters in the army. And later their production was to increase.

In reality, it turned out about the same as with the "Armata". Wanted the network to "twine", but the pants prevent... Well, if in 2020 we will have a regiment of these machines.

But as we have quite efficient, even in competition with the American F-22 and F-35, su-30MK. And, according to designers, the capacity of these machines is far from exhausted.

And what is the result? But in the end we see the famous "glass of water". Some of my readers now sighs sadly. Army in the "pen". The other part is thinking about whether the Russian army in the form in which we have it, to really confront the enemy. The third part of the happily giggling. Failed upgrades. Clumsy. And we talked...

I called it Stalinist. It's not megalomania and not a desire to show off knowledge of the works of "great leader". We do a little "spun". All at once failed.

I do believe that proper movement is walking, running. But not "frog" jumps. The movement should be uniform and in one direction. Because the modernization of the army should continue. To continue, no matter what. But not tearing of the navel.

To talk about our weapons and military equipment as junk, I'd be careful. Especially after I showed this technique in the Syrian fighting. Similarly, to speak of the superiority of Western armies in some components too. Yes, if we consider the army as the world, there is always a "gap". But this gap is always "shut up", something else.

The dizziness passes quickly, if you exit the centrifuge or loping. Of course, if you have to correct the vestibular system works. I think that in our Ministry of defense are healthy people.

And one more thing. The fact that we have not just steal seized upon this possibility, officials, anyone not need to explain. Internet and TV is a rare day reported another "flown".

Those who have "dizzy from success", must be stopped. Methods the person whom I quoted. Hard and for a long time. Take the same Zakharchenko. 9 billion is a lot. T-90, for example, today is worth roughly 120 million rubles. That is, cattle in human form lying in ohorongo 75 tanks. The two battalions. Well...

And this is one of the Vice...

And if the relatives to look for, then sure, it would be possible for a team to scrape with ease.

"Effective managery" of our time have shown that effectively they can only steal. From the same budget from the Goza.

We must really change the situation radically. And tear this root with a crunch and a Bang on the sample and similarity 37. With confiscation of all that is possible.

Only then can the state defense order will be executed on time and without problems. And the President won't have to Dodge talking about 70 percent, enough that we felt relaxed.

Isn't it?

Alexander Staver, Roman Buffoons


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